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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad talked to Paulina about putting the town at risk by going to the cabin. Marlena talked to Everett about his memories. Julie told Maggie that she didn’t have radiation. They talked about Julia’s isolation. While they were talking, Maggie told Julie that she is marrying Konstantin. Konstantin pulled out the pawn card on John. He told John that he had a mission for him to serve. Paulina asked Chad if EJ asked him to write the story about her. Chad said he didn’t talk to EJ. He said he wanted to know what happened. Paulina said there was a snowstorm, and her daughter was missing. Chad said she took a snowplow without permission and wanted to get her side of the story. Konstantin told John that Maggie agreed to marry him, but she was keeping him from getting Victor’s money. John wanted to know what he needed him for. Everett told Marlena that she was a quack. He said he signed the divorce papers and wanted to move on with his life. Marlena told him he would benefit from therapy even if it wasn’t with her. Everett said he wouldn’t be continuing therapy with her or anyone else. He said he was ready to move on. He walked away from her and left the pub. Paulina told Chad that the situation was blown out of proportion. Chad said he heard the firefighters had to wear Haz mat suits. He said he knew she left the hospital without getting cleared. Paulina said her numbers were down, so she thought it was okay. Chad asked her about getting the snowplow and wanted to know how she knew how to drive one. When Paulina gave him a vague answer, he asked if she was confirming what happened. Maggie told Julie while she was marrying Konstantin. She thanked Julie for understanding. Julie told Maggie about protecting herself. Maggie said she had a pre-nup. She said Konstantin knows that if she died before him, her money would go to Victor’s children. Julie said she supported what she was doing.

Konstantin told John that he wanted him to break in Maggie’s safe and get the pre-nup. While Konstantin was giving John orders, Marlena showed up. She wanted to know why his door was locked. Paulina said she knows someone was trying to set her up. Chad ripped into Paulina for risking her life and other people’s lives by leaving the hospital. Paulina said Chanel was okay, so it turned out fine. Chad said she still risked everyone’s lives with what she did. Paulina said he would have done the same thing she did. She said everyone was fine. Paulina told him to ask Chanel if she would have rather been in the snow. Stephanie went to the Spectator and ran into Everett. She talked to him about his mood. While they were talking, she brought up him signing the divorce papers. She asked if he was relieved that he signed them. John opened the door for Marlena. She asked why the door was locked. When she realized Konstantin was in the office, she asked if she was interrupting something. Konstantin said he was there to invite them to his wedding. When Konstantin left, she asked John what was going on with Konstantin. John said he didn’t remember what Konstantin wanted. Everett talked to Stephanie about not wanting to sign the divorce papers. He said she helped him realize that he needed to put the divorce behind him. While they were talking, Chad showed up. When Chad left, Everett told Stephanie that he wanted to put Bobby behind him. She wanted to know why he didn’t want to question his past. He thought it was a waste of time. Stephanie wanted him to answer the questions in his life. Everett said he wanted to live in the here and now. While they were talking, he lied and said Marlena dismissed him from his therapy.

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