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Shhh. She’s finally sleeping. Well, I’m glad somebody’s getting some sleep around here. Here. What are you doing? Well, I know you don’t trust me. Message received. Loud and clear. So, here. Here’s everything. This is my accounts, bank statements, passwords. Take it. Here. And I promise you, I will never give Leah Stark another dime.

All my life. I know this doesn’t solve the issue. What me, Eric? I want the truth. Ahem.

Hey, what are these for me? Well, reception did ask me to deliver it to you. Oh, well, well. Looks like someone’s trying to butter me up. Don’t keep me in suspense. Read the card. Okay. And It’s from the estimable mayor of Salem. It’s just a small token of my appreciation. Thanks, guys. Uh, here, why don’t you take what you want and then throw the rest in the kitchen for whoever else wants it.

Chadwick! You truly are a man of the people. Your thoughtfulness and generosity know no bounds. Okay, is there something that you That I need, yes. I wanted to talk to you about the recorder position. Okay, uh, you said you weren’t interested in it. Well, I thought about it and I changed my mind. I’m ready to write about anything.

Great. I appreciate your, uh, enthusiasm. But, uh, I’m sorry. Sorry why? I offered the position to Nicole. She accepted it.

The Benedict was mind blowing. Chef’s hollandaise sauce is hands down. My favorite thing ever. I needed to make sure you had a proper meal before your big first day. Oh, that’s very sweet of you. So, what made you change your tune? With regards to Me joining the workforce, because when I first mentioned it, you were somewhat less than keen on it.

I’ll admit, I was thrown by the initial idea, but the more we talked about it, the more I could see that spark in your eye. And what makes you happy, makes me happy.

Hey, baby girl. You were saying your throat was dry, so I brought you some nice cold water. Thank you, Mama. How’s the nausea? It’s pretty persistent. Oh, sweetheart. And where’s Kayla? She was supposed to Uh, right here. Right here. Okay, what’s going on, Chanel? Uh, well, I, I just feel, like, not myself. Uh, fatigue.

Dizziness, nausea. You said that if we notice anything to come see you right away, so It’s radiation poisoning, isn’t it?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So you hired Nicole. I guess that makes sense. Yeah, look, I think Nicole is going to bring a fresh perspective to the paper. One in which we desperately need right now. We do. 100%. But hey, look, if something else comes up, you know, maybe at the Metro desk, you’ll be the first person I ask. Great. Thank you. And in the meantime, Chadwick, would you consider giving me a raise?

Nothing crazy. 2%, 5%, 20 percent if you’re feeling generous. Just something, you know, commensurate with the amazing work I do around here. Okay, how about we talk about it during your, uh, Q4 review? Fine. That’s great. You know, since the love of my life is being released from prison, just any extra money would help me provide a better life for him.

Which he deserves after all these months of being incarcerated. He gave up a lot for me, including his inheritance. Well? Maybe Dimitri should get a job. How about that? I mean, I’m sure he’ll try. There’s not much need for an ex con with no skills, who’s all beauty, no brains. Uh, not that he’s stupid, not by any means, but he is certainly a bit of a lewdite.

You know, he types with one finger. Quite, uh, But still, you know, one finger you make so many mistakes. Anyway, you know what? I think I will bring some of these snacks to Dimitri, so at least he has some sweets waiting for him upon his return. Take as much as you want. Oh, thanks. Oh, and if you need me for the rest of the day, I am going to be working from home.

I’m going to be trying to auction off my gorgeous needlepoint pillows on eBay. Bye bye.

symptoms are actually very common and could be linked to any number of illnesses. It could be just a bad stomach bug. If we can rule out radiation poisoning, then let’s, let’s do it now. We will right away. Okay. We’ll do a blood work panel and then we’ll have a better idea what we’re dealing with. How are you doing?

You need anything? I’m okay for now. Okay. Sorry, you too, but I’m going to ask you to step outside so I can examine Chanel. Okay. I’ll see you soon, my love. Well, tell Gillis that I appreciate the brief, but he absolutely has to take the fuller case. To when? No, no, no. Move that and reschedule. Yes, I’ll be in later today, as soon as I can.

Sorry, I’m getting another call. I’ll text you.

Rita, what did sales say? I’m afraid I can’t make that time, but I want the meeting to happen today. Just tell sales to do the stand up without me. You’ll take notes and upload to my, uh, to my vault. Good. I’ll be in shortly.

Sorry about that. Honey, don’t be sorry. It comes with the territory. I married a very important man. Oh, and I married a very important, not to mention beautiful and charming woman.

And I love being able to share every single part of me with her. I love you, Nicole. You know, I just might be falling for you, too. That works out well, doesn’t it?

Because by each other’s side, there is nothing that we can’t do. I told you the truth, Eric, last night. And what you said absolutely made zero sense. Why would you be giving me your money when you know that a family is struggling financially? I didn’t think it was that bad, okay? Look, I’ve been working, making a decent living, like I always have.

I didn’t see an issue with helping out a friend. You know, what? Yes, I wanted to be generous and, and, and, and kind to a fellow human. So you were trying to make yourself feel like a better person. What? That’s That’s a bad thing? You don’t approve of that? Of my wanting to be, you know, Selfless? Charitable?

Are you kidding me right now? This is not what this is about! Nicole once told me that she felt she was never good enough for you. Seems like I’m not either. Maybe no one is. Sloane, where are you going? I need space. Sloane! I need time, Eric. Alone.

Some tea? Thank you.

Look, Paulina. I know you’re upset right now, okay, but just try not to be too hard on yourself. How can I not be hard on myself? I put my baby girl in danger. Of course. You know, let’s just wait and see what Kayla has to say. Oh.

Hello? Hi, Mayor Price. It’s Chad DiMera. Um, I was hoping I could, uh, follow up with you for a quote on a story that I’m working on. Is, uh, is now a good time? Couldn’t be worse. Call my assistant.

Who’s that? It was your Uncle Chad. What? I know that I asked you to Put in a good word with him about that story he’s writing about, but I can’t ask you that anymore. Not now. If, if Chanel has radiation poisoning because of me, then I deserve whatever, whatever scathing criticism I get for it. Alright. Here we go.

Here it is. Oh, one second. Hold on. Eric Brady. Hey, Eric. It’s Chad the Mayor. I’m glad I caught ya. Chad, hey. What’s going on? Uh, look, I was hoping that, um, that you could come by the office and, uh, we could talk about you doing some work for the paper. Is, uh What’s your schedule look like? Uh, yeah, yeah, I can be there in 20 minutes.

Awesome. I’m looking forward to it. Yeah, me too. Thanks. Bye.

Well, good news. Not timing, but good news. Okay, um, what are we gonna do? Now that mommy is gone, you might Boom! Okay, problem solved. You are going to be coming with daddy on his first big interview. Yeah. That’s what’s gonna happen. Okay.

Where’s my coffee? There’s plenty in the break room, and if you ask politely, I might just pour you a cup. Please and thank you go a long way, D. A. DiMera. Understood. So please, could you go get me some coffee, and I will be ever so thankful. But before you go, what’s the latest? In short, I’m running both your DiMera and D.

A. calendars on the new software in an effort to maintain some semblance of order. And? So far, so good. In terms of the university proposal, have you been able to review it? I have. I dropped my notes for you in your folder. I’ll move it along. Stan where? Depot’s next week. What about the weekly here in the office?

Wouldn’t miss it for the world! You sure about that? What exactly are you insinuating? Mr. DiMera, I’ve worked for every CEO here, from your father down the line, and with all due respect, you’re all the same. Brilliant, charming, handsome, world class leaders? Also arrogant, rude, and egotistical. Also wonderful qualities in my book.

But, ooh, before I forget, uh, I need you to swing by my other office after lunch. Waiting for a please in that sentence. Please? And, since I’m not a paralegal, why? Well, for one, I trust you. Two, you’re extremely efficient with time. And three, I pay you much more generously than a paralegal. I’m sure your actual paralegal is thrilled about that.

Well, she can take that up with Mayor Price. Speaking of, how does Mayor Price feel about her DA taking on a second job? I haven’t told her yet, as a matter of tact, really. She’s just got a lot going on lately. Tact, right. And, I think that if everything is running smoothly, It’s not really any of her concern.

So to that end, Rita, could you please swing by my other office after lunch and pick up the two case folders that are ready on my desk? Yes, sir. Oh, and by the way, as generously as you think you pay me, not generous enough. Is that your way of asking for a raise Rita? I’ll get your coffee now. Mmm.

That’s delicious. The rest, though, I will save for the love of my life, who will be out in three days, four hours, twenty five minutes and five seconds.

Good, you’re here. Sloane, this isn’t a good time unless you’re here to help me plan a welcome home party for Dimitri. No, I’m not here to help you with that. I’m here to make sure that you and the love of your life keep quiet about Jude. Uh, I hate to break it to you, but Demetri and I owe you nothing since you cut me off.

Look, Leo, Eric is crazy about his son. You came to the baptism, that little boy means everything to him. His heart would be in a million pieces if you took that kid away from him. Ha! And little Jude, he needs his mommy and his daddy. If you, if you don’t do it for Eric, please just do it for that, that little boy that you claim to care so much about.

Our son, he needs a family.

Reporting for duty, Captain. Hey, welcome to the team. Oh, I have to say, I am like a kid on the first day of school. I’m nervous and I’m excited. Listen, you’re going to do, you’re going to do amazing, Nicole. You have a ton of experience. Um, you’re obviously very smart. Thank you for the kind words. Uh, so what are you working on now?

Uh, yeah, the, uh, piece about Mayor Price’s recent radioactive misadventures. Oh, how’s that coming along? Yeah, solid. Thank you again for the tip. You know, sent me down a fairly informative rabbit hole. I think there’s a real story there. Disruptive? Potentially, yeah. As far as the, uh Mayor’s future political aspirations are concerned.

But, uh, you know, good or bad, gotta tell the public. Absolutely. She’s an elected official, after all. Um, it did make me wonder, though. How did you come across that information? So what do you think? An expose on Mayor Price and her most recent and possibly most egregious misappropriation of power. What a coup, right?

I don’t, I don’t know, EJ. I don’t even officially have the job yet. And to take off from the starting line with a potentially career threatening accusation against our beloved mayor? Beloved by whom? Not the everyday citizens I’ve been talking to. Okay, well, Chanel, I mean, she is Paulina’s daughter and married to your son.

Yes, I’m aware of that. Which, selfishly, is all the more reason people need to be aware that she is a ticking time bomb. Lest we forget, she put our lives and the lives of others at serious risk by carelessly running off to Smith Island when she was more radioactive than a bloody house cat in Chernobyl.

Okay, don’t you think that’s possibly a bit dramatic? Absolutely not. And I think it is someone’s duty to tell the truth, even when the truth isn’t pretty. Especially when the truth isn’t pretty.

Excuse me, I have to take this. I trust the spectator will do the right thing.

You haven’t even tasted it yet. Oh, no, no, not the coffee. Uh, thank you, by the way. What’s wrong then? I was sure that the Spectator’s Exposé on Matt Price would impose by now. Why would you even expect that? From what I’ve heard, she’s been dealing with health issues. Oh, still working tirelessly for the people.

Well, I’ve heard from my sources there’s been a few Ah, those dreaded rumblings. I guess you could say I’m curious to see what shakes. An expose suggests some kind of dirty little secret, no? But what kind of skin have you got in the game, Mr. DiMera? If I were to be honest, the dynamic between Mayor Price and me has been less than ideal.

If she were to land in the mud, yes, that would be unfortunate. But I would continue to carry out my duties with the same fervor and commitment that my constituents expect from me. So, you don’t like her? She micromanages. She’s, she’s, she’s insufferable. Micromanaging bosses always are. Uh. Here’s a suggestion.

Kill him with kindness. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, one tends to catch more flies with honey. Say it. Say it. It’s

all my fault. Paulina. Maybe if you yelled at me, released some of that pent up frustration and anger, we’d both feel better. I have no desire to yell at you. Alright, that’s the last thing I want to do. Hey. Hey. I care about you, Paulina. I love you. Okay, and, and what you did coming to rescue Chanel, you were just doing what you thought was right at the time.

Uh, oh. Hey. How is she? Well, her vitals are really good. So we’re just going to wait for the blood work results, okay? Okay, so uh, can I go back to her room? Of course. Okay.

Why is this happening, Kayla? I’m the one who took the radioactive pill. Why am I okay and Chanel is sick? I don’t have any answers. I wish I did. You’re just gonna have to be patient, alright? Oh, how can I be patient? Patient. When my daughter is sick, because of me. When instead of trying to save her like I thought I was doing, I put her life in jeopardy.

Oh, how can I, can I be patient? How can I live with myself?

Wow, really tugging at the heartstrings, Sloane, going all out. Why wouldn’t I go all out? I mean, you and I both know EJ and Nicole, they’re gonna make the worst parents on the planet for little Jude. Well, I’d certainly be up there. Just look at Holly. I mean, and EJ’s kids. God, they’re all screwed up. Little Jude’s best life is with me and Eric.

Okay, look, I’m not gonna lie. That baptism, it gave me all the feels. But Sloane, the other reality here is that Eric is on to you. He is suspicious as hell. How long until this all blows up in your face? 48 hours? 36? Cause I’m going with more like 10 minutes actually. No, no, no. Leo, you listen to me and you listen hard.

You gain nothing by telling anyone anything. Okay? You’re just opening a whole new can of trouble and misery. The best thing that you can do for Dimitri to welcome him home is when he gets here, just bounce. Leave town. Start a new life. With Salem in the rear view.


beautiful. Johnny. Oh. Better now that you’re here. I’m going crazy just having to wait like this. You know about all the damage that radiation poisoning does to the body? Yeah, I’m sure it’s not great. And not to mention the treatments. Johnny, I’m scared. I’m trying not to show it in front of Mama, but I’m really freaked out.

Hey, look at me. Okay? Take my hand. Chanel, I love you. Okay, and we are going to have the best life together. I promise.

I think you might be onto something here, Rita. Extending the proverbial olive branch to Mayor Price can only help our relationship move in a more productive direction. Now you’re cooking. So, Paulina Price, what do we know? Well, she’s a true survivor for one. She values hard work. She holds herself in the highest standard.

She cares about Salem, hence hiring me as DA. We’ve got to work on your confidence, Mr. DiMera. Well, what do you think? No time like the present, right? Reach out to her now. Well, why not? The sooner I can make that phone call, the sooner we can build the bridge and we will all be stronger because of it. Isn’t that the first rule of journalism?

You know, you never give up your sources. Yeah, right. Uh, doesn’t apply to your editors. Ah, right. Well, uh, It was just something I, I heard in passing and it, it concerned me. Of course, yeah. And as you know, I live in the same house as Johnny who is a witness to all of it, so Yeah, I mean, there’s that. Right. Um, yeah, well listen, if you come up with any more information or you hear anything, don’t, you know, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Okay. It’s just, at the end of the day, I’m hoping the article is fair and honest because Abe is one of my dearest friends. Yeah, the same. I mean, listen, I, this, this platform is to bring public awareness. It’s not to be destructive or vindictive. So you have my word however this article evolves. Yeah. It’s not going to be hippies.

Got it. Okay. Good. Well, what are you standing around for? You’re supposed to be meeting with Vance. He’s going to set you up in the system so you can start telling your stories.

Leaving town. Hmm. It’s an interesting idea, huh? Truth is, I haven’t given much thought to what Dimitri and I will do next. Well, think about it now, Leo. There’s a whole exciting world out there. Big cities, tons of opportunities. L. A., Chicago. Have you been to New York? Austin’s amazing. What’s, what’s tying you down?

Go take care of you. You know, while you are footloose and fancy free. It is tempting. I like the idea of L. A. actually. The weather, the beaches, the La Brea Tar Pits. But New York has Central Park, Broadway, flaming saddles. Just, okay, I have to go, but I wish you and Dimitri all the happiness in the world, L. A.,

New York, whatever city it may be that you guys go, okay?

Oh, yeah. Well, first, to achieve said happiness, we are gonna need some moolah.

How to rake in the big bucks. I could become an influencer. I already am one. Um, stylist? Underwear model? Sell organs? No, that’s gross. Oh, I could get a second job at Saxton’s. No, no. With the employee discount, all I would do is shop.

E. J. DiMera.

What the info I possess would be worth to him. Hey.

Security told me we’re gonna have an extra visitor today. Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Normally, I Wouldn’t bring my son to an interview, but last minute child care options are far and few between. No worries, man. Jude will be our, uh, our honorary guest. Oh, good. Um, well, he’s beautiful. Yeah, he is.

Unfortunately, he fell asleep on the way. Listen, man, well, should we get started? Yeah, have a seat.

Um, I, so look, you know, I, uh, I took a look at your portfolio, and uh, I was very impressed. So, we’d love to have you do some work here at the paper, if you’re still interested. very much. Yeah? Yeah. Good. Um, I mean, it’d be freelance to start. For the first few assignments, at least, if that’s fair. Yeah, fair.

Okay, good. Um, This is the, uh, employee handbook. Read it over. I’m gonna go, uh, talk to HR and get your paperwork started. Sounds great. Welcome to the team. Thank you. Alright. Good news, right, buddy? Good for our entire team. Our whole family, that is. Eric. What are you doing here?

So, bribing EJ. Let’s start with the pros. Could be a huge possible payday if I spilled the beans. Dimitri and I would be set for life. And the cons, he is the DA and he’s a DiMera. Do I want to tangle with all that? Is it worth it? Ah, and taking Jude from Eric. That would be so hurtful to that sweet little boy.

I wish there was like, a procedure that could just remove my conscience. I know. I’ll go for a walk. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll go for a walk and clear my head.

I texted Abraham. I told him it’s, it’s a waiting game. He sends his love, told me to tell you that he’s praying for you. Thanks. Oh, Kayla. Yeah? I have your test results. Uh, Chanel, would you like to discuss them privately? Uh, no, it’s fine. Mama and Johnny can stay. Oh, oh, oh, sorry. D. A. DiMera. Oh, good. Mayor Price, I caught you.

I was wondering if we could meet up to discuss our current, rather unfortunate situation. Try to clear the air. Uh, no, not now. I’m going to have to get back to you.

Please, continue. Um, okay. Uh, your tests came back normal. Oh, thank God! Just one exception. You’re pregnant, Chanel.

Melinda, I’m telling you, it actually worked. I finally got through to Leo. Combination of things, really. Most being how focused he is on having Dimitri come back home. Yeah, I checked with the courts. That SOB should be returning very soon. And Leo’s just happy to have him back. Wants to celebrate. A fresh start.

Which means I think they’d be open to leaving Salem and never coming back. Me too. I think it’s gonna be okay. It is. Oh, the new Saxton’s catalog. Excellent. Let’s see. Junk. Junk. Garbage. No thank you. And Ah! Ah, bestow my heart, it’s a letter from Dimitri.

Dear Leo, by the time you receive this letter, I will I will be gone. Off on a new adventure.

With someone I met during my time inside. Someone very special.

I did care deeply about you, Leo, but I now realize that we weren’t right for each other. And this man I fell in love with is perfect for me and I for him. I know you’ll be hurt, but I hope once you get over your heartache, you can be happy for me. I also hope that someday you find the perfect love as I have.

Goodbye forever, Leo. You’re Matthew Perry, a. k. a. Dimitri.

You got a job here too? Freelance photography. I’m tired of all of it. Wow, that is almost spooky. Wow, and you are This is my first day. Uh, well, I am the Spectator’s newest ace reporter. Wow. Wow. I cannot believe you’re going to be working here too. Mysterious ways, as always. Huh. Oh, good. Both here. You’re going to do this for HR, Eric.

Um, and uh, IT’s going to get you set up. Both of you set up on servers today because I already have an idea for an assignment. That was fast. It’s no time like the present. Uh, you’re going to be working on it together. So, I think it’s going to be a good solid way to get you guys started.

Paulina hung up on me, dammit. Oof. How dare she? Who does she think she is? Couple of obvious answers to that. This disrespect will not stand if Mad Price wants a war. She’s got one.

Pregnant? Well, we use protection. I mean, I know it’s not always 100 percent effective, but Oh my god, John. Wow. I, I, I mean, I, I, I can’t I mean, this is amazing news, right?

Kayla, what is it? Well, based on HGC numbers and the timing of your last menstrual cycle, we are placing you at about four to five weeks along, Chanel. And although it seems that you do not have radiation poisoning, The first few weeks of a pregnancy are crucial for the proper development of a fetus’s major organs.

So something could be wrong with our baby? Well, we’re going to consider this a high risk pregnancy. So I would like you to make an appointment with your OBGYN immediately. But we will continue to monitor your health and the baby’s health through the whole pregnancy. So, how long will it be before we know that the baby’s okay?

Well, it could be a few weeks, or it could be after the baby’s born. And then everything could be perfectly fine. But we just have no way of knowing at this point, and I really wish we did.

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