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Well, this is the last of it. Did you get the backup drive? Right here. Everything that I have done since we relaunched Bella. What are those? I’m just double checking the provisions of Maggie’s return to Titan. Hey, would you mind actually swinging these by to her so she can sign them? No problem. Is your last assignment?

No, I’m sorry. I made myself a promise that once I walk out those doors, I am done. Would it make a difference if I said please? Why don’t you do it? Because Sometimes when I go see Maggie, she’s not always that happy to see me. It can be a bit of a headache. I get it, but you know, Alex, you are going to be working together soon, so I hope that you can both at least try to get along.

Yeah, and I’m going to put forth my best effort. Anyway, are you going to be taking that hard drive with you? Because if you’re not going straight back to my place, you should probably leave it with me. I can guard it, take it home. You would do that for me? Really? After I said no to your last assignment?

Of course. Dear Prince.

Oh, absolutely. I would love to chaperone my daughter’s field trip. Well, it sounds like great fun. You’re very welcome. Alright.

Oh, wait a minute. What the hell was I thinking? Can you imagine me trying to tame a bunch of elementary school brats? Absolutely not. Haha, okay, we’re

Kristen. Is this a bad time? What’s wrong? Well, does this um, thing have to be wrong for me to call you? Normally, yeah. Well, nothing is wrong, I just It’s about Rachel. She, um, is going on a field trip to the aquarium tomorrow, and they are a chaperone short. And you can’t do it? Well, no. I have an important appointment that can’t be rescheduled.

Is there any way that you could fill in? You got anything? Unfortunately, no. Nothing new from my contacts. Excellent. You know, partner, I am having a real hard time trying to figure out how Constantine’s ex just fell off the grid after the divorce. A little bit more than strangers. I mean, just, just disappearing like that without a trace.

And, I think it’s not a stretch to imagine Constantine might have had something to do with that. Well, if that bastard killed his ex wife, there’s no telling what he might do to Maggie. Or what he’s capable of in general. It’s a good thing his visa’s expiring. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What’s up with the extension?

Flat out denied, according to Shane. Huh? So it looks like he has no choice but to leave the country. Nice. Well, at least that will take him out of Maggie’s life.

Thank you so much for coming so quickly. Um, I’m sure you know that Constantine’s visa is about to expire. Hallelujah. We have exhausted all options for him to stay in the U. S. Hallelujah. Would you please let me finish this sentence? Yes, but before you do, even though it seems inevitable, That Constantine will have to leave Salem.

We do know how much you’ve enjoyed his company and We We Are very sorry that you won’t have it anymore. But I will. What? Knowing the role that Victor played in the death of Constantine’s daughter I feel like it’s my responsibility to do whatever I could to help him stay here. So, um, I asked him to marry me and he said yes.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You know, not to put too much weight on it, but once Constantine is out of the country, I think I’m gonna get my first good night’s sleep in a long time. Yeah, senor. You know, Doc is convinced that, uh My recent anxiety is all because of him. I mean, getting roped into this Clyde Western nightmare, that hasn’t helped any, but The doc’s right.

The Return of the pawn, it’s been the main culprit here. Yeah, I definitely didn’t have any of this on my bingo card for 2024. But now that Constantine will be out of the picture, and no trace of his ex or any of her family. You think it’s a sign? Fate telling us just to leave well enough alone.

And you’d be good with that? Oh man, I’m trying, buddy, but I also know one other thing. If Constantine is forced out of the country, that means his long game has now become a short game. So if we’re right, and he really is after Maggie’s money, He’s gonna start ramping up those efforts before he bites the dust.

Well, partner, that’s exactly why we can’t let our guard down.

You asked Constantine to marry you? In name only, of course. Oh, that’s a huge relief. I, um, Even so, it’s just, it’s so soon after Victor. Mom, are you sure that you want to do this? Well, if I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have made the offer. I’ve thought long and hard about it and, and I’m at peace with my decision.

There’s, there’s no need for you to be concerned. No need for us to be concerned? Maggie, this is insane and dangerous. You can’t do this, Maggie. Can we? We won’t let you.

So all I have to do is chaperone Rachel’s field trip? Yes, that’s it. What’s the catch? Brady, there is no catch. It’s just, Rachel wanted to spend time with you and I think in this sort of a setting it would be a perfect place for the two of you to be together. Because you don’t feel Rachel is safe when she’s alone with me.

Um, Brady, you know the custody stipulations. All too well. Only supervised visitations, and obviously this would qualify as one. Oh, it’s going to be really nice. Just you and Rachel, and the aquarium is wonderful. Oh, you’re going to really enjoy it.

Alright, I’ll clear my schedule. Well, thank you. Well, spending time with Rachel is the most important thing to me, you know that. So text me the details, okay? I will. And Rachel is going to be so happy. Brady. Oh, you’re the absolute best.

You guard that backup drive with your life now, you hear? Will do. And hey, um, if you finish your plans by, say, dinner time, would you want to maybe go grab a bite? Sorry, I have a really hot date. With my laptop. Ah. Jobs aren’t gonna hunt themselves, you know, and now since I’m unemployed Which was your choice.

Yes. It was. And it was the right choice. For me and for everybody. Just not so great for my credit cards. Well, just so you know, you don’t have to, like, go rush to find another place. If you’re worried about rent, I mean. Besides, once Victor’s will clears with probate, and the Hortons can move back to their place, I’ll be back at the mansion.

You and all those Kyriakises. You think you can handle it? It’s gonna be an adventure. It’s happening soon, huh? Very soon.

Well, I’m happy for you. Truly, Alex. And in regards to your offer, um, I’d like to earn my keep. Meaning, I’m not gonna rest until I find a gig. Okay. Well, if you ever need a reference, I’ll be sure to give you a glowing one. Thank you. You’re welcome. That means a lot, really. Okay. Talk later, then? Sure.


Maggie, look, I say this with all the love and admiration in the world, but you’re making a huge mistake. I know. Hey. Sorry to interrupt. No, no, it’s fine. Come in. Um, I assume those are the new contracts for Titan. They are, yeah, but maybe I should come back later. It’s fine. By the way, Sarah and I are thrilled that Maggie is going to be returning to work with you at Titan.

I mean, I shall be a tremendous asset to the company. I agree. Thank you. Thank you both. And in the interest of full disclosure, there’s something I need to tell you, Alex, before I sign. Okay. Constantine and I are getting married.

Oh, for me? You shouldn’t have. Therefore, my fiancé, perhaps you have forgotten that we are betrothed. It’s emblazoned on my brain. Have you two set a date yet? We shall be married as soon as Maggie makes all the arrangements. Doesn’t your visa expire soon? Yes, the clock is ticking. Fine. Perhaps we should have a double wedding, you and Alex, with us.

A double wedding? Wow, that’s brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that? It is not only a brilliant idea, it is an idea that should come to fruition. Yes, think about it. Of all the work we did to change Victor’s letter about his long lost Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You won’t shut up about it, so how can I forget that I get it.

I get it. And just FYI, I’m doing my damnedest to make Alex crazy. He already had to take two cold showers today, so We’re close. Excellent. Perhaps now is the time for you to make your move.

What? You and Constantine are It’s a marriage in name only, so that Constantine can stay in this country. But that particular detail, it stays within this family, of course. Wow. Okay, yeah, that is definitely news. To be honest, I expected more of a reaction from you, Alex. What do you want me to say, Maggie? Do you want me to lie to you and tell you that I’m thrilled about it?

Because I’m not. And I can’t imagine that anyone is.

Look, clearly, Maggie, you’re going to do whatever it is you want to do. Just know that my vote is It’s decidedly in the nay column. Well, just for the record, you don’t get a vote. Not in my personal life. Um, so, thank you, Alex. Uh, just leave the contracts and see yourself out. Will do. I’ll, uh, show you to the door.

No, please. Thank you. I got it. I insist.

Mom, I love you. You can’t fault them for their misgivings about this. I can fault them for not at least trying to understand. And maybe they just don’t realize how I had explored every way possible to keep Constantine in this country. I’m sure you have. You have. I’m just, I’m just worried about that big beautiful heart of yours.

I want to make sure that you’re protecting it. I will protect it. Okay. Because I am holding you to that. Okay. Oh, thank you. Thank you for your beautiful soul. But your support and your understanding, always. You have it. You always will.

But if Constantine hurts you, forget Xander. That man will have to answer to me.

Would you just send me everything you got? Yeah, well, my knowledge on setting up a scholarship is less than zero. So, if you Oh, you would. Yeah. Well, great. Thank you. Alright. Thanks.

Okay, well, I’m gonna get back in the board’s good graces. Even if it kills me. Mommy? Hey, sweetie. What do you got there? Something for you to sign so I can go tomorrow. Oh. Oh, are you excited to go on this field trip tomorrow? Yeah. Aren’t you? Yeah? That’s the biggest whale in the world there. The biggest whale in the world.

I don’t think it’s the biggest, but I do know it might be the most famous. And guess who else is going to get a kick out of it? Who? Who? Your daddy. Because guess what? He is going to go with you tomorrow. He is going to be there with you on the field trip. Why? Why? Did my teachers say I have to have your daddy come with me?

No, no, no. Why would she? Rachel? Did you get in trouble? No. No? I just thought that you said you don’t want me and daddy to be alone together. Oh, sweetie, you know what? You’re not gonna be alone. You’re gonna be with all your friends, you know? You got Lily and Pepper and Wyatt’s gonna be there. Okay. Well, if Daddy’s going, how about you go too?

It’ll be fun. Oh, yeah, no, you know what, sweetheart? I don’t think that’s a good idea. Why not? Please?

Is he taken? He is now. Thank you. So what you been up to? I don’t know. Besides cleaning out my stuff from the Titan office, um, not much. How was that? It was kind of weird. Kind of sad, too. It’s what you wanted, though, right? Yeah. I think. You think? I don’t know, Brady. I just I can’t help but feeling that I’m just a total failure, both professionally and personally.

So you’d really be good with that? Just dropping everything? Constantine forgave me. What else can I ask for? Uh huh. But what if you didn’t commit the crime, John? What if you didn’t kill Katharina? Constantine was face down on the floor unconscious when I found him. Chances of him seeing who pulled that trigger are zero.

You saw him! You saw the pawn, holding, smoking, and no one else was in the room. It was me. Stop it. Okay. Well, let’s say that’s true. Are we supposed to believe that after years and years of wanting to avenge his daughter’s death, he suddenly decides to forgive you? Just like that? What if his forgiveness isn’t genuine?

What is this about forgiveness? What do you want, Constantine? I would like to speak with you, John, about something that has been wrestling with me in my mind for quite some time. Yeah, well, let’s hear it. Well, knowing the circumstances as I do now, I’ve come to realize that Katharina’s murder is a crime.

You see, your friend here, he was the one who was working with Victor when it happened. What’s that supposed to mean? It means, if anyone is to blame, Mr. Johnson, it is you.

So it’s safe to say I know you pretty well, Teresa. And failure is not a word that I would use to describe you. Look how you turned your world around. Look at the son that you’ve raised. I mean, come on, you’re gonna come out of this better than ever. I promise you that. Come on, when have I ever lied to you?

When have I ever led you astray? Not when we were sober. Yep. Okay. Well, um, those are the times that I actually remember. Me too. But when we were high as kites. Um, there was lying there and there was definitely some, uh, straying. I, I know, I know. But you know what? Here we are. We’re still standing, aren’t we?

And now you have the freedom to decide what you really want to do.

I thought what I wanted was to make bunches of money and some demanding job. Okay, well, hey man, if that still appeals to you, then do it. Yeah, actually, I I don’t know, I’m rethinking that. I think, I think maybe that’s where I went wrong, because instead of doing what I love, what I’m really passionate about, and making it work with someone I love, I I got sidetracked and I always thought about money.

I made that my priority. Well then just don’t do that anymore. All right. Who the hell said that you can’t have it all? Who the hell said that you can’t have a job you love? Someone you love. And great prosperity attached to it all. Yeah, maybe I can have it all.

You know that your daddy and I love you to the moon and back, don’t you? Well, there are times when we just don’t get along and you know that too. Example, let’s say tomorrow your daddy wants to go see the whales and I want to go see the dolphins and your daddy and I get in a big fight. You would hate that, wouldn’t you?

Yeah. Yeah, I would. And I know that, um, that is why it’s super important that you and your dad have tomorrow together. All right. I guess. Hey, sweetie. I know that you want me and your daddy to be together, but we are working on getting along better. That’s, that’s all I can tell you. And, sweetheart, I wanted to tell you something.

About what? Well, Alright, so, You know, I think it’s important that your dad and I, well, we have, Other grownup friends, like boyfriend and girlfriend? Yes, that’s exactly right. Like boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, I have a boyfriend. You do? I do. , yes. His name is Alex aka. And he is super cool and super fun and I think you’re gonna like him.

Maybe can I get a cookie? ? Okay. Yes, you can go and get a cookie. That way. Don’t forget to sign that!

Hey. Hey, Alex. Um, sorry this is last minute, but do you have plans tonight? Tonight? No. I was hoping to hang out with Teresa, but she’s not interested. Well, good. Why don’t you come on over?

Shot down by Teresa, eh? Sorry I couldn’t help her over here. Right. But that wouldn’t be any of your damn business, now would it? Definitely not. But you know what is my business? Maggie. She’s my family and yours too. I’m really worried about her. As am I, actually. You mean Mary and Constantine? The man’s a criminal.

Not to mention a conman and a liar. I’m gonna do whatever I can to keep Maggie from marrying him. Okay, so now you’re blaming me for your daughter’s death? You care to explain this mind blowing new theory of yours? Well, it is simple. Really? Everything you did was of your own free will, right? You were never brainwashed, nor were you, uh, threatened.

You knew Victor was destroying John’s life, but did you stop it? No, no. Did you report Victor to the authorities? No, no. You let John suffer all these years while you kept your mouth shut. And if I hadn’t come to town, you would never have opened it. So yes, I blame you. Oh, I’m sorry, I am running late. It was a pleasure to run into you both.

Enjoy your day, gentlemen.

You’re not buying into this crap, are you, John?

He’s trying to create a rift between us, you see. You see that, don’t you? You

okay? Yeah, yeah, I’m okay. I just wasn’t expecting to be hanging out in your bedroom. Oh. Well, I’m in downstairs. Anybody can walk in and interrupt us. I just wanted to be in a private space that we could talk about. The plan. Oh yeah, the plan. Yeah. It doesn’t seem to be working too well, that plan. Yes, that, that plan, exactly.

Um, but we, you and I, we, we need to escalate things. We need to up the ante. We need to make Teresa and Brady sick with jealousy pretty much immediately. What are you thinking? Well, I am, hmm, hmm, I’m thinking, uh, you’ve spent the night with me. I’m sorry, what? Yeah, and then tomorrow, Rachel will come in to get her permission slip signed before she meets up with Brady, and she’ll see us in here.

Okay, cool. So now this part of the plan involves traumatizing your child? No. No, I mean, it’s not like we’re going to show her some gory horror film. We’re just going to be laying there cuddling. Okay. And then what? Um, well, then she’ll blame it to Brady. Then Brady will think that you and I had mad passionate sex.

It’s totally plausible, isn’t it? And then, uh, you not going home overnight will send Teresa a very powerful message. I can’t disagree. Okay. I’m going to have Cook make us a lovely dinner and we can stream whatever it is your heart’s desire. Still, no time before we hit the sack. Thoughts? My thoughts. Yes, thoughts.

Your daughter, she’s a pretty smart little cookie, right? Oh, yes, she’s very smart beyond years. Okay, yeah. I think that she would see right through it if we were, you know, faking it. Mm hmm. And like, pretending to be lovers or So, um, What are you saying? I’m saying, I think if we’re gonna do it, We gotta really go for it.

Uh huh. If Rachel’s gonna believe it. Go for it. Yes, yeah. As in Sorry. Look, I know it sounds corny, but I believe in following your heart. When you’re happy. Good things happen. Ah, that good old laws of attraction thing. Yeah, yeah, why not? I’m not disagreeing with you. Good, because it’s, it’s not always 100 percent of the time that I’m right on something.

You’re a good man, Brady Black. Really, you’re a rare breed, you know that? Well, it takes a damn good woman to notice.

Now, if you’re cool with it, I actually have to go. I have to take off. I am. I’m cool with it. You know why? Because I feel better now. Thank you. And, um, I should be heading home anyway. Yeah, to, uh, Alex. Mm hmm. To Alex. Although I think he’s probably upset with me that I cancelled on dinner. What? Why are you making those faces?

What faces? I didn’t make a I’m making this face because, come on, what? You and Alex? What the hell is going on?

I come bearing gifts. Oh. Flowers and chocolate. What’s the occasion? No occasion, just an expression of gratitude for all you do for me. Oh. Well, thank you very much. Um, Ellie can arrange the flowers. She’s very clever at it. But before I call her in, there is something I want you to look at.

What is this? A prenup. Hmm. Hmm.

You seem surprised. Surely you expected a bring up. Of course. And it’s, you know, it’s a formality. It’s so Victor’s assets are, um, dispersed per his wishes. I know my lawyers insisted upon it. So once it’s signed, you know, we can set a date. Then let us not waste another moment, shall we?

I guess we are, uh, good to go then. We are. I mean, Constantine falling for Maggie, obviously I can wrap my head around that, but how anyone could fall in love with that creep? Well, she didn’t say anything about being in love with him. And I don’t think she is. I think He’s good company for her and She feels indebted to him because of Victor and what Victor put him through.

Why is it Maggie’s responsibility to make up for what Victor did to the man? I mean, she shouldn’t feel indebted to him. Yeah, well, she does. And she’s only marrying him so that he doesn’t have to go back to Greece and he can stay in the States. I know, I know. I just, I just hate the whole idea, Sarah.

People can change. We know that better than most people. And Constantine is He’s good company. For my mom. And that’s important to her. It’s important to me. I just want her to be happy. A thousand percent. Maggie deserves happiness. I just wanted to find it with someone who isn’t a gold digging reprobate with ties to organized crime.

Sorry, Sarah, I just It’s not gonna be possible for me to accept that man into our family.

Never mind. Seriously, it’s none of my business. And whatever’s going on with you and Alex, I hope it makes you happy. Thank you. But also, you and I share a son together, so you have every right to know what’s going on in my life. And I will tell you that Alex and I are roommates. But not with benefits. At least not now.

See, that makes it sound like that could change. I don’t know. Stranger things have happened. Do you want it to change? I’m not sure. Um, I don’t know. I’m starting to think maybe I overreacted by breaking up with him. You know, that the whole non proposal debacle thing, it left me so hurt and, and humiliated that I, I maybe spiraled and I pushed him, but.

Maybe I pushed him too far.

Better watch out, better look out, change, something change, change,

better watch out, better look out.

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