Y&R Short Recap Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle and Summer bring Harrison home and take him to his room to rest and they tell the family he is fine physically but they wonder if this ordeal will leave any psychological scars.

Victor tells Nikki he followed her to the alley where she was going to meet Jordan. Victor is upset with Nikki for not telling him about her plan. Nikki tells Victor that her plan didn’t work because Jordan didn’t go to meet her. Victor tells Nikki Jordan did come and she ran away when she saw him coming. She ran toward the bridge. When she got to the bridge, she slipped and drowned in the water.

Jack calls Victor and tells him that Harrison is home but Claire is still missing. Victor tells Jack Jordan is dead and how she died.

Harrison comes downstairs because he had a nightmare about the witch that took him. Harrison tells Kyle and Summer that Claire didn’t hurt him. The witch hurt Claire and he asks Summer and Kyle to help Claire because she is in trouble.

Nikki tells Cole and Victoria that Harrison is home, but Claire is still missing.

Victoria gets a call but the call has too much static and she can’t tell who the person is or what the person is trying to tell her.

Victor goes down to his wine cellar and asks her if she is comfortable in the soundproof room. Victor tells Jordan the the only way she can get out is to tell him where she is hiding Claire.

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