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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla ripped into Paulina for escaping the hospital and putting people’s lives at risk. Paulina said she understood what she was saying, but she had to save her daughter. Chanel apologized to Johnny for why they were going through it. Johnny said it wasn’t her fault. She said if she didn’t get lost none of this would have happened. He told her finding her was important. Kate talked to Roman about Lucas being stuck in the monastery. She was upset that Harris hasn’t gotten him out of there yet. When she asked where Harris was, Roman told her he left. Ava asked Harris if he regretted helping her. Harris said he didn’t. She said she wouldn’t be at the Bistro if Clyde didn’t want her to look for his black book. Harris said they could use the book to put Clyde away. He wanted to hurry up and find the book. Abe told Kayla that he took responsibility for Paulina leaving the hospital. Kayla said it wasn’t his fault. He asked how Paulina was doing. Kayla said Paulina’s levels were higher than she liked, but if everything went well, she could go home tomorrow. She went to check on Chanel. Kayla told Chanel that she had high levels of radiation, but she didn’t think she had anything to worry about. Johnny asked if she was good to go. Kayla told Chanel to let her know if she experienced any symptoms. Kate ran into Harris, but he told her it wasn’t a good time. She wanted to know why he was avoiding her. Ava snuck into the Bistro. While she was looking in the Bistro, Stefan showed up and wanted to know what she was doing. Harris told Kate that she wasn’t avoiding her. He said he was going to find Clyde and get Lucas out of the monastery. Kate told him Lucas was the reason why the drug dealers got caught. She said Harris got Lucas involved in his mess and he was going to help him. Paulina tried to justify why she left the hospital. She said she had to save her daughter. Abe said Paulina risked everyone’s lives. He said it wasn’t safe for her to leave the hospital. Paulina said she knew what she did was wrong, but her daughter was missing. Abe said her actions were ill-advised. Paulina said it was risky thing to do, but they all made it out alive.

Ava and Stefan argued over them working together and him getting out of jail. He said he regretted the things they did including them making love. Stefan said he would do everything again to protect his family. Ava said she would do things over too. She said there was something he wanted to tell him. Ava said she was feeling nostalgic about the good times they had there. While they were talking, Stefan told her he needed the keys back. When Kate came back to the pub, she told Roman that she threatened Harris to make sure Lucas was free or else. Ava gave Stefan back his keys and told him to take care of himself before she left the Bistro. Ava went to Harris and told him Clyde’s book was nowhere to be found. When Harris wanted to go back in the Bistro, Ava told him Stefan was in there and things got heated. While they were talking, Stefan showed up. Harris wanted to talk to Stefan. Ava left them alone. Stefan told Harris he wasn’t armed, but Harris said he was. Kayla ran into Ava and ripped into her for the damage she caused her family and nearly getting her son killed. Ava said she tried to protect her son. Kayla and Ava argued over what Ava did to save her son. While they were arguing, Kayla ripped into Ava for using Steve. Harris confronted Stefan about using EJ to get him out of prison. He reminded Stefan that he tried to kill him. Stefan said he did what he had to do. Harris thought he would have been in prison unless he had something on EJ. He asked if Stefan had something on his brother. Stefan evaded the question and apologized for shooting him. Roman came outside while Kayla and Ava were arguing. When Ava said she would get her key and go to her room, Roman told her she couldn’t stay at the pub.

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