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Chad and Thomas play magic cards at the Brady Pub as Thomas tries to explain the game to Chad. Stephanie comes in and identifies the game, so Chad asks her to help him.

Marlena finishes a call at home as John brings her a glass of water. They talk about Jude being asleep as they are babysitting. John asks about Kayla. Marlena confirms that everyone was rescued from the cabin and on their way to the hospital. John asks about the radiation. Marlena says that Paulina did her best to distance herself, so it seems like everyone should be okay. Marlena adds that she understands why Paulina went out there because of her daughter, but she knows Paulina would be feeling a lot of guilt if she got anyone sick. John remarks that guilt is really rough to live with.

Rafe goes to the police station and checks in with Jada, who informs him that the state troopers checked the campgrounds in Montana where Clyde Weston was allegedly seen but it was a mistaken identity. Rafe complains that he thought it was a good lead. Jada encourages that Clyde or Goldman will eventually mess up. Jada goes to update the evidence log. Everett then arrives and asks Rafe if there’s any news on the manhunt. Rafe says no and even if there were, he wouldn’t be sharing it with him. Everett questions if he’s denying press access. Rafe responds that he’s denying Everett and declares that until he does the right thing and signs the divorce papers to give Jada some peace of mind, he’s not welcome here.

Konstantin joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie talks about trying to pick out a wedding date but notes that she has to check with her lawyer to go over any possible immigration paperwork and if there’s time to get it completed before his VISA expires. Konstantin says he has something to offer her to express his commitment to their arrangement. Konstantin tells her it’s his gratitude for her help and generosity as he then presents her with a ring which he says belonged to his mother and now he wants Maggie to have it. Maggie tells him that it’s beautiful but cries that she can’t accept it because she’s not ready yet to remove her ring from Victor. Maggie hopes she hasn’t offended him. Konstantin says she could never do that and offers to put the ring on a chain and asks if she would accept wearing it around her neck. Maggie says that would be lovely and thanks him. Konstantin swears that he would never take advantage of her.

Marlena agrees with John that guilt can be very difficult to live with, but says that sometimes it can have a positive effect and turn things in the right direction. John questions if she thinks he doesn’t have any reason to feel guilty. John talks about a homicidal maniac being free because of him and an innocent young woman was killed by him. John knows he said he’d work on it but calls it such a damn struggle. Jude then wakes up crying, so John goes to get his bottle. Marlena tells Jude that John is such a good man and he really deserves some peace of mind.

Thomas excitedly hugs Stephanie. Chad mentions being hungry and sends Thomas to get them cookies. Stephanie sits with Chad and notices that Thomas left Konstantin’s card in with the rest of the cards and calls it a neat card. Chad thanks her for rescuing him. Stephanie talks about how she used to play the card game all the time in Seattle with her brothers and mentions that Everett taught her how to play. Stephanie adds that she heard Stefan is out of jail and showed up at EJ’s press conference, so she asks what’s going on. Chad says other than reporting on it, he’s doing his best to stay out of all the DiMera insanity for he and his children’s sake. Chad adds that he can’t wait to get back in to the Horton House and talks about his kids identifying as Hortons even though Abigail is gone.

Rafe tells Everett that he has nothing to say to him, so he can send another reporter over from the Spectator and he’ll be happy to comment. Everett says he gets it but that what happened between he and Jada is personal, so what he’s doing is abuse of power. Rafe questions him talking to him about abuse after he lied to Jada, cheated on her, says he doesn’t know who she is and refuses to sign the divorce papers. Rafe asks what the hell is wrong with him. Everett responds that he honestly wishes he knew. Rafe tells him that if he’s looking for sympathy, he’s not going to find it with him after he treated Jada like crap, lied to her, and cheated on her while now insisting she’s a stranger but he refuses to sign the divorce papers. Rafe tells Everett to give Jada a chance to get him the hell out of her life. Rafe thinks it’s time Everett figures out what’s wrong with him and tells him to get the hell out of here. Everett then exits the police station. Jada comes back in and greets Rafe after overhearing.

Marlena and John put Jude down after feeding him. They talk about being glad that Eric and Sloan agreed to let them babysit. Marlena thinks it’s important that Eric and Sloan have time together to themselves. John agrees and notes that he kind of got the feeling that Eric was distracted, like he was worried about something. Marlena reveals that Eric confided in her that they are having some financial problems with a lot of expenses and Eric’s photography business not taking off yet. John suggests they could help them out a bit. Marlena doesn’t think they would accept that but says they could help by spreading the word about Eric’s photography, offering to babysit, and telling Eric they are proud of him. Jude wakes up crying again so John goes to check on him.

Konstantin put his ring on a chain and puts it around Maggie’s neck, adding that he’s honored that she is now wearing it. Maggie comments on how much the ring means to him and feels she owes it to him even though it doesn’t make up for his suffering because of Victor. Konstantin says it shouldn’t be her burden since she is not responsible for what Victor did. Maggie points out that Victor isn’t here to make amends, so she feels like she represents him. Maggie knows nothing could take away or lessen the pain of losing his daughter, but she can at least help him stay in the country. Konstantin tells Maggie that her company is what he enjoys most as she always livens his spirits. Maggie says he livens her spirits too and that’s why she’s not willing to say goodbye to him.

Stephanie and Chad talk about Thomas growing. Stephanie asks how it’s going at the Kiriakis Mansion. Chad jokes that it feels like grand central station like they are all on top of each other. Chad feels bad for Julie since she wanted to escape the chaos but got stuck in the snowstorm on Smith Island. They talk about the weather being crazy lately. Thomas returns with cookies for them. Chad mentions having plans to go to the playground but having to play endless hide and seek because of the weather. Thomas invites Stephanie to come to the Kiriakis Mansion and play with them. Stephanie says she would love to, so Thomas suggests tomorrow. Everett enters the Pub and sees them together as Stephanie tells Thomas that she thinks that might work.

Rafe apologizes to Jada if he overstepped and says he just sees what Everett is doing to Jada, so when he sees him, he goes a little crazy. Jada says she was actually going to thank him for defending her honor. Rafe tells her that he made it very clear that Everett is not welcome until he signs the divorce papers. Jada says she appreciates that but she’s been thinking that maybe she should chill out about the divorce papers and maybe he will come around if she stops pushing him. Jada adds that it’s not like she’s in a rush to get married again yet.

Konstantin tells Maggie that he was so thrown when she proposed to him since it’s usually the man that gets down on one knee. Maggie is not sure that’s the custom anymore as things have changed. Konstantin bets that Maggie and Victor had a big wedding but Maggie says it wasn’t big and it was very simple in the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie says it was like her first wedding to Mickey. Maggie brings up that Konstantin never says much about his first marriage or wife. Konstantin says there isn’t much to say as they got married, they lost Catharina, and then got divorced and he never saw her again as she disappeared. Konstantin declares that part of his life is the last thing he wants to talk about.

Chad sees Everett and calls him over. Chad asks how it went at the police station. Thomas reminds Chad that he promised no work talk. Chad says he just has one follow up question and then they are done. Chad tells Thomas to start packing up. Thomas points out that they haven’t eaten their cookies yet. Chad decides they’re going to let Stephanie and Everett have the cookies while they will stop at the Bakery on the way home which Thomas agrees to. Chad asks Everett if he got what he needed. Everett says there was nothing super exciting but an unproductive run in with Rafe. Chad says they can’t get headline material every time. Chad asks Thomas if he’s ready to go. Stephanie hugs Thomas and says it was so good to see him. Thomas asks Stephanie if she’s coming over tomorrow. Stephanie says that she and Chad will check their schedules, so if it’s not tomorrow, it will be sometime really soon. Thomas says okay but he hopes it’s tomorrow. Chad and Thomas then exit the Pub together. Stephanie asks if Everett cares to share the cookies with her and says she could use the company, so he agrees. Stephanie asks how therapy with Marlena is going. Everett flashes back to telling Marlena that he didn’t want any more hypnosis because some things are better left unknown. Everett then claims to Stephanie that hypnosis is good and really helpful, so Marlena really wants him to continue with it. Stephanie asks if he will. Everett admits that he’s not sure. Stephanie asks if he’s talked to Marlena about why he doesn’t feel comfortable signing the divorce papers. Everett confirms that he has and Marlena has a theory that his subconscious is hiding feelings that he’s not ready to handle. Stephanie asks if that’s feelings for Jada. Everett says he’s certain that is not the case. Stephanie knows Jada is going through a lot, so she really wishes for both of their sakes, that he will sign the papers and set Jada and himself free.

Konstantin apologizes to Maggie if he upset her. Maggie says there are a lot of topics she prefers to avoid too, but she’s very comfortable talking about her career. Maggie announces she is returning with Titan. Konstantin calls that wonderful news. Maggie says she will be working with Alex and thinks they will get along very well. Maggie decides to go get lemon bars for them from the kitchen. Konstantin then begins searching the room for his card. Chad and Thomas come in. Chad greets Konstantin, who says he lost something very important to him. Konstantin says he could’ve sworn it was in his room but he’s afraid that it’s lost. Chad then asks if Thomas knows anything about that.

Rafe tells Jada that he didn’t think she wanted the divorce papers signed so she could get married again, but so she could get rid of Bobby Stein, the guy who hurt her so badly. Jada confirms that is true. Rafe understands it’s premature to be talking about marriage and he’s not trying to rush her in to anything. Rafe says he just wants her to be happy. Jada tells Rafe that he makes her happy and she’s very grateful for him. Rafe feels the same about her, but thinks they don’t get to spend enough time together. Jada points out that they work together and practically live together. Rafe says it’s still not enough because he loves spending time with her. Rafe thinks the only way they could spend more time is for them to live together, but he’s already asked her so he’s not going to ask her again. Jada thinks he should ask again, encouraging him to take risks.

Everett tells Stephanie that he understands why it would be so much easier if he signed the divorce papers and he wants to, but part of him is afraid, though he sees her point. Marlena and John then enter with Jude and greet them. Stephanie comments on them babysitting. Marlena says they took Jude for a stroll as it’s a nice night. John goes to get coffee and tea. Marlena asks how Stephanie is. Stephanie says she’s grateful that she’s helping Everett with his memory loss as they were just talking about her hypnosis and she hopes that he continues. Marlena and John then go to get a table. Stephanie tells Everett that she should get going, but Everett asks her to come back to the Salem Inn with him as he has something to show her. Stephanie mentions having a work call in 30 minutes. Everett promises it will be quick, so Stephanie agrees to go. Stephanie tells John and Marlena that it was good to see them as she exits with Everett.

Konstantin doesn’t understand why Chad would ask Thomas about the item he misplaced. Chad explains that they were playing hide and go seek and he found Thomas in Konstantin’s room. Chad apologizes and asks if Thomas moved or took anything from Konstantin’s room as now would be a good time to return it. Thomas insists that he didn’t. Chad tells Konstantin that he’s sorry that Thomas went in his room and gives him his word that it won’t happen again. Konstantin tells him that it’s no trouble. Chad remembers to go get Thomas’s backpack for a permission slip and tells Thomas to set up their card game. Chad exits and then Konstantin tells Thomas that they need to have a little chat about his card because he has a feeling that Thomas took it. Konstantin warns that Chad would be very angry with him if he lied, but if he returns the card to him right now and promises to never go in his room again, Chad will never know. Konstantin asks Thomas what it will be.

Marlena calls Eric and tells him that everything is going great with Jude. Marlena encourages Eric that he and Sloan should just relax and enjoy themselves. Jude wakes up crying, so John takes him out of the Pub to try and calm him down. John talks about how he can’t wait to take Jude to baseball games. Marlena comes out and sees that John got Jude calmed down. John thinks Jude returned the favor as holding him makes it hard to imagine there’s anything wrong in the world. John declares that he doesn’t want to waste any more time feeling guilty and tearing himself down, especially when he has so much to be grateful for.

Thomas returns Konstantin’s card to him and exits the living room. Konstantin declares that it is almost time to get what is rightfully his.

Jada tells Rafe that she might have turned down living together the first time, but maybe she sees things differently now which Rafe questions. Jada brings up her failed marriage and says Rafe now probably knows way more about than he wanted to and after that was her relationship with Eric and they were both disasters, so it got her cynical about relationships and men, but then Rafe came along and proved her wrong. Jada calls Rafe sweet, loyal, honest, kind, and sexy. Jada says she’s so lucky to have him and calls him her person. Jada thinks he should ask her again. Rafe calls her the sweetest girl he’s ever met who is also sweet, loyal, kind, and sexy. Rafe asks Jada to move in with him which she agrees to do and they kiss.

Everett brings Stephanie to his room at the Salem Inn and shows her his divorce papers. Stephanie doesn’t understand. Everett doesn’t know what, if anything, is next for them, but she made him realize that if there’s any chance for them to be something, he has to clean the slate. Everett then asks Stephanie to be his witness which she agrees to. Everett then signs the divorce papers as “Bobby Stein”.

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