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Recap written by Suzanne

Phyllis and Daniel have lunch. They discuss his work problems with Lily. Daniel gets worried that Phyllis has a plan to help him that, as usual, might backfire. She also informs him that she’s moved on with Danny, who chose Chris.

Danny has big plans for them on his music tour, but Chris tells him that an old friend needs her help with a big trial. She doesn’t want to let him down, but she feels this need to help people that she can’t ignore, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime case. It will take months. She’s really torn. They discuss it. Danny understands because he loves what he does, too. She worries that this is their last chance. He suggests that she sleep on it and decide tomorrow. They kiss. After they have sex, he assures her that they’re meant to me, so they’ll always find each other again, no matter what.

At Victor at Nikki’s party, the Newmans are surprised that Jordan never showed up or tried anything.

Jack is shocked when Nikki lets him know that she’s still drinking and that the Newmans were hoping to lure Jordan to the party. However, Nikki realized during the party that she doesn’t need to drink any more. She feels strong and doesn’t need the alcohol any more because of the love of her family. Victor comes up just as she explains that, but they don’t tell him about Nikki’s drinking or her revelation. Jack thanks him for having an alcohol-free party. Victor is proud of Nikki. Victor and Nikki dance.

Sally tries to make Adam feel better as he worries about Connor. Sally admires how much Nikki and Victor still love each other, after all this time. They head upstairs. He asks her where she sees herself in 40 years because he can see them together for longer than that. They kiss and start to undress.

Nick is surprised that the guards let Phyllis in, since they’re supposed to be extra-vigilant now. She tells him that they recognized her. They have a pleasant chat. Summer is also surprised to see Phyllis. Phyllis hints that there are big things in store for her at Chancelllor-Winters, so Nick and Summer worry about what she has planned.

Jordan follows Claire as she leaves the party.

Michael and Lauren leave the party, so they say goodbye to Victor and Nikki. Victor thanks Nick for all of his help. They all hug. Victor vows to Nikki that he’ll catch Jordan, no matter what. They kiss and say, “I love you.”

When Kyle and Harrison go home, Harrison realizes that he’s lost his lucky charm (his bunny). They look around but can’t find it, so Kyle phones , but they don’t find it there, either. Claire arrives, having found the bunny. She confides to Kyle that she used to have a good luck rock, but Jordan took it away. Kyle feels bad for her and invites her to stay. They sit and have drinks. She talks a little about living with Jordan. She’s glad to have a normal life now. Harrison comes in and is overjoyed to see that Claire brought his bunny back. He hugs her and they all smile. She tells him about other kinds of good luck charms. Harrison asks if Claire can read him a book, so she agrees. Kyle phones Summer to let her know that Claire found the bunny. Summer is not happy to hear that Claire is still there and looks very worried.

While Harrison goes to then bathroom, Jordan (now out of her disguise) chloroforms Claire. A little while later, Kyle is frantic and on the phone with 911. Jack and Diane arrive home and wonder what’s going on, so he informs them that he thinks Claire has taken Harrison.


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