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Ava packs the last of her things at the apartment while Tripp says he still doesn’t understand why she’s moving out. Wendy comes to the door and listens in as Ava tells Tripp that she already told him why but Tripp says he doesn’t buy it and wants the real reason. Tripp asks what kind of trouble she’s in now.

Stefan joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan calls it a wonderful day to be alive as EJ pours a drink. Stefan says he’s going to have Harold get the finest bottle of champagne they have. EJ asks what the occasion is. Stefan responds that he just visited Gabi in prison and he’s feeling optimistic about the future. EJ calls them two criminals. Stefan says EJ won’t bring him down today as he has a new lease on life. Kristen comes in and questions Stefan not being in jail.

Alex works at the Titan office as Theresa enters and asks him to tell her it’s not true. Alex responds that he’s afraid it is. Theresa questions what happened. Alex tells her that Green Industries pulled out of the issue. Theresa complains that they were their biggest advertiser and she worked so hard to turn things around. Alex says he appreciates everything she’s done here but the numbers do not lie and Bella Magazine is failing again. Theresa argues that there has to be something they can do like get a new advertiser. Alex says it’s too late and announces there’s not going to be another issue. Alex hates to say it but he thinks they have to pull the plug on Bella today.

Maggie proposes to Konstantin. Konstantin responds that he is speechless and calls that very unusual for him. Maggie says she just wants to help and she’s not ready for him to leave Salem. Konstantin says he’s so grateful to her and to the universe for bringing them together. Konstantin says he’s touched but he cannot accept her proposal.

Wendy enters the apartment and greets Ava and Tripp. Ava is glad she gets to see her before she goes. Wendy asks if everything is okay. Tripp responds that he’s concerned about his mom and wants to make sure that she’s leaving for the right reasons. Ava promises that she’s not in trouble and that moving has nothing to do with them since they have been wonderful to her. Ava says that she’s moving in with Harris like they are taking their relationship to the next level. Ava adds that she’ll just be down at the Brady Pub so they will still see each other all the time. Ava tells Tripp to stop worrying and insists that it’s best for everyone. Ava then takes her box and exits.

Stefan asks Kristen if EJ didn’t tell her that he cut a deal to keep him out of prison and he was just about to return all of his possessions. EJ points out that’s half of his possessions. Kristen questions why she’s the last person to know what’s going on around here. Kristen asks Stefan if he means their possessions before he stole them from them. Stefan argues that he and Gabi staged a very lawful takeover of their family corporation. Kristen asks what is actually going on here. Stefan suggests she ask EJ, so she asks EJ what he’s up to now.

Theresa asks Alex not to pull the plug on Bella and give them a chance. Alex says it’s not going to happen as he spoke to the client for over an hour and they don’t believe Bella will make the money, so they pulled funding and there’s nothing more they can do. Theresa declares that it’s their loss because she will find an even better multi-national client. Alex tells her that’s not going to happen. Alex says he’s gone over the numbers and it’s not feasible as they are spending more publishing Bella than it’s possible to make. Alex thinks it’s best to take it down before it gets worse. Theresa questions if there’s no changing his mind. Alex says he wanted it to be a success story too but he thinks it’s best to take their losses and move on. Theresa says she gets it. Alex encourages that it’s not the end of the world as he will get her another job. Theresa tells him not to bother as she quits.

Maggie questions Konstantin not accepting her proposal. Konstantin says he wouldn’t want to put her in an uncomfortable position with her family and friends. Maggie argues that if they don’t approve, that’s their problem. Maggie acknowledges it would be a marriage in name only but for all that he suffered because of Victor, she wants to make amends on his behalf. Maggie believes marrying him is the right thing to do and says to hell with anyone who disagrees. Konstantin repeats being grateful for her and says he can accept being a marriage in name only because he would never ask more of her than she’s ready to give. Konstantin then accepts her proposal and they shake hands.

Wendy sits with Tripp and notes that he’s awfully quiet. Tripp says he’s just thinking. Wendy guesses he’s worrying about his mom. Tripp confirms that he is worried between Stefan leaving Ava out of his confession and her sudden moving out, he knows something is up. Wendy questions what it could be, pointing out that she quit the Bistro. Tripp talks about thinking Ava is on the straight and narrow and then it blows up in his face. Wendy says at least Ava won’t be on the side of the highway since she’s moving in with an ex-Navy SEAL and current police officer, so she might be safer living with Harris. Tripp hopes so but says that’s enough about his mom. Tripp asks Wendy about her first day back at work. Wendy responds that it was terrible.

Ava meets Harris for drinks at the Brady Pub. Ava jokes about relaxing after hauling all of her stuff up to his room. Harris tells Ava that they fit together perfectly and kisses her. Harris toasts to fresh starts.

EJ tells Kristen that he doesn’t owe her an explanation. Kristen argues that she’s just as much of a DiMera but EJ disagrees. Kristen says they may not share the same DNA but she’s every bit of a DiMera as he is. Kristen guesses that since EJ got Stefan out of prison, EJ got a great payment. EJ informs Stefan that their public relations department will be issuing a statement from Stefan, resigning the company because of his failings. Stefan asks if EJ has it all figured it out, thinking he buries his reputation and EJ will come out smelling like roses. EJ jokes that Stefan could restore his reputation by doing volunteer work or finally figuring out what to do with the Bistro with all the damage control that he’ll have to do. EJ adds that Ava sent an e-mail that she quit even though it’s been closed for weeks. EJ wishes Stefan and Kristen luck as he then exits.

Alex questions why Theresa would quit, arguing that it’s not her fault but his since he resurrected Bella Magazine to make a point to Maggie that he knew better than she did. Alex adds that he also wanted to make Victor proud since the magazine was named after his daughter Isabella. Alex supposes he wanted to feel closer to Victor’s memory. Alex feels he gave Theresa an impossible task. Theresa appreciates him falling on the sword like that but feels she could’ve done more. Theresa says she was just so distracted with Tate and feels she was just a charity hire. Alex disagrees but Theresa says she was struggling even when she was coming to work. Alex says she just had growing pains but she also had great ideas and everybody here loves her. Theresa repeats that she appreciates it, but she thinks it’s better for everyone if she just finds a fresh start somewhere else. Theresa then exits the office.

Maggie and Konstantin decide they are officially engaged. Konstantin says words can’t express what this means to him. Maggie is just glad she can help and says maybe in some small way, it can make up for what his rivalry with Victor cost him. Konstantin says that was not his responsibility but he is grateful. Maggie says she will talk to her lawyers about how to proceed and getting the necessary forms. Maggie asks to keep this between them which he agrees to and thanks her. Maggie then exits the room. Konstantin remarks to himself that all the pieces are falling right in to place for him to get exactly what he deserves, if he can only find that damn card.

Tripp asks Wendy what’s going on. Wendy thought it would be a good distraction to be back in the office, but says it was a total mess as she was completely useless and was obsessed with trying to find a lead on Clyde but it was a waste of time. Wendy talks about thinking if she dug deep enough, she’d find something but she found nothing. Tripp thinks she’s being hard on herself since it’s her first day back at work. Wendy had a fantasy of being back at the top of her game but says every road she went down were dead ends. Wendy adds that she passed by Goldman’s desk and it would give her flashbacks. Wendy apologizes as she gets emotional. Tripp says she has nothing to be sorry for and he’s sorry that she had a terrible day. Tripp suggests maybe she went back to work too soon. Tripp encourages Wendy to sit back and relax now. Tripp understands her anxiety after being held captive. Tripp suggests maybe it would help if she talked to a professional.

Harris asks if Ava doesn’t want to toast to fresh starts. Ava appreciates his vote of confidence but she doesn’t feel like there’s going to be a fresh start until she finishes this last task for Clyde. Harris asks what they are waiting for then and suggests they go get the book. Harris says they will get the book, hand it back to Clyde and that’s when they will capture him and put him behind bars so he’ll finally be out of their lives for good.

Maggie sits in the living room and looks at her and Victor’s wedding photo. Maggie says that she hopes she’s doing the right thing. Theresa enters, so Maggie greets her and says she’s always happy to see her. Maggie asks if everything is okay but Theresa cries that it’s not and she thought she could burden Maggie with it since she is her sponsor. Maggie says she is never a burden and offers to sit down and talk about it. Theresa informs Maggie that she and Alex have decided so shut down Bella Magazine. Maggie says she’s sorry to hear that but it’s not a surprise since it hasn’t been doing well. Theresa cries that she feels like a total failure. Maggie argues that the magazine was doomed from the start and she tried to tell Alex over and over again. Maggie encourages that Theresa did good work and she’s certain that Alex will find another job at Titan. Theresa complains that she doesn’t want another job at Titan and that she told Alex she quits because she doesn’t belong there. Theresa says she was never qualified with no experience and calls herself a charity hire again. Maggie stops her and disagrees, pointing out that she ran the magazine before. Theresa says it still wasn’t successful back then. Theresa states that she only got the job because she pushed herself on Alex. Maggie tells her that she can’t make a man fall in love with her and that Alex did that all on his own. Theresa responds that now she’s blown that too. Theresa thought everything was coming together and she would be rich, successful, and happy but it turns out that she’s just a pretender. Maggie hugs her and encourages that she’s capable, smart, and driven so she has everything going for her. Maggie feels this is all on Alex since Bella was a sinking ship from the start. Maggie says she will have a chat with Alex but Theresa says she doesn’t need to. Maggie says after she talks to Alex, she’ll see Theresa at the meeting tonight. Maggie tells Theresa that everything is going to be fine as she then exits. Konstantin then enters and asks Theresa for a word.

Tripp asks Wendy what she’s thinking. Wendy says she was thinking about what Tripp said about Ava always finding trouble. Wendy worries that if Ava finds trouble again, she can’t deal with getting caught in the crossfire. Tripp says he couldn’t either but assures that’s not going to happen. Wendy argues that Ava moved across town but not across the globe, so if she gets in over her head again, Tripp is going to want to protect her and he should. Tripp asks what Wendy is trying to say.

EJ approaches Harris and Ava at the Brady Pub. EJ tells Ava that he received her resignation from the Bistro and passed it along to Stefan since he will be running the Bistro full time after being bounced from DiMera Enterprises. Ava asks if he knows about the Bistro reopening. EJ says he doesn’t know when or care. EJ then asks Ava to hand over the keys, so he can pass them on to Stefan.

Kristen asks Stefan if he’s really going to let EJ steamroll him like that and take over the business that he worked so hard for. Stefan feels he has no choice as it’s either resign or get fired since he can’t imagine the board would love having a convicted felon for a CEO. Kristen admits she can’t argue with that. Stefan then brings up that Kristen is a pardoned felon, so while he can’t be CEO, there’s no reason she can’t be. Kristen likes where this is going. Stefan says he does too. Kristen tells Stefan that they will make such a winning team. Stefan agrees and declares that he will help Kristen knock the CEO crown off EJ’s head, which they toast their drinks to.

Maggie goes to Titan to see Alex. Maggie says she’s sorry to barge in but she just spoke to Theresa, who told her about Bella. Alex knows that Maggie is dying to say she told him so and tells her to lay it on him.

Konstantin tells Theresa that he just overheard her chat with Maggie and asks if she’s having a sudden attack of conscious, reminding her of their agreement. Theresa argues that he’s not holding up his end but Konstantin reveals that he is, as Maggie just proposed to him. Theresa doesn’t believe him. Konstantin says they are forbidden from spreading the word as they want to savor the status before letting the world enjoy it. Theresa can’t believe that Maggie would be gullible enough to fall for a con artist like him. Konstantin argues that he cares about Maggie. Konstantin points out that Maggie is already giving away her half of Victor’s estate and since they set up Alex getting the other half of the estate while he’s entitled to her half. Theresa is sick of the deception and suggests this doesn’t work for her anymore. Konstantin tells her to walk away after she gets the money, or else Maggie will find out that she kidnapped her grandchild. Theresa says that was only because he blackmailed her and declares that if she goes down, Konstantin is going down with her. Konstantin warns Theresa not to play games with him and to stick to the plan or else she will live to regret it.

Tripp asks Wendy what she meant about Ava. Wendy says she knows that he will always be there for Ava and he should be as her son and family is very important to her too. Tripp says he knows that. Wendy reveals that earlier today, she spoke to her dad and he’s finally starting to sound like himself again. Wendy says that her parents are still grieving, but he told her that they are both trying to get on with their lives. Tripp calls that great news. Wendy adds that her parents are both very fragile and it affected them when they heard they almost lost another child, so she’s scared of hurting them again. Wendy admits that she’s tired of always worrying and having to look over her shoulder to wait for bad things to happen.

Ava tells EJ that she doesn’t have the keys to the Bistro on her at the moment and she would prefer to return them to Stefan himself and cut out the middle man. EJ says he was just trying to save them the awkwardness and suggests that maybe Ava relishes in the fact that Stefan took the fall for her misdeeds. Ava responds that Stefan made his own bed. EJ argues that they all know Harris is the one that floated Stefan that deal to keep Ava out of the charges and then he would not have Stefan prosecuted for trying to kill him. EJ thinks that was egregious to sacrifice an open and shut case to save one of Clyde’s minions. Harris argues that EJ made the deal to set Stefan free and asks how he got him to do it or what Stefan is holding over his head.

Stefan guesses Kristen wants the CEO position, calling her highly ambitious and addicted to status and power. Kristen says he would be correct and asks what Stefan will want in return. Stefan wants Kristen to help him get Gabi out of prison.

Maggie tells Alex it’s not her style to gloat and that she came here to congratulate him on making the right decision at long last. Maggie adds that she’s also there to present another chance to make the right decision. Alex says he’s listening. Maggie says they haven’t always seen eye to eye, but she wants him to bring her back on at Titan. Maggie knows the company has been struggling since Victor’s death, but she wants to make it as successful as it once was. Maggie declares that she believes they can right the ship together.

Theresa tells Konstantin that she never should’ve agreed to their agreement, but what she hates most about it is him lying to Maggie. Konstantin says he is fond of Maggie but argues that under different circumstances, everything that Victor amassed should’ve been his anyways and soon, it will be. Theresa advises Konstantin to run far when he does get that money because no one in Salem will want anything to do with him, especially Maggie. Konstantin says that’s fair but there’s an important piece of business that has come up since he arrived. Konstantin calls it an opportunity to avenge a great loss but there is something he must find to make that happen and he will not be leaving Salem until he does.

Wendy tells Tripp that she’s always considered herself strong and cool under pressure as she hates being afraid. Tripp tells her that fear is totally normal and healthy. Tripp calls her one of the strongest people he’s ever known, but even the strongest people feel fear and uncertainty at times. Tripp encourages that she doesn’t have to go through it alone as he’s always there for her. Tripp promises that it’s going to be okay and hugs her as she cries.

Harris guesses that Stefan has something on EJ and decides he’s going to make it his mission to find out. EJ thinks he has enough missions already. EJ reminds Harris that he knows the truth about his deal with Stefan and suggests they stay on his good side or else their irregular activities will see the light. EJ warns that Harris would at least no longer be an officer of the law. EJ then exits the Pub.

Kristen laughs at the idea of Stefan wanting her to help him get Gabi out of prison and calls that insane. Stefan jokes that she’s a little insane so she’s overqualified for the job. Kristen questions how he proposes going about that. Stefan points out that Kristen got herself out of prison semi-recently. Stefan asks if Kristen wants to be the head of the DiMera Empire and says she’s got this. Stefan asks if they have a deal. Kristen responds that she’ll think about it. Kristen asks if Gabi is innocent. Stefan says he’s never been more certain about anything in his life. Kristen responds that if Gabi didn’t kill Li Shin, the simplest way to get her out of prison would be to find out who did. Stefan says there’s nothing simple about it since the police have exhausted every lead while he and his private investigator have come up empty. Kristen assures that she will find a way as she then exits.

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