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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric was upset with Sloan about their finances. John called to find out information on Konstantin’s ex. Konstantin told his daughter’s picture that he was going to do what he promised her. When he looked in his book, he realized the card he had was gone. Marlena went to see Paulina, but she wasn’t in her bed. Julie told Johnny that help was on the way. Johnny wondered where Chanel could be. He told Julie he had to go back and look for his wife. Marlena called John and told him Paulina was missing. She said there was no sign of Paulina. Paulina showed up at the Horton cabin. She said she was there to look for her daughter. Julie said Johnny went out to find her. Paulina wanted them to help Johnny. Sloan tried to justify the missing money to Eric. Marlena met with John at the pub. John told her Chanel was missing. He let her know what happened. Marlena thought Johnny was looking for Chanel himself. John said Paulina was there. Konstantin yelled at the maid about his card being missing. When he yelled at her, Maggie defended her. He apologized for his outburst. After they talked, they straightened things out. She told him she had upsetting news.

John and Marlena talked about Paulina. Marlena was concerned about Paulina being a danger to everyone. John said Paulina wanted to find her daughter. Paulina found Chanel and brought her back to the cabin. Chanel asked if Paulina was supposed to be in the hospital. Paulina said she couldn’t do nothing when she found out her daughter was missing. Sloan called Leo and let him know that Eric was on his way to the paper. She wanted Leo to hire Eric. Leo said they had a photographer. Sloan said Eric needed the job. She warned him she would cut him off if Eric didn’t get the job. When Leo said he was the one blackmailing her, Eric walked in. Eric asked Leo who he was blackmailing. Leo dodged the question by telling him he would put in a good word for him so he could get a job. John talked to Marlena about looking for Konstantin’s ex. He thought she might have something to do with his daughter. Marlena suggested that he not do anything in case he didn’t like what he found. Maggie told Konstantin that his visa wasn’t going to be extended. They said they would miss each other. She said she was hopeful that they could find a way for him to stay. He said he was going to pack his bags. Johnny was happy to see Chanel. Chanel told him Paulina saved her. When Julie came back to the cabin, she told Paulina that she might have caused more harm than good finding Chanel. Maggie asked Konstantin to marry her.

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