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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah asked Paulina how she was doing. She checked Paulina out. Julie let Johnny know that Chanel was missing. When Johnny tried to call her phone, Julie found it in the cabin. Ava talked to Harris about helping Clyde get his black book. They talked about bringing Clyde to justice. Nicole ripped into EJ for his apology to Tate. She asked if he was sorry that he locked up Tate or was he embarrassed. EJ said he had to deal with Stefan’s case. He said he didn’t know if the court was going to accept or reject the deal. When EJ was about to leave, Chad and Xander showed up. Chad told him he was going to eat crow. Ava told Harris that she threatened to kill Clyde because he tried to kill the two most important people in her life. She wondered what would happen if she didn’t find the book. Harris told her they had to have a plan. Sarah reassured Paulina that she would be back with her family soon. Paulina and Sarah talked about Johnny and Chanel being at the Horton cabin. When Sarah brought yup the snowstorm, Paulina was concerned. Johnny told Julie he was going to find Chanel. Chad and Xander ripped into EJ for starting his press conference early to avoid the press. Xander and Chad questioned EJ about the press conference. When Nicole walked away, Chad asked her why EJ started the press conference early. Nicole told him she wasn’t interested in talking to him about it. Chad asked her about Holly. Nicole said she was okay. He asked how she was holding up. She said she is holding up, but she didn’t know what to do. Xander asked EJ what was going on with the investigation of who shot Harris. When Harris and Ava showed up, Xander asked him if there were in leads on who shot him. Harris told him to ask EJ. EJ told him all leads were going to be investigated.

Paulina called Chanel’s phone. Johnny answered it because he thought she would keep calling. He told her she was okay. When he got off the phone, he went to find Chanel. Paulina called Chanel’s phone. Julie answered the phone and lied to her about where Chanel was. Ava and Harris talked about Stefan protecting her. Chad asked EJ about what’s going on with Stefan. EJ told him about the hearing that hasn’t been decided. He said he was confident that Stefan would serve justly for his role in the drugs. While EJ was talking, Stefan showed up and interrupted the interview. Harris and Ava were shocked to see him. When Paulina called again, Julie ended up telling her Chanel was missing. Paulina wanted to know what was going on. Julie told her what was going on. Stefan asked if EJ was surprised to see him. EJ wanted to know how he was out. Stefan said the judge said his time was served. EJ walked off. Xander and Chad wanted to know why he left before the interview was over. Chad asked Stefan how he got out of prison. Nicole wanted Stefan to start talking. Harris confronted EJ about letting Stefan get out of prison. EJ told him that he was the one who lied about who shot him to protect Ava. Nicole confronted him about the drugs he pushed which caused Holly to overdose. Stefan said he did it because of Clyde. While they were talking, Nicole walked away from him. Chad apologized for what his family did. Johnny got on the phone with Paulina and told her he didn’t find Chanel. He said Julie was calling for help. Paulina wanted to know how long Chanel was missing. He said she was missing for 30 minutes. Johnny said he would find her. When Paulina got off the phone, she said she wasn’t going to sit and do nothing. Nicole told Chad he wasn’t his family. She said he wasn’t responsible for what Stefan did. Stefan reminded EJ not to renege on their deal. He reminded EJ what the deal was. EJ said the board wouldn’t want him back at DiMera. Stefan agreed to EJ being CEO while he got everything else. EJ said that wasn’t going to happen. Stefan threatened to tell Nicole that he came to him for help and didn’t do anything about it if he didn’t honor their deal. He said Nicole wouldn’t like the idea of EJ not doing what he could to prevent Holly from taking drugs. Paulina left the hospital to find Chanel.

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