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Sloan comes home and announces to Eric that her new client is very impressed with her which means a lot of money. Eric remains distracted on the computer and asks if she knows how much money that will be. Sloan questions him still worrying about their finances. Eric asks how he can not when they are having serious problems.

John is on the phone at the Brady Pub. John says he wants public records scanned on Konstantin to find anything that could lead them to his ex-wife. John hangs up and wonders where she is and what she may know.

Konstantin sits in his room at the Kiriakis Mansion with a photo of his daughter Catharina. Konstantin promises to find a way to stay and finish what he started. Konstantin thinks back to using his card to control John as The Pawn in the park. Konstantin then pulls his book from the drawer and goes to retrieve the card but finds it is gone. Konstantin gets upset and questions where the hell it is.

Marlena goes to visit Paulina at the hospital but finds Paulina is gone from her room.

Julie tells Johnny that help is on the way and the first responders will be there as soon as they can get through. Johnny questions where Chanel could be. Julie suggests she could’ve slipped on the ice or got turned around in all the snow. Johnny admits the visibility is pretty bad so she could’ve just lost the trail. Johnny decides he has to get back out there and find his wife and he’s not coming back until he does. Julie warns him to be careful out there as he exits the cabin.

Marlena calls John and says she needs his help as Paulina is gone when she was supposed to be isolated in her hospital room. John asks if she went for more tests but Marlena says she checked and that she was supposed to stay in her room, but there is no sign of her. Marlena worries that Paulina could be exposing people to harmful levels of radiation.

Julie thinks back to being on the phone with Paulina and telling her about Chanel missing. Julie pulls out her phone and calls Maggie. Maggie tells her that Doug filled her in on everything and asks if Chanel is safe. Julie says not yet but Johnny just went to look for her again. Maggie asks about the first responders. Julie explains that they can’t get through since the roads are blocked. Julie then hangs up as he thinks the first responders are there but she is shocked by Paulina arriving instead. Paulina warns Julie to stand back. Julie questions her not being in isolation. Paulina complains that she couldn’t sit in the room while her baby girl is missing. Julie argues that Johnny just went to find her. Paulina asks why they are standing here and suggests that Julie go one way and she’ll go the other.

Sloan asks Eric if he’s considered the expenses of a newborn baby. Eric assures that he’s been extremely careful in trying to figure out how they are in the red. Sloan offers to take a look and tells Eric that some of the entries are fixed and some are variable, so it’s all just a matter of navigating the tabs on the screen. Eric questions why people use accountants if it’s that simple. Sloan says it’s not fun so most people don’t like doing it. Sloan tells Eric to let his brain relax and promises to work it out. Sloan asks about Jude. Eric tells her that he’s in the crib. Sloan decides that she will go get him because they could all use a little Jude time.

Maggie has papers delivered to her at the Kiriakis Mansion by the maid.

Marlena meets John at the Brady Pub and asks if he got anything. John informs her that he just learned that Chanel is missing in the snowstorm as she and Johnny went out to the Horton Cabin. John explains that Johnny called 911 but first responders can’t get over the bridge so Johnny’s out looking for Chanel, but not by himself as he just learned from public works that Paulina commandeered a snow plow and is out there looking for Chanel on her own. Marlena realizes that’s why Paulina left isolation and says they have to notify the first responders because they can’t go anywhere near her since she’s radioactive.

Sloan brings Jude to Eric and says he’s the most precious creature she’s ever seen. Eric comments on how settled down Jude has been since the Christening. Sloan says that God works in mysterious ways. Eric suggests he should be more specific in his prayers for new clients in his business. Sloan asks if he’s still stressed about that and promises that things are going to look up with her payments from Stefan DiMera. Eric doesn’t want her to have to carry the whole load. Sloan says she doesn’t mind. Eric says he does and he’s been thinking about putting more focus in to editorial photography. Sloan calls that a great idea and suggests he could work for the Spectator. Sloan suggests he go see if he can persuade someone there to hire him on. Eric agrees to do that. Sloan wishes him luck as he exits. Sloan tells Jude how Eric is such a good man but if he knew that he and Nicole were Jude’s real parents, Eric would never trust her again and would never want anything to do with her. Sloan declares that they can’t have that so that’s why it’s their little secret, so she can be Jude’s mom forever.

Konstantin storms into the living room and confronts the maid over cleaning his room. Konstantin complains that a very important red and black card is missing from his room and questions if the maid has seen it, threw it out, or stole it. Maggie asks how dare he talk to her like that. Konstantin apologizes for his outburst and says it was completely unfair of him to make that accusation. Maggie argues that Ellie has been a model employee for several years. Konstantin explains that the card has sentimental value to him as a memento from his time with his daughter but apologizes again. Ellie the maid agrees to check with the staff if they have seen it and exits. Maggie notes that she’s never seen Konstantin like this. Konstantin says she knows how he is when it comes to his daughter. Konstantin claims the card is something Catharina carried with her. Maggie says if the card is in the house somewhere, they will find it. Konstantin thanks her for reassuring him and apologizes for how he acted. Maggie tells him that it’s alright and she forgives him. Konstantin says she always has a way of calming him down. Maggie doesn’t know how calm he’ll be when she tells him what she just learned. Maggie reveals that it’s unsettling news.

John tells Marlena that the first responders have been notified of the radiation threat and he offered to go up there himself but they said they will handle it. Marlena questions what Paulina was thinking. John says she obviously wasn’t thinking. Marlena worries about Paulina exposing everyone she comes in to contact with to radiation. John says she only cared about saving her daughter and argues that if anyone can relate to that, they can since they’ve been there with almost losing Sami and Belle. Marlena remembers those difficult times and they got through them because John was strong, amazing, and kept her from falling apart. John remembers Marlena being the strong one keeping him together through the whole thing. Marlena thanks him for the credit but says she wasn’t strong. John calls her his person and says he loves her with all his heart. John considers himself the luckiest man on Earth to be able to share his life with her. Marlena feels the same way and calls him so amazing. Marlena calls him her hero as they kiss.

Paulina successfully finds Chanel and brings her back in to the cabin. Chanel can’t believe she came looking for her. Paulina is just relieved that she found her. Paulina sits her on the couch with a blanket. Chanel thought she was hearing the angels when she heard her voice. Chanel calls Paulina her angel on Earth. Paulina talks about finding her. Chanel guesses she slipped in the snow and got caught between the rocks. Paulina tells her it’s okay now. Chanel stops and questions Paulina not being in the hospital. Paulina guesses she shouldn’t have left but she heard Chanel was missing and it was like the world turned dark, so she couldn’t sit there and do nothing as she had to find her.

Sloan puts Jude down for a nap and pulls out her phone to call Leo. Sloan tells Leo that Eric is on his way to the Spectator office to ask about photography work, so she hoped he could help him out. Leo says he would love to work with Eric but they already have a full time photographer on staff. Sloan argues that she and Eric both need this because of finances as Eric wants to make more money. Leo says he’s flattered that she thought he had any power at the Spectator but he doesn’t. Sloan declares that she’s not taking no for an answer and tells him to use some of his Leo magic. Sloan says no one knows better than her how persuasive he can be when he puts his mind to it. Sloan reminds Leo of his vow of silence in regards to certain subjects Sloan warns Leo to make sure Eric gets the job or else. Leo argues that he’s the one blackmailing her, not the other way around, right as Eric walks in to the Spectator office. Leo then quickly hangs up and greets Eric, calling it a lovely surprise. Eric apologizes for not calling. Leo tells him that he’s welcome anytime. Eric questions who Leo is blackmailing these days. Leo jokes about it and calls it a tactic with his Lady Whistleblower sources and admits gossip is a dirty business. Eric hoped he could catch Chad or Everett and not Xander. Leo guesses he’s throwing his hat in the ring for any photography work he can find. Eric asks how he knew he was looking for anything job related. Leo tells him he’s solo today since Chad and Xander are at the district attorney’s press conference while Everett is out trying to find himself. Leo says he’d be more than happy to put in a good word for Eric. Eric agrees to send him a link to his portfolio.

Marlena tells John that all Chanel and Johnny wanted was a mini-honeymoon and they ended up with a blizzard. They hope that Chanel is found. Marlena tells John that she’s so glad he is here and not in Greece. John says there are so many holes in his memory about what happened in Greece and why, so now Steve is as determined to get to the truth as he is. John talks about putting feelers out to try and find Konstantin’s ex as maybe she was there or maybe it was why they got divorced. Marlena suggests maybe John shouldn’t do anything until he’s prepared for what he will find.

Konstantin asks Maggie what her bad news is. Maggie reveals that she heard back from her legal team and they’ve tried every angle, but they have not found a path forward to extend Konstantin’s VISA. Maggie says she’s so sorry. Konstantin says she has nothing to apologize for as she has gone above and beyond. Konstantin says he will miss the place so very much and he will miss Maggie most of all. Maggie says she will miss him too. Maggie hoped they could figure out something to find a way for him to stay. Konstantin decides he will go pack his bags and exits the room.

Sloan tells Jude that Leo better come through or else he’s going to lose a lot more than his fairy Godfather title.

Leo tells Eric that he will make sure Chad gets his portfolio as he will do anything he can to help Eric. Leo tells Eric to let him know if he ever needs babysitter for Jude. Eric admits that Jude lights up when he sees Leo and likes being around him. Leo says that makes his day but remarks that it’s too bad that Jude is the only one in town that lights up when he sees him. Eric feels that’s not true. Leo says he understands he’s not a great guy and he has a long way to go.

John tells Marlena that he has to be ready for the truth of what happened in Aria. John thinks Marlena would encourage him to follow his gut if she was his therapist and not his wife. John gets a text from his contact in Greece, informing him that Konstantin married a woman named Elizabeth in 1970 in Aria, Greece. John declares they’ve got it. Marlena tells him to make that call, so he does.

Paulina looks out the window and thinks back to being on the phone with Johnny about Chanel missing. Paulina then tells Chanel that she shouldn’t have been that close to her. Chanel says it already happened so there’s no reason to worry now. Paulina prays it wasn’t a mistake. Chanel jokes about her being radioactive. Chanel then points out that Paulina saved her life. Paulina realizes that she didn’t call Abe so he’s probably worried out of his mind. Paulina goes to call Abe. Johnny then returns and is relieved to find Chanel inside. Johnny talks about seeing the snow plow and hoping someone found her and they did. Johnny then sees Paulina inside and realizes it was her. Paulina declares that she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from finding her daughter. Johnny says he was losing his mind as he’s never been so panicked in her life. Chanel feels pain so Paulina worries that she has a sprained ankle. Paulina then realizes that Julie is still out there.

Konstantin angrily goes through his room, searching for his card. Maggie enters and tells him that they need to talk.

Jude wakes up crying as Sloan complains about wanting a break. Sloan remarks that every time she thinks she’s in the clear, something goes wrong.

Eric thanks Leo again and says he should get going, so they will talk soon. Eric exits as Leo gets a call back from Sloan, who asks how it went. Leo says he will do his best, give Eric a top level endorsement and work every angle he can. Eric remains in the open doorway and listens in on Leo.

Julie returns to the cabin, relieving Chanel, Johnny, and Paulina. Julie says she’s fine and thanks Johnny for calling her. Johnny calls it a miracle that their phones are still working. Julie checks on Chanel, who says she’s grateful to be indoors but might have sprained her ankle. Julie calls it such a relief and asks who found her. Johnny explains that Paulina drove the snow plow across the bridge to save Chanel. Paulina repeats that she was going to find her girl. Julie says they are all very grateful but Paulina should’ve stayed in isolation as she exposed all of them to radiation, so she hopes that Paulina didn’t do more harm than good.

John talks on the phone, saying he hoped it would be all good news but they know how these things work out. John tells his guy to keep looking and let him know if anything else is found. John hangs up as Marlena reveals that she just spoke to Abe, who confirmed they found Chanel safe and sound. John asks about Paulina. Marlena says she is keeping her distance until the first responders arrive. Marlena guesses John’s news isn’t as good which he confirms. John reveals that his source found Konstantin’s divorce papers and there has been no sign of Elizabeth since.

Konstantin apologizes to Maggie for his frustration. Maggie says she’s sorry about Catharina’s card as none of the staff have seen it. Konstantin calls it another disappointment but it doesn’t compare to leaving Salem, Maggie, and Victoria which makes him the most sad. Maggie then says he won’t have to leave as she then proposes to Konstantin.

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