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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Holly let Nicole and EJ know that she had her apology letters for Tate and his parents. She wondered how she would give the letter to them. Brady, Tate and Theresa talked about the press conference. Sloan discussed Stefan’s case with him. Brady and Theresa warned Tate to stay away from Holly while they’re at school. Tate didn’t like what they had to say. They informed him they were trying to protect him. Theresa told him they wanted to save him from Holly. Nicole was proud of Holly for writing the letters. She wondered if EJ was ready for the press conference. He felt like it was every prosecutor’s dream to admit he made a mistake. Holly lashed out because she had to deal with another stepfather who happened to be a DiMera. EJ received a call so he told Nicole he would meet her and Holly at the press conference. He knew he could get Stefan out of the company. Sloan informed Stefan about her retainer fee. He couldn’t get access to his money at the moment. She wasn’t confident about their arrangement. Stefan promised to pay her well. He knew she needed him because her practice diminished. She assured him that her practice was flourishing. Sloan wanted him to double her retainer fee. He agreed, but she questioned him about EJ. Stefan knew EJ would double cross him. Tate told Brady and Theresa that he wanted to work at the pub. They were against it, but he tried to convince them to let him do it. EJ went to see Stefan. Stefan wanted someone to help him who wouldn’t send him to prison. EJ wanted him to accept his offer, but Stefan didn’t want to do it. Stefan wanted to get out of jail, but EJ didn’t think he was getting out of jail. Stefan planned to make him pay if he didn’t get out of jail. Nicole and Holly saw Brady, Theresa and Tate so she wanted to leave. Holly reminded her that they were going to run into them. Holly wanted to give them the letters she wrote. EJ presented a plea to the judge. She wasn’t happy about the plea and felt it reeked of nepotism. The judge was appalled by it.

Brady and Theresa read Holly’s letters. Theresa didn’t want Holly around their son. Nicole understood Theresa’s wishes. The judge wasn’t satisfied with the plea EJ gave her. Sloan wanted to approach the judge. She wasn’t impressed with Sloan’s comments. The judge didn’t want Stefan getting off because EJ didn’t want to prosecute him. Sloan continued to plead Stefan’s case. The judge decided to take everything under advisement. Stefan knew EJ deliberately gave the judge a weak plea so she would deny it. EJ didn’t admit to it. Stefan warned him that he didn’t destroy the tape he had. EJ said he could tell who really shot Harris. He reminded Stefan that he signed everything over to him. Theresa was upset that people were making rude comments about Tate. She wanted to talk to the principal about it. Brady assured her it would stop after the press conference. Holly told them everything would be over after the press conference. Later, EJ began his speech at the press conference. Brady demanded to know what EJ meant by his comments. Julie, Johnny and Chanel were at the Horton cabin. They played games with each other and tried to make the best of the situation. Johnny and Chanel let to get air. Julie noticed they were gone for a while. Brady and Theresa were upset that EJ made his comments in front of one person. Nicole spoke for EJ and tried to explain his actions. Theresa didn’t care. Nicole apologized to Brady and Theresa. Theresa didn’t care and wanted to leave. Julie was determined to look for Johnny and Chanel. Johnny came back, but Chanel wasn’t with him. He thought she was with him. Johnny didn’t see her.

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