GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

The Police Academy instructor tells Anna that Dex passed his written exam and he is sure he will pass the physical and the field test. The instructor advises Anna to pass on Dex’s application because Dex feels blind like he has to atone for working for Sonny. The instructor explains that people who feel they need to atone for something make careless mistakes and get hurt or hurt others because of their mistakes.

Alexis and Finn talk after an AA meeting and promise to be there to support each other through her disbarment appeal and dealing with Gregory’s illness.

Brook Lynn and Chase talk about how they will handle their money once they are married. Brook Lynn and Chase decide to put the interest from her trust fund into a savings account which will be used as a college fund for their kids or an emergency fund. Brook Lynn and Chase also decide to use the fund to donate to their favorite charities.

Laura talks to Cyrus and tells him that if he wants to press charges against Sonny for attacking him, she wont stop him from doing so.

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