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Recap written by Eva

The entire episode is about the Abbotts and the Newmans trying to figure out who took Harrison and trying to make sure he comes home safely.

Summer is very angry at Kyle and the Newmans because she thinks they are all to blame for Harrison being kidnapped. Summer thinks that Claire took Harrison and is angry with her family and Kyle for forgiving Claire and accepting Claire into the Newman family. Summer thinks that Claire planned to kidnap Harrison all along and is planning to brainwash Harrison the way Jordan did with her.

The Abbotts look at security footage and discover that someone came into the house in the flower delivery truck, but they can’t tell the identity of the person who took Harrison. Victor and Jack work together to try and find Harrison.

Nikki is convinced that Jordan is the one who took Claire and Harrison. Cole and Victoria also agree with Nikki, although they wonder if Claire is helping her Aunt Jordan.

Kyle gets a text from Claire saying that she has Harrison and the only way to get him back is to cooperate with Jordan.

Summer tells Kyle if anything happens to Harrison it is his fault.

The audience sees Harrison sitting in a chair telling someone that they are a stranger and he wants to go back home. Jordan is holding Claire’s phone and tells Harrison she is his Aunt Jordan and she will take care of him because his parents don’t want him anymore.

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