GH Short Recap Monday, March 15, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Carly fills Jason in on what he’s missed while he was gone – especially with regard to her and Sonny. She misses the way Sonny used to be.

Ava looks for Nina at the hotel, but she’s not in her office. Ava takes the drug from Sonny’s bottle out of her purse. She phones a drug company to see if they can test the pills, claiming she’s his wife and is worried that he has the wrong ones. Nina returns. They talk about Drew, and about Sonny. Nina asks Ava if there’s still any hope for Sonny to forgive her. Ava lets her think that selling the hotel to Jason (as Diane had suggested) would make Sonny see her in a better light.

Tracy wants to go riding, but Cody tells her that her old saddle was in bad shape. Fortunately, Sasha was able to restore it. Tracy is annoyed at Cody, at first, and rude to him, but then she is thrilled that they were able to fix it.

Gregory goes to the Quartermaine mansion to talk to Brook Lynn, but she’s not there. He and Lois chat briefly about the wedding, until she’s called away. Tracy comes in later. He tells her that Alexis won’t be his date at the wedding because she has to be in NY the next morning to try to get her law practice back. Tracy tells him that he can sit with her.

Lucy is on the Home & Heart show with Haven to promote Deception’s products, but she talks more about herself than the products. Maxie and Brook Lynn are watching in horror nearby. Haven keeps trying to get Lucy to go back to talking about the product, to no avail. Maxie phoned Scott to come get Lucy out of there, but he seems to be stunned by the camera lights and does nothing. Brook Lynn phones Sasha but can’t get her, so she phones Lois. Lois tracks Sasha down and brings her to the studio. Sasha saves the day by talking about Deception, while Scott finally drags Lucy off the set. Deception’s products were not selling while Lucy was there, but they started selling as soon as Sasha showed. They all thank Sasha for her help, and Haven even apologizes to her for the way she treated her before. Meanwhile, Lucy is just happy that she’s trending on social media.

Anna looks at list of potential people that might be head of Pikeman, including Valentin. Most of them are dead or in jail. John arrives, looking very beat up. He explains how he was attacked on the docks, and he believes Sonny was probably behind it. There’s a little bit of tension between them about Sonny, and then Jason when his name comes up. John was tailing Diane, to see if she was doing anything illegal for one of her clients.


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