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Luna: It was a mistake, rj. I swear, and I’m just so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you or betray you. I mean, I love you more than anything.

Rj: You and zende.

Zende: This has to stay between us. I don’t want anyone to question luna’s integrity. She didn’t mean for any of this to happen.

Carter: Well, you said she’s with rj now. It might not be a secret for much longer.

Zende: Luna has to be honest. She’s telling rj the truth.

Liam: Yeah, who knew hippos could stay under water so long, huh?

Hope: It felt like we were standing there forever, though.

Liam: We were.

Hope: Beth was so patient.

Liam: Yeah, that’s not a virtue she inherited from her father, ’cause I was ready to get a snow cone.

Hope: Well, if you had, you would’ve missed the expression on beth’s face when the hippo finally arose for air. It was like… it was so adorable. Thank you. Us gonna the zoo together was a good idea.

Liam: Yeah, well, it wasn’t even my idea, really. It was– it was beth’S.

Hope: Well, yes, but I just thank you for making the time to make it happen with me.

Liam: No, of course, anything for that kid. I’ve, uh… I’ve taken a lot of good things in my life for granted. Beth is never gonna be one.

Liam: I should, uh, yeah, I should probably let you get back to work.

Hope: I mean, there’s– there’s no rush today, really.

Liam: No? Really? I get, well, okay, yeah, I guess things have gotten a little less, uh, chaotic ever since…

Hope: Oh, you mean since thomas left?

Liam: Yeah, well, I figured just ’cause he was, you know, he was your lead designer that, um…

Hope: Yeah. You know he was a lot more to me than just that.

Carter: It’s obvious how much you care about luna.

Zende: Carter, I hate what this has done to her. What she has to deal with. And what she can lose. I never meant to hurt her like that. I didn’t mean to turn her world upside down. I really thought that we shared something special. And if things had happened differently, that maybe someday we could have. If it weren’t for poppy and her damn mints.

Carter: Poppy.

Poppy: Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Is luna here?

Zende: No. She’s with rj, telling him that we spent the night together.

Luna: You have to believe me, rj. Okay, I wasn’t myself, I– look, I’m not trying to make excuses for myself.

Rj: No, it sounds like you are.

Luna: No, no, I– I told you about the mints and what they did to me.

Rj: You were drugged.

Luna: Accidentally, yes, by my mother. And that’s why I left eric’s party early, and I went outside, and I– I ended up in one of the guest houses with water because I was so thirsty. And when zende came in, it was like– like I was hallucinating. Because of the drugs and the champagne. I mean, rj, I seriously, i really thought that it was you. It was him, but I saw you.

Rj: He didn’t realize that. You’re telling me that he didn’t realize that you were that out of it. And he saw you laying there, and he saw his chance, and he took it.

Luna: No.

Rj: Zende found you in his guest house and he took advantage of you?

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just isn’t enough.

Hope: I, uh, I have been thinking a lot lately about the evolution of my relationship with thomas. What drew us together, what we meant to each other.

Liam: Um, I don’t know. Do I need to hear the details on this? Unless you’ve got some new perspective?

Hope: Well, I am trying to look at the bigger picture now that I am a little more removed from it. How we got from point a to point b, and everything in between, and in my relationship with thomas before, you know, before he changed, when everything was different.

Liam: His involvement in what happened with beth?

Hope: No. Liam, I will never deny the fact that thomas lied to us. That he tried to keep our daughter from us. But he regrets that decision. It haunts him. And liam, I understand that you may never be able to forgive him for it, but I did. I believed that he was capable of changing for the better. And he did. And so, when he proposed, I just– I– I am asking myself why I couldn’t say yes. So now, I’m not sure. I don’t know what the future holds for thomas and me.

Poppy: You told him?

Zende: Everything. And soon, rj will know too.

Poppy: Luna’s been wanting to go to rj with the truth for a while now. I encouraged her to do it.

Zende: Yeah, after weeks of telling her not to.

Poppy: I know. And that was a mistake. One of many I’ve made in this situation.

Carter: Why the 180?

Poppy: Because I love my daughter. And keeping this secret is causing her too much pain. Luna is an honest and principled person. And lying to the man she loves, it’s eating her up inside.

Zende: It was luna’s first instinct to be honest. Tell the truth, face the consequences. We tried to talk her out of it because we knew what those consequences might be. What they would do to her.

Carter: It’s not her fault and rj can’t blame her.

Zende: She can hope he doesn’T. She can try to make him understand. But even if rj’s head gets it, his heart might not. Rj is gonna be blindsided by this. I’m not sure that he’ll be able to forgive her.

Luna: No, it wasn’t like that.

Rj: It wasn’t like that. So either you knew what was happening or you didn’T. Which is it, luna?

Luna: I– I didn’T.

Rj: But so you passed out on zende’s bed and he took advantage of you?

Luna: No, I wasn’t passed out. I was just– I was confused.

Rj: And he used that. He used that to get what he’s wanted. What he’s wanted for a really long time.

Luna: No, I wasn’t myself, okay? But zende didn’t know that. Zende didn’t realize that I was drugged. And you didn’t either. I mean, if you would’ve known, you would’ve never let me go home by myself.

Rj: You didn’t go home. You went to the guest house. Why?

Luna: Not to go find zende! Zende misunderstood why I was there. I mean, this is all that this is. It’s just a big misunderstanding.

Rj: It’s not a misunderstanding, luna. He’s been hitting on you for months. He’s never respected us. Or me. Or our relationship. Or you. Or any of this!

Luna: No, that’s not what happened.

Rj: Do not tell me that this was an accident. Don’t lie to me and tell me that it was an accident right now, luna.

Luna: I know you don’t want to hear that. I know, but it’s the truth. And that’s why I’m here, to be honest with you. And look, you’re– you’re heartbroken and I am too. And I’m sorry. It’s horrible and it kills me to see you in pain. But zende did not take advantage of me. Okay, you need to know that, rj. Please, you have to hear me out. It was those mints that messed me up. I saw– I saw you. I thought it was you. I mean, you’re my boyfriend. You’re the– you’re the person that I love.


Hope: Yeah, I’ve been questioning everything lately.

Liam: Oh, yeah. I mean, the guy whose stability you’ve been defending for months just skipped town ’cause he wouldn’t commit fast enough.

Hope: Yeah, I’ve– I’ve been asking myself why. You know, why I– i couldn’t make that kind of commitment. And I don’t know. Things were going so well. Up until the point, like right until it ended, we were– we were clicking. You know, I remembered my mom. Um… she said something insightful when she saw the ring around the necklace for the first time and she wasn’t too pleased about it. She said that my involvement with thomas was a reaction. And at the time, I denied it and I didn’t think much of it until recently. Finn also mentioned that it might’ve been a bit of a rebellion on my part.

Liam: Against what?

Hope: Liam, you know my mother’s history and what she has been labeled as in the past. And I swore to myself that i would never, ever be like that. So that when I did start to feel a pull to someone else, someone who was steadfast, supportive, a one-woman man. Liam, just know I wasn’t trying to hurt you.

Liam: For what it’s worth, I– I know that. I know you weren’t deliberately trying to hurt me.

Hope: Well, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately to do some soul-searching and I am, uh, not afraid to admit when I was wrong. Have I turned into my mother? No. But was I maybe daring to walk on the wild side a bit? Yes. But I was playing with fire. But did I intend to hurt you? Did I set out to hurt you? No. Was I toying with thomas? No. Was I purposely trying to use him? Absolutely not. There is one thing that I am certain of. It is my feelings for him.

Poppy: I’m the one who should be paying for this. Not my daughter.

Zende: Your special mints ruined a lot.

Poppy: Well, I’m not taking them anymore. I threw them all away.

Zende: Good, but how does that help luna? It doesn’t change what happened.

Poppy: No. But… it might help us reconnect as mother and daughter.

Carter: But are you quitting for yourself or just to win your daughter back?

Poppy: Luna’s gonna need me. If zende is right and rj can’t forgive her, I have to be completely present for her.

Carter: I think that’s wise, for luna’s sake and for yourself.

Poppy: I have devoted my entire life to luna’s safety, her security, and her happiness. Every decision I made has been for her. You know, as a parent, nothing is more important than the well-being of your child. And luna has found a man that she truly loves. And she could be losing him. Because of me.

Luna: I never meant to betray you, rj. I’m so sorry. I should– I should have come to you right away. That next morning, I should’ve told you exactly what happened.

Rj: You didn’t, luna. You’ve been hiding it from me this whole time. Every moment that we’ve been together, here at the office.

Luna: I’m sorry. I was afraid of what it could do to your relationship with zende. You guys are cousins. You’re family. And you guys work together. It’s just– it’s all just a terrible misunderstanding.

Rj: No, maybe for you. Because you thought he was me. Yes?

Luna: Yes, I swear. I saw your face.

Rj: He saw yours, luna. He knew exactly what he was doing and who he was with.

Luna: Rj, wait, please. Don’t go right now. You’re too upset. Rj! Rj. Life, diabetes, there’s no slowing down. but I do love thomas.

Hope: I know you don’t want to hear it, liam. But I do love thomas. But now I’m at a point in my life, though, where I just want to focus on beth. You know, focus on her, and then myself, and the line.

Liam: You know, what’s funny is I– I feel like I’m going through the exact same thing. Kids, family, work. Of course, beth and kelly are my highest priorities, but…

Hope: So that’s it, then? That’s– that’s the whole list?

Liam: Well, I am a spencer, so there’s always world domination. Although that’s, uh, fairly low on the list at the moment. I think I know what you’re implying. And I think I have to get over this thing where I feel like I don’t have an identity unless I’m with someone. And maybe I do. Maybe I– maybe my identity is dad. Just being the best– best dad I can be.

Hope: Sounds like we are going through the same thing at the same time.

Liam: Well, look at us. Finding our way.

Hope: Who knows what the future will bring us.

Luna: Rj, I’m– I’m gonna keep calling until you answer or text me back. I just– I need to know if you’re okay.

[ Knock on door ]

Luna: Rj? Mom.

Poppy: I didn’t see rj’s car.

Luna: He left.

Poppy: You told him.

Luna: I had to. He deserved to know. I mean, I should’ve told him that day. I should’ve told him the second I realized what happened.

Poppy: How did he… wait, you said he left. Oh, honey.

Luna: He was so upset, mom. I broke his heart. And it– and it kills me to see him in so much pain. And knowing that I’m the one that caused it.

Poppy: It wasn’t your fault. It was mine.

Luna: No. I made the decision to lie to him. And I– I deceived him. And– and that’s what hurts him the most. And now, he’s so angry and upset. And I’m afraid that he went to go confront zende. I mean, I don’t know what could happen.

Rj: You, you son of a bitch.

Zende: Rj, whoa, listen.

Rj: You knew that we were together and happy.

Zende: Fine, blame me. Don’t blame her, okay?

Rj: Damn right, I blame you!

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