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Great for work. Although am I ever looking forward to getting out of here. I do appreciate how hard this must be, but The treatment is essential to your recovery plan, as you know.

I know, I do know that I am literally radioactive. Mm hmm. And, uh, Sarah, aren’t, aren’t you worried? I, I, I mean, uh, whatever I got inside of me is definitely dangerous to babies, no? Last thing I would want is to hurt your little one. I really, really appreciate your concern, but I am taking all the necessary precautions.

And, as you progress through your treatment, the amount of radiation emitted decreases significantly. So now, how are you feeling? Oh. Not bad, honestly. Aside from a bit of nausea. Hmm, maybe more than a bit. Alright, we can get you something for that, that is no problem. Done. Pharmacy will have that up to you ASAP.

Anything else? No, nothing, nothing that I can think of. Except, except to say, Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so very grateful for all the wonderful care that I’m getting here and especially from you. It’s my pleasure, Paulina. I want you to take this time to rest and hydrate. Oh, and uh, Gabe gave me this to give to you.

Now you just remember if you need anything, I am a call button away. Okay.

Maggie, I cannot thank you enough for opening your home to me. You have saved me in ways nobody ever has. But it would seem my time here is truly done. Constantine, no. That can’t be. I don’t want you to leave. Well, the truth is, leaving you will be very hard for me. Don’t, Constantine. There must be another way.

Well, perhaps there is. What a

day this has been. I am in a bad mood. And so I’m elixir of the gods.

This place is chaos 24 7. Too many guests. Too much drama.

Too many babies yowling. Children stand beating up down the staircase.

And cookie crumbs and everything.

Well, now it’s time for me to relax with a really good book. Ow!

Okay. Where’s the oxygen? Come on, there’s nothing to it. When you said that we were going to go for a hike, I thought you meant a brisk walk around the property. I didn’t think you meant the Oregon Trail. Yeah, but I wanted us to get the full experience. You know, I mean, we were so close to that amazing park.

I mean, I couldn’t believe how stunning that overlook was. Yeah, it was amazing. But nothing is as stunningly beautiful as my wife. I’m sorry, your what? Oh, my, uh, my wife. One, one more time. My wife.

Our favorite, Italian wine. Let me guess.

This is, uh, Castello di Monsanto Chianti. Wow. I am impressed that you remembered. Yeah, and I remember where we discovered it. Mm. Cafe Torino, right? Yeah. Everyone there, they were so friendly. Signore, Signore. Benvenuti. We were there for like seven hours just eating and drinking and talking. Ah, and eating. Uh huh, yes.

Yeah, I’m still working that off. I think we went through two bottles of wine that night. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I can still smell that bread. Wait, wait, I think I actually do smell that bread. Johnny, you did not. You didn’t think that I wouldn’t have our favorite dinner set up for tonight, did you? Oh, stop! And, that sauce.

You made that sauce? Mm hmm, salsa bolsa nina. I, uh, cooked it at the house, brought it up here with us. It’s heating up as we speak. You’re the best. No, I am married to the best. To our honeymoon. To our honeymoon.

Well, thank you for showing my card to our favorite patient. You are very, very welcome. You can visit her virtually. You’re not going to throw me into her room with a hazmat suit? It’s against hospital policy, unfortunately. Ah, I figured that. Let’s go get you set up. Alright. So How is she doing? I mean, how is she really doing?

Paulina tends to put on a brave face. Yeah, I’m very aware of her tenaciousness, but She’s doing really great. She is. We’re gonna scan her, um, in a few days and see what her radiation levels are. And if those levels are good, then she can leave isolation. So, right now, her only job is to rest and stay comfortable.

God forbid she stop working. But, that’s what makes her the best. Yes. Well, still, I do hope she takes this time for herself. You know, she lets her body recuperate after the recent trauma and surgeries. But I also know Paulina. So do I. Well, I think if anyone can break through, you’re the man for the job.

Let’s see what I can do. I’m so sorry. Thomas! Why were you running in the house like that? Were you on your way to play a soccer match in the atrium? I wouldn’t doubt it. Oh, no, I’m, I’m sorry, Julie. We were, uh, we were playing hide and go seek. Ah. Um, it’s a huge house, so if you, uh, if you play right, you can stay hidden for quite a while.

I should have tried that. Yeah, we’re, uh, a bit on top of each other here, aren’t we? It’s the weather, too. That’s right, Thomas. You know, nobody saw that cold front coming through, but it’s a brave new world. Rotten weather everywhere. To think I dreamed of going outside the house for just a few hours today.

We were going to try to get to the playground to burn off some energy, but best laid plans, right, buddy? Did you apologize to Julie? I’m sorry. Darling, it’s just wine under the drawbridge. I’m just glad it was white. Not red. I can get you a refill if you want. No, I don’t think so.

Constantine, how can I help? Well, it is difficult to get a work visa because of the quotas. Add to that the fact that I have no specialized skills or no family here to sponsor me. Joining the U. S. Army is obviously out of the question. So the only other option I can think of is, well, I have brought it up before, but I am reluctant to even mention it, the possibility of it.

I assume you’re talking about marriage. I am. Yes. Well, won’t that send up a lot of red flags? I mean, I mean, wouldn’t they see right through that? Perhaps you are right, yes. On the other hand, hmm, I have access to the most brilliant and ferocious lawyers in the country. Some Hmm. Let me, uh, let me get them to look into this.

As always, you are far too gracious, Maggie, and generous. We can get through this, Constantine. We’ll find, we’ll find a way to extend that visa. Oh, there they are. Sleeping beauty. And the beast. My little sweetheart. Oh my goodness. Oh, Xander, I can’t tell you how happy I was when I spoke to Sarah. She told you the good news.

Yeah. And what good news is that I have been fully exonerated of the attempted murder of Harris Michaels health. Charges against me have been dropped. Hey, congratulations. You are a very lucky man. Luck had nothing to do with it. I was innocent. The truth was on my side. Yeah, and we knew that for sure.

Although maybe luck is with me today. Meaning? Did I just hear that you’re having visa trouble, Constantine? Do you need a ride to the airport?

Well, I guess somebody owed dues to the Clean Plate Club. And we still have dessert. I like spoiling you. Do you remember that panforte we had after we got married the first time? Oh, it was divine. That entire trip was molto bene. Perfecto. You know what I think we should do? I think we should stop talking about how much we love Italy.

And just go back to Italy. Yeah, we’ll, we’ll get there, okay? But right now, I’m just really loving being here. In this cabin. With my handsome, thoughtful, sexy husband.

How about we skip dessert? I see where you’re going with this. And I like where you’re going with this. But first. I want to show you something that I think you’re going to get a major kick out of. Okay. Okay. Okay. I’ll be right back. Okay. It’s

really getting cold out there. Okay. Here we are. Well, what are we, jousting? Ha ha, very funny. No, we’re going to make some s’mores. Yeah, now who’s being funny? No, I don’t think so.

All right, here you go. All right, thank you. for setting this up. Yes, I’m about to start my break, so just take all the time you need. You sure? I am. I’ll let you get to it. Holler if you need anything. Oh,

oh, one sec. I’m just finishing up a text. You know, the work day ended hours ago, Paulina. Well, maybe so. That may be so. But I have an unholy backlog of e mails, reports, and spreadsheets to go through. Oh, oh. Plus, my favorite council person has to stop pestering me about that funding bill. Tell McPherson to be nice.

He’ll cut that bill in half, and if that doesn’t work, call JP. Abraham! I’ve got this. I can do this job no matter what’s going on with me. And don’t you forget it.

Won’t it be lovely when we can just go home again? But for now, I’ll settle for a full glass of wine and a good book. And now we’ll be mindful with, uh, with the hiding. I’m sorry again. Thank you. Good night.

Start counting! Okay, only if you promise to, uh, slow down in the hallways. Fine. And, stay out of the bedrooms. Alright, those are private areas, we have to respect that. Okay, whatever! No, start counting, please! No, no, no, no, whatever. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. 16. 17. 27. I was just telling Constantine, I have my lawyers looking into extending his visa.

Why? Constantine has come to enjoy this country. And I want to make sure that he doesn’t feel like he’s being rushed to leave. He should be able to choose when the right time is for him to go back to Greece. The right time for him. Thank you, Maggie. Your generosity is boundless. I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay you.

Maybe a couple million ways. Sander? He could at least consider when he might have won his welcome and exit graciously. You make an excellent point. But the beauty of this country, as I see it, is home is wherever I may lay my head. In theory. Let’s be honest, Constantine. We all know that you can’t go home because certain factions of a certain criminal syndicate in Greece have made it very clear that you can never go back.

Look, nobody is saying there won’t be logistical issues. Logistically, that’s quite the euphemism, Maggie. Okay, look. I know when the time is right, I have no doubt that Constantine will be able to return to his homeland. I thank you very much. Those words mean the world to me, Maggie. I so look forward to going back to my village and I look forward somehow, someday, to be able to take you back to that beautiful corner of the world.

Don’t think Maggie’s going to have much time for traveling, though. Sorry, I was mentioning the You’re considering maybe returning to work at Titan? Yes, I am. I was considering it, yes. Titan would be lucky to have you. I could not agree more. So, um, now that, uh, your nightmare is over And behind you, what’s next for you, Xander?

Have you given any thought to returning to Titan yourself? Oh, yeah, I gave it some thought, but I don’t know, I think I’m gonna have my hands full at the Spectator. Hoping to use my position there as a platform to better serve the public’s best interests. You know, keep the citizens of our fair town informed of all the latest news.

Oh, she’s teasing. Oh, baby, baby. Take care, sweetheart. Perhaps a little whiskey on the gums? Yeah, I don’t think so. Um, you know what? I remember the last time that Sarah was here. She left a TV ring in the freezer. I’m gonna go get it.

You certainly has a set of lungs, or a dozen chains. Victoria! Soprano, echoing through the corridors. Uh huh. Kidding tones. Right. Maggie. You know I love you. Uh huh. And I’m eternally grateful for your hospitality, but I gotta get out of this place, if only for one night. Is everything okay? Everything’s wonderful.

I love everybody. Everybody loves me. But I cannot continue to be Miss Congeniality unless I have a break from this. Okay, I understand your feelings. More than you know. Ha! I love family life. I love the family. I just, I’m pining to be in my own house. Do I sound like an ungrateful grumpy old grouch? No, of course not.

You just sound human. So go read, watch a movie, sleep in. Thank you. Thank you. Do me a great favor. Keep an eye on Doug. He’s already gone to bed for the night. Of course. Okay. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll write him a note and say I’ll be by sometime tomorrow. Afternoon ish, and I’ll just go up and pack a bag. Well, spread your wings and fly, my dear friend.

I don’t even know where I’m going. Who cares? But I’m going, and I’m gonna have a lovely time. Paulina, my love, you can do anything you put your mind to, but I want you to rest and get back to full strength. So I just sit on my hands, even after getting a message that EJ has called a press conference for tomorrow without any notice to my office.

Which, which reminds me, I have to call him. You mind if I ping you back in a few minutes? Okay. No problem. Text me when you get back online. Love you. Love you too.

Paulina Price for EJ? No, I’m afraid it can’t. Could you, uh, put him on the phone now? Yes, I realize what time it is. Yes. But I am the mayor and your boss needs to remember that. I am responsible to the people of Salem and he reports to me on their behalf. Yes, please convey that and my expectation of him returning this call immediately.

We need to discuss some, some serious, serious, serious several pending issues. Starting with that press conference that he’s planning. I will be awaiting his call.

What’s wrong with s’mores? Okay, you have the other charred goodness of the marshmallow. You have the chocolate, the flaky crisp graham cracker. It’s a classic dessert. It’s American. It’s an American staple. Yeah, I agree. My problem isn’t with the dessert. It’s with those sticks. I found these when I was putting supplies away and I found the marshmallows.

Johnny, those sticks are dirty. Oh, come on. We’re, we’re in the woods surrounded by nature. These sticks, these sticks were foraged. Okay, bequeathed to us by mother nature herself. Well, agree to disagree. Fine.

All right, now please accept this confectionary treat and get to roasting. These marshmallows are not going to roast themselves. Okay, well, happy wife. Happy life.

And will you look at that? Not only is she settled, she’s actually smiling at me, aren’t you, darling? I found the ring. Thank you, Maggie. But as you can hear, no more screaming. Our little angel has decided all is well, nothing to complain about anymore. Well, that’s good. But I’m gonna give you this anyway in case our little angel decides that all is not well.

Thank you, Meg. Okay. Uh, hi. Hey! Anybody seen Thomas? Kid’s like an Olympic level hide and seek talent. No, I haven’t seen him, Meg. Okay, well then, uh, I continue the hunt. Oh, hey, before you go, um, can we chat? This is work stuff. Uh, yeah, yeah, gotta make it quick though. I don’t want the kid hiding in a closet or something too long.

Totally understand. Just be a couple minutes. Well, this is the perfect time for us to take an evening stroll, shall we? We’ll let the, uh, boys talk shop. Yes, will you excuse us?

Hi mama. Janelle, oh my sweet baby girl. Are you good? Oh, much better now that I’m seeing your beautiful face. Oh, sight for sore eyes. How’s the radiation going? Ah, honestly, well, never had so much fun. Stop. Oh, feeling like I’m 18 years old again. Oh, did I say 18? I meant 118. Yeah, well, don’t make me start worrying about you.

I was joking. I am fine. How’s the nausea? Oh, nausea I can handle. It’s the isolation that’s got me hanging off the chandelier. Shout out to Syl! Right. Oh, but enough about me. How are you? Well, the woods are beautiful. And, um, it’s really peaceful here. And it’s been great. Just, you know, decompressing. I’m fine.

Well, you needed a sweetheart. It’s been a crazy couple of months. Ah, but, now go, go, get back to honeymooning with that handsome husband of yours. Okay, Johnny sends his love, and I do too. Send mine back. And please, please, please, let us know if you need anything. Oh, I will. Take care, darling. Bye bye.

What? What the? That isn’t going to work for me at all. This stinks.

No, can’t give up. Gotta win this.

Oh, so cool. So I take it you’re, uh, you’re not a very big fan of Constantine.

Kind of an understatement. I thought he was, uh, redeeming himself. He’s been pretty good with the kids since we moved in. Yeah, so I’ve been told. Hey, uh, any progress on the repairs at the house? You change the subject very fast. Um, yeah, repairs are, uh, are going well. So what’s up? You wanted to talk about work?

I did, yeah. Well, I just wanted to give you a heads up that now that I’m a free man, I plan on being more present at the Spectator. That’s great. Especially because we’re poised to break some pretty big stories this cycle. Fantastic. How’s, uh, Everett been doing? Um, you know, he’s a, uh, he’s a strong investigator.

He’s got great instincts, but he has been distracted with some personal stuff lately. So, uh, yeah, I don’t, I don’t want to get into it. Uh, anyway, I could really use the help. Well, I have a story for you. Shoot. The way I see it, the cops might not be too interested in finding out who framed you, I certainly am.

Sounds like a great series for the paper. You want to run with it? Damn right I want to run with it. I want to fly with it. But, uh, about your brother’s arrest, I’m surprised that we didn’t have a bit more coverage of that. I mean, I thought you’d have had the inside scoop, no? Right. Well, look, I’m not going to make excuses for my, uh, for my brother, but I think he made some choices based on some threats that were made towards Gabby, and, uh, and I suspect that you or I would probably do something unexpected in the name of love.

Be that as it may, I don’t know, I thought maybe with you having one brother on one side of justice and one on the other, that you could at least provide a little bit more insight. Yeah, no. Uh, uh, no. I made a conscious effort to stay out of my family’s business for my mental health and my children’s safety.

Uh, but hey, if you want to get your hands dirty, go nuts. You know, my other brother, the uh, inimitable EJ, he uh, he’s got a press conference that he’s holding tomorrow. What about? I don’t know, I tried to figure out the topic, but I’m gonna be there though. Well, maybe I’ll join you. Can you text me the details?

I will. Great. Well, I should probably get this one home. Great, uh, and I should probably, uh, wrap up this game of hide and seek. Get the kids to bed. Uh, we’ll talk tomorrow? Less. Great. And hey, Chad, good luck finding Thomas. I’m gonna need it. Dad? This place. Your home, it truly is magical. Each day I’m allowed to remain, I understand why Victor settled here.

How Salem inspired him to create a new life for himself and his family. Even though I wasn’t born here, I consider Salem my home. I always will. It seems to have that effect on people, yes? Yes. Something about this city, it feels right for me, Maggie. Really? After everything that’s happened? Are you sure about that?

Oh. There you are. Abraham, what is going on? I just got a call from McPherson. I was planning on telling you about that. Look, maybe I overstepped, but I just want you to focus on healing. And I thank you. You do? Yes, I do. Did you overstep? You damn right you did. And I’m glad you did.

With everything going on, my, my mind’s not operating the way I’d like it to. It feels foggy, in the clouds. Doctor said it, Would be a possible side effect. But I don’t like it. What I even like even less is being separated from you, especially after all the time you lost. A couple more nights apart mean we get many more nights together.

I know, I know. Hey, at least you’re all cozy and warm in your room. We might get snow tonight. Snow? In the middle of April? Woo! Well, forecast is for possible flurries. But the real storm is skipping us and heading south. Should be over Smith Island in a few hours. Wait, Smith Island? That’s where the Horton cabin is.

Well, should we call Chanel and Johnny? Maybe they should come home. No, it wouldn’t make any sense to drive anywhere in this weather. Safest place for them to be right now is cuddled up in front of the fire enjoying their honeymoon.

Hey, everything okay? Yeah, yeah. You know, I’m just worried about mama. I know she’s hating the isolation. Yeah, but this is the last of your treatment, right? Yeah, if things go as planned, then yes. But, you know, I also worry about her job. Being the mayor is so stressful and Yeah, well, I think your mom is doing an incredible job.

And plus, I think she kind of thrives under pressure, you know? And she’s got all the support from Abe, from you, from me. Your mom. Is going to be fine. Okay. And you know who else is doing an incredible job? Who? You. At knowing exactly what I need to hear. And giving the best hugs. Come here. Oh

And I um I need you to water the plants in the kitchen window tomorrow, okay? Just put them in the, um In the sink. Run the water for two minutes, no more, no less. Well, it’s just that Chanel is very particular in her plant care, and with her gone, I just I will take care of the plants. I will take care of everything.

Now you go and get some sleep, okay? Right, better get all rested for another day of isolation tomorrow. Oh, can’t wait. I’ll download some magazines for you to read. Well, if it’s a distraction, send it my way. And Abraham, thank you for being my person. And for taking such good care of me. I love you. To the stars and back.

Always. Sleep well, my dear.

I’m so sorry, Julie. We weren’t expecting you. So it seems. Yeah, uh, what are you doing here? This is the Horton Cabin. But Sarah, she told us that we could use it. This is your honeymoon. Oh my God. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, John. I’m sorry, Chanel. No, no, no, no, no. It’s fine. It’s just, uh It’s just unexpected.

That’s all. Exactly. Lord, is there no place on Earth where I’m not underfoot? Okay, I’m leaving. I’m leaving now. No, wait. Julie, you can’t leave now. Why not? I’ll go back where I came from. It’ll work. No, no, no. I think he means the snow. It’s really picking up. Yeah, and besides, it’s pitch black out there.

There’s no street lights on the island. You know that. Yeah, well, I noticed it was challenging, that last mile of driving. Yeah, no, just please stay. We’d be worried sick about you out there. There’s only one bedroom. Hey, well, after that drive, you need it. You take it. Oh, on your honeymoon? That’s out of the question.

Don’t worry about it. Okay, look, we’ll, we’ll sleep on the couch. It’s very comfortable. I say you’ve tested it. So, you’ll stay then? All right. I admit I don’t want to drive in the snow and the dark. I’ll stay out of your way. I’ll, I’ll lock the bedroom door. I’ll put on my eye mask. I’ll even put in my earplugs.


was the visit with mom? Well, we Victoria was teething like crazy, but apart from that, it was fine. Was Constantine there? Yes.

And And as you know I just don’t feel right when that guy’s around and, I don’t know, something was even more off than usual. I could just sense it. Maybe you’re overthinking it. Maybe. And if it were just you and me, I’d grit my teeth and barrel through, but I do not like Our daughter being in that man’s presence.

And now, every time your mother takes care of her, he’s gonna be in the picture.

Your feelings are valid. And, nothing has happened in months. In fact, ever since mom paid off Constantine’s debts, life has been Quiet. Dare I say, even Safe. Well, I don’t equate quiet to safe, Sarah. The people Constantine owed, the Greek mafia, They don’t just go away when they’re made whole. That is not their M.

O. Not by a long shot. Constantine, though I love having you here as you know, I sometimes wonder how you tolerate being surrounded by the people who wronged you in the most devastating ways. I mean, knowing what John and Steve did at Victor’s behest. Maggie, I have come to realize that living life to the fullest means letting go of all that does not serve you.

And if my time in Salem is running short, then I would like to make the most of what time I have left.

So dance with me. What? There’s no music. When I’m with you, there is music in my heart. Whoa,

so cool. I’ve never seen one of these before. Maybe it’s an original glare! Thomas, what are you doing in here? This is Mr. Constantine room. You’re not supposed to be in here. I know, but it was an awesome place to hide. That’s not the point. Okay, how would you like it if someone was hanging out in your room?

What am I Did you touch anything in here? I didn’t. I swear. Okay. Come on, let’s go. Go brush your teeth. Don’t run in the hallway, please!

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