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Hi. Hi. Well,

I can see you’re still upset with me. You left these flowers I brought you in your office. I guess I’ll just find a vase to put them in. Be on my way.

I’m really sorry I disappointed you. I regret helping Ava with Weston. But like I told you before, I was scared. I was afraid I was going to lose my son. And it made me do something stupid and reckless.

I guess I’m just going to have to She’s gonna have to live with that. Wait, I need to say something. I know that you feel bad for what you did. As you should. But because I love you, I am going to forgive you for the reckless and boneheaded risk that you took breaking Clyde Weston out of prison. Oh, sweetness.

However, I need to stay mad at you. For at least today. Understand? I do. Good. Thank you for the flowers. They’re beautiful.

So kiddo, what are your plans for spring break this year? No spring break for me. A ton of school work to catch up on, so I’ll probably just hang out with some friends or something. Got it. Tate, I know that your parents have forbidden you to see Holly. Told you that, huh? Yes, they did. How do you feel about that?

Um, it sucks because I like Holly and she’s a friend of mine. They’re probably right about us being toxic for each other, so it’s probably for the best.

I am so proud of you, Holly, for telling the truth that the drugs you used on New Year’s Eve were yours. I know. That couldn’t have been easy. Why are you proud? I should have told the truth from the beginning. Yes, but I know you had your reasons for not doing that. That you were worried about your mom.

Yeah, I was. But still, I lied, Grandma, and I got Tate in terrible trouble. Yeah, you did. Hey, do you have any more tea? Oh, and those lemon berries you usually bake? Yeah. Coming right up. And Holly, listen, um, when I get back, I’d like to continue our discussion. Okay? Okay.

SOS meeting, whatever. I’ve gotta get out of here


Hi. Hi.

I’m kind of in a rush, so. Steph, uh, wait.

I just want to say, I’m so sorry. About everything. I know. This has been hard on you in so many ways. Including how it’s hurt your friendship with Jada. I was really worried when you two stormed out of the spectator office. Actually, Jada and I talked through some things. That’s none of your concern.

However, there is something that I’m curious about. Okay. Do you still have feelings for her? For Jada? What?

Uh, no. No.

How could I have feelings for someone I, I don’t even know? Well, if that’s true, then why would you want to stay married to her? Why won’t you sign the divorce papers?

Ah, well, this is a surprise. What’s up? Uh, nothing. I just, um, I needed to see you. What for? Um, this.

Stands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Look, I, I, I’m not going to sign divorce papers as a man who I, I, I do not even know who he is. But you do know who he is. It’s you. You were ID’d as Robert Stein.

Don’t call me that. Don’t you ever call me that again.

Mmm. You remember that time? A while back when we snuck onto that riverboat on the Mississippi. You were wearing that pretty yellow dress. Your hair was up. Oh my God, you look so beautiful. Every pair of eyes on that boat was just drawn to you. You know, I appreciate you trying to butter me up. But you are not out of the doghouse yet, okay?

I’ll let you know when you are. Uh, okay. Mm hmm. Well, since I’m still in the doghouse, I guess there’s something else I want to get off my chest. And it doesn’t have anything to do with Ava or Weston. What? This happened a long time ago, before us. When I was working for Victor. Okay, I’m listening.

On Victor’s orders, I escorted John to Greece. He was the pawn then and I was his handler. It was my job to protect him and see him through a mission. The mission was to send a message to a man. A man named Constantine. What? Yeah. The same Constantine who recently turned up here in Salem.

Anyway, While we were on the mission, Something terrible happened. Constantine’s daughter, Katharina, Was shot and killed. Possibly by John.

For years, I, I tried to bury it, put it out of my mind, pretend it didn’t happen.

And all this time I did everything I could to protect John from knowing about it. And recently, when he found out he was ready to fall on his sword. And just give himself up, fly to Greece, turn himself in, and possibly spend the rest of his life in a foreign prison.

The thing is, because I was spending so much energy and time protecting John, I forgot to deal with my own feelings about it.

My own guilt. And shame. I think it’s about time I did.

Tate. I’m glad you understand your parents decision that you shouldn’t see Holly. I know it’s gotta be difficult because you’re, you’re fond of her and she’s, and she’s also fond of you. Um, excuse me. Is everything alright? Yeah, uh, It’s my friend Aaron. He’s helping me study for this chem test that we’ll be taking after spring break.

Do you mind if I meet up with him? No, not at all. School comes first. Go study with your buddy. Before I go, everyone’s water’s looking a little low. Let me get a pitcher from the back. Oh, that’d be great. Hey, listen, while you’re back there, could you grab me a hot sauce, please?

You sure about that? Because I distinctly remember somebody begging, pleading, for a glass of milk the last time they used that stuff. No, I wouldn’t call it begging. I just happen to like a little bit of, you know, milk with my, with my hot sauce. I see. Ah, well, who am I to judge?

It’s nice to see you smile. I’m working on a doc. Makes me happy. Well, you’ve been helping me a lot, honey, as always. But you know what? The talk I had with Harris gave me some perspective. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna try to take his advice on how to deal with that. Self forgiveness. I’m going to try to remind myself.

And this is the hard part that I was a victim too. And I choose not to be one anymore. And I, I kind of figured if Constantine was willing to forgive me. Maybe I can try doing the same thing. So I’m trying, Doc. I’m, I’m really trying.

My Katarina. Not a day goes by my heart does not ache for you. Your beautiful life cut short so, so cruelly.

And though I pretended otherwise,

I will never forgive your murderer.

Hands where I can see them. I need you to see something, and tell me what it means, and I will go away.


Are you okay? John?

Who’s John?

If you are not John, then are you the Pong?

I’ve been called that, yes.

My God! I made it! Finally, after all these years. And found you, the one who killed, and I promise you, my precious daughter,

your death will be a,

well, the lemon bars and. Your English breakfast tea. It’s your favorite, right? Yes, it is. Thank you. You’re welcome. Oh, I hope I am not interrupting. Oh, no, not at all. Konstantin, this is my granddaughter, Holly. Holly, this is Mr. Meliones. Holly, I’ve heard so much about you. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Most of it fat, I’m sure.

Oh, no, no. Only that you had a difficult time, and I am so very happy, as your grandmother is, obviously, that you are better now. Thank you. And I must say, you remind me of my daughter, Katharina. She was around your age when she died. Oh my God, I’m so sorry. Constantine is, uh, an old friend of Grandpa Victor’s.

This ting, from Greece. Oh, cool. Uh, well, I really should be heading out now. But you haven’t had your tea or the lemon bars. Yeah, I know, but Mom’s expecting me. Okay, I understand. Sorry. Well, it was nice meeting you. Likewise. Bye, Grandma. It’s my pleasure, darling. Thank you for having me. Listen, you’re gonna go straight home, yes?

Your mom said you needed to promise me. Of course. I’m going home. I love you. I love you too. Bye. It’s terrible. I’m so sorry. But maybe now that it’s out in the open, everybody that was involved in what happened with Grease can let it just, you know, be in the past.

I’m not sure that we can. Why do you say that? Because Constantine’s forgiveness is being all understanding. Letting go of his anger. You don’t think it’s genuine? No, I don’t. I don’t believe it. I mean, his daughter was murdered. His only child. And he’s been grieving. He’s been grieving her. Ever since she died, and he’s been hell bent on avenging her death.

So for him to do a 180 all of a sudden, I’m just not buying it. And as for his devotion to Maggie, I thought from the moment he arrived in Salem that he was scamming her. And I still believe that. So you better believe I will be keeping my eye on him.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to offend you. Everett?

No. No, uh, I’m the one who should be sorry. I, uh, I’ve been really stressed, you know, um, Beyond stressed about, about all of this, uh, It’s Crazy making stuff. As I’m sure you’d agree,

I’m trying really hard to figure this out. In fact, I’m on my way to go see Dr. Evans right now for another Another session. That’s good. Hope you get some answers. Some peace of mind.

Sorry about everything.

Have I told you lately how much you mean to me? I always like to hear it. How lucky I am to have someone. It was so good to me.

Who I can count on.

Who doesn’t judge.

Who won’t abandon me. Even when I’m in trouble. Why,

why, why you say it like that? Are you in trouble?

I need, I need you to answer me. Are you, are you in trouble? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Look, I, I was just, I was, I was just getting a little emotional because I just, I never had someone who’s been so kind to me. You know, it’s, um, caring, and

You know, the only trouble I’m in right now is, I told, uh, Wendy and Chip that I’d be moving out. And I don’t have a place to live. Um, Why don’t you, why don’t you stay here with me? Really? Yeah. Harris, I wasn’t fishing for you. No need to explain. No, as long as you’re cool with being roommates. Roommates?

With benefits? Definitely. Tate, where are you?

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t think that that was gonna Scare me? Well, it did, you dork. But hi, um, I’m really glad to see you. Good to see you. Oh, did you turn your phone tracker off? I did, yeah. Good. You know, the only good thing about my mom taking my phone away is she can’t track me. So she has no clue where I’m at.

That is one good thing. How’s the burner working for you? I know the reception can be a bit iffy. No, it’s perfect. Decent reception for sure. But I’m just grateful you could score me a phone at all. We’re good here. And I know my mom and dad are at a meeting. And my mom and EJ are out to dinner on the other side of the park.

Okay. Isn’t it Is it so dumb that our parents are forbidding us from seeing each other? Yeah. It’s like It’s like if Romeo and Juliet had really annoying, overprotective parents. Actually, they kind of did. Yeah, you’re right. Maybe even more annoying than ours, if that’s possible. Well, me and theirs probably wore ruffled poet shirts.

Yeah, I don’t think ours would go for that. No, probably not. Do you think that I would make a good Romeo? I suppose you’re cute enough. Wow, you suppose that I’m cute enough? Okay, fine, fine. Just cute enough? Fine, you’re off the charts cute. Um, and hey, I know this might sound like weird to say, but are parents not wanting us to be together?

It only makes me want to be with you more. Same.

Well, um, I am going for some much needed girl time with Stephanie. See you later tonight? I’ll be here. Okay.

Hi, Kayla. Hello, John. I have something for you. Yeah? What’s that? What was that for? I think you know.

You told her? I did. Would you like a beer? Maybe an ice pack? You can beer me. Okay. Full transparency. I not only told her about Weston’s prison break. I told her about Constantine and Katharina. I just couldn’t keep those secrets anymore. It’s eating me up. Now I feel, I feel relieved. Like a weight’s been lifted off me.

Well, I know that feeling, pal. All too well. Everett. Hi. Hi. Come in. Have a seat. Thank you.

I’m very glad that you’re here. I’m very glad that you’ve committed to learning more about your past.

How are you feeling today?

Honestly, Dr. Evans, um,

I’m struggling. Wishing I were. Anyone but me.

I cannot believe you got my favorite donuts in the whole wide world. I did. Took a little detour to Sweet Bits after bailing on my grandparents at the pub. You know, when they asked me my order, I completely forgot, so I just told them it was the weird shaped one with the chocolate drizzle. Mochi delight.

There you go. Thank you.

It’s, uh, a bit chillier than I thought it’d be, I don’t know. Cheers.

My hero.

Holly is a delightful young lady. Yes, she is. I thank God every day that she’s come back to us. Of course, you do. I don’t think I could have handled another loss, but you know, Holly, when I’m around her, I feel like. I feel like a part of my, my son, Daniel, is still with me. Oh, my children and my grandchildren.

They are the lights of my life.

Oh, Constantina, I’m so sorry.

Um, Let me get this straight. So, Everett is still married to Jada, as Bobby Stein. Someone he doesn’t even remember being. Yeah. I actually ran into him in the square earlier. And he said that he had another session with Marlena lined up. Oh. And um, Well, I hope that he makes some progress figuring out who he is, who he was.

What? Uh, well, you know, nothing really. I mean, I just, I remember you bringing him into the hospital a while back for an examination. It was clear that he had significant trauma to his head, but There was no real proof it had anything to do with memory loss. I remember that too, obviously. Yeah. So, I, um, asked Marlena if maybe she thought he was faking it.

What? I didn’t know that. What did she say? Well, she didn’t really have a clear answer. But she didn’t rule out the possibility. Everett, if you don’t have any memory of being married to Jada, and you, you say you have no feelings for her, and, and you tell me that you love Stephanie,

why don’t you sign the divorce papers?

I just,

I can’t sign as, as someone else. I am not Robert Stein. It would be forgery to sign as him.

I see. But, that’s, that’s not the only reason that I, I wanted to see you here. Today, um, I wasn’t completely honest with you about what I saw. During hypnosis.

What did you see? I saw myself. Staring back at me.

I really need to know what it means.

God, the air is so fresh. I forgot it was even like this. Yeah, I know. We both were stuck inside for way too long. Aside from that, it’s just, it’s really nice to be here, together. Yeah, it really is. Are

you sure about this? It would be great to have your company.

You know, it’s gonna be much safer. Your trip and Wendy. Me not being there.

You know, I still feel so terrible. About all the trouble that I put them through. Putting their lives at risk. No, no, no, but we can’t. You can’t stare in the rearview too long. There’s a big, beautiful road ahead. I know. It’s just that with, you know, Clyde still being out there on the loose, it’s just You know, who knows what goes through his crazy head and he’s gonna come back again or You know, speaking of which,

you got any new leads on Clyde or Officer Gordon? Unfortunately, the trail has, uh, gone completely cold. I mean, they, they know what they’re doing. I suspect they’re long gone by now, if not out of the country. Paris. How I wish she was long gone. Oh, I wish he was long gone by now.

Hey, John. You’re my best friend. My partner. We’ve been through so much together.

So I’m gonna be honest with you. I think that it would help ease my mind, too. If we can get to the bottom of this thing. So will you please let me help you?

Okay. Let’s give it a shot. Good. So where do we start? Where we always do. With facts.

So, on the night that Katerina was killed, there were only three people there, and that was you, me, and Konstantin. Three that we know of. Okay. There were no videos or photos from back in that time. So how are we sure someone else wasn’t there? Well, without surveillance, I suppose we’re not. No, we’re not. If someone else was there, that person could be holding a very dark secret.

Holly! Tate! Nice to see you. Yeah, you too. How’s the physical therapy going? Really well, thanks. Yeah, Kayla, uh, Stephanie, would you guys mind not telling our parents that you ran into us? Why not? Um, because we’re not really supposed to be here with each other. Oh. Please, can you just pretend like you didn’t run into us?

Oh. Well, I won’t say anything. I guess it’s not my place to do that. Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you.

Alright, well, enjoy your day. You too. See you later. Bye. Oh my god. That was a close one. Yes, that was. Look, I, I think it’s probably best if we just Yeah, let’s, uh, let’s call it. My mom and EJ are probably gonna be home soon anyways. Okay. Um, okay. Well, I should Yeah, I’m, I’m gonna miss well. Yeah. Oh, your sweatshirt?

Right. Yeah. Oh. Yeah, I, I I would let you keep it, but, you know, your parents might notice. Right, they definitely would. Better you take it. Um, thanks for letting me wear it though. Yeah, you’re welcome. Anytime. See you soon, I hope. Yeah, you will. Soon.

I have to say, I feel kind of bad about not telling on Holly and Tate. Me too, but, Mom, they’re young and in love. And didn’t it kind of remind you of when you and Dad first started dating? Being told to stay away from him. I admit, yes, it did. Made me think of Everett and me too, actually. Although, my parents haven’t told me to stay away from him, I’ve told myself that.

I know you have.

But mom, for some reason, I don’t want to. I think you have very conflicted feelings about him. Very.

And I know I should hate him, block his number, move on. But I,

I still feel drawn to him. And I feel bad for him, for what he’s going through. Baby girl. Well, as your mother, I always, always want to protect you. Tell you to move on. As you said, to not get hurt any further. But I am so proud of how kind and compassionate you are. Two of my favorite things about you.

Everett. Seeing your own image, staring back at yourself, well, I’m not really entirely sure what that means. But clearly you are, are struggling with leading a dual life. And I also think you’re probably struggling with feelings that you’ve got for Jada that you’re not really ready to accept at this point.

Would you be comfortable having another drink? hypnosis session and see if we can’t get to the bottom of some of these things. I’m sorry, uh, no, no more, no more hypnosis, no more, uh, digging. I don’t want to, I don’t, I, some things are better left unknown. Excuse me.

Could Victor have been there? No, he couldn’t have been. He was in Monte Carlo at the time. Because I heard that he bet and won big on a thoroughbred. Wolfgang Amadeus was the name. Hey, what about, uh, maybe one of Stefano’s men?

What about Katharina’s mother? I heard she was living there, right? She was. Yeah, I remember Constantine said that they separated a few years after the girl’s death, so She could have been in the house. Maybe she knows something or saw something. So what do you think partner? Open up a little investigation.

See if that woman’s still alive. And if she is, we can track her down. I think that’s a very good place to start.

No, no, no, no. You have nothing to apologize for Maggie. Oh, I do. It was very insensitive of me to go on about my children and my grandchildren. No, no, no, it was not. I, I delight in your delight. I love knowing that your heart is full. Wow, that’s very kind.

I am going to miss you, Maggie. Miss me? My travel visa is expiring, and I have been denied another extension. I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave Salem.

I’m under the impression you think Clyde is still around.

I don’t think. I know.

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