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Young & The Restless Transcript


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Billy: I hope you can understand that we have your best interests at heart.

Traci: Please, sit down. We’re just trying to help.

Ashley: I think I’ll stay standing, thanks. This is your idea of helping?

Billy: What do you want?

Tucker: I’d like to listen in.

Billy: Fine, if that’s what you call it.

Ashley: Well, isn’t this just peachy? The gang’s all here. So, this is an actual intervention, right? You included tucker, of all people. You must be desperate. And you agreed? What makes you think I’m gonna listen to anything he has to say?

Jack: Whatever he is doing here has nothing to do with us.

Tucker: That’s true. I came of my own volition. I wanted to speak with your family, but I think we all have the same thing in mind.

Ashley: So, it’s just a complete coincidence that you’re all staring at me with so much pity in your eyes?

Jack: No, none of us came here to trap you.

Traci: Jack’s telling the truth.

Ashley: It’s called a 51-50, when you try to put somebody away.

Tucker: Ashley…

Billy: I think it’s time to leave, tucker.

Ashley: Yeah, you know what? You don’t speak for me. Go ahead, tucker. What do you have to say for yourself?

Tucker: Everyone in this room is worried about you, ashley.

Ash: This is bad. This is so, so bad. Tucker can’t be there right now. What if she does what she’s planning on doing and she does it right this minute?

Ashley: So?

Jack: Ashley, just ignore tucker. He is leaving now.

Billy: Tucker.

Tucker: Ashley, your family loves you. They want what’s best for you. I think you should listen to what they have to say.

Ashley: So, you’re in charge of this little shindig, tucker? How do you feel about that, jack? I know. I bet you’re going to hold him responsible for this little get-together. But don’t think any of you are gonna get off the hook. I’m going to hold you all responsible for this ambush for a very long time.

Jack: Ambush? We came together for you, not against you, to discuss this before we approached you. You have my word.

Diane: Ashley, think about it. How could we have planned any kind of ambush if we didn’t know where you were or what time you were coming home?

Ashley: Please stop talking, diane. It makes my head hurt every time you open your mouth. You guys, I mean, honestly, the next time that you plan an intervention, could you please just run the guest list by me first?

Traci: Ashley, diane is concerned about you, too.

Ashley: Well, I’m just starting to choke on all this concern, traci.

Tucker: Ashley, do you recall coming to me recently and telling me you wanted to get back together with me, both professionally and personally?

Ashley: When was this exactly?

Tucker: And then do you also recall changing your mind and telling me you wanted nothing more to do with me, only to flip back yet again?

Ashley: Oh, god. Billy, weren’t you gonna show him the door?

Tucker: And then also your recent conversations with audra.

Ashley: Oh, audra. The town bicycle. She’s got a brain the size of a pea and you’re gonna take her word over mine?

Tucker: Okay, I’m gonna ask one question, and then, yes, I will leave. Uh, just today, you said to audra that I should be worried because she means to do me harm. Not she, audra. She, you. You were talking about yourself, right? As if ashley were someone else entirely. Do you deny saying any of that? If advanced lung cancer

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Audra: Thanks again.

Sally: You made it.

Audra: Hey.

Sally: Hi.

Audra: Hey. Of course I did. Um, I need this like you have no idea.

Sally: Oh. Sensing a tone.

Audra: What kind of tone?

Sally: Like an I need to vent before I explode tone. Which I have some experience with that. And we cannot let you explode.

Audra: Just please remember you asked for it. Oh, but I– I’m a mess. Okay, I am a total mess. My emotions are just all over the place. And, um, I– I– I just don’t– don’t know what to do. Um, I’m usually always in control. You know, always ahead of the curve. But this…

Sally: Tucker’s found a way to weasel his way back into your heart, even though you said you were absolutely done with him.

Audra: You know, hearing it out loud makes it worse.

Sally: What did he do now?

Audra: He asked me to marry him.

Ashley: Boy, this is embarrassing. Well, not for me. For you. I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight and get on with my life, but all of you have to live with how you’ve treated me. And you should all be very ashamed of yourselves.

Jack: We just wanna get you through this.

Ashley: There’s nothing to get through.

Traci: That’s not true. Ashley, you’ve told me yourself.

Billy: Ashley, what tucker just said, is– is that true? Did all of those things happen?

Ashley: Would you please not treat me like I’m some kind of wounded bird? It’s insulting.

Tucker: Hey, I understand why you feel targeted right now.

Ashley: Do you really? Well, that’s because I am being targeted.

Tucker: Except that I can back-up everything I just said. Certainly the club has security footage of you entering my room uninvited when I wasn’t there. Uh, I have a text from you saying you wanted to get together and meet, followed by a text a short time later saying you never wanted to see me again. Now, I’d prefer not to have to produce that kind of evidence for your family, but if it will do some good–

Ashley: I think you should. I would actually like you to. I want them all to see how i entertain myself by toying with him and how his little ego just kind of laps it all up.

Tucker: This is what you said to audra. I wrote it down. Um, “I’m not who you think I am. Just tell me where tucker is so I can warn him. You have to keep tucker away from her.” Can you explain that to me? To all of us?

Ashley: You’re in my home now, buddy. How dare you interrogate me? And you’re all letting him.

Jack: This is not what any of us want. We wanna help you. Just explain to us what’s happening to you.

Billy: Ashley, so far all you’ve done is deflect and distract. There’s gotta be a reason for that.

Ashley: I have explained it all. You just are choosing not to believe it. And as far as what audra has said, I told you at the bar, tucker, I had a couple martinis on an empty stomach. I got a little silly, so sue me!

Billy: Okay, tucker, I think we’ll take up from here. Please, a little discretion.

Tucker: Yes, of course, but… I have to take that threat very seriously, no matter how much booze is involved.

Ash: Are you kidding me? What, I can’t even get off this stupid cot now? I hate you! You’re evil! Ashley! Ashley, wake up! Don’t you understand? She’s gonna kill tucker. She’s gonna blame it on audra, but she’s gonna murder him! Ashley! Ugh! Beyond covering grays my color needs to suit me.

Sally: I definitely did not see that coming. But since you’re here having a drink with me and not with him.

Audra: I might have choked.

Sally: Because the ring was so bright and shiny? But once you got your voice back, you said…

Audra: No.

Sally: Yeah, of course, you did.

Audra: Yeah, I’m– I’m not getting married, you know?

Sally: To him or to anyone?

Audra: No one. Like, why should I?

Sally: That is a conversation for the next drink. But for now, just– why don’t you tell me what you said?

Audra: Well, that yes, we have magic. But we don’t need marriage in order to be great. It might actually ruin us.

Sally: Okay, those are very strong words.

Audra: And since when have we ever been a normal couple? You know, trying to bend to that would be ridiculous. We wouldn’t be us anymore.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, I– I see the logic in that, but… I mean, tucker’s a romantic, seems like, and he adores you. And he definitely sees himself as the marrying type, even if you don’T. How did he take the rejection?

Audra: I’m not sure.

Sally: Well, you two just sound great at communicating.

Audra: I– I made it clear to him that this wasn’t a rejection of him. That we can still be a power couple, just without all the courthouse paperwork.

Sally: Did he buy that?

Audra: He was disappointed, but he didn’t push back.

Sally: I’m stunned. ‘Cause from all I’ve heard, he doesn’t really strike me as someone who takes no for an answer.

Audra: I mean, he did vow to stage more romantic proposals until I was ready to give in.

Sally: Well, he’s definitely in for a lot of rejection if you’re dead set against marriage. But other than that, that does sound pretty romantic. Every waking moment for tucker will be about pledging his undying love to you.

Audra: Yeah, except one thing. I truly believe that ashley is still on his mind.

Ashley: So now your girlfriend is saying I’m a danger to you? That sounds like slander. By the way, there was no threat.

Traci: Ashley–

Ashley: Except audra is clearly threatened by me.

Traci: Take a breath. We’re not the enemy.

Ashley: I have given you all the information you could possibly need. Whether you choose to believe it or not is on you. I can see you’re upset. I’m sorry. I admit it, I haven’t, um… I haven’t reacted well to any of this. Maybe it’s just time for us to close this chapter. I think we should go hash this out privately, and then we can wash our hands of each other for good.

Traci: No, no, no, you are not leaving this house right now.

Ashley: Please stop. I know that you’re here because you care about me. I’m grateful for that. Can’t we just talk? Please? I’ll explain my behavior, and then we can go our separate ways. I mean, that’s the way to end this.

Ash: Ashley! Listen to me! She’s out there right now asking to talk to tucker alone so she can kill him! You have to wake up so you can stop her! You’re our only hope! Ashley! Ashley!

[ Serene music playing ]

Sally: So, this is just a question. But is tucker really focused on ashley, or… are you just looking for a reason to turn him down?

Audra: I don’t need an excuse to not get married. It’s not like it’s mandatory.

Sally: Okay, yeah, no, that’s settled. Thank you. Okay, so then, what? He thinks that she has mental issues or that she’s faking it? I’m confused.

Audra: Yeah, so was I. Someone like ashley abbott doesn’t suddenly fall apart. You know, that’s why I thought it was a ploy to grab tucker’s sympathy. You know, but now I’ve seen first hand. Something is just off. She is not well, mentally or emotionally.

Sally: That’s a really big assumption. If you say that to the wrong person, it could get really messy.

Audra: Yeah, but I’m– I’m saying it to you. And I– I have my reasons. She was already spinning out after paris. She told anyone with a pulse how violent and evil tucker was. And then, you know, she suddenly accepts the truth. That tucker’s version of the fight is actually what happened, not her warped version of it. You know, when it all started, we thought that she was just exaggerating to make tucker look bad. But it turns out that, you know, she actually believed things happened the way she said.

Sally: That’s intense.

Audra: Okay, yeah, so she starts apologizing, right? Trying to reconnect with him, wanting to start over.

Sally: Wait, just like forget everything? Like all her assumptions and fury?

Audra: Yeah, and then she turns right around and tells tucker to stay away from her forever. She’s just…

Sally: Yeah, no, those are some very mixed messages.

Audra: Yeah, back and forth. You know, she goes from trying to mark her territory to pretending like she never said a word.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, that’s not normal behavior. Definitely not for ashley.

Audra: And then today, things got so wild. She kept talking about herself in the third person. She– she kept saying things like, oh, she’s pretending like she still loves tucker, but it’s all a lie. All she wants to do is hurt tucker. It is so bizarre. And then she said something about she thinks that that’s the only way we can protect ashley.

Sally: She? Okay, this gives me goosebumps.

Audra: And check this out. Then tucker showed up and she changed her entire demeanor. She pretended like it was all a joke. Look, I’ve been through bad breakups before, so I know how they can mess you up. But she’s beyond that.

Sally: Yeah, based on all this, you’re not wrong. Tucker probably is focused on ashley, but not in like a “I love you and I want you back way.” More like I’m worried and you need help. Man, this must be breaking her family’s heart.

Billy: Yeah, ashley, going off with tucker right now is not a good idea.

Traci: You absolutely need your family around you right now.

Jack: You don’t owe him anything. No reassurances, no explanations. You– you have nothing to discuss with him.

Ashley: You have no idea what I think or what I feel.

Traci: Then tell us.

Ashley: Why? So you can judge me?

Billy: We’re not trying to judge you, ash.

Ashley: Really? Even if I’ve decided I need to give my marriage another chance?

Jack: You don’t want him back. You can’T.

Ashley: Come on, tucker, let’s go. Let’s go talk.

Tucker: No, ashley, I’m sorry, they’re right. Meeting in private would be a mistake. Um… there is something I think you should know, that I think you all should know. I’ve asked audra charles to marry me.

Audra: You know, tucker is all invested in ashley’s sanity right now. It’s part of so many, if not all, the conversations that we have.

Sally: In between him pledging his love to you and buying you rings.

Audra: Yeah, actually, yes.

Sally: And that bugs you? Makes you jealous?

Audra: Not jealous, exactly, but it does make me wonder.

Sally: Go on.

Audra: Yeah, if tucker’s sudden marriage proposal was more about ashley and less about me.

Ashley: So, you asked her to marry you?

Tucker: Mm.

Ashley: Is the ink even dry on our annulment papers? What’d she say?

Tucker: All you need to know is that I proposed to her.

Billy: Okay, tucker. You’re done.

Tucker: Yeah, so… whatever we had, it’s in the past. We’re not gonna get it back. And I think that’s better for all of us.

Jack: Gee, why do I get the feeling that that’s the real reason you came by, to drop this little bomb?

Tucker: No, jack. In fact, I was on the fence about whether or not to tell you at all. To tell you. But I decided that if the notion that you and I might get back together sometime in the future is somehow contributing to your conflict, then i thought it would be best for you to know, for you all to know. No, I came here to make sure that you had your family’s support and that you all knew what the situation was, and i just sincerely hope, ashley, that you get the help you need.

Ashley: Oh, god.

Jack: As if we need you to tell us anything about our sister.

Diane: Okay, tucker. You’ve done your part. Now, do everyone a favor and just leave.

Jack: Ashley, please don’t get your back up. We are all on your side. Will you please, finally, let us in? ()


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Sally: So, you think that tucker proposed to you because of ashley? I’m not really sure I see the connection.

Audra: Well, you know, that he was making a point. “Oh, hi, ashley. Clearly, I am unavailable and have moved on. Now, please go see a shrink.” And a message to me. “See how much I don’t love ashley and do love you.”

Sally: Wow. Yeah, I mean, that’s putting a lot of meaning into, will you marry me?

Audra: You know, I get why he’s concerned about her mental health. He feels responsible for whatever she’s going through. You know, he insisted that she was the center of his universe. Made a huge show of basically worshipping her. And so, they go off to their little honeymoon. It goes to pieces. And so, I think he feels like he’s the reason why she’s fallen apart.

Sally: I mean, after everything I’ve heard about tucker, I– I– I didn’t know he had it in him to feel bad about something like that.

Audra: Same. But he’s trying to play the good guy, you know? Pushing her to get help. But she’s just fighting it every step of the way.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, sometimes the people that need help are the last ones to admit it. But she has a family that loves her, and I feel like she would listen to them way before she would listen to tucker.

Audra: Yeah, I tried to convince him of that. I almost thought I did. But he just can’t let it go.

Sally: So, where is he now?

Audra: I know exactly where he’s at.

Sally: Well, wherever he went, he’s back now.

Audra: Hm.

Billy: Look, um, tucker’s timing was awful. It always is, but the fact that we are all on the same page as him, that says something, ash.

Ashley: Flip flopping on your opinion of tucker. Somebody get billy a straitjacket quick.

Traci: Ashley, ashley, stop it. Okay, we get that you’re angry. And I just have to believe you’re acting this way because deep down inside, you know we’re right. Think about it. Your threats to audra, you can claim that they’re a joke, but taken at face value, how would they look to you? That tucker has to be careful, and then talking about yourself in such a strange way.

Ashley: Why do you have to take everything I say so seriously?


Traci: There is no humor in suggesting that your ex has to be careful and that “she” is going to hurt him. What did these threats even mean? You told me that you were gonna get close to tucker and try to take his company away from him. Is that what these threats are all about? And how are you gonna steal tucker’s company?

Ashley: What I told you was in confidence, right? And it was a joke that you took and you twisted it into something else.

Billy: No, no, traci did the right thing. Okay, that’s information that we need to know as your family.

Ashley: Oh, right. I– I bet I’m gonna be a character in your next novel. Right, trace? The sister of the heroine, the deranged sister, who you have to stick in the tower so she can howl at the moon. Howl!

Traci: Oh, just stop it, ashley, stop.

Ashley: I don’t even know who you are.

Traci: Well, I’ll tell you. I am your sister who adores you, and i hate that I had to betray your confidence, but I’m terrified for you and I needed the family’s advice. These people, your family, who love you and care about you as much as I do.

Ashley: These people, so loving and so nurturing, as if this is my safe place.

Traci: Ashley, I only said what I did because I realized I can’t handle this myself. You’re having blackouts. This is so serious. And you promised me you would see a doctor.

Ashley: You didn’t give me a chance, though, did you, traci? You ran right to jack and billy and even diane. Talk about betrayal. I don’t think I can ever forgive you. I just want to know. I wanna hear it from you. Do you think I’m nuts?

Ash: You have to wake up. Please. She’s completely out of control, ashley. She’s even threatening to make me disappear. But she can’t do that, right? She’s not stronger than you. She can’t, right?

Ashley: To see you all looking at me like this, I’ve never felt so alone. Kerendia presents the abc’s of ckd.

Tucker: Hello, ladies. Hi.

Sally: Hi.

Tucker: Sally, right?

Sally: Yeah, tucker.

Tucker: Yes, that’s me.

Sally: Nice to meet you.

Tucker: Nice to meet you, finally, yeah.

Audra: So, where have you been?

Tucker: Oh, in my secret lair, doing the usual, you know, scheming, plotting. Being generally nefarious. You know how it is.

Sally: Yeah, naturally. Right, yeah. Well, I’m, uh, I’m actually on my way out, but it’s really nice to meet you.

Tucker: Nice to meet you.

Sally: And we’ll talk soon.

Audra: Yeah, okay.

Tucker: Good night.

Sally: Bye, good night.

Tucker: I would love a drink. Um, looks like I need to catch up with you, though.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: Hi there. How are you? Uh, scotch. Neat. Double.

Audra: Water.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: Thank you. So?

Tucker: So, I went to the abbott house.

Audra: They didn’t throw you out?

Tucker: No, I was able to leave willingly. I did my best to let them know what the situation was with ashley.

Audra: Oh, I see. How did that go?

Tucker: Oh, a barrel of laughs, man. Thank you very much. When I got there, ashley was already there, and it appeared as if they were in the middle of an intervention.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: That sounds brutal. But at least her family knows she has a problem and are trying to solve it.

Tucker: Except that a cup of tea and a warm shoulder to cry on is not gonna do it. She needs professional help. And the sooner, the better.

Audra: Right. So, you went there only to find ashley’s own family already has it under control. Yeah, no need for you to be there. Just an outsider in the way.

Tucker: Yes. Thank you, audra. As subtle as always.

Audra: Meanwhile, I was left venting to a friend.

Tucker: You vented?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: What, pray tell, did you vent about? Not about little old me. You would have nothing to vent about me.

Audra: Oh, no. I had plenty to unload. How you just come with so much baggage. You know, how you think you know everything about me, when clearly you do not. How you’re romantic and charming. Just always choose just the wrong moment to prove that you’re a good man. Basically, I went on and on about how maddening and infuriating you can be.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Well, what can I say? I’m a catch.

Traci: Ashley. This is not an attack. There is no one in this room who thinks you’ve lost your mind. What we think is that something serious is happening to you that we don’t understand. And we’re just trying to get control of it.

Jack: Whatever it is, we will deal with it.

Billy: Jack’s right, ashley. You know, we’re a full team here for you.

Jack: We will see that you get the help you need.

Ashley: Do you have any idea what this is doing to me? All the memories it’s bringing up. You know, about fairview. When my brain was being picked apart. My life was just being picked apart by strangers.

Traci: Okay, we’re not strangers. We’re your family. We love you.

Ashley: I know you say you want to help me, but the way you’re looking at me, I mean, it just makes me feel like you think I’m broken and like I’m just beyond repair.

Jack: Ash, I hate seeing you like this. I just want to take your pain away. We all do. But none of us can do that on our own. We’re just not equipped. For you to find yourself in a strange hotel room with no recollection of how you got there, that had to be terrifying. And it’s not something we can ignore. We can’t just hope that whatever caused the blackout will go away. Next time, you’ll wake up in an even worse place. Or god forbid, not wake up. And we have to deal with it now, before it gets worse.

Ashley: Worse? You know, it’s interesting that you should say that. I think everyone in here is aware of the sketchy situations you’ve found yourself in over the years. Are you sure you want to start pointing fingers?

Jack: If we’re talking about my use of painkillers, there’s an explanation for my actions. I sought help. I got clean.

Ashley: That any one of you could judge me is just too much. You are looking for trouble that just isn’t there.

Billy: No, we’re not looking for trouble. We see it. And I think you do too.

Traci: And this is about finding solutions and helping you.

Diane: You need to stop lashing out because you’re fearful and angry.

Ashley: I think I told you to not talk.

Billy: Let’s just back it up a little bit, okay?

Ashley: No, I don’t wanna stop this. Why should we? You want judgment, if that’s what you’re after? There’s plenty of it to go around. I think this evening just got interesting.

Tucker: Did you tell sally about my proposal?

Audra: It might’ve come up.

Tucker: Hm. And did you tell her as a result, you tore my heart out of my chest, threw it on the ground and stomped all over it?

Audra: I made it very clear to her that I didn’t turn you down. I turned down the idea of marriage.

Tucker: Yeah, you know, I’ve been thinking, though. Marriage, to me, would be a completely different animal, right? So, I’m thinking maybe she influenced you a little bit, nudged you towards saying yes.

Audra: Unlike you, she respects my decision.

Tucker: I respect your decision. I just don’t agree with it.

Audra: Well, you’re gonna have to learn how to live with it if you wanna be with me because, you know, I’m worth more than a trip to city hall or some big party.

Tucker: That you are.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: I’m not gonna lie to you, though. It really hurt. When you said no, it just– I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, audra.

Audra: And all that is still on the table. But marriage is not.

Tucker: All right, what the hell. Here’s to us being unconventional.

Audra: Hey. I still want everything with you, okay?

Tucker: Okay.

Audra: Everything. I just, uh… this is what works for me.

Tucker: Then this is what you shall have.

Audra: So, um… do you wanna tell me more about what happened at the abbott house?

Tucker: No, no. No more. I’m done. Don’t need to. The guilt, weight, has been lifted. Whatever’s going on with ashley, the abbott’s will fix it. Moving forward with node-positive

Audra: You know, you never had anything to feel guilty about. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Tucker: Are you kidding? Who are you talking to here? But, you have my word. I’m letting it go.

Audra: Look at me in my eyes and say it.

[ Chair scrapes ]

Tucker: I’m letting it go.

Audra: And now you know ashley is officially her family’s responsibility.

Tucker: And you know ashley isn’t– oh, you didn’t want me to repeat that. And I want you to know, from this day, from this second forward, all my attention, all my focus, is gonna be on… this stunningly beautiful, unmarried woman who I’m just head over heels in love with.

Ashley: Come on, guys, bring it. Let’s see how you stand up to all this scrutiny you’ve been putting me under.

Diane: Ashley, please stop.

Ashley: Hey, diane, what was that name you went under when you were in los angeles? Wasn’t it taylor? Taylor, the friendly neighborhood realtor. You wanna talk about my sanity? Didn’t you have a mental breakdown? You faked your own death, bitch. And then you left your only son to grieve alone.

Diane: Okay, ashley, I did have a breakdown. And then I got help. And those years in therapy saved me. I have nothing to be ashamed of. There is no shame in getting help.

Ashley: Right, well, if this is the result of all of that therapy, I think I’m gonna pass. By the way, you are never, ever gonna be a real member of this family after what you did to kyle.

Jack: That’s enough.

Ashley: Oh, wait, I know what this is. I get it now. You poisoned them against me, didn’t you? You did. You wanted to get me locked away because you know that I see right through you.

Diane: You don’t really mean that.

Ashley: Oh, I do really mean that.

Jack: Diane cares about you. Whether you believe it or not, it is true.

Ashley: Jackie, how far do you think the resentment goes? How far back do you think it goes that you have for me? Do you think it started when you were just a little boy and you realized that I was actually our father’s favorite?

Billy: Okay, ashley.

Ashley: I mean, just how bitter are you?

Billy: It’s pretty clear that you wanna keep pushing buttons here and avoid the situation. Okay, but, uh, but we’re all here for you right now.

Ashley: Oh, thank you so much. It’s so painfully obvious why you would want to undermine me, little brother. You’re just so thrilled that I’ve been put on a lower peg than you, right?

Billy: You feel better? Yeah? ‘Cause you’ve taken a swipe at me now. You’ve taken a swipe at diane, jack. The only person you haven’t taken a swipe at is– is traci, because you can’t do that. Because she loves us all, unconditionally, and she doesn’t want anything from you. She’s only here to help you. So, can you admit that you need help?

Ashley: What if traci has some deep-seated jealousy for me? I mean, it probably goes back to when our father called me his beauty.

Diane: Ashley, that’s enough.

Ashley: Well, I mean, honestly, it was very insensitive of dad.

Diane: All right, all right, all right. You wanna do this? Fine. You and me, ashley, and we can trade insults all night long, and then maybe you’ll wear yourself out and stop hurting these people who love you.

Ashley: Uh, I can’t stand being in the same room with any of you. I’ve gotta get out of here.

Jack: No.

Billy: Whoa, hey.

Jack: Stop, no. You don’t wanna talk right now? Fine. We will all get some rest and calmly discuss this in the morning, but you’re not leaving.

Ashley: Get out of my way, jack. So what? I’m a prisoner in my own home now?

Jack: None of us want this. But if you won’t seek help for yourself, we will bring help to you.

Ashley: Who are you calling?

Ms. Abbott: Who are you calling, jack? Sharon, some other shrink? You will not put me back at fairview.

Ash: Oh, gosh.

Ms. Abbott: You hear me?

Ash: Ashley, please, you have to wake up. Ashley, right now. She’s going to take us all down with her. Please, I don’t want to leave you for good. Ashley! Ashley, wake up!

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