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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve and John talked about Ava’s role in Clyde’s escape. John wanted to talk to her again to see if they could get her to remember something. Kayla wanted to know what they were up to. Brady let Theresa know that Tate lied about seeing Holly. She couldn’t believe he defied them. Theresa didn’t know why Tate wanted to keep seeing Holly. Brady thought they should work with Nicole and EJ to keep them apart. Theresa was grateful for the way he handled the situation. Maggie wondered how Konstantin and Victor developed a friendship. He explained how they bonded. Maggie let Konstantin know that Victor was part of her second chapter. She talked about the Victor she knew and love. He wanted her to remember Victor the way he was with her. Kayla wanted to know what Steve couldn’t live with. Steve told her that he couldn’t live with Clyde getting away. John let him know they had to go. Julie walked in the room while Maggie and Konstantin were talking. Theresa and Brady hoped Nicole and EJ were on the same page. Alex walked in and asked her what she wanted for dinner. Brady wondered what was going on. Julie told Maggie she was tired because of Thomas and Charlotte. Konstantin wanted to take a walk with Maggie so they could finish their conversation. He left Maggie and Julie alone to talk. Brady reminded Theresa that she was staying at the Salem Inn. Theresa and Alex announced they were roomies again. Steve and John went to Ava’s apartment. John felt like she knew something that could trigger Clyde’s whereabouts. Harris let them know he was investigating Clyde’s disappearance too. He wanted them to let him know when they found something so they wouldn’t take the law into their own hands. Steve was ready to go. John told Steve that he wanted to talk to Harris a little longer. John wanted to look at Goldman’s personnel file. Harris told him that was against policy. John reminded him that they broke the law. He wanted to ask Harris about a common thing they shared. John wanted to know about Megan brainwashing him. Harris told him that he talked to Marlena to get better. John asked him if he was afraid that the brainwashing could happen again.

Julie and Maggie talked about John killing Konstantin’s daughter. Maggie had to dig deep into her feelings to think about what he does. Julie reminded her about the way Doug was years ago. She let Maggie know that she brought out the best in Victor. Maggie appreciated what she said to her. Brady didn’t hide his surprise that Alex was living with Theresa again. They shifted gears and talked about Victor and Alex being his legacy. Brady thought Victor would be proud of him. Alex congratulated Brady because Tate was exonerated. Konstantin met with Theresa at the town square. He wanted to know about her being with Alex. She told him they were platonic. Steve brought flowers to Kayla. She wanted him to talk to her. Steve hated keeping secrets from her. She wanted answers. He wanted her to sit because it was a long story. Harris explained to John that he had to put the blame on the people who tried to control him. He said John had to forgive himself for what happened. Kayla didn’t understand Steve, John and Ava’s plan. She got upset because he was targeting a terrorist who killed their niece. Alex felt like Brady was more interested in Theresa than he’s letting on. Brady denied it. He didn’t want Theresa to deal with Kristen. Alex thought that Brady wanted to be with Theresa. Brady continued to deny wanting her. He didn’t convince Alex of that. Alex said what went on between him and Theresa would stay between them. Konstantin told Theresa to create an illusion for Alex so he would come after her. Theresa had a plan of her own to get him to be with her. Steve wished he didn’t agree to the plan. He asked Kayla to understand, but she didn’t. She didn’t understand why she worked with Ava in the first place. He told her that he thought his son was going to die. They continued to argue because of Ava. Kayla blamed him for putting their family in danger. She stormed out of the room.


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