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Uh, I’m sorry, Amir. This must be an oversight.

Two, two months in a row?

Yeah, things have been a little hectic, you know, having a new baby and all.

Okay, hey, listen, my wife, she’s, she’s gonna be home any minute, and um, we’ll just get this cleared up and get it to you today, okay? Okay, thanks.

They must have forgotten all about paying the rent.

Hey, don’t you worry about it, little guy. Mommy’s got a lot on her mind.

I mean, look at your face. Mommy just takes one look at you and all the things on her mind go right out the window. But don’t you worry, we’ll get this all squared away. Hey, sorry I’m late. I was knee deep in research about your case. And? Did you find a way to get me out of this nightmare marriage? Before we get started, do you mind if we just take care of my retainer fee first?

Oh, sure. Sorry, I completely slipped my mind.

There. Sent. Okay, thank you. So, did you find anything? Anything that’ll help push through this divorce? Like a loophole or something? Unfortunately, it’s just the opposite. The law is in favor of Bobby’s case. Well, when a party suffers from a mental illness like a brain injury or some other mentally debilitating condition, the law states that they lack the cognitive ability to enter into a contract.

I mean even If they do sign a contract in that condition, it’s avoidable.

The article on Stefan’s arrest is gaining a lot of traction. I even posted it to four different social media platforms to get even more traffic. Who’d have thunk it? I knew Stefan DiMera had a dark side, but drug dealer was not on my bingo card. I know, right? I wonder how Chadwick is dealing with the news that his brother from another mother is a pill pushing lowbrow headed to the Who’s Go.

Come on, Leo. What? I just hope after our readers have done rubbernecking at Stefan’s story, they detour over to my Lady Whistleblower column. It may be my last. Hey, things will look up, Leo, okay? They always do. Yeah. Hey, I gotta go check on another account, so I’ll see you later. Okay, see ya. Hey, where have you been?

I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. With two girls, almost like a free man. You are never going to be locked up again. Ever. God, I love your optimism. And you’re undying support. And you will always have been.

D. A. DiMera. Fancy meeting you here. Likewise. Actually, I have some news about your case, and you might as well hear it from me.

Dammit, E. J., stop ignoring me. Have you seen the price of DiMera stock? It’s plummeting by the second. Now you say that you care about this company. Well, prove it. Call me back, now. Before we lose our family fortune. Ugh. Oh, could this take it any worse? What the hell is wrong with you?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. You

okay? I’m good. Really? Because you, you look kind of razzled. Yeah, well, uh, it’s nothing I want to get into right now. How is the article on Stefan doing? Great. Take a look. Oh. That’s good news, at least. Hey, Everett. Lightbulb moment. I was thinking I could do a follow up human interest story about a family who was immediately impacted by the drugs that Stefan was trafficking through the bistro.

You know what, Leo? Until I, um, say it, why don’t you stay in your lane? Ah! Snark you much? Sorry, Leo. Well, since you are clearly singing the blues today, I will steer clear. Tell me what’s wrong, Everett, please. Not now. I’m trying to work, you know?

Are you as stubborn as you are psychotic? Sign the divorce papers, damn it!

As much as I believe. You belong behind bars and, uh, Anne, make no mistake, I would have relished putting you there. Our forensic team has examined the images of the perpetrator and have confirmed that you did not shoot Detective Michaels. They saw the difference in the tracksuit pants, right? There was a slight difference, but a difference nonetheless.

I’ve just come from my office where I have officially dropped the charges against you. Congratulations. Oh my god. Did that just happen? You made it happen. You did. You were determined and tenacious and you found proof. And I am so, I’m so proud of you. I couldn’t have done it without you. Did you hear that, little angel?

Your daddy’s a free man. We’re gonna celebrate. Look, I know that my freedom is the big news here, but uh, I’d just like to point out that I, Xander Cook was just congratulated by that frig E. J. Zemera.

You actually told Holly that she’s a bad influence on Rachel? Yep, I did. Oh, the audacity. I mean, what are you, picking on a teenage girl that almost died? She’s upstairs in her room crying right now. Oh, boo hoo, poor Holly. She’s such a drama queen. Drama queen? Yes. That is rich coming from you. Oh God, let’s face it, Nicole.

No mother wants her child hanging out with a drug addict. She’s not a drug addict. Okay, well, how would you know? You had no idea she was doing drugs before? Well, she’s a teenager, Kristen. Okay, she made a mistake. Okay, she made a mistake, yeah. And instead of taking responsibility for it, she covered it up and lied about it.

Blamed Rachel’s big brother, Tate, for it all. And, and now he has no freedom. He got beaten up in prison. Okay, well, she was unconscious when all that happened, okay? Spare me the fine print. Your daughter was doing drugs behind your back. And when I called her on it, a little brat went tattling to mommy. I have every right to keep my daughter away from that little liar.

Okay, you just stop yourself right now. Look, if you want to go after someone, you come after me, alright? Alright. You wanna fight? You wanna fight? No, I do. Okay, let’s do it. Come on. Let’s go.

Very impressed to find out that you have a 30, 000 limit. My God, you can’t keep doing this. It’s costing me a fortune as it is just to put you up with this sailor man. Oh, my suite by the way, major upgrade from that dingy little room I used to share with Gweny. Lovely view, very comfy king size bed. Oh my God, when is it going to end?

Honey, it ends whenever you’re ready to give up your baby. To give that precious little boy back to his real mother. Hey. Hey. I thought I heard you. How was your day? Exhausting. Yeah, well, I, uh, just got you down. And I thought maybe you and I could talk. Oh, sounds serious. It is. It’s um, it’s about our finances.

I came home from our breakfast and I found this under our door.

Would you please? Just sign the damn divorce papers. You two are still married? Jada and Everett. Hashtag Jefferet. Married. Juicy. Apparently, the divorce decree was never officially finalized. Yeah, because Bobby never signed the papers and he won’t do it now. Wait, who is Bobby? He is. Jada and Bobby? Hashtag jobby.

To make you feel powerful, Kristen, punching down. Punching down? Yeah. All I did was tell your daughter to stay away from mine. That is it. Well, from now on, if you have anything to say to Holly or about Holly, you come to me first. You got it? Oh, yeah. Well, I think I pretty much covered it. Oh, you have? Oh, and hey, guess what?

God, it can’t be easy having a druggie for a daughter. Especially one who pretends she’s Snow White singing to animated birds while everyone kisses her feet. The facade is crumbling, honey. Lo and behold, Holly is just as selfish and manipulative as her mother. Oh. Oh, we’re going there, are we? Yeah, we will go there.

Yeah. Comparing daughters to mothers? It’s a very dangerous place for you to be, Kristen. I feel really, really bad for Rachel. Because she has an evil serpent for a mother. Stinking her fangs into innocent people. Spreading her poison all over town. And you know what it looks to me? Huh? That Rachel is bound to be a bad seed.

Just like her mummy. Wow.

I feel terrible. I, I must have just slipped my mind. I figured. You know, I’ve never even been late on rent before, so this Actually, you were late last month too. But I know you’ve had a million things on your mind. Yeah, I really have. But it’s not just that, it’s, you know, the, the expenses are increasing.

It’s the formula, the diapers. No, electricity and gas. But look, I promise you, I’m going to be more on top of it. Look, right now, I am going to send the landlord the rent. And with my caseloads increasing, this shouldn’t be a problem. And at some point, my business will pick up. Yes. You know what? But this is what we should do.

We should make a plan. A family budget. Great. I can do that. I can make a, a spreadsheet at work tomorrow. No, no, no. Actually, you know what? We can, uh, kind of do this together, you know? Like, uh, look. It’s not that hard. We can kind of, uh, put a list of all our family expenses together. Right? So, uh, Here, I’ll give you that.

Oh, you know what? It’s okay. I’ll take care of it. Just hold that thought. You

said you would sign the papers. Yes. As myself. You are yourself. Listen, just, just sign Robert Stein. Okay? So we can just get this over with. You don’t want to be married to me. And I don’t want to be married to you. It’s just a signature. No one will even know or care.

I’m sorry. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t sign those. Not the way that you want me to. Oh my god. Uh, I’m sorry, just so that I’m clear. Everett is Bobby. Bobby is Everett. And wait, you two were an item when you were in Seattle. Did you know him as Bobby? Don’t go there, Leo. How can I not go there? Lady Whistleblower has been starving for scoop, and now here comes a triple fudge sundae served up with sprinkles.

Leo! Huh? Just don’t go there, okay? Just So what’s it gonna be, Bobby? I mean really, how long are you going to be torturing me with this?

This may be the best cheeseburger I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. And that’s because everything tastes better with a side of freedom. So true. Incredible. Although, what’s with your obsession with cheese? It’s like you’re a little mouse who can’t get enough. You’re only saying that because I asked you to bring me string cheese in bed one time.

Once. More like you woke me up and demanded that I bring you string cheese at midnight three different times. Well, I was breastfeeding Victoria. I couldn’t exactly get up and go get cheese. And nobody’s waking up tonight. We’re gonna sleep like babies now that this whole nightmare is over. Actually, it’s not completely over.

You keep my daughter out of this. Unlike Holly, Rachel is not a screw up. You know, her only mistake is that she looked up to someone who is unworthy of her admiration. Unworthy of her admiration? What are you talking about? Holly has been nothing but kind and loving to Rachel, and Rachel is nothing but an entitled little brat.

Rachel is not a brat. Yes, she is, and she needs to come with a warning label, just like her mother. Felony after felony. Okay, you know what? I do. Let’s do it. You kidnapped Daniel, you blackmailed Sammy, you stole Teresa and Brady’s fetus and inserted it in yourself. That’s crazy, that’s disgusting, yes it is.

You know who I left the baby stealing from? You, Nicole, you. Yes, you stole EJ and Sammy’s baby, you lied to Daniel about how your baby died, and you blamed it all on Jennifer. And you broke their relationship up. Yeah, but you wanna know the difference between you and me? What? I actually regret it. Oh, ho, ho, ho.

I am trying to turn my life around. Oh, well, keep on turning, sweetheart, and maybe you’ll spin your way all the way down to hell where you belong. Oh, my God. You know, I haven’t told you the worst part about you. Oh, goody. What you did to Eric. Okay, I can’t wait to hear this. Oh, I bet. You drugged him. And you had sex with him, and there’s a word for that, and I can’t even say it because you totally disgust me.

Oh, and then you go parading around town wearing a mask, impersonating me so you could seduce Brady. Bad news for you. The only reason Rachel exists is because Brady had sex with you, thinking it was me. Okay, don’t you do this to me! Stop it! Stop it! Both of you! Stop it! Stop it! You’re such a liar! You’re a liar!

Stop it! Both of you! Stop it! What is going on here? Stop it!

I’m guessing he just needed a diaper change. All sparkly clean now. It’s been a big time with me. Here’s the spreadsheet so far. Here, take a look. Okay, rand electric, gas, food, personal stuff, hair, manicure, clothes. Yeah. That look about right? Yeah, looks, looks all good. Yeah, but what’s missing? I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head.

Well, something’s not adding up right. Okay. Oh, uh oh. I’m guessing he’s getting hungry. I’m gonna go feed him.

This isn’t personal, Jada. We are still married. I take that very personally. Just, what’s the big deal? Okay, just sign it Robert Stein. It’s just a technicality. No one will even care. You can move on with your life and I can move on with mine, okay? Well, wouldn’t that be forgery detective signing somebody else’s name?

No, because he is Robert Stein, legally. Are you? Leo, shut up and just stay out of this. I’m sorry, I I can’t sign it. Not right now. Damn you. Jada, wait.

What do you mean it’s not over yet? Night after night, in that jail cell, I kept trying to figure it out. I mean, I knew I hadn’t shot Harris. But the evidence just kept stacking up against me, as well you know. Well, when you got arrested, you thought that somebody had framed you. Right, and I still do, now more than ever.

I mean, whoever set me up, they did a bang up job, didn’t they? Only question is, Why me?

Stop. Stop. Is this the example you both want to set for your daughters? My God. What if I hadn’t walked in when I did? And honestly, Kristin, a grown woman attacking a teenage girl. Thank you for standing up for Holly. Oh, please. Did you hear what your precious wife was saying about your niece? It was obscene.

There’s a big difference here, Kristen. She said those things to you, whereas you fired your missiles right at Holly’s face. Are you kidding me? You kidding me? So she gets a pass because she didn’t tear Rachel to shreds behind her back? Nicole is my wife. And you will show her some damn respect. She’s a scheming gold digger.

And always has been. And you’re not a homicidal maniac! Enough! Enough! Kristen, let me make this very clear. If you are unable to get along with my wife, you will find another place to live.

Ten whole ounces. You wolf that down. Hopefully that can last him out for a little while. Good. Can you sit down and go through this with me now? Um, yeah, of course I can. Definitely. But I just noticed that Jude’s completely out of diapers. So I’m gonna run and go get some. Are you sure? Because I thought we had another package.

Nope. All out. I’m going to be right back. And, grab some diapers. Love you. Damn, where can all my money be going?

I don’t even have a horse in this race, and I am breathless. I can only imagine what this is doing to you. This whole thing

is a nightmare. It’s a nightmare, with Stephanie, right in the middle of it. Poor thing. The two of you, flittering around town like a pair of lovebirds, then all of a sudden, wham! You careen into a glass window, feathers everywhere, no one saw it coming. Except, I’m not the victim. No matter how you try to spin this, I am the bad guy in this situation.

I mean, Jada thinks I’m a two timing bastard, Stephanie is debating whether I’m a two timing bastard, or a nutjob, I mean, either way. She’s lost trust in me. I hate this. I hate myself. Everett Everett. Come on, man. If you don’t remember you don’t remember stopping so hard on yourself. Look, you are a good guy.

Who’s going through an identity crisis. Hey, sometimes I feel like I need a lobotomy, and I am just one person with one name and one set of rotten memories. I can only imagine what it would be like to be two people with two sets of rotten memories.

Appreciate the support, Leo.

We all need somebody to listen to our side of the story, right?

Speaking of stories, I mean this really delicious one just fell into my lap and if Lady Whistleblower could write about it, I, well I promise, I promise I will be, I will be very, very gentle with the story and respectful and Are you out of your mind? What? Are you out of your mind? No. Drop it, Leo. I am. I’m sorry.

Okay, but we Okay, but Okay, I’m gonna get out of here so you can clear your heads. I’m sorry. Bobrit, I want you to know I am here for you. But I have to say, I do agree with Jada. You are not going to be able to move forward until you put this behind you. Get it figured out. Otherwise, you’re never going to get Stephanie back.

And it is obvious you are head over heels in love with her. Heartbroken. I have feathers everywhere.

I know the feeling.

Thank you for filling me in on the divorce snafu. Trusting me enough to open up about it. Yeah, well, I know this can’t be easy for you either. I mean my goodness, it’s just, when you thought that things couldn’t get more jaw dropping, you find out that the guy you’re involved with is still married. To me.

Yeah. Yeah, it’s been pretty shocking.

Hey. Listen. I’m really sorry that I bit your head off. More than once. I realize that I’ve been really just taking all my anger out on you. Well, I can’t imagine. What you went through when your marriage ended and what you’re going through now. Yeah, but still, it’s, it’s no excuse, Stephanie. You are a victim here too.

So what do you say? Do you think maybe you can forgive me for the awful things that I said? The thing is, someone went to a lot of trouble to set me up, right? And they did it oh so cleverly. Starting with that phone call. Hello?

Xander Cook. Yeah, who’s this? I have a job for you. What kind of job? I have someone who must be eliminated.

And then, obviously, someone duplicated my jogging outfit. And Planted that gun in our apartment. And they put the money in your bank account. That’s an awfully big expense, right? Whoever it was, they, they wanted to take me down big time. Damn it, I just, there’s gotta be someone who knows me, someone with money.

Clyde? It’s possible. I mean, obviously there’s no love lost between him and me. And he had motive for offing Harris, yeah. He could’ve financed this, but, but why pin it on me? I mean, I haven’t had any contact with that bastard in years. It seems odd that he’d go to such lengths to Set me up.

The Spectator article said that Stefan was doing Clyde’s bidding through the Bistro. So maybe Stefan hired the hitman. Maybe he knows something. I’m gonna visit the jail. See if I can get in to see Stefan. You sure that’s a good idea?

Who do you think you are? You don’t own this house. And I’ve been a mayor longer than you have.

Look, Kristen. Mm hmm. This is a big house. Why don’t we just agree to keep our kids away from each other? Alright? Fine. Good. That settles that. Now, I’m leaving. I need to head to DiMera. Show some leadership. The board has made it clear, Stefan is out as head of DiMera, and I need to take the reins. Can you do that?

Can you step back in and still be DA? I could. The board does need an interim CEO immediately. Someone with a family name. Ugh. I’m told he wants to travel the world with Anna, doesn’t want that kind of responsibility at this stage in his life. Chad’s never expressed interest and Johnny is just far too young and inexperienced.

Hello. There’s a DiMera standing right here. Oh, you’re serious? Oh, my darling sister. No, no, no. I don’t think so.

Why would it be a bad idea for me to see Stefan? Oops. Because you’re all free and clear now. I mean, don’t you think it’s a bad idea to go digging around? It’s like poking the bear. I think I have to. I mean, I have to figure out who did this to me, Sarah. No.

We have to. Because we’re in this together. Thank you. I mean some. And tomorrow I’ll see about getting into the jail to visit Stefan. As long as you promise me one thing. Anything. When this is all over, I want you to bring me cheese and bed as much as I want without complaining. Every. Single. Night.

Okay, I’m off. Can I trust the two of you to be here alone? Actually, why don’t I go with you? And you can drop me off at the town square. Because after all the fun I’ve had today, I could use some retail therapy, and then maybe we can have dinner out. Hmm. Perfect. I’ll meet you in the car. Actually, I’m gonna go check on Holly and let her know we’re heading out.

Sounds good. Okay. Bye. Goodbye to you too, little brother.

Yes, Mr. Shen. This is Kristen DiMera. I think you and I need to have a talk. I really let you have it. And like I said, it was all misguided anger, Stephanie. You’re not to blame for any of this. And I believe you when you said that you had no idea that Bobby was married. So I really hope that you’ll forgive me.

If not now, someday, when you’re ready. I’m not gonna lie, those things you said, it really hurt. I know you were coming from a place of pain. You weren’t trying to hurt me. I forgive you. Of course. I know you were only trying to protect yourself. We just process things differently. Yeah. You’re the calm and rational one, and I blow my top.

Total hothead. Oh, believe me, I’ve, I’ve had my moments. Not that I would know. I’ve been, I’ve been so wrapped up in my own world and all the things happening that’s messing it up that I didn’t even take time to think about how this was affecting you.

Yeah, it’s been rough.

I’m sure. So, tell me the truth. Aren’t you furious with him? Yes, I am.

Half the time. The other half I keep thinking about what he must be going through. So you believe his story? I don’t know. But I do feel for him. You know, losing chunks of your life, your identity, it must be terrifying. And he has nobody. Except you.

You still have feelings for him, don’t you?

If only it were so black and white.

There’s no escaping you. Is there, Robert Stein?


Doctor Evans. This is Everett Lynch. I need to see you.

Uh, is this really that urgent? I was about to get a pedicure when you beckoned. Oh, you had a pedicure just last week. I know, I paid for it. Yes, but if I wait too long, my feet get hard and crusty, and I need them to be soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom. My baby comes first, pal. Look, just cut me a little break, okay?

June needs diapers, wipes, food. You should probably be on a budget. I can’t. Eric wants to, but I can’t keep hiding your crazy self indulgent expenses. Meanwhile, I have drained my bank account paying rent, which was late for the second time. Look, you’re working now. You’re doing legit reporting. I saw that piece on Mayor Price.

What did you think? It was good, actually. Wow, did you just not insult me? I’m shocked. I did just not insult you. You’re actually, you’re a decent writer. And look, you’re paid by the article, right? And they’re giving you more assignments now, I’ve noticed. Well, those assignments cost money, too. See, I had to finagle my way into Mayor Price’s welcome home party by posing as a flower delivery person.

And you paid for the flowers? Well, no. Chad did. But at that faboo shindig, I managed to spill champagne all over my shoes. I ruined them. And girl, new Ferragamos do not come cheap. Come on, Leo. No, really, you are such a talented writer. And your features, I mean, they are just taking off. Lady Whistleblower is practically a household name now.

Come on, please, I’m just asking. I’m really talking to you, though. Please. Well, I do offer a unique perspective, and that does make my career outlook rosy.

And because of my fondness for your son, And because I want his diapers to be ultra absorbent so that his booty can be smooth and soft like my pedicured feet. I will cut your allowance by ten percent. I was thinking forty. Fifteen. Thirty five.

I’m feeling generous, but only because you complimented my writing. Why don’t we meet in the middle and say twenty five percent? Steel. No. What? You have no idea what this means to me. Okay.

I don’t get this. Something is not right here. Sloane must have some big expenses she’s not sharing with me. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this.

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