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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Holly gave EJ a hard time about being grounded. She asked him why she couldn’t see Tate. EJ told her she would realize that the separation would be the best. Holly told him it was his fault for blowing things out of proportion. Clyde called Ava. She wanted to know what he wanted. He said he wanted her to listen up. She said she didn’t have anything to say to him after what he did to her son. Clyde told her to listen to what he had to say unless she wanted him to sell out her boyfriend. He read a story about her being Stefan’s ex-partner and told her he had one more job for her to do for him. When Ava refused to help Clyde, he threatened to get her in trouble. Johnny told Chanel that they were going to the Horton cabin. Chanel didn’t think it was the right time to go because of Paulina’s treatment. Johnny said he arranged for it to happen now because Paulina was going to be in isolation. He assured her that it was going to be the best time ever. She agreed to go with him.

Kristen confronted EJ about the way she found out about Stefan being arrested. She was upset that no one told her. Kristen wondered what Stefan’s arrest meant for the company. EJ said he was busy and walked away from her. He ran into Johnny who told him he was leaving town. Johnny asked about Stefan, but EJ didn’t answer him. Ava said she wouldn’t help Clyde. He asked her how she thought Harris would feel about him being out of prison. When she didn’t answer, he told her he wanted her to get a book for him from the Bistro. He said the book was the only trail back to him. Clyde told her he would never hear from her again if she gave him the book. Ava said it was the last thing she would ever do for him and then she was out. Johnny ran into Holly at the DiMera mansion. He asked her what was going on. She told him that she can’t see Tate anymore. Holly told him she wasn’t in love with Tate. She said EJ said she and Tate were toxic for each other. Johnny apologized for her not being able to see Tate. Holly said it was her fault for messing things up. He gave her advice before he let her know Chanel was meeting him at the mansion. When Johnny left, Rachel showed up and asked Holly to spend time with her. Johnny and Chanel made it to the Horton cabin. While Holly and Rachel were talking, Kristen came in and told her to go upstairs. When Rachel left, Kristen asked Holly what she was doing. She warned Holly to stay away from her daughter. Holly told her they were just doing their nails. Kristen ripped into Holly for lying about Rachel’s half-brother. While Kristen was yelling at Holly, EJ came in and stopped her from yelling at Holly. When Kristen walked away, EJ apologized to Holly for losing his temper. Holly thanked him for having her back.

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