B&B Short Recap Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Il Giordino, Deacon tries to convince Finn that Sheila might still be alive, since the corpse he saw go into the crematorium had ten toes…even though he saw Sheila’s face and knew it to be her. Finn thinks that Deacon is just grief-stricken.

At Forrester Creations, Hope and RJ discuss the future of HFTF, and Luna working with Zende.

Meanwhile, Luna vents to Poppy and Zende about how hard it’s been to lie to Zende. They’re reluctant at first, but both tell her that they support her decision to tell RJ the truth.

At the beach house, Liam and Steffy chat about what’s going on with Finn, Deacon, and their dealing with Sheila’s death. They’re both glad to have her gone. Liam is glad to hear that Steffy’s been cleared of Sheila’s death. Liam confesses that he’s been doing some reflection and realizes that he isn’t the kind of person he should be. He talks about how he’s waffled for years between Steffy and Hope. He wants to just concentrate on his kids for now. She’s proud of him.


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