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geez. What did you just– you’ve been planning this, or something like this, all along. Do I need to refresh your memory? ‘Cause I wasn’t the one who started all this. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. It’s just, I think that you’ve had this on your mental back burner since you took my magazine away and gave it to carly. And we all know how that worked out. Oh, I mean, have I been thinking about you? Have I been fantasizing? The truth is I have. Yeah. I really have. About you losing all your money, about you losing your looks, and getting convicted of a nameless crime that gets you sent to prison. You remember, like you sent me. God, you look like you were mugged by a small army. Are you sure it was only two people? Yeah. Those guys might not have killed me, but this ice might. It’s not that cold. It’s ice. By definition, it’s cold. Yeah, well, the ice machine on this floor was broken, which is appalling. That’s what you find appalling, a broken ice machine? I had to go down a floor to get the ice, and it was melting by the time I got it to the towel. And yet, when placed against the human body, it’s still plenty cold. Does the fbi know that all it takes to get one of their agents to spill his guts is a couple of ice cubes? I like to keep some things to myself.

[ Chuckles ] Good idea. All I’m saying is that when I owned the metro court, that ice machine, it would have been maintained. What? Nothing. I’m just grateful for the medical expertise. Good. Well, I went to nursing school, though I didn’t graduate, but the training was really good. I mean, when you have kids, you get little reaction time, and then you have to keep it together till you get to an actual doctor. Speaking of which, please let me take you to the hospital. Or at least let me call the house doctor here. I am quite happy with the care I’ve received so far. I wouldn’t change a thing. Okay, I don’t want to jinx it, but I think ace finally fell asleep. I know. Told him a story. A little bit of singing, and maybe I’m just sort of starting to get the hang of his bedtime routine. Or maybe he’s just getting used to falling asleep without esme and spencer. Or maybe I’m just telling myself a story. Are you sure you’re okay with it? Yeah, but if you’re not into it, just change it. It’s just a movie. No, the movie is fine. I think. I wasn’t really paying attention. Okay, what is it? What’s going on? I keep thinking about the whole face-of-deception thing. Are you sure you’re okay with me being the face? Yeah. I mean, I already share your music with the world. Why not share your beautiful face, too?

[ Sighs ] Because my mom inserted a clause keeping my private life private in every contract. And if anyone pushes against that point, she made it very clear it’s a deal-breaker. Blaze is your public persona, and blaze is not out, but ali, my girlfriend, is. I’ll never get tired of hearing you call me your girlfriend. My girlfriend and i are out to our families, to our closest friends, and the people that really matter. We can be ourselves. That’s all I really care about. So if locking down your private life is the deal you made with your mom and everyone else, and as long as it doesn’t impact us in our relationship, I don’t see a problem with it. Right. Unless the person who has a problem with it is you. Ooh. Okay. Yep. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Mm. Jordan: Babe, where are you? Why don’t you come upstairs and find out? Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] “One small step for man.” Actually, it was a bunch of little steps.

[ Chuckles ] But one giant leap for yours truly. This is — this is huge. This is so great. And I don’t see your cane anywhere. No, no, no, no cane. Just me and my two legs.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. You’re amazing. No, you’re amazing. If it weren’t for you, honey, I would still be stuck in some hospital bed or in my wheelchair still, you know, mad at the world, feeling sorry for myself. Some version of that is how my story would have ended. But because of you, I have nothing but new chapters to write, and I can’t wait. Oh, my god.

[ Both chuckle ] I can’t wait to write them with you. Thank you, my love. Mm. Mm. Anytime.

[ Both chuckle ] Ugh, god.

[ Sighs ] This is pointless. This warehouse is half mine. And you’re taking it back? I never gave it up. You deserted it, jason. You were gone for more than two years. You’ve lost the right to take it back.

I don’t want to see your face. Didn’t I say that to you? Are we not clear? That’s why I had diane speak to you on my behalf. I still own 50% of corinthos coffee. Don’t quote my own lawyer to me.

Our lawyer. We both trust her and what she says. Why not trust her judgment on this? Forget diane. You came to my warehouse to get an answer from me. You got your wish. This is my business. I don’t want you anywhere near it. I’m so proud of you.

[ Giggles ] And not because you made it up the stairs but because you didn’t give in to despair. And you didn’t quit. Well, truth be told, I thought about it. There were times I thought about it, and each time I thought, “what would I say to trina?” She got hit with something terrible when spencer died, so it’s okay for her to call it quits and just curl up in a ball?

[ Sighs ] It’s not me. No. No, it’s not. And those words sound like a foreign language coming out of your mouth. I love it. I’m a husband and a father now. I’m a son. It’s just not about me anymore. Well, you did forget one thing off of that list. What’s that? Father, mm, mm…. lover. Is that so? I would be a fool to let all that effort that you took getting up those stairs and into our beautiful bedroom go to waste, and I am no fool.

[ Groans ] Thanks for the ice. I think it helped. Or else the bitter cold destroyed all the nerve endings in my body. So win/win. Okay, you need to keep this on your head. And you need to go home to that adorable daughter of yours. She’s great. She’s happy with her nanny. I’m concerned that you have a concussion. I’m fine. Trust me, it’ll take more than a couple of shots to this hard head to do any real damage. I don’t know about that. If you do have a concussion, someone needs to check on you every couple hours. They need to see if you’re having a hard time waking up. And if you are, that means your concussion is getting worse. I’ll be fine. Please let me take you to the hospital. I mean, just think, if you’re right, you get to say, “I told you so.” Well, I do like that, but come on. We know all they’re going to do is admit me and then wake me up all night long. No, I’d rather stay here.

[ Grunts ] Okay. I can wake people up with the best of them.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing? I’m getting comfortable. I have to conserve my energy. I have to shake you awake in a couple hours, and then a couple hours after that. Carly, I really appreciate — you’re wasting your time. I’m staying right here, and I’m going to save you from yourself. Are you saying that you regret this as much as I do? Oh, come on, nina. Two people consumed by a passionate mutual hatred with no acceptable outlet? I mean, it’s better than poisoning. I don’t see a big difference. Think of it as like a screwed-up spontaneous combustion. I’m going to think of it this way — as a down payment. And what’s on layaway? Appoint me to the board. Of aurora? Mm-hmm. Wait. I’m sorry. What possible sense would it make for me to appoint you to the board of aurora? I mean, you edit crimson. That’s your entire value to us. And I make the magazine a success. Okay, maybe not that, but you are close to michael. You’re close to willow. Just find a pathway for me to get back in my daughter’s good graces. Nina, you think that 45 minutes on my office floor with you commits me to dragging you out of the wreckage that you’ve made of your life? Come on. Going to take more than a couple of rug burns for me to lift a finger for you.

I tried to treat michael and willow to a fabulous surprise anniversary dinner, and they turned me down, which was humiliating. A surprise dinner, huh? Translation — regardless of what michael and willow wanted, you pushed whatever you wanted on them, which is so on brand for you. I don’t care how you describe it, drew. I felt like I was punched in the heart. And forgive me if I had to come down here and — and pull myself together and get a breath. And instead of sympathizing with me, just — I don’t now. I didn’t then. I never will sympathize with you, nina. I know that I had a little part in all of this, but I think you took advantage of my emotional, vulnerable state. Aw, you’re projecting, nina. Taking advantage of people? That’s your stock and trade. Oh, shut up. Let me just be clear about one thing here. Your offer for an anniversary dinner when you can’t stand michael and you wish willow hadn’t married him, was that really just for willow, or were you hoping that maybe they would tell sonny about how generous you are? Does sonny know that you’re still pining for him?

[ Grunts ] I take that as a yes. What time is it? Um, almost midnight. That late? You should really go home. Okay, well, if you insist, then I’ll drop you off at G.H. On my way. That’s not necessary. Carly: It probably is, but you’d probably just be trading one problem for another, huh? What are you talking about? Well, if you went to the hospital, the nurses would start asking you questions, and they’d have to call the pcpd. And then the pcpd would want to know what the heck you were doing wandering around the waterfront at that time of night. I wasn’t wandering around. I took a walk. Oh, yeah. In the most dangerous part of town at night. Port charles is a safe place.

[ Laughs ] Okay, make sure you say the safe part when you talk to the police, because they love that kind of feedback. Carly, I got mugged. It’s a terrible thing, but it happens, and this time, it happened to me. You should stick with that story. But I want you to know that i know you were tracking jason. If you don’t want me in your organization, I understand. No, you don’t understand. ‘Cause I trusted you more than anyone, and now I can’t trust you. I never gave the feds anything on you. Why should i believe that? Because if I had, you would have been arrested two years ago. I’ve been protecting you this whole time, sonny. I’m not a child. I don’t need protection. I need you to get away from me. Otherwise, I will have to remove you.

I’m worried about how small ace’s family is going to be. There are no siblings, you know? He may never know lulu and — and lucky. And I know there’s elizabeth’s boys, but they’re quite a bit older, and they have their own lives. It’s really just you and me and ace. And heather. Yes, I know she likes to call herself ace’s grandmother. Well, technically, she is ace’s grandmother. We may not like it, but esme was her daughter. Yes, but she’s in pentonville. For now. Wasn’t she supposed to be transferred to a federal prison in california? I forgot to tell you. Um, the D.A.’S office canceled the transfer because of her medical condition. So she is in pentonville for the foreseeable future. Mm. Unless… something else occurs. “Chemically induced abnormal behavior.” This is really what you think happened to heather, isn’t it? My god. Do you think they would ever reopen heather’s case after all the things that she did?

[ Grunts ] If you breathe a word of this to sonny — having hate sex with you on my office floor isn’t something I’m going to be bragging about, okay? And I wouldn’t worry too much about sonny. He’s a little preoccupied right now with my brother’s surprise return. Well, he can think about more than one thing at a time. And somehow he isn’t thinking about you at all. You got to face it, nina. You’re not even on sonny’s radar right now. He doesn’t care who you’re mixing it up with. Maybe it’s because he’s got a new roommate. Sonny? Are you home?

[ Sighs ] What do you have that’ll help a person sleep? Oh. Come on, sonny. You have to do better than that.

[ Light switch clicks ] Alright, sonny, where do you keep the good stuff? “May cause drowsiness.” Doesn’t have to be this way. I’m not a threat. You keep your organization. I’m going to stay out of it. All I want is my half of the coffee business. And all I want is the truth. If you didn’t inform on me… what were you doing with the feds? Sonny, I told you everything that I could. You told me nothing, jason, and I thought it was because ava was right there, but ava’s not here now. It’s just you and me. If you want me to trust you, if you want half of the business back, you’re going to have to trust me, right? What happened to you?

The fbi picked me up on cassadine island. They flew me back to quantico. They offered me a deal — become an informant, and no charges will be filed. I took that deal because it was my best option. They didn’t want me to inform on you because they knew I never would do it, and that it would never work. So they sent me after somebody else. Who? Who’d they — I can’t — sonny, I can’t tell you. Why? Because you think I’m going to go tell these people that you’re a traitor? No, I can’t tell you because it’s part of the deal. If I talk, it violates the terms of the agreement, and the charges get filed. Was part of the deal, uh, to take a shot at me? How many times did you try to kill me, jason? I never tried to kill you, sonny. And I’m going to believe that? Because you’re loyal? Because you’re my friend? My brother? Because if I tried to kill you… …I wouldn’t have missed. Oh, ava. You cannot self-medicate with somebody else’s prescription, you know. It does cause drowsiness, though, and if sonny can handle it…

[ Sighs ] Oh, who am I kidding? I want to be fair. Having a control freak for a mom can be really helpful when it comes to my career. What about the rest of your life? Your — your real life? Ha. My mom says she knows me better than I know myself. Oh, god, I hate when parents say that. Me, too. But I think she says it because, when she was my age, she… you know, she crossed the line a few times. And then she became a mom. Well, becoming a mom certainly changes your perspective on everything. You know, and I’m only an aunt, so… you’re not “only” anything. I think because my mom didn’t want me making the same mistakes she did, she became super strict. Well, it kind of worked. I mean, look at you. You’re — you’re smart and disciplined, and you’ve built an incredible career for yourself. It’s amazing. A lot of that is because I paid attention to everything she said when I was growing up. She should be able to look at my life and know that. She should trust me enough to live my own life. I mean, your parents do. Okay, I must have missed something. Is there a problem with your parents? Is this the folder that you wanted, babe? Yeah, that’s it. Okay. Probably could have did it myself, but, uh, it would have been 2:00 in the morning before I made my way back down the stairs and back up, so thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, with the progress you’re making, you will be up and down those stairs in no time. The miracles of modern medicine. You know, you doctors can fix anything. Mm-hmm. Babe, is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I’m fine. Okay. Thought I’d lost you there for a second. I wondered where you went. Thought maybe you were thinking about these bills. Oh, no, no, no. Those bills are all yours. Oh, I don’t know if you saw this note from brook lynn quartermaine. She’s pushing me to have an invitation-only event at the savoy to showcase blaze’s new single. I’m probably going to say yes, but I think I’ll make her sweat a little bit. Yeah, it has nothing to do with that. What is it, babe? Talk to me. I was at the hospital, and I overheard kevin and alexis saying something about how they could use a pre-existing condition to, um, overturn a conviction. Okay. Heather webber is diagnosed with metallosis. Basically, her artificial hip is — is poisoning her. And one of the, um — the symptoms of metallosis is a shift in personality. Okay, so is anyone arguing that heather webber isn’t responsible for all those lives she took? That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. Someone is going to use her condition as grounds to reopen heather’s case and possibly set that woman free. You think I was tracking jason? Hm. [ Sighs ] You’re getting warmer. Hide and seek? Really? Is that how the fbi conducts its business now? Oh, my supervisors would definitely not approve of the situation. But they’re not here. So. You want to guess again? Okay. Well, if you weren’t tracking jason, you were tracking… his lawyer. Diane miller? Give the lady a cigar.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t want a cigar, but I will take a very expensive glass of wine at a date to be determined. Deal. Wow. I mean, getting mugged is not generally a mood lifter, but it’s made you fun.

[ Scoffs ] Thank you.

[ Laughs ] And I am fun. You just don’t know me well enough to see it yet.

I get the legal argument that heather’s condition, uh… metallosis. …Metallosis contributed to her mental state, but she committed multiple homicides. There’s no way she should be allowed to go free. And I pray that you’re right. Exactly. Because trina’s been through enough. It’s — it’s enough. This whole family. But, baby, we made it through… yeah. …And we are stronger than ever. We are, aren’t we? We made it through together as a family. You better believe it. And I will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe and secure and loved. You just said that you would do whatever it takes? I sure did. I think I’m going to need you to prove that. I couldn’t stop thinking about my conversation with alexis about heather and the hypotheticals that could set her free. So I did a deep dive into a database about toxicology and abnormal behavior. And at first, you would think that the chances of heather’s murder conviction being overturned are inconceivable. But then with further investigation… it is not without medical and legal precedent. Oh, wow. You know, I just I can’t imagine what the reaction would be to heather going free. Well, we know portia robinson and — and sasha gilmore, dr. Obrecht, ava, all of those people are going to be outraged, as would most of the citizens of port charles, I think. Understandably. Unless it could be proven that heather herself was victimized.

[ Sighs ] And if that were the case, I think it would be wrong not to give her a second chance. Selfishly, there’s a side of me that would like to see heather redeemed. Not released, but rehabilitated into someone functional, someone stable that ace could know, maybe even have a relationship with. And if I’m completely honest, I’d like to think that there is some good that could come from the harm I’ve caused. None of this is your fault. Laura, I made one decision about my brother, and it resulted in a series of devastating events. If ryan hadn’t gotten loose, then heather would still be institutionalized and her victims would still be alive. And so would spencer and esme. We never even would have met esme. I think you’re forgetting one thing. Ace wouldn’t be here, either. Uh, I don’t have a problem with anyone in my family right now, and, gosh, I think that’s maybe the first time I’ve ever been able to really say that. My mom’s good. She’s supportive of our relationship and the surrogacy. What about your dad? My dad’s good. He loves me unconditionally. You know that. He, of course, has a dark side… …but he’s loving and he’s generous and he’s more sensitive than people think, and he can get hurt, too. I’m a little worried about my dad right now, so… is it because he and nina broke up? Nina’s not perfect, but he was happy with her. And since ava moved in — wait. She moved in? I thought she was just staying there temporarily. So did I. Ava is staying with sonny for security reasons. You keep telling yourself that. You know what, drew? Let me worry about ava, okay? You just figure out a way to get me closer to my daughter, and if it’s not appointing me to the board, then come up with something else. Even if I was willing to help you, michael will never see you as anything other than a threat to his family. You — you lied to him about his father’s death, and then you sued him to get access to his child. But willow… willow’s got a softer heart, and she and i are still friends. Okay. You will help me plead my case to her, then? Maybe. But after my near-death beating that I took in prison because of you, you’re going to have to make it so worth my while. Port charles is still my home, this warehouse is still half mine, and I’m going to be here every day importing coffee, totally legit. So whatever business you want to do, do it away from the warehouse so I don’t have to be witness to it. You think I won’t do it, jason? You think I won’t get rid of you? I can do that in a heartbeat. All I got to do is say the word, and you’re gone. Come on, sonny, if anything happens to me, you know the cops are going to look at you first. Don’t tell me what I know. You know what I know? That you can’t be trusted, and I’m going to have to get protection now from you. Because you’re a traitor. Sonny, just stop. Just stop. Yeah, you are. You’re a traitor. Are you — are you taking your meds?

What will it cost me to have you as my ally? Oh, I think “ally” is going to be a strong word for what I’ll be, but you’re a creative person. You can put your thinking cap on and come up with something that’ll be worth my time and effort, right? I like this shirt. You can start by sewing the buttons back on that. Do your own mending.

[ Grunts ] Okay, well, you know what? I did order all-new ice machines for this entire hotel, but I don’t need to keep going on and on about how this hotel is not great anymore. It’s a nice hotel, carly. Yeah, it was. It was. But I’m not going to bore you with all my complaints about the hotel. What about you? I mean, are there any other circumstances other than getting beaten up

[Chuckles] Where you’re fun? I must be concussed. Or at least punchy. I’ve said way too much already. Yeah, well, I have a lot of experiences where I’m listening to things that I don’t repeat or remember, you know? Well, that’s a way to end a conversation. Sleep well, agent cates. I’ll wake you up in a couple hours. Looks like you’re still working on the bills, huh? I guess I’ll just… no, no, no, no, no, no, not looking as good as you want to look.

[ Both chuckle ] Come here. Hi, baby. Hey, baby. You know, in case you don’t remember, we really never had an official honeymoon. I think we should do something about that as soon as possible. Okay, so you just tap there. Ha! Voil, right?

[ Chuckles ] You can see, in real time, ace sleeping. That’s amazing. Yeah. You make the same face when you’re asleep.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, maybe it runs in the family. Well, yo u know the pictureand the sound is so pristine, and here I thought that the baby monitor was the pinnacle of technological advancement. Yeah, well, it was. 20 years ago.

[ Chuckles ] And when I hear people say, “20 years,” I think, “oh, they’re talking about the ’80s.” And then I realize, no, they’re not. They’re not, yeah. Oh, sweetie, I know that us raising a baby, I mean, at this point in our lives, I know it wasn’t part of your bucket list. Was it on yours? No. Mnh-mnh. No. Well, it’s not like we’re ready to retire, and we’re not exactly people who back away from life. And I think that ace has given us so much more life. He has, and I love it. And I love you. I love you, too. You know, we took an awful lot of wrong turns and detours before we found each other, but we did, and I think ace is just another unexpected… responsibility? …Miracle.

[ Sighs ] Wow. You’re really something. I’m a lucky man. I’m a lucky woman.

[ Both chuckle ] I know there’s still a security reason for ava and avery to be staying at his place, but it’s just something doesn’t feel right about it, you know? It’s weird. And even dante noticed it, and he’s on pain meds. Did she say or do anything? No, no, just little things, you know? I can’t see the whole picture yet, but one thing I do know. Ava is a jerome, and the jeromes love power. It’s like a drug. You think she’s going to, what, make a move on sonny’s business? Not like a, you know,

move move. She would never comment something straight on. She’s too smart for that. She’d slither in from the side or something. And she’s making herself indispensable to my dad. She’s running interference. She’s making him drinks. And your dad doesn’t see what she’s doing? Worse. He likes it. A lot.

[ Sighs ] “May cause drowsiness.”

[ Sighs ] You must like the taste of those, sonny, because I took a few of them, and I feel absolutely nothing. Nada. So if they don’t help you sleep and they don’t do anything else, what do those stupid pills do? I take my medication every day, every dosage, like clockwork.

[ Chuckling ] I’m not having a breakdown. I’m just — I have to face the truth. You’re not who I thought. Or maybe you never were. I’m not your enemy. And I don’t want any trouble. And I accept that you don’t trust me. You don’t have to trust me. I’ll stay out of your way. You better. Go ahead, take the — take — take the warehouse. Sit in it till you rot. If you double cross me again, or I suspect that you’re interfering with my business or my life… …I will end you.

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