GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Carly stays in John Cates room because she thinks he may have a concussion and she has to wake him up every three hours to make sure he is okay.

Curtis is able to climb the stairs with Jason slowly and go up to his room. Portia is happy that Curtis is recovering well from his surgery. Curtis and Portia start thinking about going on a honeymoon that they never went on when they got married.

Drew regrets having hate sex with Nina and tells her that just because they had sex doesn’t mean he has forgotten being beaten up in jail because of her. Drew also tells Nina that, if she wants his help to get close to Willow again, she will have to think of something that will make it worth his while to help her.

Sonny demands that Jason tell him who he was informing the FBI. Jason tells Sonny he can’t tell him the name of the organization for which he was working undercover because that would ruin his deal with the FBI. Sonny tells Jason that he can keep his half of Corinthos Coffee, but he can’t be a part of his other business. Sonny tells Jason that if he betrays him again, he will put an end to him. Jason asks Sonny if he is taking his medicine. Sonny tells Jason that he takes his medicine every day.

Ava has insomnia and takes some of Sony’s bipolar medication because she reads on the label they cause drowsiness. Ava doesn’t know why Sonny takes the pills and wonders why they aren’t making her sleepy since she took two pills.

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