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Cole: Hey!

Victoria: Hi, cole.

Victor: Hi, cole.

Victoria: Um, thank you for coming.

Cole: Uh, sure thing. Uh, though I figured you’d still be unpacking up at the tack house.

Victoria: Uh, well, it’s coming along slowly.

Cole: Oh, okay. So– so, what’s up? Is there an update on jordan?

Victor: Only that there’s no mention of the woman’s name tonight. All right? Now, we are going to go to the jazz lounge. Nikki and i have an anniversary to plan. And we would like all of you to join us.

Cole: Well, I’d be honored.

Victoria: Uh, listen, I hope that you don’t mind the venue.

Cole: Why would I?

Victoria: Well, I– I wanted to show claire the place.

Cole: Oh, it’s– it’s a great place.

Victoria: And, uh, and I wanted to tell her more about the man that it was named for.

Cole: Oh, so you want to tell her about neil winters and how he almost became a stepfather to her.

Summer: As much as i miss being with harrison at the abbott house, living here does have its perks.

Chance: Yeah, it’s kind of nice having someone else make you drinks sometimes. You want to grab these two by the bar?

Summer: You know, that’s not what I was talking about.

Chance: Oh, no?

Summer: Uh, no. But if you just want to forget about all of that.

Chance: Oh, no, not for a second. Are you kidding me? Come on. Mm.

[ Phone pings ]

Summer: Oh. Okay. Great, finally heard from daniel. Wants to get breakfast tomorrow. God, he must be so upset about getting fired. But leaving lily for heather? I’m not sure exactly what he expected.

Chance: No.

Summer: It’s never gonna be easy and painless for any of them.

Lily: Can I help you?

Daniel: Can we talk?

Lily: I think we’ve said all there is.

Daniel: I want to talk to you about omegasphere. More specifically, princess louisa.

Tucker: I’m really sorry you had to deal with ashley again.

Audra: Don’t apologize. Yeah, I see it now. You’re right. Something strange is happening to that woman. It’s unsettling to watch for anyone. And more so the people who care about her.

Tucker: Yeah. I hope jack and the abbotts can get her the professional help she needs.

Traci: Thank you so much for coming. Um, everyone, I– I– I know it’s late, uh, but this is something I didn’t think could wait.

Diane: Well, it’s nice to be included in the family meeting.

Traci: It affects us all.

Billy: Uh, well, obviously we’re here for a reason, but do we know how long this is going to be? I– I just want to be aware of chelsea. She’s dealing with some stuff with connor.

Traci: I’m so sorry to pull you away. I promise, it’s important.

Jack: So, we’re waiting for ashley, right? I mean, she is the topic, isn’t she?

Traci: I am scared to death for ashley.

Ms. Abbott: I said wake up.

Ash: Hey! You pulled me back in.

Ms. Abbott: Because you’re interfering with my plan, and now I have to do damage control to get us back on track.

Ash: Your plan is dangerous. It’s going to backfire. We’re supposed to protect ashley, not get her into major trouble. My mental health was better.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Summer: I don’t know. I think I’m just worried about how getting fired is going to affect daniel. Yeah, I even thought about calling my mom, but that would be a nightmare for obvious reasons.

Chance: I have been bracing for phyllis to storm into the office when she gets wind of this.

Summer: Oh, you joke. But I’m sure you are worried about the blowback for chancellor-winters. I mean, firing both daniel and heather, that’s a pretty bold move.

Summer: Yeah, I can see it causing some hr issues.

Summer: I’m more worried about daniel emotionally. I don’t think he really thought about all the repercussions of him getting back together with heather.

Chance: Well, people usually don’t when it comes to love.

Summer: You know, omegasphere kind of saved him. He used to be a painter.

Chance: Yeah, I remember you mentioning that.

Summer: Yeah, well, it was his passion, and then his career stalled out, and he fell apart.

Chance: Like the whole struggling artist thing?

Summer: Oh, it was worse than that. He went to this really dark place, he pushed everyone away, and heather tried to stick around as long as she could, but at a certain point, she had to take lucy and move to portugal just to get away from his moods.

Chance: It’s hard to believe that this is the same guy that created our insanely successful gaming platform.

Summer: Princess louisa is what brought him back to himself, and to lucy, and now to heather.

Chance: Maybe it served its purpose. He doesn’t need it anymore.

Summer: Mm. Or maybe having his new career yanked away from him is going to make him spiral down all over again.

Daniel: I get you letting me go and I understand you cutting me loose from omegasphere, but I am begging you to let me keep princess louisa.

Lily: And why would i do that?

Daniel: Because you, more than anyone, know what this means to me. I created this game for my daughter. I made the character in her image, not just artistically, but spiritually, too. I poured all of my love for my daughter and all my pain from messing up my relationship with her into this game. And it was you, it was you who stood by and you cheered me on, and you gave me the opportunity to bring princess louisa to life. That saved me. It brought my daughter back to me. It saved our relationship. It gave me the opportunity to be a father to her again. And you did that. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be mad at me. I’m just asking you to remember why we built this, and I am begging you, just please don’t take this away from me.

Ms. Abbott: My god, you’re such an idiot. Don’t you see the emotional threat that tucker mccall poses to ashley?

Ash: You don’t intimidate me. I know you’re dangerous, and you’re putting ashley at risk.

Ms. Abbott: She’s vulnerable when she’s around him. And he’s not going anywhere. It’s my job to make sure that he gets out of her life for good.

Ash: You’re gonna make it worse. I know what you’re planning and it scares me.

Ms. Abbott: Because you’re ignorant.

Ash: You’re gross! What if they blame her? Have you ever thought about that? And then we wouldn’t have protected ashley at all.

Ms. Abbott: She won’t be blamed. Our sweet little vessel will be protected.

Ash: Just how are you gonna do that?

Ms. Abbott: Tucker mccall’s bimbo girlfriend. She’s gonna take the fall.

Tucker: Shall we move on to a more pressing topic?

Audra: You know, I’m surprised you didn’t bring up your proposal to me to ashley.

Tucker: Did you want me to?

Audra: You know, I almost brought it up myself. But I can’t believe I’m saying this. It seemed cruel.

Tucker: Even as she continues to push her way into our life?

Audra: What I saw wasn’t just a jealous ex. You know, she’s clearly troubled. Something’s happening to her.

Tucker: Are you saying you felt sorry for her?

Audra: Oh.

Jack: Okay, so ashley has been moody lately. We’ve all discussed that. How did this turn into such a scary problem?

Traci: Okay, first, I think we need to talk about tucker’s warning to her. You know, telling her she needs to get professional help.

Jack: As I said to you, this is another of mccall’s mind games. Now that ashley sees him for who he is, he wants to sow doubt in all of our minds about her mental health. As if she could only be unwell if she wanted nothing to do with him.

Traci: No. Jack, I don’t believe that’s it. I’ve been thinking back to when we were in paris and her behavior once we got home, and I just can’t shake the sense that there is something way bigger going on here than just a mccall ploy. And we would never forgive ourselves if he’s right and– and we just sit back and do nothing.

Jack: I’m sorry, traci. Ashley has warned me too many times lately to butt out.

Diane: It’s true. She’s made it very clear that she’s tired of everyone weighing in with their opinions.

Traci: Isn’t it better to be wrong and sorry than to ignore the possibility? I mean, come on! I can take the heat of ashley’s anger, but I would not be able to live with myself if I ignore warning signs and there are consequences.

Billy: I think that’s fair, traci, but maybe we just give her a little bit of time to work this out on her own as she’s demanded, you know? What’s the urgency?

Traci: Things have got far more dangerous than you know. Hey! It’s your dry skin.

Chance: You know, I was surprised at first that lily and devon would fire them both so quickly, but I thought about it, and… when abby, she cheated on me, I, um… well, I– I guess I understand where lily’s coming from. A betrayal like that, it hurts like hell. And it’s hard to look at it in the face, literally, every day just because you have to run a company.

Summer: I get it. I probably would do the exact same thing as lily, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about my brother. I just– I don’t know what to do.

Chance: Maybe there is nothing to do other than just be there for him.

Summer: Seems like falling in love doesn’t get any less complicated the more that you do it.

Chance: Yeah, but when love works out, it’s totally worth it. Otherwise, we’d stop after the first time. Wise man.

Chance: Mm, well, I don’t like to brag.

Summer: Uh-uh.

Chance: Now, if I may?

Summer: Of course.

[ Soft jazz music plays ]

Claire: Maybe that’s too awkward for you. When mom suggested telling me about neil, I didn’t know you were coming.

Cole: No, it’s– it’s okay. And there’s no need to explain or protect me. I was there, and I know what happened. I, uh, I wasn’t happy when neil wanted to step in at that time. But now, I can appreciate what he was willing to do. We were young, we made mistakes, or at least I certainly did.

Claire: Maybe, but you’ve been here for me throughout this whole ordeal. You’re the best father I could have ever wanted.

Cole: Thank you. I want you to know your story. All of it. And neil was going to be a part of that story, and he helped your mother through a very tough time. And for that, I will always be grateful.

Victor: Claire… neil was… a truly good man, and a very trusted friend.

Nikki: Yes, we helped each other through some rough times.

Claire: It feels like every day I’m learning about or meeting people who touched my life in ways I didn’t even know about. I can’t wait to learn more.

Jack: Exactly how did things become dangerous?

Traci: Look, I’m– I’m struggling here because I– I– I’m trying not to break ashley’s confidence. She swore me to secrecy.

Billy: Okay, um, I think we all know that if our sister’s safety is a concern, we appreciate you wanting to keep a secret, but to hell with that.

Jack: Come on, out with it.

Traci: Ashley is having blackouts. She’s waking up in strange places with no recollection of how she got there.

Audra: It’s like I was talking to two different people. A frantic, scared little girl, and then seconds later, ashley on steroids. Just in control, above it all. That’s the one you got there in time to see.

Tucker: Hm.

Audra: And it wasn’t just a mood swing. It was jarring.

Tucker: Yeah. Seems like she’s getting worse by the day.

Audra: You know, she said she, or ashley, is planning to hurt you.

Tucker: Yeah, I just– I have a hard time believing she’d actually be physically dangerous.

Audra: Well, I assume she meant emotionally, like break your heart.

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Audra: I hadn’t even considered she might have plans to do you physical harm.

Ash: What do you mean? You’re going to pull tucker’s girlfriend into this mess?

Ms. Abbott: Mm-hmm. My plan is genius, so you stay out of it. Or I just might have to make you disappear for good.

Ash: You can’t do that. Ashley created me to protect her from you.

Ms. Abbott: Mm. That’s so sweet. I’m the only one that’s looking out for her best interests.

Ash: You’re going too far, and I’m going to stop you.

Ms. Abbott: I’m in control of this situation. I am stronger than you and even ashley. Just look at her. She’s so weak. She’s so vulnerable. Where would she be without me? When you have chronic kidney disease,

Summer: Seriously?

Victor: Oh, my goodness, chance and summer. It’s so nice to see both of you. You look so happy.

Summer: Oh, thanks…

Victor: My goodness.

Summer: …Grandpa, it’s nice to feel that way.

Claire: Hey, uh, how’s my new buddy, harrison?

Summer: He’s fine, thanks.

Nikki: Why don’t you join us at our table? It’s family night out, the more the merrier.

Summer: Uh, why not?

Cole: Oh, great, great. I’ll go get a table.

Victor: Uh, would you mind talking to granddad for a moment?

Summer: Absolutely, grandpa.

Victor: Thank you. So…

Summer: What’s up?

Victor: …Why do I get the feeling that you’re not all that happy with your new cousin? I mean, is it because of what I’ve told you about her?

Summer: You act like everything that happened is ancient history, but it was just a couple months ago that she tried to poison all of you, and now you’re here chummy with her?

Victor: I understand your concern. I really do. But just know that we all have decided to move beyond that, and I hope that you can too. And just remember, we’re all a result of our upbringing, and claire did not have too good of an upbringing.

Summer: Even so, anybody that could go along with a scheme like that, even if it wasn’t her idea, I just– I don’t trust her.

Billy: Ashley’s blacking out? Is she drinking?

Traci: I asked her the same thing. She says no. It’s different.

Jack: So, what exactly did ashley tell you?

Traci: Okay, remember I told you that she was out all night and didn’t come home?

Jack: Yeah, as adults do sometimes.

Traci: Well, after you left, she finally did come home. And she was a wreck! I pushed her to find out where she’d been, and finally she said that she couldn’t answer my question because she had no idea.

Billy: That’s not good.

Traci: No! Apparently she woke up in some seedy motel, alone, thank god, but she had absolutely no memory of how she got there, and no, pills and alcohol were not involved.

Jack: This is serious.

Traci: Yes! Thank you! Thank you for finally realizing that!

Billy: Okay, um, I feel like I’m playing catch up a little bit here. So, how long has this been going on for? A while or?

Traci: But I– I don’t know how long the blackouts have been happening, but I think we’ve all seen some pretty erratic behavior from her lately.

Billy: I mean, I have. I told you that I had a run-in with her at society, and she was acting like a child.

Jack: I had a similar situation with her here. She was binge watching sitcoms in the middle of the day. When I told her billy and i were both concerned about her, she told me to tell everyone to stop bugging her and leave her alone!

Traci: It’s time to take a look at the real possibility something serious is going on with her!

Daniel: I hate that i hurt you, and I understand why you wouldn’t want to see me or heather in the building.

Lily: I think it’s too late for regrets now.

Daniel: If you can find it in your heart just to let me carve out this tiny little piece, I will gladly walk away from the rest of omegasphere.

Lily: You know, you seem to think that you have some sort of say in this.

Daniel: I thought you understood where I was coming from.

Lily: Well, I mean, understanding your request and granting it are two different things. But lucy forgave you, heather’s back in your bed again, you’re one big happy family. So princess louisa served its purpose. And now, it’s just another game. And I own it. After cooking a delicious knorr chicken

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Ms. Abbott: Look at you. You can’t fight me. Go back to sleep.

Ash: No. You can’t make me. You’re not the boss of me.

Ms. Abbott: Oh, but I am.

Ash: No. Ashley. Ashley, please. No. Ashley. No.

[ Grunts ]

Ms. Abbott: Soon, he’s going to be gone for good. And then you’ll be safe. I promise.

[ Gasps ]

Ashley: Oh, my god, what the hell is this? Honestly. Yeah. It’s time for you to go, tucker.

Claire: It’s one thing to find out both of you wanted me, but the idea this man did too, how did that happen?

Victoria: I told you that your father and I were not together when you were born.

Cole: We were headed for divorce.

Victoria: And, um, then i started dating neil, and I found out I was pregnant with you.

Cole: And I didn’t know yet.

Victoria: Yes, but that’s because you were dating ashley. And like you said earlier, I mean, we were young and naive, and we– we didn’t always make the best choices. But when I told neil, he wanted to get married and he wanted to raise you as his own.

Claire: Did he really love you that much? Or was he just so generous to raise someone else’s child?

[ Victoria chuckles ]

Victoria: That is just the kind of man that he was. And if it had come to pass, you wouldn’t have been to him just someone else’s child. You would have been his.

Cole: And when I found out, I absolutely wanted to raise you as my daughter.

Victoria: Then, my appendix burst, and I was rushed to the hospital, and you were born.

Cole: And we thought that you had passed.

Victoria: And our grief drowned out anything else that had happened up to that point.

Nikki: I’m glad claire is learning about neil.

Victor: Yeah. You know, when I think of him, naming the lounge after neil was a wonderful idea. Keeps his name in everyone’s memory.

Nikki: Well, abby gets all the credit for that.

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: And you know, I do think that the dedication that we did at the gala really helped mend things between devon and lily. And neil would have been very pleased about that. Now, his children, his grandchildren have a place to go to remember him. And we all do. I– I miss him every day.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Especially at our aa meetings, but you know, I– I do feel his presence here. I mean, this room feels very, very warm and inviting. And… [ Exhales ] …It’s a relief to feel almost safe somewhere other than the ranch, you know?

Victoria: Are you worried about an uninvited guest?

Summer: You don’t think that jordan woman would show up here?

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no. She wouldn’t dare. No, and besides, we have our security detail. I am not going to let her get to me anymore. I am going to enjoy this family night out as best I can. After I powdered my nose. Excuse me.

Victor: Here, sweetheart.

Victoria: Uh, dad, mom seems a little skittish. Do you think maybe I should go with her?

Victor: Oh, just give her some time, okay?

Cole: May I have this dance?

Claire: Go ahead. I’ve never seen my parents dance.

Cole: Go?

Victoria: Yeah.

Chance: You want to take another spin?

Summer: Thought you’d never ask.

Claire: I saw you talking to summer. She thinks I’m a monster like jordan, doesn’t she?

Victor: If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about that. Because you will win over your cousin just like you have the rest of us.

Victoria: I’m sorry if bringing up neil to claire opened up old wounds.

Cole: I’m not. It’s good for her to see that people can change.

Victoria: She really has come so far.

Cole: We all have. And I don’t think we’d make the same mistakes today that we made back then.

Upbeat music

Victor: Thank you, simone. There you are.

Nikki: Well, it touches my heart to see your parents dancing.

Victor: Doesn’t it?

Claire: Yeah, they just fit, don’t they?

Victoria: Thank you for the dance.

Cole: Anytime.

Summer: Do we have to stop?

Chance: We can just sit here and sway in silence. That’d be kind of weird.

Summer: Weirder than making small talk with my new cousin?

Chance: Come on.

[ Summer groaning ] Come on.

Victor: And now… let’s all raise a glass. To see all of you together here makes me very happy, okay? So to family. And to the anniversary of my marriage to the love of my life. Cheers.

All: Cheers.

Audra: You know, the fact that you want us to make this commitment, the happily ever after of it all–

Tucker: Yeah, that’s what we deserve.

Audra: Yeah, but that’s a fairy tale. And we’re no prince and princess.

Tucker: Says who?

Audra: Every fiber in my being. And yours too, if you’re being honest with yourself. Look, like I said, tucker, we work because we aren’t traditional. Trying to fit into a conventional love story, it would break us. Hey. You want every day with me? You have it.

Tucker: Ah.

Audra: An endless adventure, I am all in. But just please, no labels or documents. No tiaras or– or diamonds, okay? Just you and me, that’s it.

Tucker: You sound almost superstitious about it. Like a– a marriage certificate would be the death knell.

Audra: For us? There is no doubt in my mind.

Tucker: Hm, and are you sure you’re not being swayed by all this drama with ashley?

Audra: No, I swear that’s not it. We’re in a good place, you and me. A great place. Now, was that a kiss of rejection or intense love?

Tucker: I think I need another one just to– just to try to figure it out.

Audra: Well, you’ll get plenty of that later. I am late to meet sally for a drink.

[ Tucker imitates sobbing ]

Tucker: You’re such a tease.

Audra: And that’s why you love me. See you later.

Tucker: Adios.

Jack: So, how did ashley say she was going to handle this?

Traci: Well, she didn’t, really. I suggested that she see a doctor, and one moment she was in agreement, she was terrified about the blackouts and really, really concerned about what was happening with her. And the next moment, she brushed everything off, and said there was nothing to worry about.

Billy: So, what changed her mind?

Traci: Nothing changed, just her attitude. We– we’ve got to step in. We’ve got to help her.

[ Door bangs closed ]

Ashley: Oh, dear, look at these faces, so grim. Who died?

Daniel: Well, I wanted to do this civilly, have a conversation about it, appeal to your better nature, but I guess, if you’re going to take a hard line, then, well, you leave me no choice.

Lily: What’s that supposed to mean?

Daniel: I’m going to be suing chancellor-winters for wrongful termination, and I’m going to demand that I get to keep whatever I want from omegasphere, the platform that I created.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: I mean, you can go ahead and try, but your contract is ironclad.

Daniel: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. You see, heather is going to represent me. She rarely loses, so, um… get ready for a fight. (Vo) welcome to lobsterfest. Is your party ready?

Victor: I thought it was a wonderful evening. I certainly hope that it provided some escape for you, my baby.

Nikki: Yes, it did. We never did get around to making any plans for the party.

Victor: It’ll be a wonderful party. Celebrating all our years together, and our years to come.

Nikki: You know, we didn’t eat anything at the lounge and I am starving.

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: Do you think you could ask the chef to make us a light supper?

Victor: That’s a great idea. I’ll be right back.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: Good idea.

Nikki: Just a sip at a time. Just to get me through tonight. And then ’til the party. And until jordan is caught. Then, I’ll be able to fight this. For now, it’s slow and steady. A sip at a time. A day at a time. I can do that. No one will have any idea.

Summer: Thank you for being a good sport and hanging out with my family. Even my new cousin. What? You want to say something.

Chance: No, it’s just– look, I got a good sense of people.

Summer: All right, what is your spidey sense telling you about claire?

Chance: That she’s trying very hard to get over her past, and to reach out to you. Seems like she wants a friend. Now, is it that hard for you to give her a chance?

Victoria: Thank you for bringing us home.

Cole: Hey, well, you know, thank you for including me with the night.

Claire: Yeah, it was almost a perfect night.

Victoria: Almost?

Claire: I get the sense that summer isn’t wild about me. Victor says I can win her over, but I’m not so sure. I hate the idea of having enemies in the family.

Victoria: No, I’m sure that summer won’t be an enemy.

Cole: You know, I think she just needs to spend more time with you to see just how great you are.

Claire: Well, I’m willing to try. But I can’t think of anything better than getting into my new bed right now. So, good night.

Victoria: Good night, sweetheart.

Cole: Night.

Claire: Night.

Cole: Well, uh, I should go, and let you turn in.

Victoria: Yeah, okay. Ah, well, um, thank you for coming tonight.

Cole: Yeah, well, thanks for the dance.

Victoria: Yeah, I haven’t done that in such a long time. It was nice.

Cole: It was nice.

Traci: Actually, we were just discussing our concern for you, ashley.

Ashley: So, you betrayed me. I told you something in confidence, and you just turned around, and blabbed away.

Traci: I am so worried about you. It was a secret I couldn’t keep. We can’t keep ignoring what’s going on with you. Your behavior is a cry for help.

Ashley: So, is that what this is? It’s a– it’s a sad excuse for an intervention?

Jack: It seems your condition is more serious than we knew.

Ashley: Ah, I have a condition now. How fascinating. So, I’m not allowed to have any kind of conflicted feelings or concerns at all? If I voice any kind of doubts or anything, that all of you think that I’m falling apart?

Jack: No, no one is saying that. If you’re having memory issues, if you’re blacking out, you need to see a doctor.

Billy: And I hope you can understand, we all have your best interest at heart.

Traci: All we want to do is help.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Billy: I got it.

Ashley: Okay, so this is how you help, by gathering together like this?

Jack: Let’s just–

[ Ashley scoffs ]

Ashley: Well, now, isn’t this just peachy? The gang’s all here.

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