Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

This episode is centered around Ashley and the Abbott family having an intervention to persuade Ashley to get help.

Audra has a long talk with Sally and tells her about Ashley’s strange behavior.

Tucker goes to the Abbott house to talk to them about Ashley’s conversation with Audra where she spoke about herself in the third person telling Audra she had to warn Tucker about Ashley. Tucker also tells Ashley that he asked Audra to marry him.

In Ashley’s mind, her alter ego (named Ash) begs Ashley to wake up so she can stop Ms. Abbott from killing Tucker.

Ashley lashes out at her family for bringing up their past addictions, but they all pointed out they all got help to get better. Jack finally decides if Ashley won’t get help they will bring the help to her. Jack makes a phone call to get Ashley professional help.

Tucker tells Audra that now that the Abbotts are helping Ashley he can put Ashley in the past. Audra tells Tucker she wants to be in a committed relationship with him but she doesn’t want to get married.

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