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At the Brady Pub, Steve works on his laptop. John arrives and asks if he got anything. Steve gives him bad news that he’s done several deep searches and nothing has come up yet, so where ever Clyde has gone is definitely off the grid. Steve still can’t believe Clyde got away and says he should’ve known that Ava would double cross them. John says he won’t make excuses for Ava but she obviously wasn’t thinking straight since she was worried about her son’s life. Steve argues that Ava going rogue led to Clyde and Goldman getting away while Tripp and Wendy could have been killed anyway. John questions how they know that Ava doesn’t know more than she’s letting on.

Harris gets up and joins Ava in the kitchen at her apartment. Harris comments on her letting him sleep in and they kiss. Harris asks how she’s feeling after quitting her job at the Bistro. Ava responds that she feels free for the first time she can remember and like her life belongs to her again. Harris calls that a great way to start the day as they continue kissing.

Konstantin joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and asks if she’s okay. Maggie says she’s been reconciling in her mind with the many sides of Victor. Konstantin says they all have their past but what’s important is the present. Maggie calls him a remarkable man. Konstantin responds that he’s inspired by her.

Alex goes to the Titan office and finds Theresa. Alex tells her that her performance at their meeting was very impressive and that it’s good to have her back. Theresa admits it’s great to be back in the office and seeing sales go up. Brady arrives and jokes about it being true that Theresa is back in the office. Brady tells Theresa that he was going to call her as he was wondering if he could talk to her for a minute about Tate and Holly. Theresa questions what Holly did to their son now.

Harris and Ava have breakfast together. Harris comments that she made him a believer in vegan bacon. Harris gets a message on his phone that the audit has been wrapped up at the Bistro, the books are clean, and there’s nothing linking Ava to anything illegal at all. Ava is relieved and acknowledges Stefan taking responsibility. Harris points out that it was either that or go down for attempted murder of a cop. Ava still can’t believe Stefan took the fall. Harris assures that he did and that means it’s over but he’s not sure that she really believes it. Ava says she wants to, but feels too many people know she was involved and that it wasn’t Stefan working alone. Harris encourages that no one will say anything and that Clyde won’t care who takes the fall. Harris insists that those who know, Tripp, Wendy, Steve, and John all want to protect her. Harris declares that Clyde can’t hurt Ava now, so she’s free to start her life.

John asks Steve if he thinks Ava knows something she isn’t telling them. Steve says it’s hard to say but he knows she wants Clyde to pay for what he did to Tripp. John points out that it is Ava. Steve admits that as soon as you think you can trust Ava, you can be quickly reminded of being a gullible fool. John decides they should talk to Ava again before Clyde hurts anyone else while on the run. Steve says they wouldn’t be able to live with that. Kayla comes over and questions what they wouldn’t be able to live with.

Brady informs Theresa about Tate going to see Holly even after they told him not to. Theresa is shocked that Tate lied. Brady adds that EJ and Nicole were there, so he told them that they have to keep Holly away from Tate. Theresa says they obviously see that Holly and Tate are totally toxic for each other. Theresa doesn’t understand why Tate wants to see Holly after all she’s done to him. Brady calls it teen infatuation but thinks as long as the adults are aligned, things will settle down as they are kept separate and it will all be good. Theresa hugs Brady and thanks him so much for handling this because she would’ve lost it if she was there. Brady admits he almost lost it but they have to do what’s best for their son as Alex watches on from the corner.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s still processing his relationship with Victor, questioning how they developed a friendship over the years. Konstantin claims that they were mortal enemies but even in their darkest moments, they felt like kindred spirits. Maggie remarks that she didn’t think she would ever fall in love again when she lost Mickey, but she did and Victor was her second chapter. Maggie says she couldn’t have been more surprised as Victor had a big heart and deep devotion for his family. Maggie declares that’s the Victor she knew and loved. Konstantin says that’s the Victor they should both remember.

Steve tells Kayla that he’s surprised as he thought she was going to work. Kayla thought she’d pick up some food on her way and questions what Steve can’t live with. Steve responds that he can’t live with the fact that Clyde Weston got away or that he’s still out there. John tells Steve that they got to get a move on for their client meeting, so Steve tells Kayla they will talk later. Steve tells Kayla that he loves her and then exits with John.

Maggie tells Konstantin that he is very kind. Konstantin says she brings out the best in him, as she did with Victor. Maggie says she and Victor needed and adored each other, but she’s still struggling with what she knows about Victor’s past. Maggie adds that seeing Konstantin find peace has given her hope. Konstantin says hope holds them together and shines light on what is to come. Julie walks in and screams that the place is turning in to a madhouse, then asks if she’s interrupting.

Theresa tells Brady that she was a handful as a teenager but not like Tate and Holly. They agree they have to be united. Theresa prays that EJ and Nicole are on the same page. Theresa realizes she has to get to a meeting. Alex tells Theresa that he will be cooking dinner for when she gets home. Brady questions if he missed something. Alex then informs Brady that Theresa moved back in with him.

Harris asks about what Ava is going to do next. Ava talks about dreaming of being a fashion designer as a kid but that wasn’t in the cards with her family. Ava says cooking is now her passion so Harris suggests culinary school could be her next move. Harris says that whatever she chooses, he will be there and cheering her on as he believes in her. Ava says that means more than he knows. They are then interrupted by a knock at the door. Ava assumes it’s the groceries but answers the door to see Steve and John. Ava questions what they want. They respond that they are there to talk about Clyde Weston.

Julie tells Maggie that she’s not complaining but she’s just a little tired. Julie says she loves Thomas and Charlotte but questions when spring break ends. Konstantin says it’s time for his morning walk and asks Maggie to continue their conversation later over afternoon tea in the garden which Maggie agrees to as Konstantin exits. Julie then questions what she walked in on.

Brady is surprised since Theresa said she was staying at the Salem Inn. Theresa explains that she was but then she ran in to Alex. Alex points out that Theresa never really moved out since half of her belongings were still there. Theresa repeats that she has to go and tells Alex that she will see him at home as she exits.

Steve tells Ava that they didn’t realize she had company so they can come back another time but Harris says if it’s about Clyde, he’d like to hear it too. John says they were going over everything and wondered if Ava remembered anything new. Ava wishes she did but says she wasn’t Clyde’s confidant. Ava says she wants Clyde caught and put away as much as anyone. Harris talks about law enforcement doing their best and points out that John and Steve are really good at their job, so the more eyes looking for Clyde, the better. Harris asks John and Steve to let them know if they find anything because he wouldn’t want them taking things in to their own hands. John claims they wouldn’t dream of it. Steve decides they’ve taken up enough of their time. Ava decides she’s going to get ready to start her day and heads to her room. Harris suggests they keep each other in the loop. Steve agrees while John asks Steve to go ahead as he wants to pick Harris’ brain about a couple things. Steve tells John that he’ll see him back at the office and exits. John asks Harris since they are keeping each other in the loop, if he can get a look at Goldman’s personnel file. Harris says they’ve scoured everything they have on her while John feels fresh eyes can’t hurt. Harris tells John that he already knows that’s against policy. John argues that it might help put Clyde behind bars. John says they have both worked outside the lines from time to time. Harris asks if her personnel file is all she needs. John adds that he also has a personal question for him about them that they both have in common. John calls it a shared experience and he’s talking about what Megan did to him. Harris says he tries not to think about that. John asks how that’s working out for him. Harris admits in the beginning, it wasn’t good, until he went to Bayview and that helped a lot mostly thanks to Marlena. John wonders if that’s enough sometimes. Harris asks what he means. John asks Harris if he’s afraid that he’s nothing but a ticking time bomb and that anytime, it could happen all over again.

After Maggie fills Julie in, Julie calls it terrible for Konstantin to lose his daughter that way and worries about the agony for John feeling responsible. Maggie comments on knowing that Victor played a part in it and says she’s had to dig deep in her feelings about who Victor really was. Julie calls Victor a complicated paradox but says Doug is too as he certainly has a past, but now he’s a model citizen and the most loving man she ever met. Julie encourages that Maggie brought out the best in Victor. Maggie says Julie has a gift for saying the right thing and lifting everyone’s spirits. Julie toasts to them knowing how to pick them.

Brady questions Alex about he and Theresa going from almost engaged to roommates again. Alex asks why not since it gives Theresa a chance to find her own place and claims there’s no hidden agenda, as he just wants what is best for her. Alex thinks Theresa has the ability to make serious waves in the company. Brady comments on Alex sounding like Victor there, so he’s glad that he’s pushing that legacy forward. Alex says finding out Victor was his father put another level of pressure on him, so he just wants to make him proud. Brady encourages that he thinks Victor would be very proud. Alex says he appreciates that and he’s happy to hear that Tate was exonerated. Brady talks about the challenges and wanting Tate to know what a healthy relationship is. Brady adds that he wants the same thing for Theresa which is why he’s warning Alex not to screw with her.

Theresa walks through the town square and runs in to Konstantin, who says he’s been trying to reach her but she never responds. Theresa argues that she’s been busy, the world doesn’t revolve around him, and she’s in a rush. Konstantin wants an update on her relationship with Alex. Theresa informs him that he’ll be pleased to hear that she moved back in to Alex’s apartment, but she’s keeping it strictly platonic as roommates in separate rooms. Konstantin says that’s for now. Theresa questions if she’s not moving fast enough for him. Konstantin responds that what he’s about to say might surprise her.

Steve brings flowers to Kayla in her office. Kayla questions what he did. Steve asks if he can’t just bring his wife flowers. Kayla says not unless he’s done something she won’t be happy about. Kayla adds that it was so obvious at the Pub that something was going on. Kayla asks Steve to talk to her. Steve says he hates keeping secrets from her but he doesn’t want to put her in a position of having to lie for him. Kayla argues that he knows she has his back and would do anything for him, so she asks him to tell her what’s going on. Steve tells her to sit down because it’s a long story.

Harris tells John that he’d be lying if he said it didn’t cross his mind that it could happen all over again, but working with the doctors and working on himself saved him. Harris says he has to live with what he did as that’s never going to change. Harris admits in the beginning, it was tough as he was so overwhelmed with the guilt. John asks how he dealt with it. Harris says he just kept reminding himself that those actions were not committed freely, so he wasn’t responsible for those actions. Harris can see that John is still struggling. Harris says it took him a long time to come to terms with his past. Harris encourages that John has to tell himself every day that it was not his fault and put the blame where the blame belongs on the people who tried to control him. Harris declares that they were victims, but to continue to not be victimized by them, he has to forgive himself.

Kayla can’t believe it and questions Steve, John, and Ava creating this whole hazmat incident as a cover to extract Clyde Weston from prison. Kayla goes over Steve breaking a dangerous criminal and convicted murderer out of prison. Steve says he was desperate and afraid he’d never see his son again. Kayla complains that he negotiated with a terrorist. Steve feels he had no choice because he knew Clyde would kill Tripp and Wendy if he didn’t do something. Kayla questions breaking him out of prison being the only option. Kayla adds that it’s not shocking that Ava double crossed him which Steve admits they should’ve anticipated. Kayla complains that Steve would trust Ava. Steve argues that time was not on their side and he thought he was going to lose his son. Steve knew it’d be dangerous. Kayla asks how he could do something so stupid.

Alex says that Brady has given him a lot of insight and advice in regards to Theresa. Alex feels his subtext was that a recovering addict is always on the verge of a relapse and now he’s telling him not to screw with her. Brady doesn’t want things to end badly for her and just wants her to be okay. Alex feels it just goes further than that with all his interventions. Alex believes Brady is far more interested in Theresa than just as the mother of his child. Brady assures that’s not the case as he wants Theresa to be stable as her life is complicated enough without involving Kristen. Alex questions why she’d have to deal with Kristen. Brady points out that Kristen is going to be around if she and Alex are dating. Alex points out that it’d be a plus for Brady because Kristen being around would drive Theresa right back to him. Brady repeats that he just wants the best for Theresa and that’s the extent of his concern. Alex says he’s not very convincing and he thinks Brady is lying to himself. Brady decides he should leave then. Alex reminds him that Theresa is back under his roof and whatever happens between them is between them. Brady says the notice is served loud and clear as he exits the office.

Konstantin tells Theresa that nothing attracts men like Alex more than forbidden fruit. Konstantin says he’s observed this over the years. Theresa mocks his expertise. Konstantin argues that they both know men like Alex will want what they cannot have, so she must create that illusion for him, so he will run right in to her arms and her bed. Theresa says she already knew that and that he’ll be pleased to know her plan is to slow burn until Alex is consumed by the flames of passion. Theresa then walks away.

Steve tells Kayla that he’s not proud of what he did and he wishes he hadn’t agreed to it, but it was an awful sudden turn of events and asks Kayla to try to understand that. Kayla can’t understand why Steve ever trusted Ava. Steve argues that he keeps telling her that he was desperate and thought his son was going to die. Steve adds that things would’ve been different if Ava came to him as soon as Clyde got his hooks into her. Kayla complains that she didn’t because Ava is incapable of thinking about anyone other than herself before it’s too late. Steve shouts that she doesn’t have to remind him. Kayla feels she obviously does because Steve was deceived by Ava again in the worst possible way. Kayla complains that every time they are sucked in to Ava’s vortex, they are the ones who suffer and Steve should know better, but he let it happen again. Kayla declares there is no damn excuse for that as she then storms out of her office.

Brady joins John in the town square and says he wanted to talk to him. John asks if everything is okay. Brady says there’s nothing to report but he knows something has been weighing on John and he feels he hasn’t been attentive. John says to forget about him and talk about something good for a change like Tate coming home. Brady calls that a big relief and mentions their plan to go to a Cubs game this weekend. Brady invites John to join them which John says he would love. Brady still wants to know how John is doing. John responds that he’s feeling a lot better today. Brady says he can see that in his eyes, like he finally found peace or something. John says that’s what he’s been praying for and he’s starting to feel like his prayers are being answered.

Maggie tells Julie how much she lifts her spirits and how she keeps her optimism even in the darkest of times. Julie says the alternative would be to sink in to despair. Julie says Maggie makes her faith in the human race rise because she is all heart. Julie asks Maggie how Holly is doing. Maggie says she’s fine, physically, but confessed that it was her drugs that she overdosed on and not Tate’s. Maggie says on one hand, she’s relieved that Holly is home and Brady and Theresa have that weight off their shoulders but on the other hand, she’s sad to know her granddaughter is using drugs. Julie encourages that they are all here for her and Maggie is not alone. Julie then points out that Maggie is not alone that often these days as she and Konstantin seem to be growing closer. Maggie confirms they are and says he’s become a very good friend.

Alex comes home to Theresa, who is folding her lingerie as part of her laundry which distracts Alex. Alex says he’s going to shower and then will start cooking. Theresa remarks that her mission is close to accomplished.

Ava comes back to the living room and kisses Harris. Ava asks what’s wrong. Harris says he was just going to his place to get some clothes for work and assuming he’s going to stay the night, so he will be right back. Ava tells him that he knows where she’ll be as he then exits. Ava then gets a phone call from an unknown number. Ava answers and it’s Clyde, calling from the park. Clyde says hello and bets that she thought she was rid of him.

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