Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 8, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Audra sits in her bed in Tucker’s hotel room. He calls from the shower for her to join him. She has a flashback to when he asked him to marry her. When he comes out, she is gone. Downstairs, Ashley’s teen personality orders a martini at the bar, but she tastes it and thinks it’s gross. She tries to force herself to drink it. She sees Audra and tells her that she has to warn Tucker that “she” is out to get him. She also says, “I’m not who you think I am.” Audra is very confused by whatever Ashley is saying. Ashley’s personality changes in front of her and claims that she’s just drunk because she had too many drinks and no food. Audra’s not sure what to think. When Tucker comes down, they all have a tense conversation. Ashley leaves. Audra fills him in on what happened.

Ashley goes back to her room and starts arguing with her other two personalities. We see them in a big white room with three beds.  The teen Ashley is sleeping, so she yells at her to wake up, saying they have to get something straight.

Chance meets Summer for drinks. He fills her in on Daniel getting fired, so she phones Daniel and leaves a message. They discuss Lily firing him for a minute. Chance is tense from work, so they go upstairs. She wants to give him a massage. This leads to sex, of course. They chat for a bit about Claire before heading back downstairs for the drinks.

Claire moves in to the tack house with Victoria. She’s very excited to be joining her family. Victoria is a bit upset because she’s remember her house that burned down. She tells Claire all about it, and how she’d imagined Claire being part of their family, too. Victoria lets her choose her own room. Claire still has the books Victoria gave her and calls them her “most prized possessions.” They hug.

At home, Nikki drinks some vodka and then hides it in her purse. Victor comes up and tells her that he heard that a man sent her a drink while she was at Society with Jack. She thinks Jordan had something to do with it. Victor wants to take a tropical vacation for their 40th wedding anniversary, but she insists that they have a big party, instead, and use it to trap Jordan once and for all. He thinks it’s very risky, but she talks him into it, so he arranges it. Victoria and Claire drop by, so she fills them in about the party. They were on their way to the Jazz Lounge and invite her, and Victor invites himself as well. He suggests that Victoria invite Cole, too, so she agrees.


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