B&B Short Recap Monday, April 8, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon freaks out about seeing ten toes on Sheila’s body as it goes into the crematorium (since he knows she only had nine). He tries to question the attendant about it, but the guy can barely understand what Deacon is asking and thinks he’s just upset about her being cremated. The attendant does tell him that they don’t add any missing appendages when they embalm the body.

Steffy and Ridge are glad that they don’t have to put up with Sheila any more. They discuss Finn going to the memorial. She hopes that’s the end of his connection to Sheila. Chief Baker arrives and lets them know that Steffy’s case is officially closed. They have ruled that she shot Sheila in self defense. Steffy and Ridge are glad to hear it.

Hope and Finn chat after the memorial. She compliments him as she says that he’s the opposite of Sheila. He compliments her right back and says that he thinks she did the right thing not to marry Thomas. She admits that she didn’t want to be like her mom and get married again, too soon. However, she misses Douglas. He asks her to promise that she’ll be open to the possibility of love with someone else. She agrees to that, and to get along with Steffy. He thinks that she can find love the same way he and Steffy did.


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