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by Michele & Cheryl

Nicole from Days

We loved watching Brady ripping into Holly when she confessed to the drugs being hers. She deserved to hear his wrath because she was willing to let Tate be in trouble for her lie. Just because she lied to protect Nicole doesn’t change the fact that she didn’t tell the truth. Tate suffered because of her yet she acted as if she deserved sympathy. She didn’t deserve any sympathy.

Nicole managed to make Holly’s confession about her. Holly was right about Nicole blaming herself for what she did. Eric also made it about Nicole by comforting her. Nicole didn’t deserve any comfort after what Holly did. Holly also didn’t deserve any sympathy for what she did. She knew what she was doing and didn’t care that Tate was “suffering” in rehab because of her. Holly may have had a change of heart but that didn’t change what she did to him.

Eric needs to realize where his priorities lie. He chose to comfort Nicole and Holly after the confession as if they were the victims. If anything, he should have comforted Brady about Tate being wrongfully accused of giving Holly drugs. We know Holly considers Eric her father, but he is related to Tate. Where was Eric’s loyalty to Tate? Eric acted as if he couldn’t care less about Tate’s situation. His concern was making sure Holly was okay.

It doesn’t say much for the police force that Xander was able to solve who shot Harris by looking at a computer, but they turned up empty. The police should have done the same thing Xander did and looked at the computer. Maybe Xander should join the police force since he figured out what happened based on looking at a computer for a few minutes.

Why was Julie so willing to help Stephanie after what happened between her and Chad? Chad is the one linked to Julie through Abby, yet she keeps showing loyalty to Stephanie. We get that Stephanie needs someone to talk to, but it doesn’t have to be Julie. She has plenty of relatives in Salem she could talk to about her problems with Everett. Why would Stephanie talk to someone linked to Chad?

As much as we think Holly deserved the wrath, she received for what she did to Tate, Theresa didn’t have a right to judge her. Let us explain. Theresa accused Xander of raping her and he suffered for it. She also got JJ hooked on drugs. Let’s not forget that she let Alex think he was Victor’s son. She also helped Konstantin kidnap Sarah and Xander’s daughter. This list is just some of the things she has done in the past which means she shouldn’t judge Holly for what she did to Tate. Now that Tate fell victim to false accusations, it’s wrong to lie. Theresa is such a hypocrite.

Stephanie must not want to be friends with Jada the way we are supposed to believe. If she wanted to be friends with Jada, she would have stayed away from Everett. Stephanie doesn’t have to be his support system just because he doesn’t have anyone else in Salem. If she’s going to stand by his side, she may as well get back together with him. What was the point of breaking up with him if she’s going to support him? It will serve her right if she finds out something about his past she doesn’t like.

We applaud Nicole for not letting Holly off the hook for lying about Tate. Nicole wanted her to apologize and held her accountable for what she did. Holly deserved to be held accountable for lying about Tate. We thought Nicole would have let Holly manipulate her into feeling sorry for her, but she didn’t. Nicole stayed strong and let her have it without being too rough on her. She managed to hold Holly accountable without flying off the handle. If Nicole did go off on her, Holly would have used that as an excuse to do something else.


Holly from Days

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