B&B Short Recap Friday, April 5, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy can’t believe that Hope is at Sheila’s memorial, even though Liam tells her that she’s just there to support Deacon.

Finn and Hope chat. He thinks that the memorial gave him some closure. He thanks Hope for being caring. He returns the favor to ask her how she’s doing (since Thomas and Douglas left). She’s trying to deal with the fact that she broke their hearts. She wonders what she should do next. He advises her to think about what’s happened in the past, and why, before she goes any further. He doesn’t think that she could ever really love Thomas, but he wonders if she would be happier making up with Liam. She knows that she has to think about her children and what she wants, but she thanks him.

Eric and Lauren toast the fact that Sheila is no longer a threat. Lauren visits Steffy to see how she’s doing after having to kill Sheila.

Deacon says goodbye to Sheila at the crematorium. He signs some papers and takes one last look at her before the attendant asks him if he wants to push the button. He does. Just as the body is going in, the sheet slips off the feet, and he sees that the corpse has ten toes. He starts yelling at the guy to bring her back and almost rushes into the flames to stop it. He keeps yelling, “Ten toes!”


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