GH Short Recap Thursday, April 4, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Terry tells Tracy her health is fine but, she thinks she may be clinically depressed and suggests she should go to see Kevin. Tracy doesn’t want to make an appointment to see Kevin, so Terry suggests that she get some exercise and socialize with people who have similar interests. Tracy celebrates her birthday by starting to ride horses again. Tracy tells Cody she will start riding twice a week.

Laura is happy because she finally got city workers to be included in General Hospital’s health plan. Trina tells Curtis she still misses Spencer very much. Curtis tells Trina grieving takes time, but she will find love again.

Josslyn tells Dex that being a cop is more dangerous than working for Sonny. Dex tells Jocelyn that he was invited to join the police force and they will take his military service in place of a high school diploma, so all he has to do is pass the test. Josslyn tells Dex she is reconsidering becoming a doctor.

Kevin and Laura notice a change in Heather after her surgery and consider getting her case reopened so she doesn’t have to return to prison. Portia gets very upset with Kevin and Laura for considering this and tells them that if they do this she will fight to keep Heather in prison for the sake of her family and the other victims of Heather’s crimes.

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