Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 3, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie ran into Everett at the Brady Pub. He told her about his first hypnosis session. She asked how it went. Everett said he saw something that scared him. Stephanie asked what he saw. He said he saw himself. Jada talked to Rafe about meeting at the Brady Pub. Xander showed Sarah the surveillance footage of the person shooting Harris. He told her about the pants the person was wearing. Xander said his pants were different from the shooter’s. He said he had proof that he didn’t know who shot him. Tripp comforted Wendy because she was dealing with PTSD from the kidnapping. Wendy told him what she was going through since the kidnapping. She said she noticed he was going through it. Tripp suggested that they think about happy thoughts. He said they would do something frivolous. Everett told Stephanie about his vision. He said he saw himself smiling and it frightened him. Stephanie asked what Marlena thought about it. He said he didn’t tell her. Xander gave Sarah his pants and told her the stripes on the shooter’s pants weren’t the same. Sarah told him they should go to the police. They went to the police station.

Stephanie asked Everett why he didn’t talk about his vision. Everett said he didn’t know why he didn’t talk to her. When Jada walked in the pub, she saw Stephanie with Everett. Wendy asked if low oxygen was the reason why they got married. Tripp said it wasn’t the carbon dioxide. He said they were saying things they were afraid of saying otherwise. Tripp said he didn’t regret anything he said that night. He asked if she did. Wendy said she didn’t. Rafe looked at Xander’s pants. Xander told Rafe that Harris’ shooter was wearing expensive pants. Sarah said the shooter had money. Xander asked if he could keep the money the shooter gave him. Sarah said the pants proved his innocence. Stephanie told Jada about her attitude towards them. Jada said they were being cozy with each other. Stephanie told her that Everett was in therapy with Marlena. Everett told Jada about a vision he had under hypnosis. He said he saw himself smiling. Jada said that sounded like his old self. Stephanie suggested that they leave, but Everett understood Jada’s hostility towards her. He told Jada that everything he said to her was true as far as he knew. Jada didn’t believe him. He said not remembering her agonized her. Stephanie asked her to have compassion for him, but Jada wasn’t interested. She said she was glad not to deal with him anymore. Rafe said he noticed the difference with the pants. He said it could be good news for Xander. Stephanie apologized to Everett for Jada’s attitude. Everett said he understood Jada’s attitude towards him. She wondered if Marlena could talk Jada into empathizing with him.

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