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Harris and Ava go to the Bistro and find it left exactly as it was when it was shut down with dishes on the table. Ava recalls sitting there with Wendy and Tripp when Stefan just strolled in after shooting Harris. Harris is thankful that Ava found him and declares that he’s alive because of her.

Tripp and Wendy sit together at home. Tripp asks if she’s okay. Wendy talks about making sure the door is locked. Tripp assures that Ava had a state of the art security system installed. Wendy apologizes for being paranoid. Tripp understands and calls her the bravest person he knows. Tripp adds that it’s not like it’s easy to just move past what they have been through, but assures that they both will. Tripp tells Wendy that he’s always there for her as he hugs her.

Stephanie goes to the Brady Pub and sees Everett seated alone. Stephanie greets him, so he invites her to sit. Stephanie asks how he is. Everett responds that he had his first hypnosis session today. Stephanie asks how it went. Everett calls it intense and reveals that he saw something that scared the hell out of him. Stephanie asks what him to tell her what he saw. Everett responds that he saw himself.

Jada joins Rafe in his office at the police station and asks if he’s ready to call it a night. Rafe says he can be convinced. Jada asks if he wants to go to her place or his. Rafe suggests going to the Brady Pub first as he’s craving chowder and a burger. Jada agrees. Rafe then gets a phone call and says he has to take this, so he’ll meet Jada there. Jada exits. Rafe then answers the call and asks if they found anything.

Sarah goes home to Xander, who excitedly shows her surveillance footage of Harris being shot. Xander explains that he compared the photo to a pair of fancy designer pants that cost a fortune while his pants are like $40 generic jogging pants. Xander points out that the designer pants have stripes thicker than his. Sarah asks how he can be sure since the police have his pants. Xander reveals that he has two more types of the same pair since they were on sale. Xander declares that he finally has proof that he’s innocent.

Tripp understands Wendy being anxious and scared after what they’ve been through. Wendy admits she’s hardly been sleeping at all and having a recurring nightmare when she does. Wendy notes that she heard Tripp shouting in his sleep too about being unable to breathe. Tripp thinks they need to rewire their brains with happier thoughts. Wendy asks how to do that. Tripp suggests a fun little date night and says that he has an idea.

Harris and Ava clean up the Bistro. Ava says she will cook dinner and suggests he turn on music and pour their drinks. Harris says he will keep her company and watch her cook.

Stephanie questions Everett saying he saw himself. Everett says he doesn’t know what it means as he flashes back to his vision of himself during hypnosis. Everett explains that he saw himself smiling but different. Everett says it’s like he saw a version of himself. Stephanie asks what Marlena said about it, but Everett reveals that he didn’t tell her.

Xander shows Sarah his pants compared to the photo. Sarah agrees that they are definitely not the same and calls Xander brilliant as no one else would’ve noticed that. They kiss and Sarah suggests they go see the police.

Rafe asks on the phone if they are sure and says he never knew what he would find. Rafe tells them to send him all the scans and thanks him as he hangs up. Rafe declares that this is going to get ugly. Sarah and Xander arrive. Xander tells Rafe that he has something that he needs to see. Rafe says it’s not a good time. Xander tells him it can’t wait and promises it won’t take long.

Stephanie questions why Everett didn’t tell Marlena what he saw so she could help him figure it out. Everett says he doesn’t know why and he just wanted to get out of there and go somewhere familiar for a drink. Jada then arrives and remarks that Stephanie and Everett are picking up right where they left off.

Ava and Harris sit down for dinner together at the Bistro.

Tripp tells Wendy that his brilliant plan is for them to play Jenga and talks about ordering them food, but notes her being distracted. Wendy reminds Tripp of something he told her in the hospital and reveals that she looked up that low oxygen levels could impair judgment. Wendy wonders if that’s why he proposed to her and she said yes. Wendy questions if that’s the reason they got married. Tripp assures it wasn’t the carbon dioxide and that they were saying things that they were already feeling but had been too afraid to say otherwise. Wendy supposes he’s right. Tripp tells her that he does not regret or take back anything he said. Tripp asks if she does. Wendy says no. Tripp brings up how Wendy talked about seeing marriage in her future. Tripp admits he wanted to make that happen for her when it seemed like their time was running out, but he wants that for himself too. Tripp states that while they were locked up, he realized more than ever how much he loves her. Wendy says she loves him too but feels like they skipped over a few crucial steps to jump in to wedding vows which is easy to do when you think death is just a few minutes away.

Ava and Harris have wine from the most expensive bottle in the Bistro. They toast to surviving. Ava says that when Harris was in the hospital and she didn’t think he was going to make it, she was beside herself because she thought she was going to lose the strongest, kindest, and most loyal person she has ever known. Ava declares that being loved by Harris makes her think that maybe she is okay if he wants to be with her. Harris calls Ava everything he wants and needs.

Xander and Sarah present Xander’s pants to Rafe. Sarah explains that the stripe in the photo is thicker than the stripe on Xander’s pants. Xander talks about the difference in price of the pants. Sarah points out that whoever setup Xander clearly could afford designer jogging pants. Xander adds that they also could put $40,000 in his bank account. Sarah argues that this proves Xander is innocent.

Stephanie doesn’t understand why Jada has to give them a hard time. Jada says she just made a simple observation that they are picking up where they left off. Stephanie gets that she’s angry but says they are trying to figure this out. Jada remarks that they have a whole lot to figure out. Stephanie informs Jada that Everett just came from therapy with Marlena. Jada calls that big of him. Stephanie explains that Marlena hypnotized Everett to try to access the things he can’t remember. Jada asks what Everett remembered. Stephanie tells him that he doesn’t have to answer if he’s not ready. Jada thinks she has a right to know since her life was greatly affected by the things he can’t remember. Everett agrees and says it’s pretty weird and won’t make sense to her, but he saw himself smiling which Jada laughs off. Stephanie suggests they should just go but Everett says it’s okay as Jada’s anger towards him is totally justified and he understands her skepticism about everything he says. Everett tells Jada that it may ring hollow but everything he has said to her since Valentine’s Day has been the truth. Jada agrees that it rings hollow as he’s claiming to not remember her or being married to her. Jada asks how he would expect her to react to that. Everett says he’d expect her to be as upset and confused as he is. Everett says for him, not being able to remember being married to her is not just confusing, but agony. Stephanie suggests Jada try to have a little compassion and support Everett instead of condemning him. Jada tells Stephanie that she can do that, but she’ll pass. Jada declares that she’s just glad she doesn’t have to deal with Bobby Stein anymore and that he’s all Stephanie’s.

Rafe admits he can tell the difference in the pants and tells Xander that this could be good news for him. Xander asks how it couldn’t be and what’s next. Rafe responds that they will get on it in the morning and tells them good job. Sarah credits Xander for making this happen. Xander says he was highly motivated by fighting for his life and family as he hugs Sarah.

Wendy asks Tripp about Allie Horton being his first love. Tripp calls Allie his first serious relationship. Wendy asks if there was anyone else before Allie. Tripp says he just had a crush on a girl in high school and asks Wendy who her first love was. Wendy says there was a guy named Cameron in her freshman year of college. Wendy says they dated for awhile, but then he found someone else and broke it off, so she was totally crushed at the time. Wendy decides that all of those past relationships led them to each other in this moment. Tripp says he’s so grateful for that. They agree to forget about the whole marriage proposal and go back to all the steps they missed. Tripp then asks her out on a date, right here and right now.

Harris and Ava finish dinner. Harris tells her that it might have been the best meal he’s ever had. Ava points out that they haven’t even had dessert. Harris jokes that he has a lot of ideas about dessert, but first suggests a dance. Harris reminds her that their first dance was at the Bistro, so they get up and dance together.

Xander and Sarah go home. Xander exclaims that they finally have proof. Sarah is proud of him for being determined to find it. Xander talks about Sarah believing in him all along and never doubting him. They say I love you to each other and kiss.

Stephanie tells Everett that she’s sorry about the way Jada went after him. Everett understands why Jada is angry. Stephanie questions Jada constantly being on the attack and wonders if Marlena could talk to Jada to get her to understand. Everett says he doesn’t even understand what’s going on with him, so he thinks the best thing for he and Jada is for him to stay away from her. Rafe joins Jada at the bar. Jada tells Rafe that she was thinking definitely his place tonight and suggests they get out of here right away but Rafe stops her and says he has some news that can’t wait.

Ava tells Harris that she wishes they could stay like this forever, but they do have to make a living. Ava says at least Harris has to be a detective. Harris points out that Ava is going to run the Bistro and asks when she’s going to reopen, but Ava responds that she’s not and declares that she’s done with the Bistro.

Tripp pours beer and toasts to Wendy’s sign language helping them get rescued. Wendy stops and says she can’t do the smell of beer after they were locked in the beer tank. Tripp understands that Joey thought it was funny to give them beer as a gift but it obviously triggered her very badly. Wendy says she’s been trying hard to stop the images in her head but she keeps seeing them in the beer tank and Goldman. Wendy says she remembers the feeling of not being able to breathe and starts to panic. Tripp encourages that she’s not in danger anymore but Wendy breaks down crying that she can’t keep pretending that nothing’s wrong.

Sarah puts Victoria to sleep. She and Xander talk about how Victoria reminds them of each other. Xander calls it amazing that they made a new life. Sarah says she’s so grateful that they did and that Victoria brought them back together. Xander says he’s so grateful for Sarah as they kiss.

Harris questions Ava not reopening the Bistro. Ava points out that the Bistro almost destroyed her life and almost killed Harris and Tripp. Harris says he understands but questions what else she’s going to do. Ava says she’ll figure it out and find another legit job. Ava tells Harris that she’s serious about never going back to that life.

Wendy apologizes to Tripp and says she will clean up. Tripp tells her to just talk to him. Wendy says it’s not right for her to act like she’s the only one who suffered through this when he was there too. Tripp tells her that she has nothing to be sorry for and he’s glad she let it out because he doesn’t want her bottling her feelings up. Tripp states that what they went through was terrifying and traumatic. Tripp says if he sounded like they could just move on, that’s not what he meant as he knows that’s not possible and he just thought a distraction might do good. Tripp says he’s the one who is sorry.

Everett tells Stephanie that there’s something he needs to tell her that she might not want to hear but it’s something he really needs to say.

Jada asks Rafe what news she has to hear right now. Rafe reveals that he got a call from an old friend of his that he used to work with. Rafe says he asked him to do some digging and he’s not exactly sure how to tell her this.

Everett tells Stephanie that he doesn’t know what’s going on with her but he knows that he loves her and believes they can get through this and that there is hope for them. Everett knows that’s a lot to take in but his feelings for her have not changed. Everett repeats that he loves her and that she’s everything to him.

Jada tells Rafe that he’s scaring her and asks him to just say what’s going on. Rafe reveals to Jada that her divorce papers were never properly filed, so she’s still legally married to Robert Stein.

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