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Well, when I called and told them to shut the place down, looks like they just threw their hands up and walked on out.

Now I sit in here. With Wendy and Tripp.

Stefan just strolled on in.

He had just shot you. And then I went out to loading dock and then That’s where I found you and

Thank God you did. Because I’m alive today because of you. Hey,

are you okay?

I’m just gonna go check the door again, I don’t Hey, hey, hey, the door is, the door is locked. Okay, you know that. I won’t When we were still in the hospital, before we even stepped foot in here, my mom had all the locks changed, she even had this, like, state of the art security system installed.

I’m sorry. I hate being like this. I’m not Usually paranoid or scared of my own shadow. Look, you have nothing to be sorry about. Okay? You are the bravest person that I know. I have hope. After what you went through, after what we both went through. I mean, it’s not like it’s easy to just move past that.

But you will. We both will. Gotta make it till we make it, right? Yeah,

definitely. I’m here for you, Wendy. Always, okay?

Hi. Hey. Hi. You wanna sit? Um.

So, how are you? Me? Uh, okay. I, uh, I had my first hypnosis. Oh? How’d that go? I don’t know, it’s sort of intense. I, uh, I saw something when I was under. Something that, uh,

scared the hell out of me. What? What did you see?

Tell me, Everett. I, uh,

I saw myself.

Hi, mister. Well, hi. Ready to call it a night? Well, I could be convinced. Your place or mine? Hmm. You know what? How about we go to the Brady pub first? Then we’ll decide, because I’m really craving a cup of chowder and a Brady burger. Hmm. You and me both.

Oh, man. I’m sorry. Um. Are they gonna take this? Do you know what, um, Is it alright if, uh, if I just maybe meet you there? Sure. Okay.

See you soon.

Hey Vince. Yeah. Did you find anything? What? Sorry I’m so late. Sarah! There’s a couple of lessons in emergency. Come here, quick, quick, quick. Check this out. Check this out. What is it? What? This is surveillance footage of Harris Michael’s unidentified shooter. When am I supposed to be noticing? Your pants.

Look closely, the stripes. I compared this picture To a photo of these fancy designer pants, and it’s a perfect match. Except, those pants are, well, they cost a bloody fortune, they’re like 2, 300, whereas my pants are like 40, generic, everyman, jogging pants. They’re just knockoffs of these. Okay. So, look very carefully at the stripes.

You’ll see the fancy designer pants, the stripes are thicker than they are on mine. Well, how can you be sure of that? I can be sure about what? Well, that your pants have a different stripe, a thinner one. The police have your pants, don’t they? Oh yeah, they do, but I have these. I have two more pairs of the same type, and here they are.

Remember when you were teasing me about my jogging uniform? Well, they’re on sale, so I’ve got a bunch more. Which means that Which means I finally have proof, Sarah. I’m proof that I’m innocent.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

When you look at me, okay? After what we both went through, huh? How could you not be anxious? Scared of your own shadow, as you put it.

You know, I know you haven’t been sleeping well. No, hardly at all. In fact, when I do finally fall asleep,

I keep having this recurring dream where I’m just, I’m banging on the steel walls of that tank and I’m crying out for help and no one comes. And then when I wake up, I feel my heart pounding out of my chest.

I heard you talking in your sleep too. Shouting, in fact, get me out of here. I can’t breathe.

I didn’t realize that.

Look, you know what? I think that. We need What? Is to rewire our brains with happier thoughts. Okay, I’m all for it. But how? I mean, aside from faking it till we make it? Well, we’ll do both, okay? But, uh, by the rewiring our brains part, what Just have like a fun little date night.

Okay. Yeah, we’ll do something light. Something totally frivolous. And uh,

I have an idea. Don’t go too far.

Alright, dishwasher is running, trash is out, and the kitchen is clean. Oh, is there anything you can’t do? If there is, I haven’t found it yet. Okay, you know what, there is one thing you cannot do tonight, and that is cook dinner. I’m doing that, so why don’t you, uh, put on some music and pour yourself a drink?

Okay, how about I, uh, pour two drinks and keep you company while you cook? Ooh, you wanna be my sous chef? No. No. No, I’m actually gonna watch. Oh. Because, uh, you’re very easy on the eyes, Miss Vitale. Hmm. Back at you, Detective Michaels.

I don’t understand. You saw yourself? What does that mean?

I don’t know.

It was, it was me. Uh, Smiling. But, Different. Different? How? Um, It’s hard to explain. Like, I saw myself. A version of myself. And, uh, it frightened me. Well, what did Dr. Evans say about it? Uh, I didn’t tell her.

Hey, now, look at the stripes on these. Yeah, the width. Now look at those.

They are definitely not the same. No, they’re not. They’re not the bloody same. Oh my god, Xander! Oh, you are so brilliant! Nobody else would have noticed that. Except a man that’s fine for his life. And his family. Oh my god, no, let’s go see the police. Come on, what are we waiting for? Are you sure? No, I mean, of course, I never knew what I was gonna find.

I just thought, Oh my god. Yeah. Yeah, please, uh, send me all the scans. Alright. Alright, thanks a lot, man. I owe you one.

Damn, this is gonna get ugly.

Sarah! Xander? Detective, I have something you very much need to see. Yeah, well, honestly, this is not a great time. Well, this can’t wait, but it won’t take long. But why didn’t you tell Marlena what you saw? So she can help you figure out what it meant, that’s what she does. I know, I know, I know, I just, uh, I don’t know, I don’t know why I didn’t want to tell her about it.

I just wanted to get out of there and go somewhere familiar and nurse a drink, you know? Well, well, well, look at you two. Picking up right where you left off. Wow. That looks and smells amazing. I’ve just made my famous pudinesca. It’s not a complicated recipe as you saw. Well, I mean, it looked pretty complicated to me.

But honestly, I didn’t know that mincing garlic could be sexy. Until I watched you do it. Oh. Wait till you see me grate cheese. Although this time I gotta admit, admission’s not gonna be free. Oh, no? What, uh, what form of payment do you take? Oh, well we’re cashless, Commander, and our credit card machine is down, so You’re gonna have to come up with some kind of way.

Uh, I got an idea or two.

Okay, so this is my brilliant plan. Jenga. Uh, and remember, if you knock over the tower and you don’t yell, Timber, you have to drink. Uh, and I also took the liberty in ordering us your favorite, well, our favorite Pad Thai with shrimp and some of those summer rolls that look like little friendly deep sea creatures.

First, the Wendy. Sorry, I You remember what you said when we were still in the hospital? I said a lot of things. Yeah, well, this one is pretty important. So, I looked it up. I’ll just, I’ll read it. Low oxygen levels can impair both decision making abilities and judgment. Right? So, why did you look that up?

Well, I looked it up because I’m wondering if that’s why you proposed to me. And why I said yes.

Trip, is that the reason you got married?

Why we got married? No. No, it wasn’t the carbon dioxide. No, it’s uh It’s probably closer to, you know, in vino veritas. I know we weren’t drinking alcohol, but our inhibitions were lowered, and so we were saying things that we were already feeling. Just, I’ve been too afraid to say otherwise. Right. I suppose.

Wendy, I, I do not regret or take back anything that I said that night. Do you? I don’t know.

Look, when you admitted to me that even though you didn’t like that your parents put pressure on you to get married young, you did see marriage in your future.

Well because it seemed like our time was running out, I, I wanted to make that happen. For you. I wanted that for myself too, when we were in that tank, you know, losing oxygen, losing our. They are mine, so I look over at you, and I realized more than ever how much I loved you. And I love you. I just, I feel like we skipped over a few critical steps.

Like we just jumped right into wedding vows. I mean, it’s easy to say till death do us part when When you think death is just 10 minutes away

2015 Barolo 98 points Somalia’s dream And it is the most expensive bottle in the house We deserve it Hey Well, cheers to that yes and To surviving,

you know, uh, Harris, when you were in the hospital and I didn’t think you were gonna make it. I was, I was kind of beside myself, as you probably know. Yeah. There were, uh, rumors. To that effect. The rumors were true.

Because I thought I was going to lose the strongest, kindest, most loyal person I have ever known.

The best person I have ever known.

And just, being loved by you, it makes me think that

maybe I am okay. He wants to be with me.

You’re not just, okay.

How can I put this, um,

Just everything I want.

Just everything I need.

Stylish. And very cheap. See, look. See the stripe? Yeah. The stripe in the photo is thicker than that stripe. The shooter was wearing these fancy designer ones. With the ones on your desk, mine, you can get them at your local mall for less than the price of takeout. So, whoever this was, whoever set up Xander, clearly has the funds to afford designer jogging pants.

Yeah, and to put 50k in my bank account. Speaking of which, uh, do I get to keep that? Because, you know, the money’s already there, and I figure the son of a bitch owes me for everything he’s put me through. Well, that’s for the court to decide. Well, so, what do you think? This proves that Xander’s innocent, right?

Jada, I don’t understand why you have to do this. Why you have to give us a hard time. What hard time? It was a simple observation. You two are picking up right where you left off. Look, I get that you’re angry, but we are trying to figure this out. Right. Well, you have a whole lot to figure out, God knows.

There is. And Everett, I hope you don’t mind my telling Jada that you just came from therapy with Marlena. Oh, uh, no, I don’t mind anyone knowing. Very big of you. She hypnotized him. To try to access the things that he can’t remember. Right. So, what did you remember while you were under hypnosis, Bobby? Okay, you know, you don’t have to answer if you don’t, you’re not ready.

Well, I think I have a right to know, considering my life was greatly affected by the things that he can’t remember. Nope, you’re right. You do deserve to know, so, um, I’ll tell you. It’s pretty weird, and it’s probably not going to make sense to you, but, um, I saw myself, smiling.

You saw yourself smiling?

Okay, forgive me, but man, that sounds like some grade A narcissistic Bobby BS to me.

Maybe we should just go, huh? You know what? It’s okay. Alright? Jada’s anger toward me is totally justified. And I understand her skepticism about virtually everything I say. Jada, this may ring false to you, or hollow, But don’t. But, ever since we first met here, at the Brady Pub, on Valentine’s Day, virtually everything I have said to you is completely truthful.

Yeah, well, since you barely have a nodding acquaintance with the truth, Bobby, you’re right. Every word you speak does ring hollow to me. I mean, you’re, you’re claiming to not remember me. To not remember being married to me. How would you expect me to react to that? I expect you to be as upset and confused by it as I am.

And even though you, you probably think I’m, I’m, I’m inventing some, some crazy excuse for having hurt you the way that, that you say I did. But for me, not being able to remember being involved with you, much less married to you, it’s not just confusing, it’s agony. There’s no other word for it.

Maybe you could try to have a little compassion, Jada, and support him instead of condemning him. How about you do that? I’ll pass. All I can say is I am just so glad I don’t have to deal with Bobby Stein anymore. He’s all your stuff.

I will admit, I see a difference. This could be good news for you Xander. Why could it not be? It’s not what’s next. Well, we’ll get on it in the morning. Good job, you two. No, no, it was Alexander. He made this happen. Well, like I was telling Sarah earlier, I was highly motivated. I was fighting for my life and my family.


Ali Horton, she was your first love?

Well, she was my first choice. Serious relationship. And before Allie? Was there anyone else? Oh yeah, there was this girl in high school I had a major crush on.

What about you? It was your first love. Was the guy Samir the skateboarding phenom? Okay, no. It was not Samir. I already told you, I was nine. So we were just best friends, that’s all. So, where’s love?

Freshman year of college. It was this guy, Cameron. We met in a cyber security elective. And, uh, we dated for a while. That was totally smitten. But then, he found someone else. And he broke it off. And, yeah, I was totally crushed at the time.

You know what? All of those relationships, all of them that fizzled out, they all led us to each other. For this moment. And I am so grateful for that.

And Wendy, if our love is real, it’ll last, right? Yeah, definitely. So how about this? We forget about the whole marriage proposal slash wedding in the beer tank and just go back to all those steps we missed. Sounds like a plan. Okay, more than in that case, Wendy Shannon. Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?

Right here. Right now.

Mm. Wow. Ava, that might’ve been the best meal I’ve ever had. Elso, uh, is that, did I say it right? That’s perfect. Mente. . Oh, I said it perfectly. Yes. No ban, but me and Mario, you know, we haven’t even had dessert. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of ideas about dessert. Oh, yeah. Mm-Hmm. . Mm-Hmm. the, uh, kind of dessert that is. Very low calorie.

Oh. Oh, you mean the kind that might actually burn calories? Yes, that kind. But first, I think a, uh, good transition to dessert would be a dance. Okay, if you recall, our first dance was here at the bistro. And, um, I do have two left feet, so Yes, I do remember that. I have a vague memory of that. But, you know, since you are perfect in every other way, I will definitely put up with those two left feet.

Mm hmm. Well, in that case, may I have this dance? Yes, you may. Oh, oh, oh.

Finally, Sarah. We have proof. Yes, because you were determined to find it, and I’m so proud of you. Sarah, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you never died to my innocence. You, you believed me all along. God, I I love you too.

I’m sorry about that. The way Jada went after you. It’s okay. I get it. I understand why she’s angry. I mean, why would she be? Yeah, but to constantly go on the attack. Do you think Marlena could speak with her? Maybe she could Get her to empathize a little bit and understand where you’re coming from. I mean, the thing is, I don’t understand where I’m coming from or what’s going on with me, you know?

So, I think that the best thing for me and Jada is for me to stay away from her. I am. Hey, you. So, I’m thinking definitely your place tonight. How about we get out of here right now? Uh, yeah, hold on. Hold on, because, um, I’ve got some news. Can’t it wait? No. Can’t.

I just, I wish we could stay in this bubble forever. Who says we can’t? Well, we do have to make a living. Well, you thought about that, figured it out, detective me. Not so much. What are you talking about? You’re going to run this place. When are you going to reopen? Oh, I’m not. I am done with the bistro.

And now, I’d like to make a toast.

To sign language. Because of your brilliant, timely proficiency with it. Helped us get rescued. Okay, just sign language.

No, I’m sorry. I can’t do this. I can’t. It’s the smell of the beer. I just can’t. I can’t. I’m sorry. I’m the one who’s sorry. I Joey thought it was funny to send a spirit, but you know, it’s not, it’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. It obviously, it obviously triggered you very badly. I’ve been trying so hard.

To stop the images in my head. But I can’t. No, I just keep seeing us in that beer tank. I keep seeing Goldman. And then I, I remember that feeling. That feeling of not being, not being able to breathe. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. Yes you can, you can. Win, you gotta home, you’re home, you’re not in danger anymore, okay.

I feel like hell, I feel like, I can’t just, I can’t just keep pretending like nothing’s wrong! I just can’t. Yes! So?

Our little angel is fast asleep. Yes. It’s so funny, isn’t it? Like, she’ll go from being wide awake and laughing and crying and just filled with baby energy, and then slowly her little eyes will start to close. When she’s laughing, which is pretty much my favorite thing that she does, she really looks and sounds like her mom.

See, and she reminds me of you in so many ways. Really? What ways? Your expressions. The way she knits her brow right before she’s about to cry, That knowing look that she gives me right before I’m gonna give her a bottle. It’s amazing, isn’t it? We made this life. This sweet, beautiful life. I’m so grateful we did.

She’s, she’s everything. And because she brought us back together. As she did. What’s that expression? Life is what happens when you’re making other plans. Well, I’m so grateful that life happened and I’m so grateful for you.

What? What do you, what do you mean you’re not going to reopen? Look, this place, it almost destroyed my life. It almost killed you and my son. No, I get, I get it. I understand. And of course I want whatever’s best for you, but you. What are you gonna do? I will figure it out. You know, I’ll find another job, a legit job, in case you were wondering.

I’m serious, Harris. I am never going back to that life. Never.

Trip. I’m so sorry, I’ve all, I’ve picked this all up and No, no, you won’t. Okay? Just Just talk to me.

It’s not right. I mean, here I am acting like I’m the only one who suffered through this whole thing, Tripp. You were there too. Wendy, you have nothing to be sorry for. Okay, not for knocking over the Jenga tower, not for anything. Okay, and I’m glad you let that out. I don’t want you bottling any of your feelings up with me.

What we went through? It’s terrifying. It’s traumatic.

If it sounded like I thought we could just move on, like it didn’t happen, that’s not what I meant. I know that’s not possible. I just thought that distraction might do us some good.

So I’m the one who’s sorry. Steph, um,

There’s something I need to tell you. You may not want to hear it, but it’s something I really need to say. Uh oh. What’s this news that I need to hear right now? I got a call recently from an old friend of mine. We were at the academy together, uh, later on. He went to law school, started a private practice just outside of Seattle.

And, um, anyway, I, uh, asked him to do some digging for me.

Well, I’m not exactly sure how to tell you this.

I don’t know what’s going on with me, but what I do know is I love you, and I believe that we can get through this. I believe there’s hope for us. I know that’s a lot to take in, given what’s, what’s been going on lately, but My feelings for you haven’t changed. I love you, Steph. You’re everything to me.

Rafe, you’re scaring me. What’s going on? Just say it. So, your divorce papers? They were never properly filed.

You’re still married to him. Legally, you are still Mrs. Robert Stein.

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