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I am so glad that you showed up to my door last night. I’m so glad you let me in. Yeah, well, you know you’re pretty hard to resist.

Okay, it is almost four o’clock. I think we should actually get out of bed today. Get what? Get out of bed? We already walked all the way through the living room to pick up the food that was delivered. Hmm. Yeah, that’s true.

You have somewhere else you gotta be right now? Nope.

My son is safe. My business partner You got somewhere else you’d rather be right now? Oh, definitely not.

Hey, beautiful. Hey. You look tired. I’m beat. I thought business would slow down after Easter, but it is so crazy busy. Which is great, right? Yeah. Yeah. And you know that now that mama is healthy and in remission. Thank goodness. Yes. Yes. Um, I have to start focusing on the bakery again. And, um, I’m basically here on my own right now.

I let two of my staff take off and, um, You know, they were, they were just working so much overtime while I was in the hospital. So you’re a good boss. Well, I am also a boss who’s great. Is over what? Mm-Hmm. already. I feel like I just got here. Sorry, boo. But I gotta take some bread outta the oven, but I will be here for a little while longer.


Hey, Julie. Oh! Oh, Stephanie. Oh, honey. I’m so glad you’re here. And thank you for being willing to help. Oh, I’m honored to be asked. Well, I decided that we needed fresh young eyes on the house project. I wanted to have new life, but I still wanted to say, welcome home. I’m, I’m in. I love interior design. I watch those home makeover shows all the time.

Decades ago, and I mean decades ago, I had a small antique shop. I did a whole lot of interior design. It was always so much fun. I thought of you, I thought perhaps you could use a pleasant diversion to take your mind off a certain journalist we both know.

Everett. Hello. Sorry, um, I hope I’m not late. No. You’re right on time. I’m so glad you’ve decided to try hypnosis. I’m hoping that, uh, we can get some clarity on your past. Actually, um, I think it was a mistake coming here today.

Hey, baby. Brought you some flowers for Easter. I know they’re a little bit late. I’m sorry.

So, um, I took the kids for a Easter egg hunt on Sunday over at the Kariakis Mansion. And, um, Maggie hid all these plastic little eggs around the grounds for the kids to find. And, uh, I put these little, little candies in them.

Of course, it turned into a competition. Thomas won. Yeah. Charlotte cried. She’d have been there. It was actually kind of hilarious. But Thomas ended up sharing with her in the end. So it all, it all worked out. Yeah, we had fun. Can you believe we’re living at the Kiriakis mansion? It’s just,

it’s crazy, right? Good news is the Horton house is being renovated. So we should be, we should be back, back home soon.

I miss you so much.

I’m sorry. Um, I’m sorry.

The man who took you from us, he escaped.

And it’s all my fault.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Funny, I was lying in bed last night trying to Not to think about that certain journalist we both know. And my mind pretty randomly wandered to, of all things, that time capsule that you found and couldn’t open. I still can’t open it. And I’ve been obsessing over where is the key and what could be inside the time capsule.

And I’m afraid that key is just gone with the wind. That’s gotta be one funky key. Oh, I prefer to think of it as unique. Like my grandfather. I’m sure he wanted everyone in the family to gather and figure it out and solve it like a puzzle. Maybe you could get some ideas online. Post a picture of the box.

Use the internet, what a good idea! Oh, yes! I could help you with that! Oh, sweetie. Not now. Thank you, but not now. I’ve decided I’m not going to obsess on the time capsule. I’m going to devote all of my focus to this, to the house project,

because I know that my grandparents would want this place to, to be ready for all the generations to come.

This is all on me. It is. I mean, if I, if I hadn’t have interviewed Clyde for the, You know, I put his picture in the paper. He never would have retaliated. I

pushed him. And I, and I, you know, I put the whole thing in motion. I mean,

you know, I,

I just wanted to make him pay. For what he did to you.

You know.

Instead, he tried to kill our babies.

Our babies.

Our family. He

sent a henchman to, uh, torture our home.

That was your great grandparents house. You know, he

He spent all of your happiest days as a child there.

I let you down, baby. And I let your family down.

And now, you know, Clyde Weston escaped.


I’m gonna make it right.

I promise you, Abby. I will make it right.

There are a lot of misperceptions about hypnotherapy. I don’t know if you’ve read much about it. I have. Pretty good deal. I know that, uh, I’ll have access to my free will, more or less, and that, uh, I’ll remember everything afterwards. Yeah, that’s accurate. And what we try to do is access parts of your memory that maybe haven’t been available to us.

But that’s what freaks me out, Dr. Evans. I mean, part of me definitely wants to know the truth, you know? But, uh, As I told you the other time that we discussed this, Another part of me is Afraid of what I might find out. I understand. You will be right here with me. You’ll be safe. And if at any point, You don’t feel able to go on, we will stop.


let’s give it a shot.

What are you thinking? I don’t want to ruin the mood. What? Come on, tell me.

Clyde and Goldman are still free. And we don’t know where they are or if they’re coming back. Yeah. For you. For Tripp. And Clyde really wanted his freedom, so I wanna think that he’s not gonna jeopardize showing his face around here anytime soon. Alright, listen. Clyde has a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them.

It’s true.

I’m gonna join the manhunt as soon as I can. What? Okay. Yeah. Not today. No, not today.

You know, you’re healing. You’re healing really fast. It’s like you’ve almost got all your strength back. Yeah, almost. I’m actually pretty impressed by your stamina. Well, I aim to please ma’am.

But, you know, before we get into another round, I’m kind of hungry. Should we, should we order some more food? Order? Wait, wait. You, you, you forget, sir, that I am an excellent cook. Well, no, I have not forgotten. Okay. I just didn’t want to impose. Okay. Well, no, no, no. You know, cooking is one of my greatest pleasures.

So you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna go in the kitchen. I’m gonna whip something up for you. Don’t move a muscle.

Okay, the front doors are locked. Good. No more customers. So you ready to go? Just about. I just have to wrap this bread. Oh, damn. What? I just got a big order for tomorrow, so, um, I’m gonna have to prep for it now. Or, maybe you could just say, sorry, no, it’s too late in the day to start a new order. No, if I do that, then tomorrow morning is just gonna be a nightmare, so I have to do it now.

But, I don’t want you to have to wait, so how about you head home, and then I will catch up with you later. Well, maybe I can help. You. You’re gonna help me bake. Well, I’m no baker, but I could follow directions, I’ll wash the dishes, tidy up. Yeah, thank you, but I can handle it. Come on, give me a shot. Look, you get some extra help, I get to spend a little extra time with my wife.

It’s a win win. Oh, okay. But do not distract me by looking at me with those big brown bedrooms. See, see, no, don’t do that. Okay, fine. Maybe I could, you know, if it helps, I could wear a flower sack over my head. Yeah, that actually might help. It’s fine. You know what? I can resist. I have willpower. Alright, come on.

Let’s get to work. Okay. That might be a little too contrasty. You hate it. Okay. Okay. What’s the bar? Oh, hey. This is me. Hang on a sec.

Oh, it’s from a potential new client, which is good. I could use the business, especially since I’m dropping the spectator. You are? Why? Well, I’m thinking about dropping it. I, I haven’t decided yet. Because of Everett? Yeah. Or Bobby. Whatever his real name is. Oh, honey. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I admit, it’s very upsetting.

And it’ll be even more upsetting if it turns out it’s true that Everett was dating me on the side while he was married to Jada. No, he wasn’t. Yes. And now she can’t stand the sight of me. Oh, it wasn’t your fault? She accused me of missing the signs. Clearly Everett was hiding something big and I chose not to see it, she says.

Now maybe she’s right. Julie, maybe Maybe I did ignore what was right there in front of me the whole time.

You’re doing just fine. With every breath, double your relaxation.

Let all the tension flow out of you.

I think you’re in a safe place now. Can you tell me where you are?

Yeah, um,

there’s a gazebo. Okay. And a stream, a brook.

Alright, are you, are you there alone? Is anybody with you? No, I’m, I’m not alone. My mother is there. Helen.

Tell me about your mother. She’s, uh, She’s wonderful.

Elegant. Strong. She, she likes to bake. She’s wearing, um, an apron. And her hands are, are, are full of flour.

Is she sitting beside you? She’s, she’s looking out at the water.

She’s smiling.

Is there anything you’d like to talk to her about? Anything you’d like to ask her? Everett?

Everett? She’s there. You can ask her right now.

Why’d you do it, Mom?

So, Mrs. DiMera, where do we start? Well, Mr. Dupree, I’m glad you asked. Okay, so, cooking is An art, so it allows for improvisation and imprecision. Kind of like making a movie. Right, right. But we are not cooking. We’re baking. Which is a science. So, it calls for a step by step process of precise amounts of ingredients, timings, and temperatures.

Oh, so you’re a scientist. I’m impressed. Why, thank you. Alright, alright. First, I would like you to preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Yes, chef. Oh, well, technically I’m not a chef. Okay, then what should I call you? I don’t know, how about wife? Or babe? I’ll go with wife.

Stephanie, you cannot blame yourself for Everett’s lies. You didn’t know what was going on. And you were devastated when you found out he’d been married to Jada. Yeah, I was. And the timing couldn’t have been worse. See, I was just starting to think that maybe Everett was the one. Again. And then everything blew up in my face.

Again. How do you feel now? I feel confused. Angry. Really angry. Actually, I’m furious. Just when I thought that I could trust him again, that we might have a happily ever after, boom, this happens. And then I feel guilty. For being mad, like, why am I being unsympathetic to what Everett’s going through? Forget Everett.

Forget Everett’s problems. Darling, this is the time when you certainly should be thinking about yourself and taking care of yourself. And you’re not alone. I mean, you got the family. Lean on us, please. I will. And when the truth comes out, and it will, And whatever it is, we’ll get you through it. Hello? Hey.

Ah, hello darling. Good to see you two here. But I didn’t expect to see you. I thought you were coming by tomorrow. Uh, yeah, no, I was, but um, uh, I was supposed to come by and check out the, uh, Thomas and Charlotte’s remodeled bedroom. Oh, right. Yeah. So it is now a good time. Wonderful. Yeah. Oh, perfect. Great.

Yeah, you go upstairs and look around and have an opinion, and then come down and share it with us, and you can help us look through all of these fabric swatches. Ooh, can’t wait.

What did you do it, mom? Why did you do it?

Everett, you’re safe.

You’re safe right now. Nobody’s going to hurt you. No. I’m not. I’m not safe. That

hits the spot right there. I’m glad. I haven’t been grocery shopping in a long time with everything going on, so, uh, It was either French toast, or egg salad sandwiches, or scrambled eggs with toast. Well, you know what? All of that sounds good compared to the hospital food that I was just eating. You know what sounds good to me right now?

Hmm? Mmm, fresh pasta. What? Yeah. Don’t tell me you’re craving my seafood linguine. Oooh. Well, that would be heaven. But, uh, Hey, you know what? We should, um, We should go over to the bistro since it’s closed now and operations were shut down. We could have a little private dinner, you and me. I mean, it’s clean, it’s fully stocked.

What do you say? That sounds like a, That sounds like a plan. Okay. Then I’m going to be the chef, and I’m going to pick out the menu. Okay. Deal. But I just want you to know that I’m a very tough food critic. Oh. Oh, I see. Okay. Well, um, let’s see. I can guarantee that it is going to be Savory. Succulent. And very satisfying.

You know, actually, um, Who needs a fancy meal When you are all of the above.

You know, sometimes I still forget that we’re married. That’s right. I mean, we didn’t have much time as newlyweds with everything that’s happened, and as magical as our night was in the Salem Inn, that does not tick off the honeymoon box in my book. Well, we could go back to Italy. I could come and do the demerit jets.

You know I can’t go to Italy right now. I know. I know. You gotta stay close to home for a while. Yeah. Yeah, but as soon as the time is right, we will definitely take that trip to Italy. But in the meantime, how about we take Sarah up on her offer for the Horton family cabin? I mean, it is secluded out there on Smith Island.

Relaxing, peaceful. Nobody else around? Just the two of us? Sounds perfect. How soon can we go? I don’t know. I was thinking drapes. But is elegance passe? Is it old fashioned? No, not at all. It can be really beautiful. The kids are gonna love the remodeled bedroom. I mean, there’s even more space than there was before.

Well, there’s no furniture in the room and no children and no toys. Oh, yeah, that’s right. No, none of that. Uh, why don’t I, uh, bring us a snack? I have tuna sandwiches and fruit in a cooler. I Sounds amazing. Okay, I’ll be right back.

So, the kids must be anxious to move back in here. Yeah, they can’t wait. I mean, the Kiriakis place has been great. And Maggie dotes on him, as you can imagine. Oh, I definitely can. So, any, um, updates on, uh, Everett or is he going by Bobby now? Actually, I met with him yesterday to talk to him about hiring a new PR firm for The Spectator.

What are you talking about? You’re terrific. You can’t leave us. Thank you, but I feel awkward staying on. I’m sure you understand. You want me to fire him, again? Don’t do that. At least not yet. Okay, well, tell me when.

Um, what do you think about the house? It’s great. Yeah, no, it’s amazing. And, uh, I mean, you know, I obviously feel responsible for everything. For the fire. And, uh, it just breaks my heart that Doug and Julie had to go through all this. But it didn’t have to happen. It wasn’t your fault, Chad. Oh, yeah, it was. My egg busted on.

I mean, I practically taunted him into doing all of this. The man’s a lunatic. It’s a monster. Everybody knows that. Okay. I still feel responsible, so what do you want me to do? You know, for the fire, for, for, uh, him escaping, you know? I know it doesn’t make any sense, but, uh, you know, I went to talk to Abby about it at her grave site, which You know, I, I, I guess saying that, you know, maybe it sounds crazy, but, uh, You know, I mean, he’s the one that took her from us, so I don’t know, maybe it isn’t, but, you know, Thanks to me, who knows what other harm he’s gonna cause.

God only knows what he’s gonna do next.

Everett, tell me what’s happening.

I know you can hear my voice. Tell me what you’re seeing.

Nothing. Just, uh, A darkness.

Okay, that’s good. That’s good. Can you find a light? Can you find your way into some light? Just I can’t. Okay,

okay, okay, that’s enough. We’re gonna end now. I’m gonna count to three and when I do, you’re gonna be wide awake. Relaxed. Refreshed. You’ll remember everything we’ve talked about. One. Two. Three. Open your eyes.

Okay. Good. You’re right here. You’re right here with me. And you’re safe.


would you tell me what you remembered?

I remember.

I’m sorry, um, I, I, I don’t know. All right. You said that you saw Some darkness. And something was disturbing after you saw your mother, is that right? Uh, I’m not sure. She’s kind of fuzzy. How do you feel now? A little shaky.

We made a very good start today. Clearly there’s something bothering you, something blocking you from going forward. We could deal with that in our next session. If you’d like to? Yeah. Definitely. Good. You let me know if you have any, any memories at all. I will. I, uh, I should probably get back to work. Um, just have to get going.

But, uh, thank you so much. And, uh, I’ll, I’ll set up another appointment.

I hope it helped ease your mind. Going to visit Abigail? Yeah, yeah, I did. It’s not your fault for what happened. You know that, right?

Everyone’s safe. The house is still standing. And before long it’s gonna be as good as new. Your family and your friends care about you so much. Lean on us. Okay. Thank you. And you too. I mean, I know, I know you’re going through a rough time as well, so. Here we go. Uh, Julie, I, I’m so sorry. I’ve got to run, actually.

I, I’m going to go meet that, um, new client that I mentioned. Okay, uh, sandwich for the road. And how about an apple? Love it. Thank you. Thank you. Um, keep me posted on design choices. Oh, of course. Of course I will, dear. Bye, John. See you, Steph. You

don’t look too happy. Talk to me.

It’s just, um, I’m just so sorry about the house. I mean, it’s all my fault. Julie, it’s all my fault.


Oh, so you don’t need a fancy meal, huh? Uh, maybe we need some nourishment. We have been burning calories. Yeah. I do so enjoy burning calories with you.

You know, I do have a feeling is that we’re going to be burning a lot more of them too. So, uh, you want to go to the bistro? Go there and just rejuvenate. Yeah, let’s do it. But I feel like I should shower first before our dinner date. I feel kind of sweaty. Yeah. Well, you know, calorie burning will do that to you.

And you know, I have been just as active as you are. So.

Ergo, I think that I need a shower too. You say, did you say ergo? I did. Mmm, I like your logic.

Wait, wait, wait, right here in the kitchen. Yeah, sure, why not? Because it’s a health violation. And you know that I’m already in the doghouse with the health department. Thanks. Okay, so we wait. We wait. Or, I have a few, uh, big, soft flower bags. Still on their pallets, in my storeroom. Uh, flower bags? Would that not also be a health code violation?

Not if we throw them out afterwards. I like the way you think.

Hey. Hey. Hi. You’re Cyd?

So, how are you? Um,

I had my first hypnosis session today. Oh, yeah? How’d that go? Uh, intense. I saw something when I was under something that scared the hell out of me.

Chad, you’ve got to let it go. I’ve made, uh, such a mess of everything, Julian, you know. Now Clyde’s free. Nobody blames you for the fire. Well, I did. For a nanosecond, but I was wrong, I was really wrong. Look at me. Chad. Say, I am not to blame for the fire. Say it. Chad! I’m not to blame for the fire. Good. And now, second, I am not responsible for the criminal actions of Clyde Weston.

Do you have to say that out loud to me, too? No. Good.

I went to see Abby today to apologize. Oh, honey. My mother struggles, Julie. You know, sometimes I, um, I think I’m doing my best to raise these kids without their mother, and then other days I feel like I’m

I’m failing. And today is one of those days. I just I miss her so much all the time. Baby, we all miss her. This isn’t something you can do alone. Don’t you know how the family loves you? Supports you and the children? Why do you think I want to build this house back up again? Because it’s, it’s something that we all have a constant in our lives.

It’s a symbol. It means, it means family. It means love. It means hope.

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