Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 1, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Jack tells Traci that Tucker had the nerve to express concern for Ashley and that she was making overtures towards him and acting erratically. Jack meets Diane at the club for a drink; they toast. They discuss Ashley and Tucker. Then Diane suggests that she quit as CEO so that Kyle can get his job back and stop resenting her. Jack doesn’t think that’s a good idea; he thinks that she and Kyle need to work through things instead.

Traci worries about Ashley and lets her know what Jack said. Ashley tells her not to worry and that she has a plan to deal with Tucker. They argue, and then Ashley storms out.

Tucker apologizes to Audra and tells her that he loves her, so they make up. They both think Ashley is faking being crazy. Later, Ashley shows up at Tucker’s room. Both Tucker and Audra are annoyed and tell her to leave. Ashley asks to speak with him privately, but he tells her he’s not interested. Audra pushes her out the door. Outside, Ashley (the real one) realizes she doesn’t know how she got there or what’s wrong with her. She sees Jack and Diane when she goes downstairs but avoids them.

Victor and his family are angry that Jordan escaped again. Adam tells Victor that Connor has OCD and that he and Chelsea are taking him to a special treatment place. They have a heart-to-heart talk about it. Victor offers his jet. Adam worries that he somehow caused Connor to be this way because he wasn’t a great parent. Victor tells him that he’s proud of him. Victoria can’t find Claire. Adam wonders if she’s teamed up with Jordan again, so Victoria tells him off. Adam immediately apologizes, which shocks Victoria. He tells her about Connor. She’s sympathetic.

Claire is at the coffee shop, getting coffee. Michael comes in and says hi. She’s very happy to be out and about by herself, despite Jordan. Michael praises her strength and compares her to Victoria. Lauren is also there, so Michael introduces them. They chat. Claire intends to stay in town and get a job working with children. Lauren says hi to Summer, who’s in line. Claire invites her to join her, but Summer says she’s in a hurry. Claire knows that Summer has heard all about her past now. Summer is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Claire did terrible things to her family and is now forgiven and not in jail. She also doesn’t think that Claire should be around children. Claire explains the circumstances about how and why she targeted the family. Chance comes in, so Summer introduces them. Later, Summer explains to him what Claire did and how everyone in her family just forgave her. She admits that she doesn’t trust her.

Jordan skulks around town and dresses up as a man to escape detection. She watches Claire as she leaves the coffee shop.

When Claire returns home, Victoria and Victor tell her how worried they were and make her promise not to go out alone again. She promises but isn’t afraid of Jordan. Michael arrives and tells them that someone pretending to be “Eve Howard” bought a train ticket. Victor thinks it’s probably a fake. After Adam leaves, Claire asks about his son, so Victor tells her about Connor’s OCD. She’s very sympathetic, having seen some kids like that at the hospital.


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