Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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Billy: Hi, it’s me again. Sorry to bug.

Phyllis: Then– then don’t.

[ Billy sighs ]

Billy: Yeah, I have to. For whatever reason, I have this unexplainable responsibility to want to cheer you up.

Phyllis: Well, you’re doing a bang-up job.

Billy: Clearly, there’s something going on, so… what is it? I want to help.

Phyllis: Really? Why the sudden desire to want to help me? I mean, is this your one act of good karma for the week or…

Billy: Hm. Hm. That’s actually interesting. Yeah. Yeah, maybe you’re right. Maybe it is. I had to leave Chelsea alone to deal with some challenges that Connor is going through up at school, and I didn’t want to come back, but she insisted that I come back. She said she wanted to spend some quality time with her son, and I feel guilty about that. So, yeah, you are the beneficiary of me wanting to feel useful today.

Phyllis: Lucky me.

Billy: Hm. You know, I’m a pretty good talker, but I’m actually a fantastic listener.

Phyllis: Billy…

Billy: Ah. There you are.

Phyllis: I know you’re a good listener. I know that. You’re not really hearing what I’m saying.

Billy: Yeah. That’s probably true, but hey, are you okay?

Phyllis: I appreciate what you’re doing. I’m sure, um, it’s coming from a good place. And– and also, I– I’m sorry that Connor is going through something.

Billy: Thank you.


Chance: First, though, is everything okay with Chelsea and Connor? You were kind of vague.

Billy: Yeah, I’m not gonna– not gonna be cagey about it. I’m just trying to respect their privacy.

Chance: Yeah, and I don’t want to pry, I just want to make sure they’re okay.

Billy: I appreciate that. Everything’s gonna be okay. It’s just gonna be a process.

Chance: Understood.

Billy: So, fill me in. How did Nate and Devon react to my absence? Everyone behave?

Chance: Well, I don’t mean to be blunt, but nobody seemed to miss you.

[ Billy laughs ]

Billy: So much about not being blunt.


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