B&B Short Recap Monday, March 25, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Hope and Steffy continue to argue about Thomas. It ends with Steffy warning Hope to stay away from him.

Brooke finds a distraught Hope in her office. Hope tells her what happened with Steffy.

Meanwhile, Thomas is very disappointed about Hope turning him down. He pours his heart out to Ridge. Ridge tells him that he’s here for him and wonders if he’ll take Steffy’s advice, to kick Hope out of his life.

Ridge finds Brooke and Hope discussing Steffy and Thomas.

Thomas is at home, thinking about happier times with Hope. Steffy drops by and tells him that she’s there for him. They hug. Steffy tries to give Thomas support but can’t help putting down Hope. He stands up for Hope, saying that Steffy is wrong about her being a typical Logan woman. He can’t imagine his life without her. Steffy urges him to cut Hope out of his life. She suggests he take Douglas and leave town…to go to Paris or somewhere else.


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