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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada talked to Harris about not getting the rest he needed. Harris didn’t appreciate her doing that. She told him that she wanted to make sure he was okay. Steve brought Abe’s things back to his apartment. He ran into Johnny. Steve and Johnny talked about Paulina’s miraculous recovery. Kayla, Chanel and Abe were with Paulina at the hospital. Paulina didn’t want to leave in a wheelchair. Kayla reminded her that it’s policy. Paulina understood and was ready to get out of the hospital. Abe wheeled Paulina out and they were approached by reporters. Jada knew Harris wasn’t home. He tried to downplay what he was doing. She knew he wasn’t alone. Jada figured out he was at Ava’s place. Harris admitted it and said he didn’t think it was a good idea to be alone. He wondered if she had a problem with it. Jada had a problem with her and him. Stefan talked to Chad about what happened between him and Abby. He didn’t know if he apologized to him for the situation. Stefan felt Chad and Abby didn’t deserve what happened. Chad wanted to finish their conversation another time because Stefan was drunk. Stefan wanted to discuss it because he wanted to face the music.

Jada continued to talk to Harris about being around Ava. Harris thought she was being a hypocrite. She reminded him that she arrested her sister. Jada warned him not to destroy his career. She believed he should stop protecting her. Leo interviewed Paulina. He gushed over her until she got tired of hearing it. Leo made at speech about Paulina’s party. He called a hero. Abe agreed and thought she was the shining light. Chad looked at a picture of Abby. He said he missed her. Chad read that Clyde escaped from prison. He tried to get Clyde out of his brain. Jada wanted Harris to think about what she said. He wanted to get back to work. Stefan showed up at the station. He wanted to turn himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering. Jada told him that Ava was forced to do it too. Stefan told him that he worked alone. He was the only one involved with the illegal stuff. Stefan wanted them to call EJ so he could make a deal.

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