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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John told Marlena that he was going to confront Konstantin. He said he was going to Greece to turn himself into the authorities. EJ showed up at the police station to see Stefan. He wanted to know what game Stefan was playing. Stefan said he was playing for their freedom. Nicole showed up at Eric and Sloan’s apartment to go over the christening. While they were talking, Sloan told Nicole that she didn’t want her involved in the christening. Nicole said she didn’t realize. Sloan told Nicole that she didn’t think she would forgive her for kidnapping her son. Marlena told John that they didn’t know the consequences of the criminal system in another country. John said he deserved to be punished. Marlena told him he would be leaving his family. John said he was a murderer who deserved to be punished for what he did. Marlena said he wasn’t thinking rationally. John asked her to put herself in his shoes. She said she did terrible things. He said he wasn’t the same thing. Marlena wanted him to wait, but he said he waited long enough. When he left, she called Steve. Steve wanted to know what was happening. She said she needed his help. When Harris called Ava, he told her Stefan turned himself in. He said he couldn’t talk about what was happening at the police station. Harris wanted her to meet him somewhere so they could talk. EJ talked to Stefan about Harris wanting him to plead to lesser charges. Stefan said Harris had another agenda. EJ said no intention of making a deal with him. Stefan told him that he might change his mind about that. He played a recording of EJ offering to help him skip town. Stefan asked if EJ was going to play ball or was he going to play the recording for Harris. Nicole told Sloan that she wouldn’t host the reception if she didn’t want her to. She said she thought it would be nice if they enjoyed something good. Nicole thought Sloan would understand her actions because she was a mother. She said she was out of her mind with grief when she thought Jude was her son. Nicole said Marlena made her see that she kidnapped Jude so she could be closer to the baby she lost. She told Sloan that Holly thought of Eric and Jude as family. Nicole said she loved her husband and was thrilled that Eric had a wife who made him happy. She said she meant that.

John showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Konstantin. Maggie wanted to know if he had more accusations about Konstantin. While they were talking, Steve and Marlena showed up. Konstantin also showed up. John apologized to Konstantin for what he did. Harris and Ava met each other at the town square. He told her what happened with EJ and Stefan. Harris said whatever was going on with EJ and Stefan could ruin their plans. EJ realized that Harris wanted to protect Ava by letting Stefan agree to the lesser charge. Stefan reminded EJ that he had to help him. He told EJ that him dropping the charges would make everyone happy. EJ said he couldn’t drop all of the charges, but he could drop enough. He wanted to make sure Stefan didn’t play the recording if he got the charges dropped. Stefan wanted his shares back. EJ said that wasn’t part of the deal. Stefan said the plan didn’t work because he was still in Salem. He offered to play a chess game with EJ. EJ refused to play his game. Nicole told Sloan that she felt lucky after losing her son. Sloan said she was glad to hear it. When Jude started crying, Nicole offered to help him stop crying. Maggie asked if John was apologizing for the way he treated Konstantin. John said that was part of the reason. He said he was the man who killed Konstantin’s daughter. Ava was concerned that EJ wouldn’t play along with the deal. She said Harris would be in trouble if Stefan and EJ didn’t play along. Harris said he couldn’t lose her. EJ said he had nothing to lose by playing games with Stefan. Stefan said EJ was afraid to lose. He wanted to settle their situation by playing chess. Stefan said he would play the recording in court. EJ agreed to take another look at the deal if he lost the game. Eric showed up while Nicole and Sloan were talking. He said he ran into Holly and asked if she remembered anything else about what happened. Nicole said she didn’t. She said Holly wouldn’t lie about what was going on. Maggie wondered why John confessed to killing Konstantin’s daughter when no one was there. John said he was the only one in the room. Steve said he didn’t know he did it. Konstantin said he knew in his heart that John killed his daughter. Ava told Harris that she slept with Stefan one time. She didn’t think Stefan would screw her over. Ava was worried about EJ screwing them over. Stefan beat EJ at chess. When Konstantin blamed John for what he did, Marlena tried to defend him. John said he didn’t know who he was. He wanted to turn himself in to the authorities. EJ told Stefan that his win didn’t matter since he signed the document. He said the best he could do for Stefan is get him time served. Stefan agreed to the deal. EJ and Stefan told Harris that the deal was done. Harris officially arrested Stefan. Steve told John not to confess. John said Steve needed to let him do what he had to do. He said Konstantin was never going to forgive him. Konstantin said he did forgive him.

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