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Nikki: Should I make some tea? It might help all of us sleep.

Claire: It’s that even possible? That something could help after we just…

Victoria: Can we please not talk about it? Just, at least not now.

Claire: Yeah, no, we don’t– we don’t need to talk about it.

Victoria: I didn’t mean to shut you down. If you needed to get it out–

Claire: I really don’T. It’s fine, honestly. I don’t even… I don’t ever want to think about what happened in that basement today.

Nikki: None of us do.

Claire: Could you… could you stay? I want to be together right now. Just the three of us here.

Nikki: I couldn’t agree more. Let’s just all be together. As a family.

Victoria: Mom?

Nikki: Yes, darling?

Victoria: I don’t know if I mentioned, but claire and i went for coffee this morning at crimson lights. And we ran into summer and kyle and harrison.

Nikki: Well, wasn’t that lucky?

Victoria: Wasn’t it? She finally got to meet one of her cousins.

Nikki: That’s wonderful. How did it go?

Claire: Fine.

Victoria: Harrison adored her instantly. There’s no surprise there. She’s wonderful with children. She’s funny and silly, never talking down to them at all.

Nikki: That is quite a gift. Not a lot of people have it.

Claire: Yeah, it’s, um, still strange to me. Meeting all these relatives who I’ve read so much about all these years, but getting to know them as people, not just news stories. I grew up hating the newmans for what they had, but at the same time, I wanted it all. Not just the money or the things, but I like to imagine the family and the love. She only wanted me to see the ugly stuff. The fights and the crimes, the divorces. Anything messy or sordid. That’s what I was supposed to pay attention to, but… there’s so much more to you. To all of you.

Nikki: No one on the outside can ever know what goes on inside a family. Much less a complicated one like ours.

Victoria: And now, you know. Because you are a newman.

Nikki: And you’ve seen how loyal and loving we are. And always protect our own.

Claire: I admire you both so much.

Victoria: That’s such a lovely thing to say.

Nikki: You have seen how we are as a family and I don’t want you to be anyone other than who you are.

Claire: I grew up knowing I was related to the newmans, but definitely not one of them. Awake or asleep, I dreamed of being included. I guess I’ll always wonder what my life would have been like if I had been in the pictures. Who I could have been.

Nikki: But you’re a part of us now. And jordan can never take that away.

[Stomach growling]

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… -you got this buddy.

-During an asthma attack,

[ Claire yawning ]

Victoria: It’s been a day. You wanna go and try to get some rest?

Claire: Goodnight.

Victoria: Goodnight. Sorry.

Nikki: I’m right behind you.

Victoria: All right.

Nikki: Try to get some good sleep, okay?

Claire: I will.

Victor: Hello, sweetheart. What are you doing down here? It’s time for breakfast at the club.

Claire: How long was I asleep for?

Victor: Too long. So, why don’t you get up? I guess the whole family is waiting for you.

Claire: The whole family?

Victor: Yeah.

Claire: Why? Why would they be waiting for me?

Victor: Well, do you even have to ask? I mean, you’ve done this hundreds of times, sweetheart.

Claire: Hundreds?

Victor: Yeah. Remember? We used to all have breakfast together and we put you in a little baby seat. There was a pancake on your plate. One little pancake.

Claire: Baby seat?

Victor: I have to go to the office. Stop by before I join you at breakfast, so I’ll see you later. All right, eve?

Claire: Eve?

Victor: See you soon.

[ Distant laughing ]

Summer: Oh, look, there she is. Eve, over here!

Claire: Hi.

[ Abby and summer squealing ]

Abby: Come here.

Summer: Sit. Sit, sit, sit, sit. I’m so glad that you’re here early. Now, we can have a little bit of girl talk before everybody gets here.

Abby: Coffee?

Claire: Please, I need something to clear my head.

Abby: Summer and I were just talking about cabo and what an amazing time we had.

Summer: I am so ready to go back where it’s warm.

Abby: And how about that resort? We should go there every year.

Summer: Yes.

Claire: What was your favorite part?

Summer: Uh, definitely the spa. Or wait, no. Maybe it was the pool.

Abby: Or the food. That restaurant? I wanted to go to the kitchen and steal their mole recipe.

Summer: Oh, my god, wait, did you show her that picture?

Abby: Not yet.

Summer: It is so good.

Abby: You know what, eve? I’ll just text it to you. It’s you and the band. It’s a little blurry, but I think you are too.

Summer: But she didn’t even need all that tequila to get up and dance.

Abby: Oh, no. I could hear her laugh from the dance floor. Always the happiest person in the room.

Claire: You like me? I’m fun?

Abby: Oh, stop! You get enough compliments. Stop fishing.

Summer: Everybody knows that you’re the most fun newman that there is.

Abby: And the most charming.

Summer: And the most fashionable.

Abby: Thanks to you and marchetti.

Summer: Well, who looks more gorgeous in our clothes than eve?

Abby: Not even me. Darn it.

Summer: And still, on top of it all, she manages to be the most level-headed out of all of us.

Claire: Um, thank you.

Summer: You are the best cousin ever.

Abby: I mean, it is so unfair for someone to be so perfect, but we forgive you. Even in boarding school, she would get straight a’s without even trying. It’s like she would look at the text and the knowledge would just go into her brain through osmosis.

Claire: Hardly.

Abby: Come on, how do you explain those stellar grades without even trying? You were too busy enjoying life.

Summer: Well, that’s our eve.

Cole: Hello, ladies.

Nick: Hey.

Claire: Dad, hi.

Cole: Hello, beautiful.

Abby: Hey, big brother. So, how was today’s epic battle? Who won?

Nick: He did, but it’s only because racquetball’s not a real sport. If it was basketball or anything else, I would have won.

Cole: Yeah, yeah, your godfather here is dreamy.

Summer: Okay, okay, enough with the trash talk.

Nick: Three amigas, how was mexico?

Abby: We had a blast.

Summer: Pictures available upon request.

Abby: Some of them, anyways.

Cole: Is there any that can make a dad worry?

Summer: Uh, all of them.

Cole: Super. I won’t tell your mom.

Nick: You know, I’m just trying to remember a time where I didn’t see one of you without the other two.

Cole: Just absolutely inseparable.

Abby: Well, there was a time, you know, summer and I had our differences.

Summer: Differences? I mean, you slept with my husband.

Abby: Well, at least that was the only drama that year.

Summer: But then eve played peacemaker and brought us back together.

Abby: And we will forever be grateful.

Claire: Glad I could help.

Nick: It was like that with your sports teams, too. You know, whether it was soccer or softball or volleyball, if things were going badly, you would find a way to rally the troops and just snatch victory from defeat.

Cole: Yeah, that’s one of eve’s many talents. She shows natural leadership.

Nick: I really enjoyed it when you went out of town on your book tours because then I got to step in and coach, which I absolutely loved, eve. I don’t play favorites with my nieces and nephews, but if I did…

Claire: Oh.

Abby: Okay, let’s ditch the coffee and get some drinks.

Summer: We should have champagne.

Abby: Yes.

Summer: Mimosas.

Abby: This is a celebration, isn’t it?

Cole: Let’s do it.

Summer: Oh, excuse me. Can we order some drinks?

When you smell the amazing

scent of gain flings…

Cole: I still remember the first time that you, your mother and i went camping up at laura lake. You were like four, five at the very most. And we were cooking s’mores by the fire after the sun went down. But you, on the other hand, you were so interested in chasing lightning bugs.

Claire: Really?

Cole: Yes, you were completely fascinated. You would grab one and you would race back over to your mom and go, “hey, look, mom.” And you would open up your hand, and poof, it would fly out.

[ All laughing ] I mean, the look on your face every single time was like, “oh, no.” Anyway, and off she would run again.

Nick: Had to be priceless.

Cole: Was.

Abby: And then, when she was eight, it was at one of dad and nikki’s weddings, it was time to throw the bouquet, and you ran out in front of all the single women, and you caught the bouquet yourself.

Nick: I remember that day. It was hilarious. Your mother explained that you were going to be the next one to get married.

Abby: Oh, and then you were horrified. You could not get rid of those flowers fast enough.

Nick: I think she was still in the boys are icky phase.

Abby: Yeah.

Summer: Well, she learned her lesson though because when you were the maid of honor at my wedding in milan, I threw the bouquet right at you and you crossed your arms. I was literally aiming for you, and somehow you still fumbled it into faith’s hands. It’s amazing to me, um, how much of my life you remember. So many happy times.

Summer: Do not tell me that you’re going to cry.

Nick: It looks that way to me.

Cole: My sweet girl is always a softy.

Abby: Hey, don’t let her fool you because the naked heiress thing, I mean, that would not have happened the same way without eve. I mean, come on. That’s after she tried to talk me out of it, of course.

Claire: I read about that. The horse?

Summer: No, you didn’t need to read about it. You were the one that brought the horse there.

Claire: Yes, that’s right. I did.

Nick: There was that time–

Devon: Morning, guys.

[ Overlapping greetings ]

Cole: Good to see you, devon.

Devon: Good to see you, too.

Abby: It’s perfect.

Summer: Sit here, sit here.

Abby: Your timing.

Devon: Hey.

Nick: How you doing, man?

Devon: How you doing?

Summer: We were just telling our favorite eve story.

Cole: And we haven’t run out yet.

Devon: Well, let me add how I will always love the way you showed up to dominic’s birthday at the park in a full head-to-toe dinosaur outfit. It made his big day even more special.

Cole: Well, you know what? I promise that today is going to be just as special, if not more so.

Claire: What does that mean?

Nick: Oh, don’t you worry about that.

Summer: Why haven’t we gotten our champagne yet?

Nick: Yeah, we ordered it a while ago.

Abby: Oh, maybe they had to go to the wine cellar to get the right vintage?

Adam: Is there a problem?

Claire: You work here?

Nick: That’s the problem right there.

Adam: Well, I couldn’t exactly get a better job after you turned me into police.

Abby: Not once, but twice.

Adam: Yeah, I was cleared on all charges both times. But it did tank my business career, so thank you for that. I know you earned extra brownie points with victor for, “protecting the family.”

Nick: And she did it, thankfully.

Adam: Well, I guess you don’t realize the effect you’ve had on a lot of people’s lives.

Abby: It’s been good for most of us.

[ Summer clearing her throat ]

Summer: About that champagne?

Adam: I’m on it.

Nick: Thank you, adam.

Mariah: Hi, guys. Sorry if I’m late.

[ Overlapping greetings ]

Cassie: If you’re late, I’m even later.

All: Cassie!

Mariah: Cassie, you made it. I would’ve called yesterday.

Cassie: I wouldn’t have missed this celebration for the world.

Nick: Sit down. We have champagne coming, or at least we’ve been told that.

Abby: Adam is taking his sweet time.

Cassie: Good to see you.

Mariah: That’s okay. Coffee will do.

Cole: Oh.

Devon: It’s been a while since we’ve seen you both. How are you doing?

Cassie: Great.

Mariah: Fantastic.

Claire: Cassie, you’re…

Cassie: I’m what?

Mariah: Spit it out, cuz.

Claire: Never mind. I’m really glad you’re here.

Summer: Don’t mind eve. Her head is in the clouds today.

Cassie: Today and every other day. See, I used to babysit this one a lot, especially when cole and victoria went out on date night.

Mariah: Well, that must have been before I came to town again and found you.

Cassie: Years before. I was still in high school.

Mariah: And I was in a cult.

[ All laughing ] But I’m where I belong now. And I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

Sharon: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Cassie: Hey, mom.

Sharon: Hi, cassie. You were able to join us after all.

Cassie: Yep. I was able to move a few things around at work.

Sharon: Did I miss anything?

Abby: Not really.

Claire: What would there be to miss?

Devon: Is tessa home with aria?

Mariah: Yes. She still has the sniffles, so I’m actually gonna check in with tessa and make sure I don’t need to bring anything home for her.

Nick: You look beautiful.

Sharon: Thank you. So do you. Faith and noah send their best to you.

Claire: Just remind me, how long have you guys been back together?

[ Both chuckling ]

Nick: Since before you were born.

Sharon: Eve, how are your classes going?

Claire: Classes, um… for the… degree that I’m working on?

Sharon: No, no. Your kindergarten classes. Everyone raves about how good you are with the kids.

Summer: Oh, she’s amazing with them.

Abby: Dominic agrees in his own toddler way.

Sharon: Well, I hope that you will be aria’s teacher when she’s old enough to go to school. Oh, here comes one of your students now.

Harrison: Hey!

Claire: Hey, harrison.

Kyle: He is very excited to see you. You’re still his his favorite teacher.

Summer: Hey, hubs.

Kyle: Hey, wife.

Summer: I’m glad that you and harrison could finally join the party.

Claire: Party? Celebration, champagne. Victor said this was a family breakfast, but are they always like this?

[ All laughing ]

Summer: Oh, harrison, I see your friend, bobby. Let’s go say hi to him.

Kyle: Oh, excuse us.

Nikki: Hi, everyone.

[ Overlapping greetings ] Victoria’s on her way. She stopped to pick up something special for you.

Claire: Why? What’s the occasion? Why am i the center of attention?

Nikki: Oh, you’re awfully inquisitive this morning.

Victor: And has been her entire life.

Nikki: Reminds me of when I was teaching you how to ride. You had so many questions.

Victor: Well, but very interesting questions, you know.

Nikki: But even then, we knew that you were special. And that was before you became a championship rider.

Victor: Which shows you that a little ambition and a little faith can make you achieve a lot of things.

Claire: And you were supportive every step of the way, weren’t you?

Victor: You bet we were.

Nikki: Of course.

Victor: Of course we were. Now, I intend to finish the chess game that you and I started. But this time, I’m asking you not to take it easy on me.

Nikki: Oh!

Claire: I won’T.

Nick: I don’t know, dad.

Victoria: Ta-da! The decorations have arrived.

Claire: What is going on?

Cole: Eve, you don’t think that we forgot about your birthday, do you?

All: Happy birthday!

[ Cheering ]

Nick: Toast! Imagine if you could get ahead of your ibs-C…

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Claire: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so emotional.

All: Aw!

Nikki: Darling, never apologize for shedding a tear or two when your heart is full.

Victor: That’s right.

Nikki: It means you’re truly alive.

Abby: What nikki said.

Cassie: Amen.

Cole: The day you were born was one of the most special of our lives.

Victoria: Yeah, but it was also one of the scariest.

Claire: Because I was premature?

Victoria: Well, as fragile as you were, you were all warmth and light and love for us. I think maybe that’s one of the things that helped you survive all of those first few days that you were alive.

Sharon: Plus, a whole lot of prayers.

Nick: Nonstop, we talked to god on your behalf, like, 24/7.

Nikki: Never underestimate the power of love.

Cole: And it all paid off. Because we get to take you home. Healthy and strong. And from that moment forward, you were nothing but pure love.

Claire: This is so much more than I ever could have asked for. If it is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.

Cole: Eve, I actually have something for you. It’s in honor of your birthday and every day. My latest book. It’s an advanced copy.

Sharon: Wow.

Nick: Oh, that’s nice.

Cole: Don’t get too excited. I left a dedication in there for you.

Claire: Oh, my gosh, dad.

Victoria: Read it. Read it, sweetheart.

[ Claire sighs ]

Claire: “To my beloved daughter, eve newman howard. My pride. My joy. My truest inspiration.” Aww. Thank you.

[ All applauding ]

Victor: Well, now champagne is on the way and so is sparkling cider.

Nikki: We’re going to have a toast and then we can order breakfast.

Victor: Yes.

Nick: Toast. Breakfast. There is a dad joke in there somewhere. Just give me a minute and I’ll come up with it, mom.

[ All laughing ]

Summer: Yeah, we’ll all be waiting with bated breath.

[ All laughing ]

Adam: I’m just, I’m so sorry for the delay. Here come your libations now.

Victor: Well, it’s about time.

Nick: Yes.

[ Excited exclamations ] Let’s go.

Jordan: I don’t need to ask who this is for. I don’t need to ask who this is for, now do I? Schwarzkopf

Jordan: You can’t wish me out of existence, claire. It doesn’t work that way.

Claire: You can’t be here.

[ Jordan laughing ]

Jordan: But I am here. Deal with it.

Claire: Damn it, jordan. I won’t let– I won’t let you ruin this for me.

Jordan: Oh, my sweet little claire bear. You sound so desperate. Really. It’s pathetic.

Claire: This is the life I was supposed to have. You can’t take it from me.

Jordan: Oh. So next you’re going to tell me that your name is really eve?

Claire: It’s the name that my parents gave me. You took it from me. Just like you took everything that was supposed to be mine. But I have my life back now. And I have it in spite of you.

[ Jordan chuckling ]

Jordan: Well, if you really want it that badly… come fight for it!

[ Footsteps receding ]

Jordan: This is not your life. It’s a fantasy. It’s a dream that will go poof and blow away. This is not how I taught you.

Claire: You only taught me lies. How to hurt people. How to hate. You never taught me how to love.

Jordan: I loved you, claire. I was your entire world until you decided to throw me out. Get rid of me. Toss me away. Apparently, what you really wanted were ponies and party clothes.

Claire: You’re wrong.

Jordan: No, no, no. You need to go back and do your research. Go back and look about those people upstairs. Read the facts about their sordid lives. About how they cheated and robbed each other. And that’s who the newmans are. And that’s who you choose to be with?

Claire: Yes. They chose me too. They like me. They consider me one of them.

Jordan: Oh, it’s all a dream. And they will show their true colors to you. They don’t want you to have this life. They rejected you.

Claire: Those people upstairs might not be perfect. But neither are you. At least they try to learn from their mistakes. They try to be better people. They do more with their lives than just spew poison and plan revenge.

Jordan: It isn’t revenge. It’s called justice. And you know that. In your heart, you feel that.

Claire: Nothing you say matters anymore. You’re trying to avenge someone who died decades ago. Who doesn’t even need avenging. And for what?

Jordan: You are talking about my sister. Your grandmother. You show some respect.

Claire: No. That’s your fantasy world. You have been so determined to get even for something that you weren’t even a part of. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re so obsessed with this that nothing else exists for you. Your life is small. And it’s petty. It’s filled with bitterness and anger. Where is the joy?

Jordan: Well, I find the prospect of destroying those people extremely joyful.

Claire: You can’t be saved. You wasted every second of your life and now you’ll never have anything good or decent. It’s too late for you.

Jordan: Oh, but my darling, you’re forgetting one thing. I’m your aunt jordan. And I am unstoppable. I brought an entire prison down to its knees. I got the high and mighty nikki newman back on booze. And then, I burned sweet victoria’s home down to the ground. And I’m not finished. There’s a lot more to burn down.

Claire: What’s that supposed to mean?

[ Jordan chuckles ]

Jordan: My child, you have forgotten where you came from. What I made you into. Who you are. I changed the course of your life. And I can do it again.

Claire: I’m going back to my birthday celebration. With my real family. The newmans. The people who actually love mE.

Jordan: The people who have brainwashed you. You have nothing but mush up there anymore.

Claire: No, you brainwashed me. But I broke free, thank god. And now I have a chance to build a real life for myself. And you can’t mess that up for me.

Jordan: Claire!

Claire: Did you hear anything that I just said? I said you can’t hurt me anymore. So just go to hell.

Adam: Eve.

Claire: What do you want?

Adam: You know that might work on them, but it doesn’t work on me.

Claire: Excuse me?

Adam: Word of the wise, you should really work on that poker face of yours.

Claire: What are you talking about?

Adam: I’m just stating the obvious. Even if you don’t want to admit it, you are more like me than the rest of them know.

Claire: Why? Because i turned you in to the authorities before you could do serious damage, supposedly? Or because I warned victor that you didn’t have the family’s best interests at heart? You think i deliberately sabotaged you?

Adam: Well, the facts are the facts.

Claire: I didn’t set you up, adam. From everything I’ve heard, I think that’s kind of your thing. And my family said that I have their best interests at heart because I do, okay? Every part of my soul wants to keep them safe and make things right.

Adam: Well, keep telling yourself that. You know, the rest of them, they see the happy, sweet, smiling eve. But I see past all that. Deep down, you have a dark streak. Something more is driving you. And if you were ever to let that out, this town wouldn’t stand a chance. You’d be a force to be reckoned with.

Claire: Are you finished yet? For the record, you and I are nothing alike. Because you can’t change. And I already have.

Summer: Pass the champagne over here!

Cole: Bring on the champagne.

Cassie: I’m so ready!

Cole: There we go.

[ All chattering ]

Cassie: I mean, we were having fun.

Mariah: I could use a mimosa. Let’s be real. (Vo) you might be used to living with your albuterol asthma

Abby: Wow, this is so beautiful.

Victoria: What a gorgeous cake.

Cole: Yeah, the chef outdid himself here.

Summer: Wait, first, we have to do the tradition.

Abby: Here we go.

Summer: There’s no escape.

Kyle: Do I know this tradition?

Nikki: I will tell you. Eve started it when she was around harrison’s age. We were telling her to make a wish before blowing out her candles. And do you know what she said? She said she had everything she wanted and that other people could have her wishes. So we went around the table and anybody who wanted to could make a wish for the upcoming year. Eve loved it so much, we just never stopped. We do it every year now.

Cole: So, eve, are you ready?

Victoria: Go ahead. Make the wish, sweetheart.

Cole: You know the drill.

Claire: This year, I am happy to report that… I have everything that anyone could ever want or need.

Summer: Aw.

[ Chuckling ]

Claire: You’re all welcome to my wishes.

Nikki: All right, there’s your cue. Who has a wish to make?

Devon: You thinking what I’m thinking?

Abby: I wish for a baby brother or baby sister for dominic.

Summer: Hey! You stole our wish.

Kyle: A baby brother or sister for harrison.

Nick: Well, there’s no rule that says the same wish can’t be allocated to multiple people.

Mariah: That’s true. So, my wish is for cassie to always be as happy as she is today.

Cassie: Back at you, sis.

Sharon: Nick, what do you wish for?

Nick: I do have a wish, but first, um… I’d like to ask you all something very important. How does a pickle celebrate its birthday? No, no, no, no, no, no. It relishes every moment. Boom! What do you think? Woo!

[ All groaning ] Come on!

Sharon: I bet you wished for laughter on that one.

Nick: Where is the love? This is a tough room.

Sharon: I have a wish for eve. I hope that her year is filled with joy and laughter and love and free coffee on me for the rest of the month.

Claire: Thank you, sharon. That is really sweet.

Sharon: My pleasure.

Victor: Well, now, I wish my entire family a happy and wealthy and healthy year-end.

Nick: Now, that’s a wish! That’s a wish right there! There we go.

Victor: Thank you.

Cole: So, eve, are you sure that you have everything that you want? I mean, there must be something out there that you’re wishing for.

Claire: Well, I truly am blissfully happy to be here with all of you as a real part of this incredible family. But if I had one wish…

Nikki: What would it be, darling?

Claire: I wish… mom? Mom!

Victoria: Honey, what is it? Did you have a bad dream?

Claire: Can you sit with me?

Victoria: Yeah, of course I will.

[ Victoria sighs ] Is that better?

Claire: Thank you.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: Awake or asleep, it’s hard right now, isn’t it? I wonder how long it’s gonna be before we can rest easy again.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Lily: You made your choice. I will make mine.

Heather: I assume that means you’re going to fire me.

Lily: Uh, I don’t know, heather. I haven’t decided yet.

Audra: Just don’t touch me!

Nate: You heard the lady.

Diane: You seem to forget that I’m your superior. You’re supposed to report to me, not the other way around.

Kyle: Well, forgive me if I overstepped.

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