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 cody: And that’s how you make a lasso. James: That’s so cool. Do you want to see something else cool? Here. Go stand over there. Alright. Ha! See?

[ Laughs ] If you’re not too busy… hi! Cody lassoed me. Yeah. What a useful skill.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, something I can help you with, mrs. Quartermaine? Uh, maybe your job. My thoroughbred is recovering from laminitis. How’s he doing? Uh, let’s go check and see. No, no, no. I want you to tell me. You’re the groom. The condition of all the horses in your care should be in your knowledge. Hey, you’re being mean. Excuse me? Cody’s friend is in the hospital. You should be nice to him. Let me tell you, the nerve of some people. Not even people — cops. I mean, not all cops, but… chase? What’s wrong? I’m sorry, what? Wow, I just barged in here like a tsunami. You didn’t even notice. What’s going on? How bad is it? I saw dante today. A few times, actually. How’s he doing? No change. Hi. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. No, cookie, no worries. I had my phone. Time means nothing. Oh, how understanding are you? I am drowning in cases. I know the feeling. I’m sure it’s the one thing about the law you don’t miss. I miss a lot of it. But maybe not for much longer. I’m — I’m really sorry about before. Just oversharing. That’s no problem. Well, that’s kind of you. I think I was just so nervous coming in here and everything that I wanted to say to kristina, and of course it didn’t — didn’t even occur to me that her father might be witness to it. I think you’re brave to even show up and, you know, be here just to say that to her. Well, I love my daughter, and I want to support her, and it’s just complicated, you know? Parenting is so complicated.

[ Laughs ] I can relate. By all means. I’ll bite. Why do you owe me a drink? You were right. I’ve been wrong so much lately, I’d be glad to know when I wasn’T. About sonny. That I was taking it easy on him, not seeing him clearly. And now? Now I do.

I should have gone with him. I mean, there were two suspects, and dante went after both of them. I-I never should have let him go. But you followed procedure on dante’s orders. It was all by the book, right? Yes, it was by the book, but that doesn’t change that dante could die or be in a permanent coma. You don’t know what could have happened if you went after him. You could be in that hospital instead, or with him, or you might both be in the ground. Yo u’re right, you’re right, but I — no more buts, okay? You are here with me right now, and dante is in the hospital but he is still breathing. His heart is still beating. And I — did your duty. You followed orders and — and procedures. You did your job. A job that we both fought for you to get back. I don’t know. Maybe… maybe I shouldn’T. Shouldn’t what? Be a cop anymore. Dante is awesome. He used to live in the house where I live now, and he’s cody’s best friend, and now he’s in the hospital. And that’s why cody’s so sad. And that’s why I’m here — to cheer him up. Wow. I have two things to say to that. One is, I think it’s admirable that you’re showing up for cody like that. And it means you’re a really good friend. Thank you. As for your… friend dante, I actually went to see him in the hospital today. Really? I guess I didn’t realize you two were that close. That’s — that’s mighty generous of you. Is dante better?

[ Knocks ] You rang? Valentin. Thank you for coming. Where’s alexis? I assumed she’d be here. Oh, why would alexis be here, in her office, at her job? Oh. Well, it is kind of late. Well, the news doesn’t stop, valentin. I asked her to meet us here, and she blew me off. Said she was “otherwise engaged.” Well, if you need a cassadine so badly, I’m here. What’s the problem? Alexis is trying to force my gossip columnist to quit. Diane is setting things in motion for me to petition to get my law license back. Is she? How? Well, she’s a legal bloodhound, and she found a loophole. One that you hadn’t noticed before. Actually, I don’t think I was really looking before. Um, I lied, and I got caught, and I took my lumps and… well, honestly, I wasn’t in a very good emotional place. On a number of counts, as I recall. Isn’ t it nice that we can beso accurate with each other? So diane found a number of factors that she thinks will play out in my favor. Such as? One, I never filed an appeal. Okay, but don’t you only have 90 days to do that? I never had a hearing, which means that I never had the opportunity to defend myself. What would your defense have been? Well, britt westbourne and julian were my accusers. So, what defense would you recommend? Given their collective criminal records and personal integrity issues… diane thinks that those factors, along with the fact that my alleged perjury happenedt a proceeding before the medical board… that’s enough to get you an appeal? It’s a hail mary at best. Yeah, a bit. Diane filed a petition with the court of appeals that hopefully will allow her to file another petition with the court of appeals which will lead to an appeal. Wow.

[ Chuckles ] Mm… wow. Um, do you have anything else to say besides, “wow”? Don’t do it. To clear heads and open eyes. I’m going to go with the second thing. Fair enough.

[ Inhales sharply, exhales ] So now that we’ve belted one back, care to share? I owe you an apology. An apology and a drink. This is a banner day. I called you out on your attitude towards sonny, implying that you were being unprofessional and making everything personal. Well, to be fair enough, the guy does really get under my skin. When it comes to sonny, I haven’t always stayed professional. I’m not exactly a model of that myself. How so? Oh, “how so?” Really? I’ve only seen sonny the way I wanted to see him. You know, I’ve made excuses for him, rationalized his unacceptable behavior. You mean the crimes. Besides murder, racketeering, and lifetime of felonies, he’s kind of a model citizen. Hmm. And such a good father. Yeah. Anyway, I’m done convincing myself that he is greater than the sum of his parts. I see sonny very clearly now. I know exactly who he is. Your daughter is very talented. I know. Thank you. I’ve seen her perform a few times. It’s not my kind of music, but I-I can see she connects with the audience. She’s — she’s always been like that. The kid is just fearless, like, onstage and off. Um, you know, I think — I think our girls have that in common. Fearlessness. Well, kristina can be a steamroller when she wants to be.

[ Laughs ] And they’re both — they’re both dreamers. Absolutely true. Dangerous combination. Yes, yes. Being a dreamer and being fearless. In the best possible way. I know what you mean. Alison was like a little star in the making from the minute she stepped onstage. But she didn’t have a head for business, so, um, I decided to jump in and be her business manager. And that way I could watch after her accounts and I could watch after her. Smart move. Um, I didn’t do a very — a very good job, though. Um, I had my nose so deep in her books and her accounts that I-I did not see that that monster linc brown was doing to my baby girl. Thanks to brook lynn, we don’t have to worry about him. Do you know brook lynn quartermaine? Yeah. Her mother is my best friend. Again, she shouldn’t have been the one to protect my daughter. I should have been paying closer attention. And then I would have known something was going on, and I should have been the one to protect her. You can’t act on information you don’t have. Well, I could have sensed it and done something to stop it. Is that why you’re controlling blaze now?

I thought you, of all people, would be leading the charge to support me. Mom, you know that I think you are a brilliant attorney. Well, I know you used to think that. I’m just not sure you think that right now. Look, I grew up wanting to be you. I mean, when I was in law school — even now today, in fact, I still study your briefs. When I don’t know what to do with a case. I look to see how you did it. And then I follow your lead. And if this were just about the law or your career, I would say go for it. I would say there’s nobody more deserving than you. Then why are you opposing my trying? Because I like you better sober than when you’re drinking. I landed adrian dewitt. Do you know what a huge get that is? I can see. But, alexis, she never wanted a gossip column in the first place — too lowbrow, which makes no sense. How can a society page detailing the lies of the city’s economic and cultural elite be lowbrow? That is a paradox. It is a proven fact that gossip columns increase circulation. And in a journal that prioritizes negative things every single day, the average reader finds joy and release knowing the rich and famous are suffering too. Never underestimate the schadenfreude of the american people. Mm-hmm, and that’s precisely what alexis is doing. She sabotaged the column by postponing it until friday. Ah, and after two days, even salacious news is old news. You get it. I do. Oh, and — and this. She published — she published an extremely biased article slamming sonny after the shooting. Were there two articles? No. Just one. Why? Because I’m of the opinion that alexis and the invader went too easy on sonny. Now I see where kristina gets her directness. And you haven’t even met her mother yet.

[ Chuckles ] You know… kristina and I, we get along great now, but it wasn’t always like that. When she was a teenager, she was going through some real heavy stuff that I don’t want to get too specific on, but it was bad. Her mother and I, we were way overprotective. And — oh, I see. So instead of being protective, you ended up trying to control her. You can guess what happened. She rebelled. She lashed out. The more we tried to rein her in, the more she spiraled out of control. That had to have been terrifying. So it was clear to me, I have to stop trying to make the decisions for her and just help her stand up so she can make the decisions for herself. What inspired this change of heart? Yeah, well, it’s nothing I can prove. Of course. So what else is new? Let’s just say my eyes have been forced open about sonny and who he really is. I guess who he’s always been. And the level of violence he’s capable of. Well, that’s great. What took you so long? Seriously, why the blind spot for sonny? You know. You said it the other night. Sonny was there for my daughter when stone was dying. And I was nowhere to be found.

Your mission –sweep up the entire stable.

[ Horse neig hs in distance ] Well, he’s taken a real shine to you. And leo too. Yeah, yeah, well, kids love me.

[ Chuckles ] Why? Do they think of you as a peer? Well, god help them if they think of me as a role model. So how did this happen? Uh, james was here for his riding lessons. You give riding lessons? Yes. On our horses? Um, I cleared it with monica. Monica owns the stable. The horses — don’t worry. N-no one’s riding your thoroughbred. His hoof’s looking better, by the way, right? Yes, much. Thank you. Um, anyways, uh, about james, yeah, so he was here, uh, for his lesson, and I was calling the hospital to check up on dante. He overheard me, and I don’t know, I must have sounded… concerned? Yeah. Anyway, since then he’s been here pretty much every day, you know, helping me out, just talking. And no one told him to do it. He just kind of decided. James: Help! Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do. First, we are going to keep praying for dante. That’s all I’ve been doing. Me too. And we’re gonna keep doing it, okay? As for whether or not you should be a cop again, well, that’s easy. It is? Yeah. You should quit the force and revive your singing career. What? Think about it. Instant love from the stage. Men wishing they were you. Women longing to be with you even though they can’t be. We’ll pick up right where we left off. We will build your triumphant return to the stage. I’ll even let you pick out what you’re going to wear. Pending approval, of course. What do you say? I know what you’re doing. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, you do. Okay, I do. Is it working? I don’t want to be a singer. I want to be what I am, what I’m supposed to be. A cop. And a damn good one. So I’m going to bring up something that might be painful for you. Well, I’m not feeling much pain at the moment. It’s stone. My brother’s always with me. Speak freely. When he was dying and robin had been diagnosed with hiv, I was nowhere to be found. My teenage daughter is losing the first great love of her life and…may be facing a death sentence of her own, which is what it could be back then. And I was out — I was in the wind, you know? But sonny was there. Sonny was there for her every day by her side. And robin loved him for it.She still does. You know, I hate to admit it. And I’ll never understand it, not fully. But in stone’s eyes, sonny was more a brother to him than I was. Which is one of the many reasons why I hate him. Sorry, I’m making this about me. You were saying? It’s okay. No, it’s just that I, um, allowed myself, my own perception of sonny, to be colored by robin’S. And by gratitude and all that guilt. So for years, I-I just — I convinced myself that he was a better man than he really is. I-I never looked the other way, though. I never colluded on any of those crimes. Oh, no, I know that. But I have relied on him. I’ve relied on sonny sometimes. And given him the benefit of the doubt. But no more. No. You keeping track? Oh. Oh, yeah, yeah. We’re — we’re tied. Yeah, well, the difference is, is I’m already home. So am I. I’m just two floors up. Every cell of me wants to guide and protect my daughter from getting hurt, but now she feels like I’m the one who’s hurting her. And she’s not wrong. You know, I think there’s nothing — there’s nothing more important than making sure that our kids know that we love them no matter who they are or what choices they make. And it’s up to us to make that clear. Especially while they can still hear us. Sorry that took so long. No worries. Your dad and I were just getting to know each other. Well, I’m glad you guys could keep each other company. I have a minute now, so, uh, is there anything else you wanted to talk about? The last time you fell off the wagon was when you were disbarred. I wasn’t sure we were gonna get you back. And you think, if this doesn’t work out, then I’m gonna start drinking again. Your chances of getting this disbarment overturned, I mean, it’s the longest of long shots. I know that. Then why put yourself through it?

You know what? I think it’s great. Which bit? All of it. You seeing saint sonny for the slimebag he is. In fact, I hope you nail him. Surely you want that honor for yourself, don’t you? I give you my solemn promise that if I find any evidence on him, I will pass it along to you. Because my job, little as I like it, is to protect the son of a bitch.

[ Laughs ] Well, I think everyone is entitled to be protected under the law. Some people are more worthy than others. But sonny clearly is a target, and for whatever reason, his life seems to be important enough that somebody has tried to end it several times. And I need to find out why. Even if he gets to benefit by breathing a little longer. Well, you’re a better copthan I am, agent cates. Not today, commissioner devane. Not today. Sonny knows that I am publisher of the invader. He might think that I had something to do with this article. Nina, sonny doesn’t blinkat federal indictments. What makes you think he’s gonna care about a bad review? That’s not the point. The point is, he may jump to the conclusion that I’m trying to use the newspaper to lash out at him. You want to reconcile with him, right? And he knows that. Well, yes, but after this article — if this article is what’s gonna keep that from happening, maybe your marriage isn’t worth fighting for in the first place. You’ve nev er beenfond of sonny. If sonny wants you back or not, that article is not gonna make a bit of difference. Oh, it makes all the difference. How? It’s just… I… I can’T…control what’s going on with this divorce. I thought I could at least control the newspaper. It turns out I can’t control either. Here’s what I want to know. You are a magnificent, brilliant, resilient woman. Why on earth do you continue to torture yourself with sonny? You’re right. There is next to no chance that this will come to anything other than a bitter, bitter disappointment. And I need to prepare for that. Why? Why brace for impact from an oncoming train when you can just step off the tracks? Because when diane came to me with this strategy, I felt a rush. Um, like I had been zapped with a defibrillator and my heart was beating again after it had flatlined for a really long time. And I realized that this part of me, this huge part — the core part of me — I left for dead. Mom… and now I had hope that maybe I could get this essential part of me back. Okay, what if that hope flatlines again? Then I let it go. Oh. That easy? Probably not. But, moll, if there’s a chance that I could go back and do what I love to do the most, the thing that makes me me and that gives me the challenges that I need, and… I could be a role model again? You’re a great role model, mom. I was. And maybe I could be that again. I mean, if — if there is just the smallest, tiniest, most infinitesimal chance that I could be that again, I have to try. You are the best kind of cop, one who actually tries to find the truth instead of just pinning whatever on whoever. You actually try to see justice done. Thank you. In fact, you know, I was thinking about following rules and procedures, and — and I know you felt bad about that. Yeah, I still do. Well, you shouldn’T. You are an officer of the law. And there’s a reason why procedures exist. It’s to protect us, to protect people. Well, that’s the idea, yeah. When some people who are meant to uphold the law fly in the face of procedure to mess with and manipulate people to try to squeeze them for information… are you talking about anyone specific? Special agent cates. He barged past yuri to interrogate danny, who was by himself, no adult present. That is not okay. Damn right it’s not. That just doesn’t seem like agent cates.

It was heavier than I thought, and now I wrecked the horse’s dinner. Hey, hey, bud. No, you didn’T. Horses don’t mind eating oats that have spilled on the floor. They eat dirt and grass. Get it back in the bucket, okay? So why were you trying to carry a heavy bucket by yourself? I was trying to help. Alright, here. You hold the dustpan. I’ll sweep it in, okay? Okay. I’ll leave you boys to it. Hey, why aren’t you helping? Oh, I’m the boss. It’s my job to get other people to clean up. Well, a good boss should be prepared to do everything their employees do. Did your friend cody teach you that? No, my grandpa mac did. Oh, well, we can’t disagree with man-of-the-people mac scorpio. So are you going to help, or are you a bad boss? Since when are you so buddy-buddy with agent cates? I’m not. It’s just cates is — or he seems very by the book. And what book might that be? “Interrogation for dummies”? Okay, clearly I was wrong about the guy. He’s the devil incarnate and just generally a bad dude. Don’t patronize me. I would never, ma’am. Cates is a snake and a jerk, and I should make good on every one of my threats. Wait. You threatened an fbi agent? Damn right I did. Like, with bodily harm? No! I-I just told him he should be ashamed of interrogating a child without a parent present. Okay. And that I would sue him into oblivion. And take his badge. Oh. Because threatening a federal agent is kind of a federal crime. I came here to mend fences with you, kristina, and — and to enlist your help with alison. But I realize now that that’s — that’s not something I can ask of you. That’s something that we have to work out on our own. But, um, I’m just — I’m really appreciative that you would even take the time to talk with me. Yeah. Mr. Corinthos. Such a pleasure. So that just happened. How you doing? I don’t know. I’m not really sure. I mean, my first impulse is to text allie, obviously, and tell her what just happened. But then, is that really fair to them? I don’t know, I mean, shouldn’t it be between them whether or not they work things out? But then how could I pretend that it’s not about me and that I’m not involved, right? You can’T.

Alright. Do we get all of it? Let me check. Mission accomplished. Nice. May I? It’s called a high five. Do you want me to show you how to do it?

[ Laughs ] No, I know how to do a high five. I just haven’t done one in a while. Well, turns out you are a good boss. Thank you. Does your grandpa mac have any other pearls of wisdom? “To have a friend, you’ve got to be a friend.” That’s a good one. So I am the boss and you are the guest. How about I invite you up to the house for some hot chocolate? Cody too? Yes, of course. Come on. Give me the brush. Is threatening a federal agent a federal crime? Well… so what? Okay? There was no way I was gonna let that jerk intimidate danny. Nor should you. I am 100% on your side. You sure about that? I am. But in the future, instead of threatening to sue or take his badge or anything else you may have said… there were no witnesses. …Perhaps you kindly remind the overeager law enforcement officer that he can’t question a minor without a parent present. And an attorney. If that’s necessary. An army of attorneys. Would protect the rights of the minor without ganging up on a federal agent, right? Fine. I’ll show mercy. That is all I ask. Kind of wish I saw you lay into him a little bit. Me too. Could have been my witness. I love it when you’re all hot and fired up. If that is how you feel about it, then…okay. Okay as in “I’ve said everything I can possibly say and now I’m washing my hands of it” okay? I will fully support you. I’ll have your back every step of the way. I’ll be there for you. And what if it goes belly-up? Well, what if, against all odds, it actually happens? Stranger things have. No. No, they have. But please, please monitor yourself. Okay? Take inventory. Go to meetings. I’ve been doing that all along, and I have no intention of stopping. That’s now. But I’m talking about during the waiting and the decision, okay? You’re going to get frustrated. You’re going to want to skip a meeting every now and again. You might even want to say screw this altogether. But please, please, promise me that you will not, okay, that you’ll stay the course. I promise. And one more thing. If this doesn’t go your way, if the worst thing happens and you don’t get your license back, just please promise me you won’t drink. That’s a promise I can’t make.

[ Exhales sharply ] But I promise to do everything in my power, including calling upon a higher power if I need to, to prevent that from happening, alright? I know. I understand that no recovery is guaranteed. I know that — that there are backslides, and that no promise I ask you to make is gonna keep you from drinking, but… it’s got to be your choice, yeah. Yeah. It’s so selfish. You are not selfish. In fact, be selfish because we’re all really sick and tired of your altruism. With kristina pregnant with our baby, I just — I just really need my mom right now. Never mind the fact that in order for you to fall in love with sonny, he had to literally forget who he was. But he makes you bend over backwards to prove your worth to him. And you bend, nina, and I hate it. It breaks my heart to see you do that. Especially when he’s such a hypocrite. Anyone wrongs him, he just writes them off. He’s not complicated. He’s just erratic. Sonny is not worthy of you. Are you finished? I wish. Okay, okay. When I heard that you and sonny had broken up, that he was looking for a divorce, I could finally breathe. I was that relieved. Why? So I could go back to you? That is lovely. But no. Because I’m not worthy of you either. I was relieved because you could finally forget having to be sonny’s wife, and maybe you could remember who you really are. And who do you think that is? Well, you’re nina reeves. And nina reeves is a marvel, a survivor, a rule breaker. Crimson, your life, everything that you are, you have spun into gold. And it is my greatest hope for you that you remember that. If I text allie and tell her that her mom was here, then I feel like that automatically implies that it’s me and allie against her mom, and I don’t necessarily want that. I think that’s wise. Right? Then if I don’t tell her, I don’t really want to be keeping a secret from her. Also wise. I think what I should do is wait until I see her. And if allie brings it up, then great. And if she doesn’t, then I’ll tell her what happened tonight. I’m curious. What’s your take on natalia? I mean, I definitely did not win her over initially, but I give her credit for reaching out. So do I. I give you a lot more credit. Me? What do you mean, me? Because I told allie how afraid I was to come out to you and how when I did you were like, “what? You think I don’t know gay people? I know gay people.” I would have given anything to see the expression on my own face when you did that, it was like it was no big deal. You know, even looking back, the fact that you didn’t know that I would accept that… it kind of hurts a little bit, even now. Why? Dad, you have always been the only one that I could really turn to. And I will always be. I know. The day I questioned daniel morgan without a parent or guardian present. Oh. That’s not good. Yeah. Luckily, somebody stopped me. This woman just swooped in like she was on fire and lit into me, telling me how ashamed I should be, and all of a sudden I was. Oh, my god. You met tracy quartermaine. Does tracy quartermaine have a brooklyn accent? Oh, no, you met brook lynn.

[ Laughs ] “Brooklyn”? Yes.

[ Laughs ] Her name is — is actually “brooklyn”? Well, anyway, I got to thank her because she forced me to realize I’d crossed the line. Well, at least you realized your mistake. You know, some people cross the line, and they just double down and floor it. Yeah, even so. I was disappointed I went there in the first place. Today was not my finest day as a cop. Yeah. Wasn’t mine either. Here’s to being better tomorrow.

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