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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

While EJ and Nicole were kissing, Holly came in the room. Holly asked why he had to have Tate arrested. Eric and Theresa ran into each other at the town square. She told him about Tate breaking into the DiMera mansion. Theresa said Tate couldn’t go near Holly. Eric told her Tate was a good kid. He said Tate would come out of the situation stronger and wiser. Eric gave her advice about Tate before he left. She thought about Tate not knowing what to do about Holly. Maggie and Konstantin bonded over Victoria. Sarah told Xander that it felt nice spending time together. Xander said it would have been better if they had Victoria with them. Sarah suggested they go get the baby. Konstantin talked about his daughter. He wondered if she would have been a mother one day. While they were talking, Xander and Sarah showed up. Xander took Victoria from him. Konstantin left to do errands. When he left, Maggie said it was a surprise. Xander agreed that it was.

EJ told Holly that he dropped the charges against Brady. He said Tate had to stay away from Holly and wear an ankle monitor. Holly was upset about what happened. She said it wasn’t fair. When she said if they only knew, Nicole wanted to know what she was going. Holly said it wasn’t fair that she couldn’t see her friend. Xander told Maggie that he thought Victoria would just be with her. Maggie said that wasn’t fair because Konstantin lost his daughter. She told them how Konstantin lost his daughter and had a wonderful way with kids. Nicole told Holly that Tate broke in their home. Holly said she heard her. She said they thought Tate was a delinquent just because he broke in the house. Holly decided to go for a walk. Nicole didn’t want her going out by herself. Holly said she wanted to be alone. EJ told her not to contact Tate because it would make things worse. Holly said she wouldn’t. Konstantin sat at Theresa’s table at the town square. He asked her how the plans for stealing Alex’s fortune were going. Theresa told him that it wasn’t a good time. She told him Alex didn’t propose to her, so she moved out. Konstantin asked if she changed his mind. Theresa said she hadn’t seen Alex since she left the apartment. Konstantin warned her to make things right with Alex. EJ asked Nicole if he was alone with his concern over Holly’s friendship. He said it was tragic what happened to her. Nicole never answered the question. Nicole said she has gone through a lot. Eric and Holly ran into each other. Holly told him she wished she could take back what happened on New Year’s. Eric thought about his conversation with Brady about Tate. Holly told Eric that Tate was being accused of drugging her. Eric said EJ and Nicole were trying to keep her safe. Holly said Tate didn’t do anything to her. She thought about Tate warning her about the drugs she was taking. EJ suggested to Nicole that they cancel the christening. Nicole wanted to have the christening. Konstantin told Theresa that she conned Alex before and could do it again. He asked if she wanted to be rich. Theresa said Maggie wouldn’t want to be with him. Konstantin said he was getting closer with Maggie. When Maggie left, Sarah asked if he believed Konstantin. Xander said he didn’t. Holly told Eric that Tate was a good friend who she didn’t want to go to jail. EJ was upset when he tried reaching out to Stefan but got the voicemail.

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