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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan showed up at Ava’s apartment. He said he had to talk to her. Harris came out and said Stefan shot him. Ava asked if it was true. Stefan said Clyde didn’t give him a choice. She slapped him. He said he didn’t have a choice. Harris said he and Ava had a choice. He said he begged her to come clean with him. She said she came clean with him. Harris said if she told him the truth, Tripp and Wendy might not have been kidnapped. Sarah went to the police station and told Xander he was free. Xander told her Harris woke up and didn’t identify him as the shooter. Paulina, Chanel, Abe, and Johnny talked about Eli and Lani showing up with the twins. While they were talking, Paulina told Johnny and Chanel about celebrating their marriage. When Johnny and Chanel left, Abe and Paulina were excited about living together again. Kate and Roman showed up to visit Paulina. Xander and Sarah went to the apartment to celebrate his release. Ava told Stefan that they should have been honest with Harris. Stefan said Tripp and Wendy were safe. Harris told Stefan that he was disgusting for being okay with only shooting him. Stefan attempted to tell Harris about sleeping with Ava. Kate asked Paulina if she was diagnosed. Paulina said she flatlined. Roman asked if the doctors brought her back to life. Paulina said it wasn’t the doctors. She said she saw a bright light when she flatlined. Paulina said she was healed.

Ava wanted to know what Stefan was doing. Stefan said they shouldn’t keep any secrets. Ava told Harris that she was pretending to be a couple with Stefan. While she was talking, Harris interrupted to tell her he didn’t care. Stefan said he was taking Ava down with him. Harris told Stefan to take the fall for the crimes so Ava could get off. Ava asked why he should do that. Harris said he would face a lesser sentence doing that than admitting to shooting a cop. Xander was still concerned about being charged with attempted murder. He said he couldn’t handle being away from Sarah and Victoria. Paulina talked to Kate about being insecure about living with Abe again. Kate told he she didn’t think she was Roman’s type. Harris asked Stefan why he framed Xander. Stefan said he was easy to frame because of his past. Harris said he was letting Stefan off easy. He told Stefan to take the deal before he changed his mind. Stefan said Ava was deep in the mess. Harris told him to take the deal by tomorrow or else. Stefan left Ava’s apartment. Abe talked to Roman about seeing Lexie. He said seeing Lexie made his memory come back. Roman was shocked. He thanked Lexie for giving Abe his memory back and Paulina her life back. Abe told Roman that he felt as if he was being disloyal to Paulina even though Lexie was gone. Roman told him not to let his memories overshadow what he has now. Sarah told Xander not to worry because everything was going to work out. Xander didn’t think he would be able to get away from his past. He said he thought she and Victoria were better off without him. Sarah said she wanted him in her, and Victoria’s lives because he was important. She said she loved him.

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