Days Short Recap Monday, March 18, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John confronted Steve about knowing the truth about Katarina. He didn’t understand why he didn’t tell him what happened. EJ told Stefan that he wasn’t any use to Harris. He also told Stefan that Harris said he was the one who shot him. Stefan wanted to make sure EJ would still help him. EJ assured him that he would help him. Eric informed Sloan that Jude’s christening would be at the DiMera mansion instead of the pub. She didn’t want to do that because of Nicole, but he felt like she needed it. John couldn’t believe that Konstantin was the one who told him the truth. Marlena let him know that Steve was afraid to tell him the truth. Steve told him it might not be the truth. John said that he killed someone’s daughter. Harris asked Ava when she spoke to Stefan. She thought it was a few days ago. He wanted to talk to him about Clyde, but he couldn’t find him. EJ took care of Stefan’s info so he could leave Salem. He didn’t think it would happen so fast. EJ reminded him that he didn’t help Clyde or Harris. He informed him that he didn’t have too many options left. Stefan didn’t like EJ sending him to a war zone. Ava asked Harris if Stefan had something to do with Clyde’s escape. Harris thought he did it because he loved Gabi. Stefan didn’t speak the languages of the countries EJ was sending him. EJ was willing not to help him.

Eric met with Brady and asked him to be the godfather to his son. He said he couldn’t do it. John decided to turn himself into the police for what he did. Stefan wanted to say goodbye to Gabi, but EJ didn’t think it was a good idea. He wanted EJ to say goodbye for him, but he refused to do it. EJ wanted Stefan to ride in the trunk. Brady didn’t think he was a good father which was why he turned down Eric’s offer. Eric tried to make him feel better. John wanted to turn himself in, but Marlena and Steve talked him out of it. He thought he was a good guy. Marlena assured him that he was a good guy. John tried to justify what he did to people, but he couldn’t do it anymore. Stefan demanded to know why EJ wanted a government job when he had the DiMera empire. EJ told him that he better be grateful for his help after what he did to Holly. Eric continued to convince Brady to be Jude’s godfather. Brady finally agreed to do it. Marlena tried to convince John that he wasn’t a bad person. He let her know that he helped Clyde break out of jail. John apologized for letting Clyde escape prison. He wanted to go to Konstantin to make things right. Steve reminded him that he’s trying to rip off Maggie. Brady talked to Eric about Holly lying about how she got the drugs. He was afraid that Tate’s life would be over if Holly didn’t tell the truth. EJ warned Stefan that Harris would be back to question the staff about him. Marlena didn’t want John to go to the police. Stefan went to Ava’s place and ran into Harris. Harris said he wasn’t going anywhere.


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