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Chelsea: I have enormous faith in therapy and treatment. I really do. But, um, I’m just not sure I know how to do this. And I’m actually not quite sure I– I can do this. Um, deal with connor’s ocd, his, um, his treatment, I mean.

Alcott: You’re not the first parent to worry that they won’t be able to cope with this kind of diagnosis. But once you have all the information and are equipped with the right tools, I think you’ll find you’re stronger than you believe, more than capable of helping connor.

Chelsea: My situation is– is different. I’m– I’m not talking about your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill parental anxiety. Things are, um, different for me because of my past. And I’m worried that it’s gonna make things much worse for my sweet little boy, if it hasn’t already.

Adam: I haven’t really had a chance to check out your new room.

Connor: Yeah.

Adam: It’s nice. I, uh, I can help you put away your stuff you asked for from home if you want?

Connor: No, you’ll do it wrong.

Adam: Do you like this room better than the other room? You never really explained to us why you wanted to change rooms.

Connor: I don’t wanna talk about it.

Adam: Well, it must be a pretty big reason for you to wanna up and move in the middle of the school year.

Connor: It’s no big deal, all right?

Adam: Connor, come on. I’m your old man. You can tell me anything. Is there a problem with another student?

Connor: Nothing like that.

Adam: Well, then what? You didn’t like the view? Didn’t like the color of the walls? It was too far from the dining hall, hmm?

Connor: It was me.

Adam: You? What does that mean?

Connor: I couldn’t stay in there because of me and my craziness.

Kyle: There’s definitely more to claire’s story than what she and victoria were willing to share.

Summer: Yeah, I’m not saying that anybody has to tell us anything, but the way that victoria was so careful with each of her words, it… I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I’m overreacting. Sure, claire was sweet, and she did have some sort of an instant connection with harrison, and he was in a very bad mood, and she made him smile and come out of his shell.

Kyle: It’s a nice change of pace after how the day started.

Summer: Not just today. I mean, we haven’t seen harrison’s happy, usual self in a while now, and I just– I do want him to feel safe again, like he was before linda went away, and definitely before–

Kyle: When we split up.

Summer: Yeah. Look, I’m not saying no to interviewing claire. I’m just saying before we really consider it, we need to do some research.

Nick: Mom? Dad? Vic?

Victor: Son, didn’t realize you were coming.

Nick: Where is everyone?

[ Banging ]

Jordan: Ah! Ow! Ow! Damn it.

Claire: She doesn’t sound happy.

Victoria: Just wait until she sees us.

Jordan: Is someone there?

[ Banging ] Is someone there? Help me! Help me! I’m locked in here to die like an animal! Please, let me out! Someone help me! Oh! Oh, thank god!

[ Gasping ]

Nikki: Sorry to burst your bubble, jordan, but this isn’t a rescue party. ()

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… nothing makes a gathering great

Jordan: Get out! Get out!

Nikki: She says that as if she has any power here.

Jordan: Oh. I can take you all.

Nikki: I would advise you not to try anything.

Claire: The three of us could easily take you.

Jordan: Aren’t you suddenly so brave? And you? Bluffing!

[ Jordan laughing ] What kind of sick tea party is this, huh? This is ridiculous.

Claire: Looks like she’s broken a nail. Ooh, several of them.

Victoria: Did she really think she’d be able to claw her way out of here?

Nikki: Guess she’s not as smart as she thinks she is.

Jordan: Stop it. Just stop it.

Nikki: Not much fun being locked up against your will, is it?

Jordan: That’s it? That’s all you got? You merely came to gloat?

Nikki: After all the hell you have put us through, I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Ladies, who wants to go first?

Victor: Your mother has taken your sister and claire to where jordan is.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Victor: Your mother insisted on confronting jordan. And claire and victoria are with her right now as we speak.

Nick: Dad, are you serious? How is that remotely a good idea?

Victor: I agree with you. I was more than reluctant to give my okay. However, your mother thinks confronting that jordan woman would allow her to reclaim her own strength, allow her to remain sober.

Nick: What about claire and victoria? Why are they there?

Victor: Well, they feel similarly empowered by confronting jordan and showing jordan that she can no longer terrorize them. I don’t like the whole thing.

Nick: Some strong women in this family.

Victor: You can say that again.

Chelsea: I’m not sure if you noticed, but earlier, I mentioned getting help for my own issues. I attempted suicide about a year and a half ago. I was on the roof of a building, standing on a ledge, ready to jump. Convinced it was the only way to escape the pain that had become pretty much unbearable. You know, my own intrusive thoughts, similar to connor’s, I suppose. Uh, the only reason I’m here now is a friend was able to get to me in time. He stopped me. And even though he held me in his arms and told me everything was gonna be okay… I just wanted it all to be over.

Alcott: You sought help?

Chelsea: Yeah. I went to an inpatient facility and I had an amazing therapist. It was really hard at first, you know, digging through years of emotions I had been ignoring pretty much, but, um, eventually it got easier and I’ve been in therapy ever since.

Alcott: What you’ve done takes a great deal of strength. You should be very proud of yourself.

Chelsea: Thanks. I am proud. I am proud, but I have to be honest with you. Yeah, the guilt– the guilt– I’m starting to feel that maybe I… I passed something horrible onto my son. It’s overwhelming.

Adam: Connor, we talked about this, right? The “crazy” word? That is just the ocd talking. Because you, connor newman, you are the greatest kid ever.

Connor: Who’s crazy.

Adam: Buddy–

Connor: Call it what you want. It’s still what it is.

Adam: We’re gonna fix this, okay? And everything is gonna be okay. Can we get back to the room change for a second? Was somebody being a jerk to you? Was someone bullying you, connor?

Connor: No, that’s not it.

Adam: Look, I’m sorry. I’m trying to understand so I can help you.

Connor: It was the room number.

Adam: Okay. It was the room number. Well, your favorite number is seven, or anything that can be divided by seven. Those are your lucky numbers, right?

Connor: My room was 23. Two and three add up to five, and… that’s bad.

Adam: You know what my favorite number is? 21.

Connor: Because of vegas.

Adam: Excuse me?

Connor: You like to gamble.

Adam: Who told you that?

Connor: Johnny overheard his mom and dad talking about it one day. That… you used to live in vegas and liked to play cards.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Well, that– that was another lifetime ago. So, this retreat that dr. Alcott was suggesting, what do you think?

Connor: The hospital for crazy people.

Adam: Connor, that is not what this is. It’s a place where people that know about this kind of stuff, they can get you the help that you need. Wouldn’t that be a relief to not have to worry so much about this?

Connor: You said we didn’t have to decide yet.

Adam: Well, I said that we would talk about it. And that’s what we’re doing right now.

Connor: I don’t wanna go, dad. I’m scared.

Rsv is out there.

Adam: I get moving to a new place can be scary, but your mom and I, we could do everything we can to make it easier for you.

Connor: There’s nothing you can do, so there’s no point.

Adam: I’m sure that we could get the room numbers in advance. I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem.

Connor: I know where everything is here. I know where everything is at home. But there? I wouldn’t know where anything is. I’ll be alone.

Adam: How? Connor, you would make friends there.

Connor: I don’t have friends here. How would I have friends there?

Adam: It’s gonna be all right, okay?

Connor: Not if I have to go to that place.

Adam: Let’s just see how this all plays out. We’re just starting this whole process. And like you said, you know, no decisions have been made yet. Okay?

Kyle: I’m in total agreement. We find out what we can about claire and her past, and then we go from there.

Summer: Wouldn’t it be nice if she was perfect, though?

Kyle: Yeah. But something to consider is she may not even be interested in the job.

Summer: She did say that she wants to work with children, right?

Kyle: It doesn’t mean she wants to be a nanny. But I still think it’s worth a shot.

Summer: Okay. I’m gonna do some digging, see if I can come up with the parts of the story that victoria didn’t share with us, and we’ll go from there.

Jordan: So that’s why you’re here? You’re here for closure? There will never be any closure. And you better believe that I’m going to come haunt each of you every minute of every day and every night for the rest of your lives.

Victoria: She’s so dramatic.

Claire: She’s always been like that, but it’s a lot less effective than I remember.

Victoria: That’s interesting.

Jordan: Just stop it.

Nikki: You can rant and rave all you want. Your days of terrorizing our family are over.

Jordan: You tell yourself that when you’re all alone, pouring yourself a really tall glass of vodka. Oh! [ Chuckles ] You’re drunk right now, aren’t you? Of course you are. Because it’s the only way you could get yourself ginned up to confront me.

Nikki: I haven’t had a drop in days. You may have stolen my sobriety, but I’ve taken it back.

Victoria: Just like you stole my daughter, but now she’s home where she belongs.

Claire: And like you stole my life, but I’m getting it back with a family that loves me. It’s even better than I could have dreamed.

Jordan: You are all so stupid. Whining, strutting around, worrying about what I did to you, what you deserved. You think that will solve all your problems? Do you really think it’s that easy, nikki? Febreze!

Nikki: Remind me. Which one of us was stupid enough to get tricked into being locked in this basement?

Jordan: Time has given me clarity.

Victoria: Is she for real?

Jordan: You know, for years I have studied you. I’ve seen your arrogance and I predict nothing but tragedy and doom for you. And you! And you, you ungrateful little brat.

Claire: Don’t you dare speak to my daughter like that.

Jordan: Your daughter? Your bouncing baby daughter? Now all grown up and full of just so much hate. What do you think she might do next, huh? Maybe try to kill you again. Maybe this time with success.

Victoria: Well, that was all due to you. To your influence.

Jordan: Whatever you say. You know, I raised her. And I loved her. Do you trust her? Do you, victoria? Because you couldn’t really love her if you don’t trust her. That’s what a mother does.

Claire: You used me.

Jordan: You see how she loathes me? Is that what you want? You better watch out. Because who knows if she will turn on you.

Victoria: There’s nothing you can do or say that would make me doubt my daughter. She has all of my love and trust. Neither of which you understand at all.

Jordan: Well then, welcome her into your home. But I would sleep with one eye open.

Victoria: You’re a monster.

Jordan: No, no, no. I see the world for what it is. Every man, every woman. Just the way I raised claire. Eye on the prize, right, honey? She snowed all of you as nikki’s assistant. Competent, honest, beautiful. Who’s to say that she’s not scamming you right now as the long lost daughter? Until… snap.

Claire: I’ve changed. I’ve gotten help. I know what love and family are now.

Jordan: You understand nothing. How much heart do you have left, huh, victoria? How much heart? I mean, you couldn’t even hold on to a man, could you? Or a house. All you have left is all the newman’s grandeur and the newman name to keep you going.

Nikki: That’s enough out of you. Shut up, bitch.

[ Jordan laughing ]

Jordan: No, no, no, no. You shut up! ‘Cause I know what you really want. All you really want is to run out to a liquor store and find the best bottle of vodka you can find and guzzle it down so all of this will go away.

Nikki: I don’t think so, jordan. Because, you see, I have won. I’ve survived you. I’ve survived your attack on my sobriety. And now, to see you here like this, humiliated, exposing what a miserable human being you are, well, it’s just another reminder that I am much stronger without a drink.

Jordan: I wish you could’ve shared that joy with your poor sponsor, seth. He’s dead because of you.

Nikki: He’s dead because of you! Because you are a serial killer.

Victoria: It’s over. You’ve lost. You can never hurt us again.

Jordan: What a pretty picture.

Nikki: I hope that pretty picture torments you for the rest of your life, because the three of us are bound in love, in strength, something that you could never have any comprehension of. But at least you’ll have plenty of time to think about it, because you will be in prison forever.

Jordan: Oh. Oh, so victor’s not gonna keep me here and feed me spoiled food and the occasional rat?

Nikki: Lady, if I had my way, you’d never leave this hellhole, which quite literally was of your own making. So, I guess the next best thing is to know that you will slowly, oh, so slowly, rot away in your cell.

Jordan: Do you hear that, claire? All I did was do what had to be done. Avenge my sister’s humiliation with the newmans, with their crocodile tears. They can get away with anything with the newman name.

Claire: You’re sick, jordan.

Jordan: And what are you? You think you’re gonna fit right in here? You think that? You’re gonna be just like your new uncle adam. Another black sheep. Another outcast. Only, worse for you, because you’re half howard.

Claire: You can’t get to me anymore. I’m right where I wanna be, where I always belonged.

Jordan: You hateful little backstabber. I hope that selling out to these vipers makes you miserable with every last breath you take.

Victoria: Our family loves and accepts claire completely. She has the love and the home that you stole from her, but you’re just gonna die all alone.

Jordan: Maybe. Or maybe… someone else might die sooner rather than later.

Nikki: What is that?

Jordan: Something you’ve forgotten. That while you’ve been running off your mouth, I’m the one that’s still in charge.

Adam: Hey, you know what? We can go get some pizza. Get a few slices with extra pepperoni.

Connor: I’m not hungry.

Adam: Okay. Well, then… maybe we can hang here. Hmm? We can unpack the bag that I brought for you.

Connor: I told you, you’d do it wrong.

Adam: You could show me.

Connor: I don’t wanna be here.

Adam: What do you mean, you don’t wanna be “here”?

Connor: I hate it.

Adam: Hate what? You hate this room?

Connor: I hate this school. I don’t want to go to that place for crazies dr. Alcott wants to send me to.

Adam: Connor, she thinks that it could help you.

Connor: Maybe nothing can help me.

Adam: Connor, look at me. You’re not alone in this. You know that, right? Your mom and I, we just want what’s best for you. And maybe that’s the residential program. Maybe it’s something else. But whatever it is, we’re gonna be with you every step of the way.

Connor: Do you mean that?

Adam: Of course I mean that.

Connor: Then you won’t make me go to that place. I wanna go home. I’ll be good. I’ll do everything I’m supposed to. Please, dad. Can I come home?

Adam: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Chelsea: Connor is such a sensitive kid. He picks up on my every mood, even more so since my suicide attempt.

Alcott: That’s not unusual.

Chelsea: My actions have already caused him so much pain. I can’t be more of a burden to him. I can’t cause him any more suffering than I already have.

Alcott: It’s important for connor and for you and adam to understand there is no issue of blame involved here.

Chelsea: But how could my child be in so much pain and I didn’t notice? Why were we not more aware?

Alcott: There are probably a collection of reasons, including connor didn’t want you or anyone else to find out what he was going through. What’s important is that he’s getting treatment now, so there is no it’s too late in this scenario.

Chelsea: But what if…

Alcott: Go on.

Chelsea: For years, I acted out to avoid the voices in my head, until eventually, one day, they chased me onto a ledge. Connor says things like he hates himself. He says things like he doesn’t wanna be here, and that he has scary thoughts. And so he counts or he organizes things or he cleans things in order to make them go away. But what if it’s not enough? What if one day, those scary thoughts chase him onto a ledge before we’re able to get him treatment? For people who feel limited

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Chelsea: I’m sorry. I mean, you must think I’m so selfish. I’m not trying to make it about myself. I just, if my issues are at all responsible for what connor’s going through, I–

Alcott: No blame, remember? And what you see as a liability is actually a great asset.

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Alcott: You’ve struggled with mental health. You are especially sensitive to what connor’s needs are and will be. You understand there’s no quick fix, that it’s a process. You’re on the right path.

Chelsea: You really think this residential facility is the best step?

Alcott: The exposure and response prevention treatment is a critical step in helping connor habituate to the uncomfortable feelings that spark his ritualistic behaviors. It’s not an easy process, but it’s a path to managing the disorder. I suggest you make the decision as soon as possible.

Chelsea: Okay, I’ll talk to his father, and I’ll get back to you. Thank you for the talk and answering my questions and holding my hand.

Nick: Hey, you.

Summer: Hi, dad. Thanks for meeting with me.

Nick: Sure.

Summer: Is grandpa here?

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Summer: Grandpa.

Victor: There you are. Nice to see you. My goodness.

Summer: You too.

Nick: Did you make that call?

Victor: Yeah.

Nick: Did you get an update?

Victor: Things are being taken care of as we speak.

Nick: Everything’s all right?

Victor: Everything is fine. Please, sweetheart, have a seat. Right.

Summer: Well, I hope I didn’t drag you away from anything too important.

Victor: Not at all. You’re here. My granddaughter. That’s more important. There something you wanna talk about specifically?

Summer: Yeah. I guess I just had a few questions about claire. You see, kyle and I brought harrison to crimson lights earlier today, and we ran into aunt victoria, and claire was with her, and it– it’s just so wild. Everybody thought that she died after she was born, but she’s actually alive and well and living here.

Victor: I know.

Nick: Yeah, it is a hell of a story.

Summer: Thank you. Well, she seemed really great, and harrison adored her right off the bat. We had a nice conversation, but it did kind of seem like aunt victoria didn’t really wanna get into the details of claire’s past, where she’s been all this time. I guess I just wanted to ask, um, what should I know about my new cousin?

Nick: Claire’s backstory is complicated and ugly. Truth is, it’s not going to be as easy for some members of this family to completely welcome claire into this family.

Summer: What exactly went down with claire?

Victor: As part of our family, you need to know the unvarnished truth.

Summer: Claire really was a part in trying to kill all of you?

Victor: She was raised to hate us. And she was used by her aunt as a weapon against us. She’s as much a victim of her aunt as we have been.

Summer: What? That somehow excuses her? Why isn’t claire in prison?

Victor: Because, my lawyer, michael baldwin, saw to it that she be put into a mental institution.

Summer: I saw in the press that claire was in a hospital. That was a psychiatric ward?

Victor: Yeah.

Summer: I knew that aunt victoria wasn’t telling me the whole story, but this, I… I don’t even have any words.

Victor: I know, summer. This is a lot to absorb, okay? But I ask you to give claire the benefit of the doubt, considering all that she has been through.

Summer: What about what she put you through?

Victor: Oh, darling, that’s all in the past, okay? Now, we all need to welcome her into our family.

Summer: Dad? You haven’t said much.

Nick: It’s not as easy for me, given what happened at the lake house.

Summer: No kidding. You were drugged and stabbed.

Nick: It’s not just that. It’s the fact that claire is one of the reasons why mom’s sobriety is destroyed. Every time I look at mom and see her struggling and in pain, I cannot just forgive and forget what happened. Now, for victoria’s sake, I will be civil. I will be kind. I will give claire her chance to prove herself in this family. But it’s gonna take me some time to get over what she and jordan did to my mom.

Victor: I understand your father, summer. But this is on jordan. And trust me, she’s being dealt with… as we speak.

Jordan: As nikki so charmingly put it, this is a hellhole. I should know. I created it. And I am nothing if not thorough. Toxin? More lethal than the one I used at the lake house? You see, my original plan was to capture you and victor here and provide you with the ultimate way out together. But alas, on to plan B.

Nikki: You are beyond evil.

Jordan: I am so sick of your pompous yapping. You think that your money and your name puts you in charge.

Nikki: Oh, please. You are the one with delusions of grandeur, going around claiming that you’re righting wrongs when in reality, your life has been meaningless. I– I can just see it, when you get to prison, begging others to listen to your stories of how when you would stick it to the newman family. And you know what? They’re not gonna listen to you, because they won’t care. You will not be an avenging crusader. You’ll just be another inmate with a number.

[ Jordan laughing ]

Jordan: Nikki, are you really so stupid that you believe that future’s going to happen? That’s not going to happen, because, you see, this is not your ultimate way out. It’s mine. Ta-ta, claire. And you can all just go to hell.

Adam: What? Already?

Adam: Nice. Everyone up for a round of hot chocolate?

Connor: I wanna go up to the apartment.

Adam: What? Already? I mean, I think one of these delicious brownies is calling your name.

Connor: Mom might have changed something in my room. I’ll need to fix it.

Chelsea: No, I didn’t touch anything, sweetheart, I promise.

Connor: Still, I need to.

Chelsea: Oh, connor, can’t we just be together for a little bit?

Connor: We were just in the car together.

Chelsea: True. But, um, sweetie, we have some decisions we need to make. So, um, dr. Alcott highly recommends this erp residential program.

Adam: Hey, you know what? It has been a long day. And maybe we could talk about this later.

Connor: Yeah. I’m tired.

Chelsea: I’m sorry, connor, but we can’t just toss this aside. It’s too important and there are things that we have to handle. Honey, I know that you’re concerned about falling behind in your schoolwork, but we’ll make sure you keep up with the course work while you’re in treatment. Connor, I know this all feels very weird and very scary. The idea of going to a retreat probably freaks you out, but we’re gonna find the right place for you and I promise you’re gonna get better. How does that sound?

Connor: Dad says I don’t have to go if I don’t want to. And I don’T.

Kyle: Well, that took a while. What’d you find out about claire?

Summer: Well, my dad and grandpa had plenty to say. And it’s a good thing that we checked.

Kyle: Uh, okay. That doesn’t sound like good news.

Summer: Bottom line, it would be a colossal mistake for us to let claire look after harrison or be alone with him, ever.

Kyle: How did we get to colossal?

Summer: My cousin is emotionally and– and mentally unstable. Kyle, the things that she’s done, what she’s capable of, I– I can’t even believe that anyone would accept her into the family.

Jordan: No final words for me? The woman who loved you? Who made all these sacrifices for you? Oh…

Claire: What do– what do we do?

Victoria: Maybe we should help her.

Nikki: We didn’t even know there was poison here. We didn’t force her to take it. She swallowed it willingly.

Victoria: Yes, but she swallowed it to avoid justice. Is that what we want?

Claire: After everything jordan’s put us through, everything she’s taken from us, does she deserve to live or die?

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