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Josslyn. What’s wrong? Oh, god. Is it dante? No. Oh. W– it’s dex. He’s not shot or anything. Oh, god. Okay. Hey, what do you need?

[ Voice breaking] I just need my mom. Oh, come here. You got me. You got me. You’re the one person who truly loves me who doesn’t hide parts of themselves from me. Baby, come on. What’s going on? What happened? Dax and I broke up. For good this time.

[ Sniffles ] Oh, come here.

[ Telephone rings ] Yeah. Uh, what? He’s here now. Me specifically? Oh, yeah. By all means, send him in. Thank you.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Sonny: Hey, sweetheart. Thank you. The coffee at the hospital will kill you. What? You’ve been with dante all morning? Why didn’t you tell me, dad? I would have switched shifts and come to keep you company. Ava was with me. Oh. Good. Okay. So… no changes. Dante’s still on life support. And there’s no sign that he’s going to wake up.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Exhales sharply ] I got you, I got you. Unless you need me, I’m probably going to head out in a few minutes. Um, no, I think we’re good.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Oh. How many times does this make? This is chase’s fourth check on dante today, and he’ll be back later if he takes a dinner break. And if not, he’ll sneak in just before lights out. I wish there was something new we could tell him, tell all of them. Dante hasn’t been alone since he was admitted. His friends and family have been here around the clock. Really says a lot about how much he means to people. Yeah. Sure does. Yeah. Here’s this. Thanks. It’s been hard on everyone at the pcpd. Detective falconeri has a lot of fans down there. You need blood, the entire squadron would be here in half an hour. In fact, you can have mine now. Well, that’s good to know. Thank you. Um, question — who are you? Oh, sorry. John cates, fbi. I’m here investigating the shooting in port charles, and I overheard you talking about detective falconeri. Yes, well, you overheard correctly. Detective falconeri is stable, but he’s still unconscious. Oh, great. I’ll pass that on at the station. Uh, before I do, though, I was wondering if we might speak, nurse baldwin, I have a couple of questions. About what? Jason morgan.

You okay? Yeah. I’m good. Thank you. No problem. Your timing was good. I just got home from school. Is anybody gonna be looking for you? No, they’re used to me taking off early. When I was younger, I always used to love coming here because there’s so much room here compared to home. I remember. You — you do? Sure. You were always asking to stay at grandma monica’S. I have patients I have to check on, agent cates. What is it that you need to know? The bureau and the pcpd are still trying to locate jason morgan. See, we believe he’s responsible for shooting dante falconeri at the warehouse and subsequently jumping from a bridge to escape capture. Yes, I’ve seen the news. Of course you have. It’s probably impossible to avoid. But we have yet to locate a body. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what kind of damage a jump from that height would do. No, no, you don’T. And so far, you haven’t needed to tell me any of this. Bottom line, you have a child with jason morgan, and I know you two have a history, so I’m sure you can understand if I have to ask you if you’ve heard from jason since the shooting. Well, I haven’T. He hasn’t tried to contact you or anyone else in your family? No. Well, I had to ask. You never know where a person’s loyalties lie. Agent cates, a very good man is lying unconscious in the icu. If jason put him there, I think the only thing that matters is the law, not my loyalties. “If.” You’re still saying

if he’s responsible. Well, I haven’t heard that anything else has been proven yet. And until it is, I think everyone should be saying “if.” Better yet, “allegedly.” You’re right. So let me say this.

If you are lying and if you are harboring a fugitive,

you could be facing federal charges. You know, I just — I just thought high school was gonna be different, new campus, new people, but it’s all the same stuff — sitting around trying not to get caught looking at your phone. When I had a phone. Mom took it ’cause I’m grounded. And now school is more boring than ever. I would have hated every part of that. Yeah. Me too. I mean, there’s parts of me that wish dex lied and just denied everything that nina said. Wait a minute. How was nina involved? She was there. She watched it happen. Nina exposed a side of dex that I didn’t even know existed. And as much as I hate her for it, thank god she did. Now I know. And I still don’t understand how I could love him this much. Okay, it sounds really fresh right now. Maybe you’re gonna have to sit with this for a minute. He was the person that I loved and trusted almost more than anybody else, and he is not the person that I thought he was. All dex had to do was look at me, and I felt loved and safe and respected, and it’s all gone. I don’t even have the illusion of him to hold on to anymore. Josslyn, what happened? What did dex do? Dex was going to kill cyrus because sonny ordered him to. Alright, I’m gonna need you to take some time, and you’re gonna have to get some perspective on this, okay? No amount of perspective changes the fact that dex was going to kill him. Mom, this wasn’t war. This wasn’t self-defense. Cyrus was an old man lying in a hospital room. That is premeditated murder. You know what I keep thinking about? Do you remember that year on christmas eve when dante and I took our skis, we went up to the roof

[Laughing] And we took the skis back and forth like we were trying to make tracks, like — like santa’s sleigh for donna and the kids? Wasn’t that the year that dante twisted his ankle playing hockey? Well, kind of. I mean, that was the — that was the cover story we told you. But really… he slid right off carly’s roof and directly into a pine tree. He had so many pine needles in his hair. Dad, it was crazy. It was like there were thousands. And we — we were just trying to get them out. It took us forever because we couldn’t stop laughing so hard. But he did smell really good after that. Thank you for sharing that. Yeah. When he wakes up, don’t tell him I told you about the pine tree part. I’ll keep it a secret… when he wakes up. When he wakes up. Thank you for seeing me, commissioner. I know you have a lot going on. Oh, it’s alright. Is this to do with sonny? ‘Cause I-I know he’s so distraught about dante, so — it’s, um — it’s actually for me. I’d like to confess to an attempted murder. Of whom? Cyrus renault. You attempted to murder cyrus renault? Yes. On sonny’s orders.

You don’t have a phone,what else do you like to do? Skiing, and I snowboard, too, but I like skiing more. It’s — it’s faster, and the runs are more challenging. Alright, what do you like better, height or speed? Both. I’m, uh — I’m — I’m into dirt biking and mountain biking, too. And I’m gonna take auto shop as an elective next year. You know, fix up my own car someday, put a turbocharger on it. What about sports? You like any of them? Football. I was gonna go out for the freshman team, but my mom wouldn’t sign the stupid waiver ’cause she thought I was gonna get brain damage. Y-you had brain damage, right? Uh, yeah, n-not from playing football. I was in a car accident.

[ Door opens ] Danny. School’s been out for a while. You should probably get up to the house before they send out a search party to look for you. Thought of that. Said I had a lot of homework. What if someone decides to help you with it and finds out you’re not in your room? I guess you’re right. See you later. Yeah. Thanks again. No problem. What’s wrong? Dex was in an impossible situation. He was working for me and michael. He was working for sonny. And when sonny gave him the order to go after cyrus, dex didn’t have a lot of options. Dex could have gone to you and michael. He could have told you what sonny wanted. He could have done a lot of things. He could have gone to the police. Oh, come on. That’s not a realistic option, and you know it. Look, the choices that dex had to make, they may have been deal-breakers for you, but don’t be naive about why he made them. Okay, maybe he didn’t have a choice, but I had a choice, and I chose to be with him over and over again. And if I didn’t know what I know now, I would still be with him like some lovesick, blind idiot. Okay. Come on. I’m willing to bet that dex shared more with you than he has with anyone ever. I just never even considered that the sweet, amazing guy I love could kill someone while they’re helpless. How did I not see it? This isn’t a court-martial, dex. You can have a seat. So, walk me through this. Start at the beginning. Um… I was initially hired by michael corinthos to infiltrate sonny’s organization and gather information and evidence that could incriminate him. Michael hired you for this, did he? He felt that sonny’S… choices, um, caused unnecessary pain and risk to the family. So I’m assuming this is after the whole nixon falls/nina situation, yeah? Michael eventually reconsidered, but he — he — he decided that sending his father to prison would rip the family apart. So he changed the terms of my employment, and he brought his mother into the circle of trust. They, uh — they wanted me to monitor sonny and to give them any information if he were ever in any trouble. What kind of trouble? A situation that he couldn’t handle, he was in over his head. But other than that, I was, uh, supposed to continue working for sonny and follow his orders like any of his other personnel. Well… so, um, before carly and michael tasked you with being sonny’s guardian angel, did you ever get anything incriminating? I did. I had evidence that sonny was moving illegal arms for a company called pikeman. I know dante is technically not a kid, but he’s always gonna be my kid, and he’s got so much more to give to the world and his family. And he will. I can count on — on one hand all the good people in my life, and dante was one of them. Nobody would argue that. If I could be half as good as dante, I’d be very happy. You know, I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I’ve done a lot of things that I should have paid for. Not dante. I should be laying in that bed, not him. Alright, that’s it. Listen, dad, I know that you are sad and you’re scared, and — and those aren’t comfortable emotions for you. But I-I’m not gonna sit here and listen to you denigrate the dad I adore. Look, I know I wasn’t planned. It doesn’t matter whether you were planned. Your mom and i always wanted you. You know that. You just proved my point for me. You have always made me feel loved, always. I’m your dad. That’s my job. And you make it easy. Do I, though? The older I get, the more I reflect, and I realize that you are my anchor. As flighty as I might be, and we both know that’s true, you always keep me grounded. A-and there’s not a single thing I would change about you, imperfections and all. You are the best dad there is. And dante would be the first one to tell you that.

Okay. How are you feeling? I’m fine. Michael already warned me. You could be on fire and say, “I’m fine.” This is important, though. Okay? You lost a lot of blood. So you need to drink a lot of fluids. If you don’t, you could go into hypovolemic shock, and your organs could stop working. Okay. Got it. All done.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs ] I know you don’t want to be in this boathouse, but please, please, please don’t push yourself right now, okay? You will not make yourself stronger. You will just use up reserves that have already been severely depleted. And you will set your recovery way back. Okay. Take one now and one every eight hours for the next seven days. Don’t forget. It’s an antibiotic. Don’t miss a dose. Where’d you — don’t ask. You okay? Fine. You don’t seem like it. Michael would do anything for you, which is absolutely his right. And I’m okay risking myself. But involving danny is the worst thing you could have done. Okay, I didn’t — I didn’t seek danny out. He found me. Well, it won’t matter to that fbi agent cates, who’s turning over every rock in port charles looking for you. What do you think will happen if he gets proof that danny helped you? Elizabeth: Hey, there. I didn’t know you were coming by today. I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe I got off tiktok. And you need a taste tester? Yeah. Okay, well, not that I’m complaining, but why didn’t you ask jake? He won’t exactly talk to me. I’m a little worried about him. Why? What happened? You know how anytime our families get together, dante’s always the first one to get something fun going, like find a game to play that includes everyone? And he always makes you laugh but in a nice way. He never makes fun of anybody. Yeah, everyone loves him. Well, jake’s convinced, like 100% convinced, that his dad shot dante. When I tried to tell him we didn’t know for sure that jason did it, he slammed his bedroom door in my face. Mm. I had no idea. He hasn’t said anything to me about it. He’s not going to, either. He said he doesn’t want to talk to you about it. Why not? Doesn’t want you to defend jason. John: Daniel morgan? Yeah. Hi. John cates, fbi. I was hoping I could ask you a few questions about your dad. If you remember, sonny beat cyrus up pretty bad. Severe enough to put him in hospital. And then when the police questioned cyrus, he said sonny was responsible. Yeah, he couldn’t have been happy with that. No, so when cyrus said he would press charges, sonny decided that if cyrus were put down, any potential charges against him would go down, too. That’s a little shortsighted, don’t you think? Because if cyrus had died and his death was related in any way to the beating that sonny had inflicted on him, then he could have been found guilty of manslaughter or maybe even second-degree murder. That’s exactly what I tried to tell him. But sonny didn’t see it that way. He, uh — he ordered me to take out cyrus while he was still in the hospital. And I was prepared to do it. How? I was going to inject his picc line with fentanyl. But sonny showed up at the last second and stopped me. Do you know why he reconsidered? No. Okay, dex. You do understand that if you swear to this, you will incriminate yourself, as well as sonny. I do. But I did it. And I prepared to pay for it. I hope that I never disappoint you the way I disappointed your brothers. No matter what you’ve done or think you’ve done, michael and dante will always love you a lot. And so will I. There’s nothing that you could ever do that would make me truly disappointed in you. If there’s even a part of that that’s true, I’m a lucky man. Kristina?

honey, agent cates seems laser-focusedon finding you. He even tried to intimidate elizabeth baldwin by dangling the threat of federal charges in front of her. Elizabeth hasn’t done anything. But now danny has. Willow, I-I never wanted anybody to find me, let alone danny. I would never put him in jeopardy. I know you wouldn’T. I’m gonna make sure not one of you gets implicated, okay? Not michael, not you, not danny. All of you helping me, I’m just gonna make it like it never happened. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. Yuri, I think his name is, he let me in. Yeah, yuri. He’s a — he’s a good guy. Yeah, he seems like it. Listen, I don’t want to keep you, but have you, by any chance, seen your father in the last couple days? No. You haven’t heard from him at all? Like no phone calls or texts or e-mails or… no. You’re sure? ‘Cause it’s really important that I find him. Yeah. I’m sure. See, it’s just that he’s been gone a long time, and now all of a sudden, he’s back, and all you get is radio silence? I mean, you’re his son. Don’t you think that’s weird? Not really.

[ Scoffs ] It’s not like I knew the guy before he was gone. Look, I don’t know why he’s back, but I can tell you it’s not because of me. Brook lynn: Danny, go. Somewhere else. I need to have a word with agent cates. You are a disgrace to your badge. No matter what I say or do, jake gets mad. Okay, he’s not mad at you. He’s mad at the situation. And he doesn’t know what to do with his anger. So it — it just comes out all sideways at you and everyone else he loves. Mostly me. I know, I know, and I’m sorry. And I know it doesn’t feel like it, but it’s — it’s not personal, okay? I promise I will talk to him when I get home. Good luck. Just so you know, we did talk about it when we first found out that jason was back and that he might be responsible for dante’s shooting. I j– I — guess it should have been a bigger conversation. I just didn’t want to make things harder on him. It’s hard already for everyone. Chase: Elizabeth. Aiden. Um, do you have a second? Yeah, sure. Chase. Do you think jake’s dad shot dante? I wish I would have never pressured dex into staying with sonny. Well, dex didn’t put up much of a fight. Baby, that’s because your mother and your brother were pressuring him. Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know what to believe. I know how things work in sonny’s business. Trust is everything. I never thought he would trust dex enough to give him an assignment like cyrus. Did jason used to kill for sonny? I’m sorry if I’m interrupting. No. Uh…

[ Clears throat ] Dad, this is natalia ramirez, allie’s mom. Oh. Natalia, this is my father, sonny corinthos. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. My daughter talks a lot about your daughter. I’m glad that they found each other. Yes, well, that’s why I’m here. To ask for your help.

Jason never talked about it. But he — he did some things for sonny, yeah. Did some things, like… killed people things? What do you want to hear, josslyn? I want to hear that killing people because they’re inconvenient for sonny is wrong. Of course it’s wrong. Then why are you hesitant? I’m not. I don’t — I don’t want you asking questions that you don’t want to know the answers to. I do want the answers. I’m just not always ready for the ones that I get. That’s because you’re judging everything from the outside. You know, you weren’t in dex’s shoes, and you weren’t in jason’s shoes, for that matter. You don’t know why they made the choices they did. I love jason, too. Okay? But come on. All it takes is sonny pointing at someone and saying, “go,” and that’s it? It’s not that simple. No, it’s never that simple. I trust jason. If jason killed someone, it’s because they were gonna kill him. I don’t think so. I don’t think that it would matter to you if someone was trying to kill jason or not. I think that you would stick beside him no matter what. And I thought that that’s how I felt about dex. But it’s not. So… when I walked into my daughter’s hotel room and found you in her bed… I was shocked. Well, anybody that would walk into their, you know, kid’s hotel room and find somebody in their bed would be shocked. I understand that you were blindsided. But even more so when she told me that you were her girlfriend. Yeah, that was a big step for her and for us, to be open about dating. Well, I-I wasn’t ready for it. And — and obviously, no matter what I said or what I did, it was wrong. And I — and I even knew that at the time, but I-I couldn’t — I couldn’t stop myself. Well, now you know better. You’re gonna do better next time. Yeah, but alison and i already had a next time, and, um… and I, uh — I did not do better. You — you seem to be having a hard time with this. Yeah, wouldn’t every parent? Well, you only worry if — if your kid ends up with somebody that’s not good enough for them. But blaze and kristina are great, and they’re great for each other. Thanks, dad. I think we’re pretty good for each other, too. Was it always this easy for you? Was what this easy? Having a daughter that’s gay and being okay with it. Jason is only a suspect right now. He’s no different than anybody else. He’s innocent until proven guilty. You have to say that. But you’re a cop. Asking you isn’t the same as asking a regular person. Aiden, I — no, it’s okay. I know what he means. My job as a cop is to follow the evidence. And right now the evidence says yes, jason is the one who shot dante. But the evidence also says that he’s the one who called 911, and he tried to give dante first aid. Brook lynn: Thank god yuri called me before you had the chance to whip out your handcuffs. That really would have intimidated danny, which is exactly what you were hoping to do, isn’t it? No. I just wanted to ask him a few questions. I’m sorry if yuri disturbed you. You disturb me. Your unprofessional conduct disturbs me. Yuri told me how you barged in here to — to talk to a poor minor child without his parent or guardian present. Well, you can tell yuri that is not illegal. No, it’s just lower than dirt. And I don’t need to school yuri on state or federal law. He’s familiar with them both. You made the wrong assumption and confused his accent for ignorance. I didn’t mean anything by the comment. Yeah, you did. And at the moment, the only truly ignorant person in this house is you. Look, I’m sorry if we got off on the wrong foot. Just to be clear, I didn’t come here to arrest danny, and I didn’t know he was gonna be alone. Didn’t stop you, though, did it, from talking to a minor child about a father who he hasn’t seen in years, a father he thought was dead. What’s wrong with you? Jason morgan is a suspect in multiple shootings. But you’re right. I went too far. You know what? You should just stop talking and leave before you give me any more reasons to sue. And trust me, I’ve got plenty. And if it were up to me, you’d lose your impressive fbi badge. But since it’s not, I will just have to make sure you got to work real hard to keep it. I am sorry. Truly. If you would, please apologize to danny and yuri on my behalf. It’s okay, danny. You can come out now. Do you have any proof of this attempt on cyrus’s life? No, but, um, cyrus was rightly suspicious when he woke up and I was in his room, so he could be a witness. And — and nina reeves also saw me, and she — no, she’s not gonna testify. Cyrus might be willing to, but then he couldn’t truthfully testify about your intention. So his testimony wouldn’t amount to anything. The most we could get would be conspiracy. And then it would be your word against sonny’S. That’s it? No. Sonny would also have you killed. Dex, this isn’t the first time a situation like this has come up, and I know from experience that I wish I didn’t have… prosecution will go nowhere, and it will cost you your life. I’m willing to risk it. No. I’m not. That is why… this conversation never happened. Look at me. Do you understand? Yeah. Okay. Justice may not have been served this time, but I really appreciate you coming in and trying. Commissioner. If you ever need any help taking sonny down… keep me in mind.

You were awesome. Thank you. You don’t need to thank me, okay? You just need to promise me that you are never gonna talk to the cops again without a lawyer present. Prison is full of people who talk their way in there because they didn’t wait for their lawyer. Grandma alexis isn’t a lawyer anymore. So should I call diane miller? You’re a quartermaine. You got plenty of lawyers. But they’re no good to you unless you use them. So give me your phone. I don’t have a phone, remember? My mom confiscated it. Then I’m gonna have to do something really old-fashioned. Okay. Gonna have to write down the elq attorney’s number. Okay? Here. Take this. Commit it to memory. And do yourself a favor and practice the quartermaine code. Okay, that means be polite, but do not freestyle with the cops, no matter how friendly they seem. Unless, of course, that cop is chase. Well, with any luck, you’ll be able to move around in a day or two. Any idea where you’ll go and what you’ll do? Not sure yet. I just got to figure out what will cause the least harm to all of you. Especially danny. What are you gonna tell jake? The truth. If jason did this, he’s gonna have to face the consequences. This is not a reflection on jake. Jake will just say, “I know.” Trust me, it’s not gonna make him feel any better. This — this situation, I-it’s — it’s terrible. And I think — I think feeling sad is the right way to feel about it. And I know that jake feels awful about what happened to dante. But it’s not his fault just because he’s jason’s son. If jason did, in fact, shoot dante, then he alone is gonna have to carry that guilt. I am not gonna let the weight of jason’s sins crush jake. I respect your decision. You looked at dex with clear eyes, and you saw things you weren’t willing to compromise on. I just never thought that there was anything that would make me not want to be with him. Baby, unless you’re talking about your kids, there’s no such thing as unconditional love. There’s always conditions. And you found yours. Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. Maybe I could have made it work, though. Maybe. And then you would have sacrificed a part of yourself. And then you would have hated yourself, and then you would have resented dex and hated him. So, I mean, as far as I’m concerned, you spared both of you a lot of misery. Yeah. In my gut, it was the right thing to do. Yeah. But even doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Kristina’s always been her own person. Ever since she could talk, she had an opinion, and it was amazing to me how, you know, she was so young, she was so intelligent and interesting. And then when she grew up, I could see pieces of her mother and me in her, and I kind of had an idea what she was gonna be like. Now, there were a couple things that I was right on. We all want certain things for our kids, but we can’t make them be what we want them to be. It’s their life. They have to make their decision to become who they want to be. You’re very fortunate to have this man as your dad. I know. I’ve always known that my dad loves me no matter what. And it’s always made me feel really safe, like I could do anything. And I really wish that allie had that with you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] I owe you a drink.

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