Days Short Recap Thursday, March 14, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie talked to Eli about what happened to the house. They discussed Paulina’s condition. Julie tried to talk Eli into staying in Salem. He apologized, but he couldn’t stay. Konstantin talked to Maggie about missing his daughter more as time went on. Marlena asked John how he was sleeping. He wasn’t sleeping well. Marlena recapped everything he did to help Tripp and Wendy. Steve read a story about what Clyde did to Tripp and Wendy. Harris asked Ava if there was news on Tripp and Wendy. She told him they were okay. Ava talked to him about Goldman. He wondered if Stefan had anything to do with what happened. She didn’t think he did. Eli told Julie that he got a promotion that requires him to do more traveling. Konstantin said that Maggie was a special woman. Maggie liked being special in his eyes. She wanted to be honest with him. Maggie felt guilty being close to another man. He felt Victor would want her to get close to someone else. Steve called Ava so they could meet in person. He wanted her to meet him in an hour. She agreed to meet him. Steve and John talked to Ava about what happened with Clyde. She told them that Goldman was Clyde’s girlfriend. John blamed her for the mess they were in. She reminded him that Clyde was going to get out. John was upset with for what she did.

Eli said goodbye to Julie and Maggie. He promised to keep in touch with everyone. Eric admitted to Marlena that Sloan seems like she’s jealous of Jude. He told her that he enjoyed being around him. Harris tried to call Stefan. He warned him that he would go after him if he didn’t call him. John called Konstantin and wanted to meet with him. Ava informed Steve that John seems like he checks out at times. He didn’t want to talk about John with her. Ava thanked him for bringing their son back. They didn’t agree with the way things went down. Maggie admitted to Julie that she thought about Konstantin. She felt guilty about it. Julie informed her that she had a right to be happy. She said Victor would want her to be happy and loved. Steve visited Marlena to tell her about John. John told Konstantin that his life hasn’t been the same since they met. He wanted to know what he did to him. Konstantin said he got it wrong. Konstantin said John was the one who did something to him.

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